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On Our Way Home

How mightily things have changed over the years.  It is quite amazing what one lawsuit did to challenge, and begin a series of events that will ultimately change, the structure of our society; for the better.

As Benjamin Fulford said, “The Neil Keenan Trillion Dollar Lawsuit will ultimately be the downfall of Western Financial Tyranny”.  And believe it or not, he just might have been spot on!

The day that law suit was filed was the day the Cabal was doomed. It not only opened up the door for Neil’s further legal action, but it was a huge and fundamental step forward for the sake of everyone else as well. This was the shot heard around the world!

Thanks to so many Patriots and fed-up people, the Cabal has been in the process of being dismantled day by day for years right up to today… where they now are at their breaking point.

Neil’s concern has always been to get things efficiently opened up to make it easier for you the people, and he has made a courageous, concerted effort to do just this.

When we say ‘the people’, we mean the people living on this planet, not just in some isolated region.

Neil has also been putting groups and professional teams together for years, because he knew the time would arrive when they would be needed. That time is much closer than ever before.

Unfortunately, despite preliminary enthusiastic rhetoric, the Foundation that set up the online donation facility to help get things to the finish line hardly even left the starting gate, and it caused even more delays.

So Neil is now “taking the bull by the horns” and, despite being ill, is doing things himself once again by his own rules. No matter what. Neil is not going to let this “golden” opportunity slip away for the planet.

He remains relentless in going for the gusto while throwing unnecessary caution to the winds. To hell with hesitations and set-backs.

Nothing is worse for Neil than waiting and watching others make false claims to what he knows is his, as designated by the Family to fulfill. In the meantime, this long extended wait is tearing him apart.

As Neil says, “It belongs to us; no one else. The Depositors are solidly with us, and without the Depositors’ approval, the ongoing, blatant attempts at stealing the GCA is what the West has done for over a hundred years.”

According to Neil, payback is going to be (more than) a bitch. Having succeeded in business for many years, he knows what must be done, and he will do whatever it takes. There is no such word in his vocabulary as “failure”. Will he have enough to make it? I’ll place my bet on Neil!

In addition, some of Neil’s friends and associates are manufacturing and deploying even more new medical (and other extremely advanced) technologies. These are being moved into place at this very moment. You will hear more about this in the following video.

Then, too, Neil has his usual brilliant team, Group K (second to none) faithfully working hand in hand with him. Adding his brilliant expertise to the mix, M2 continues to assist Neil throughout this unfolding labyrinth.

In the meantime, let’s pray for the best outcome on behalf of all the people…

Neil says once this is over with he is returning home.

Group K





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  1. marianne chrysanthou

    October 5, 2016 at 9:58 am

    the only way to achieve world “peace” and “justice” is when the people of this world will realise who their “enemies” are..and who are the true terrorists… many fingers are pointed..most of those are pointed at Russia and indeed Mr. Putin..and unfortunately the countries who are sucked into this continues black painting..but are themselves subject to blackmail..are just licking the backside of the problem.. the problem is what nobody wants to admit..because they are scared into the believe that it would be the end of their “existence ” when are they going to see the truth??? the only real terrorist in this world are the USA and their behind the curtains regime..followed by the British ass-lickers..who always stand in line..even if there is no performance at the end of it…
    Please this world..don’t save’s after all just an illusion of their impossible “american dream” which has become a nightmare for this world…

    • Here – here Marianne ! Much agreed.

    • There is a huge difference between the corrupt American government & We The People; the same is true for Britain & other governments. Hate-mongering isn’t the answer nor is further divisiveness among humanity. Remember the Cabal creates separation & war so they can rule the planet. There are good people everywhere waking up to the lies, atrocities & corrupt hidden agendas throughout the world.

      Yes, Neil & Group K are doing their part, but it’s also necessary that those who are awake & aware have the strength & courage to do theirs as well. We’re ALL in this effort together. The future is ours to co-create when we join our minds, hearts, & dreams to make it so…As Neil says, “The best is yet to come!”

