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Recent ‘Healing Computer’ /
Elixir Testimonials

Below are some recent testimonials with respect to the ‘healing computer’ and elxir –

“Hello Neil,

I don’t usually shout on e-mails but I am about ready to do the happy dance for a number of my getting-much-better clients. Three testimonials about clients that are half-way through their healing process:

Client #1 – Diagnosed with MS and sick for ten years. Before she came to me for help she had severe pain all over her body, right arm and leg completely numb and unmovable, vertigo, both feet completely numb, inability to sleep for more than one hour at a time, pain along her right side, drop foot syndrome on both feet, severe colitis (severe stomach pain and diarrhea after eating anything), left shoulder and thigh pain, feet turning purple-blue when bathrooming. Client severely depressed and contemplating suicide.

Client #1 After 14 sessions – 80% improvement in overall pain level, vertigo gone, having completely normal bowel movements (after just 4 sessions), depression and suicidal thoughts gone (after 3 sessions), feet no longer turning purple-blue, ability to walk getting easier each day, yesterday after her 13th session when her scan began she started to sob with joy – she could feel her entire arm/hand return to normal feeling suddenly, she now walks around her home, has resumed some household chores and is sleeping at least 5 hours each night before waking. She is happy, excited and knows she will completely resolve her health concerns. On her scan/healing results she is almost at normal function on all organs/systems.

Client #2 – Diagnosed with cancerous tumor in her appendix. Had it removed and underwent chemo/radiation. Cancer spread to liver, small intestine and stomach. Doctor said nothing more could be done. During the appendix surgery, the doctor ‘scrubbed’ her ascending colon to remove cancerous cells. This resulted in a terrible pain on the right side of her body that the doctor said she would have for the rest of her life. Client has been sick for two years and was feeling much pain over her liver due to the tumors there. Also feeling pain in the stomach/small intestine.

Client #2 After 10 sessions – after session 5 she woke one morning no longer in pain from the colon scrubbing and she felt ‘good’ for the first time in two years. After another 2 sessions she no longer felt the pain over her liver and continues to feel more energy. Client is getting a CAT scan tomorrow which will give us more information. She intends to continue with our sessions until normal function returns on all systems/organs.

Client #3 – Diagnosed with spinal stenosis and emphysema. Sick for many years with intense pain all over her body and constant fatigue, depression, lymphatic damage in her lungs, nerve damage in her left arm, neck pain, gasping for breath with the slightest movement, daily headaches, Her doctor told her she was going to die.

Client #3 – Began taking healing elixir 21 days ago and had first scan/healing. Because of a disabled car, she was unable to do more scans/healings until this past Monday but continued daily with healing elixir. After only 5 sessions with the healing computer (4 of them this week) her depression and fatigue is completely gone, pain level decreased by at least 50%, can now take much deeper breaths without lung constriction, headaches gone, neck pain gone and now has side-to-side range of motion, nerve damage improved by 35% and client feels happy and joyful. Client has been walking in the park with her dog–something she has been unable to do for many years. Her dog is very happy now, too.

Additional observations I have seen in all three clients is a shining energy in their eyes, radiant expression on their faces and beautiful smiles of wellness. They feel a wonderful healing energy flowing in their bodies now and have a ‘knowing’ and certainty they will become completely well. They are excited but collectively feel a calm and balanced way of being.

Another added bonus: two of the three clients are smokers and have cut their smoking by 50% and have less desire each day for this habit. Another client has completely stopped biting her fingernails and this has been a life-long habit.

Many more clients being helped that are in various stages of healing: leukemia, diabetes and neuropathy, Lymes disease, benign tremor (now 95% gone), constipation (gone), pain in large intestine from colonoscopy (gone) and these success stories will be forthcoming, as will the ‘rest of the story’ from clients #1, 2 and 3.

As a practitioner that is now using this amazing healing machine, the work I do is overwhelmingly satisfying. I’ve been a holistic healer for seven years but now I can truly, in every way, serve my clients in the ultimate way—saving lives and restoring a beautiful quality of life for all.

Stay Tuned!



“Dear Neil & Group K,

I would like to bring to your attention that herbal Elixir is real. Although, I am on my third week taking it. I am shocked by its performance. Before, I started the procedure my A1C was 8.4. Today, I went to see the diabetes doctor, it is 6.6. This is a wonderful product there is nothing like that.

I am lack of words to express my gratitude.




“Hi Neil,

As promised, here is my Healing Computer testimonial video.

I hope it is OK as I’m kind of stiff-necked compared to your relaxed vids hahaha.

You should be able to embed the YouTube video on your site, if not I can send the raw video file.

Best regards,

Bill Ross”


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  1. Lots of great testimonials since I heard about it quite some time ago.
    Does anyone have one here in Southern California?
    How do we reach them?

  2. This technology astounds me to this day.

  3. we need this technology here in New Zealand

  4. God blessed these suffering people. How wonderful and productive their lives are going to be without the never-ending chronic pain.
    I cannot wait until this technology is mainstream, so that I also will be healed.

    God bless you Neil, and everyone associated with bringing these new and fantastic technologies to the LIGHT!

  5. Thanks to the “TEAM”, Peace/Love/Harmony/Abundance to All

  6. Where can we get elixir? Is the holistic computer available in Texas?

  7. I thought initially these computers worked with 2-3 treatments and then the body started to heal. From what I have read these people have had more. Could someone please comment on how a determination is made on how many treatments are necessary or does it depend on the ailment after analysis?

    • The effects begin with the first scanning / treatment. Every person is different and so no two cases are the same. I had things in my system that the machine found that I had no idea were there. The reality is that most people are going to need over 10 treatments and that is due just to the toxic environment in which we live. The system determines which ailments will be treated after the scan before each treatment. It was weeks after my last treatment that I realised the computer had completely cured me of my hayfever and allergies.


  8. Thanks
    Very good news for humanity – and bad news for The Establishment.
    Keep Up the good work

  9. I have cancer. Can I use the healing computer?
    Is there one available in TX?
    Can you give more info on the computer and the supplement?

  10. Dear Johannes. It is wonderful to hear that your A1C has dropped by taking the elixir. I have been successful in bringing my A1C by watching my diet. But, I find myself cheating more and more. Could you please let us all know if you still watched your diet while taking the elixir or if you ate normally and the elixir still did its magic. Thank you in advance for your response.

  11. I have heard of this. My wife has advanced staged Alzheimer’s Disease.will this reverse it.

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