    • Please don’t confuse the American people with the United States, Inc. All American citizens have been fooled, mislead, and deceived by the dark forces who control the nation. Those in power do not represent the American people. For the greater part, we are like you and all people around the world. We desire peace, freedom, health, happiness, and abundance for those we love and for everyone globally. God save America and the world, as we are all One.

      • Corporations do not have “citizens” but they do have subcorps!
        We are Americans in a country, the American States.

    • And here we are, just sitting in our private coves simply wishing while the few have the power to make any difference. I am one of them. It frustrates me to no end.

  2. Good to hear from Neil and team at last! This is indeed a titanic challenge that Neil has been undertaking, he was born to tackle this head on, I am sure of that.
    Lots of things going on right now, check the latest Benjamin Fulford to see how they fiddle the paperwork to cheat every single individual on the planet. They are thieves big time, and yes, it has to stop. Thank you again to Neil and the K Team! Forever grateful!

  3. More interesting times ahead this month as the paradigm shift of a lifetime approaches. Inject truth back into commerce please Neil. No more deferred prosecution agreements please. Since March 2015 the ride has been bumpy so smooth the pavement team for the finish line appears to be close. I am not witch you I am WITH you all the way. Peace bring IT!

  4. Great News Neil keep the Irish fight going I am Sorry to hear you are ill now I wish you prayers & an Answer to your health issues God Bless you & thanks so much if there is anything I can do I am here for everyone of you…All the best wishes blesses Aidan Walsh

  5. Love it.
    Thank you Neil.

  6. God bless Neil. I say a prayer for his health He has been thru so much. Imagine what one person can do for humanity. Would make his mama proud

  7. Hi Neil

    Thanks for your latest report.

    Within it you make mention of no more HAARP attacks.

    Australia has been bombarded with this evilness. Just this past week we were attacked in the southern part of the country, I have the screen shot of this attack! It has created unprecedented flooding, wiping out crops and the salad bowl of South Australia. Hurricanes, a series of them. Also unprecedented.

    The electricity grid was attacked bringing down pylons, cutting off power to the ENTIRE state. Most of the state was reconnected in several hours but some places took a number of days to reconnect. BS, they are lying through their back teeth, this storm was steered to create the greatest damage. We will be getting free energy machines and we can kiss these lying a..holes goodbye!

    Then in summer they zap us with HAARP once again to ramp the temperatures to the mid 40’s C, creating drought conditions. They “kindly” sold us a multi billion dollar desal plant, we don’t want it, don’t need it and can’t afford, but we got it anyway, them having created these weather conditions in the first place!! Unbelievable!!

    Vegetable and fruit prices they say will now quadruple due to the crop destruction. We can’t afford to live now as we have the most expensive – or very close to it – electricity prices in the world! Now they are threatening us with smart meters! They can fry their own brains, they won’t get one installed at our house! I know the free energy machines are not far off, they can stuff their smart meters where the sun don’t shine!

    I am waiting to hear the Exmouth HAARP array has been deactivated along with Pine Gap and all other HAARP’s globally.

    Can’t wait to hear more of the healing machines also. I see a lady who uses the Bicom machine, this is great but I imagine the machines you make mention of will be incredible.

    Many thanks and hope you are much better very soon.


  8. Hang in there Neil …

  9. God Bless You Neil and Group K. for continuing to help humanity, the Earth and all lifeforms for whom this is home on this plane of existence. Wish you all great protection and success !


  10. The other day pops up a picture of Mariah Carrey, falling out all of the place if you know what I mean, in her expensive lingerie, and along side her is Ban-ki Moon. It was random and weird. To say nothing of shameful. Her for selling out with that God given talent and him for being an immoral tool. I am so sick of these people anymore.

    There are so many beautiful things about the Catholic Church, good works teachings, the pagentry, the charitable philosophy. That too has been taken over, and shame on them for what they did to Pope Paul II. This new guy called pope who trapezes around in a white cape is nothing more than an agent, a fraud to disrupt and confuse the good church going Catholics. He does nothing to defend them in the wake of the constant attacks. Catholics in their goodness and kindest are being used.

    Shame on the people who ordered the equipment and thought up the horrendous things they planned with their agendas. I am nauseous to think of what they want /wanted to do. They walk amongs us, and they steal our tax money. Shame on them. As well for the poisons in the food, vaccines, water and air. While we, the common middle or lower middle class are wrecked from fatigue taking care of parents, our children, and working. There is no leisure time, no quality of life, nothing but anxiety about paying bills. Parents warehouse their infants and children in day care so they can work to pay the man.

    Hopefully major breakthroughs can be made Neil. This machine sounds unbelievable and good that you were able to use it. I wish you to be in exemplary health to get the job done, and then get those Irish clinics going. Godspeed. An admirer from the Detroit area.

  11. Finally some good news… Need more O that…
    Then too, I was in this from the beginning, so I know some of the BS you been through.
    All I can really think of to say is

  12. Namaste Neil and team…….the beginning of a wonderful creative world is upon us!

  13. Hi Neil, you are my hero, and certainly doing what needs to be done in sharing the truth of what is really going on. My group is ready to get underway in bringing advanced tech to all nations, and people, to end thirst, hunger, energy deficits, and homelessness, once project funds become available, and we’re working on that as you and your group are. Offers for me to get busy in Canada, Mexico, India, elsewhere are on the table now. Since you are in Europe you might get some Jiaogulan Tea to help your healing process, even better than ginseng, it’s called the ‘Tea of Immortality’, it’s that good and used for a long time in Asia. May this great event to benefit all nations come to pass sooner than later, and with your help it will. Bright Blessings Always in All Ways to you, and your group. Peace

  14. PLEASE stay safe. BIG hugs. TRUMP for President.

  15. Your convictions show you are called –
    and blessed for maintaining your faith
    objectively with purpose – no words can
    adequately express appreciation and support
    for you Neil – my prayers are for you to prevail
    in the face of such evil as you have seen

  16. Aloha Neil and Team,
    A really Big Mahalo for caring about humanity. I appreciate all you do and have done for We the People on Mother Earth.
    Peace Love Light and JOY!
    Ps Out of curiosity, Do you still believe Trump is honorable to be president? So far in my life time there hasn’t been one US president that has been their word.

    • Arba, you mean you can’t determine if ”lower taxes, building a
      wall to keep criminals out, enforcing the immigration laws that
      are on the books, stopping santuary cities, cutting the police
      forces of our country loose to actually do their job, deporting
      illegal criminals and radical islamic terrorists, etc etc etc ”
      if these things aren’t ”honorable and good” , then you just
      might be your own worst problem, lol.
      Let me try to help you out Arba……….Vote Trump.

  17. Aloha Neil… I almost forgot..
    I wanted to BEAMMM to you healing light and love energy.
    Peace Love joy.

  18. Neil, you are absolutely correct that there are some others
    who are trying to lay claim to the GCA’s. In fact, one of them
    is a person who goes by the handle ”john” who posts on
    oneworldofnations just yesterday stated something like
    ”once we get the collateral accounts, then we can……….”.
    This man actually believes he is going to get those Funds,
    play with them on Platforms in the wee dark hours of the
    night, then plans to take the ”winnings” and eek them out
    to those who kiss his ass in the form of charity, at HIS

  19. Does the the youth machine work on the outside as well as the in side. Lol. What about teeth. Can it fix cavities or grow new teeth. Or remove scars. I like to get my hands on one of these machines but not until the new financial system gets going. I’m broke right now. The Cabal has all my money. Lol ! I agree with you Neil let’s use those guillotines on them. They don’t give a shit about us, and we don’t need them. So F **k them. They’re all about human sacrifice, well there you go. I’m with you all the way and I hope it doesn’t take much longer for this change to happen. My best to you and the K team. Jerry

  20. Hello Niel and the K team
    I like that machines , but iam olso broke ,thank for the cabel
    I hope that is very sone don, my hope is on you and the K Team
    Love from Angela

  21. I am new to listening to Neil. He discusses the “machine” to balance and heal the body, Can come one please give me some background on what he is talking about and what company in what country is designing these machines and how much so they cost. Thank you. Cindy

  22. Neil,

    Best post I have read for years! If you are able, tell us your opinion on the NDA requirement to exchange Zimbabwe notes? Is it a government requirement or is it Abbot Downing / Wells Fargo Idea. Who benefits for taking your monies away? Is it contrived by crooks?

    God be with you!

  23. Hi Neil,
    Thankyou for the update. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well.
    Glad you will be setting something up in Ireland I’m just across the water so will be waiting in anticipation for updates on that. I see the trails every single day so when I see a clear blue sky untouched I will know we have some real progress. The global collateral accounts are certainly testing you to the limits Neil you have come this far so keep putting one foot in front of the other and all will be well. Keep safe and well…mary

  24. Neil and Team K thank you for everything you do and are doing for everyone on this planet. I pray you get to use the healing machines to completely heal. God speed Neil love and light Laurie K❤️🍀🙏🏻

  25. Neil, if the dollar is going to be null and void in a month or two, why do you have to come up with money to be allowed to get the GCA???? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    Hope you are feeling well soon. Your a pretty tough customer when it comes to being ill. Your a true fighter.

    Huge hug from Florida. <3

    • I will probably be offline for awhile with Hurricane Matthew coming in Friday early afternoon. Right now it is a category 4 and I know HAARP has their fingers on this one. I am just hoping my house still stands. We shall see. Over 100 mph winds due not counting gusts. I have a new roof but it will withstand 80 mph. Fun times.

    • That’s because you have always been on the Western side not the East. The West abused the East and their assets for many many years and what does it matter if the dollar collapses I would never give the old dollars to anyone nowadays. Either it would be the new ones or Euros from the West nothing more. And yes it does cost money for security and lawyers and many other things including travel and lodgeing for many…Do you really think this is so easy?

  26. So glad to hear from you!! Thanks for the update. I figured you were busy doing things for humanity being the reason we haven’t heard from you. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well. I’ll bet a little bit of Irish Coffee will help you feel a tad better. You are still “The Man”. When your God-given purpose in life has been fulfilled, we all need to celebrate. I’m still wearing my dancing shoes and that silly lampshade waiting for you to say your work is done. and “Let’s Party.” Stay safe, Neil…we all admire and need you and Group K.

    Oh yeah, I’ve requested being your friend on Facebook a month or so ago, we still aren’t friends & I so want to be. I wish you and Group K could feel the love we all have for you.

  27. the areas of fracking could be good locations for free energy devices 😀
    it is going to be an even harder sell to the public that destroying the peoples’ water supplies and creating earth quakes is good for them after free energy is streaming through everyone’s home.

  28. NEIL, on the video you said people need to give the time
    frame of when they wanted to purchase the machine(s)
    not just say they are interested in doing so.
    Maybe it would be an easier question for them to answer
    IF they knew how much $$$ they will have to have to
    pay for it. I haven’t heard the Price yet, unless I missed it.

    Bottomline here – – it would be good to know if someone
    here in the States gets any of these machines and sets up
    a healing center of their own, so we americans can go
    there for treatment, and the cost of the treatment(s)
    for the various things. I don’t think there is real need for
    each of us to buy them.
    Group K…..any response to this question?
    Thanks a bunch.

  29. Neil,
    Glad to hear you are beginning to feel better. Perhaps when you get to Ireland [at least i think thats where you said the ‘machines’ were in the video] you can try a machine that could perhaps clear your system of the remaining toxins. Such as the ‘blood machine’, or the ‘ 23 year machine’. At any rate keep on the mend, and safe travels.

  30. Also be very careful with the ‘free energy’ systems and the health ‘machines’ as the top of the pyramid elites have destroyed any attempts for energy or health breakthroughs in the past [ beginning in the 1920’s]. So i’m sure they will try again to remove anything that would help humanity break away from their greedy grips.

  31. Hi Neil, I just want to report NO Chem trails today! I live north of Cincinnati but south of Wright Patterson AFB and today was the first day in a very long time that the sky was clear and Blue! It felt good to see the sky and no white streaks. I feel hopeful. Thank you Neil. You and the team are always in my prayers.

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