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Neil Keenan Responds
To Jean Haines

Fed Up Fed Up Fed Up

By The Keenan Team

It appears that Neil Keenan is fed up with the nonsense that continues to come to the Keenan Team and is ready to fight back.

In speaking with Neil, he stated that “This has all gone on long enough, people covering their own backsides after actually creating problems, leaving us here to fend for ourselves – this is not going to go on any further.”

The Keenan Team is ready to take on all comers if this is what they wish, and believe me, we will not take any prisoners.

Now at the end of the battle, we have all of the nit-picking by others — Wanna-be’s, Cling-ons – and still others who are just plain full-of-bull (Nesara never spoke with the Dragon Family for instance, and the Dragon Family is not currently passing out money to anyone.  Ask me — I know!)

I am fed up with dealing with the phonies who just fill the people with hope, when at the time there is not any.

This is a fight and once we all get off our asses and do what the word means (fight) then just maybe they have something to look forward to.

There are no Wimpy’s here (I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today), and if you believe there is really someone that will just outright give you money, then you are delusional.

As stated, there is a fight and that is what you need to get ready for =- and the sooner the better.  Stop dreaming and get ready.

This is your life, your world, your family and your friends that you fight for; stop dreaming that the skies will open up and drop barrels of money into your living room while you are watching TV.


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  1. Is the so called “Ambassador” that Dave Schmidt talks a real Ambassador to the Dragon Family?

    Thank you for you consideration.

    Roger Owen

  2. Kevin O'Daniel

    August 8, 2014 at 4:18 am

    Thank you wonderful gentlemen for all you are doing! Bless You !

  3. Thank you for your words.i will act on them,and work harder to bring peace to this world ,thank for all you and your team much love .

  4. Keenan Team (2)

    August 8, 2014 at 10:14 am

    It is unfortunate that Neil has to use his precious time to address Jean’s slanderous statement against the Keenan Team. The deliberate implications of her statement were meant to put doubt in the reader’s mind as to the intent of the Team’s efforts. It should be clearly seen for what it is — a nefarious “payback” resulting solely from Jean’s own faulty thought processes. For those who follow Jean’s website, the revealing question to be asked is why her support of Neil constantly changes from one day to the next.

    A personal response to Jean from a member of the Team: “Be gone before someone drops a house on you!”

    • Dear Neil and the Keenan Team,
      I am a reader on Jean’s blog as well as yours. I have friendly feelings for both. As Jean’s comment clearly shows, it is NOT a loss of friendship or goodwill between Jean and Neil. She says: “Recently, however, the Keenan team has branched out and aligned itself with new associates (and new projects), some of whom do not possess the same values I have. ….I wish the Keenan Team all the best.”
      It is important to understand what these “values” are which seem to be dividing the Patriot / Freedom Movement and where they come from. For a working concept, we can look upon them as ethical equivalent of a GPS-enabled electronic map, which helps us to navigate a landscape of choices between different options in day-to-day life instead of a physical landscape. This works just fine most of the time, both for the electronic map and its ethical equivalent we call as “values”. However, everybody needs to remember that the electronic map cannot always be blindly trusted; it may contain errors and omissions. After all, it was made by people: it contains only that much information as was available to its makers and WHAT THE MAKERS PERMITTED THE USERS TO KNOW. Obviously, one cannot expect to use Goggle maps to navigate our way to forbidden sites!
      Same things applies to values. They are ultimately based on our own personal experience, but since our personal experience is limited, we have to rely on the experiences of others, which are communicated to us through our “upbringing”, education etc. It is physically impossible for anyone to verify each and every piece of information that underlies our values. So, when we get a sense of being in unknown ethical territory, we need to be careful not to put blind faith in what our “values” tell us, although they work just fine most of the time!
      Think of being in a desert for which the electronic map is no help and we still need to find our way. What do we do? We rely on the Sun during the day and the Pole Star in the night. In the unknown ethical territory that the Keenan Team and the Freedom Movement are trying to navigate, there is an ethical equivalent of the Pole Star: some thing that can be called the MOST FUNDAMENTAL VALUE.
      A person either holds his own survival and well-being as the MOST FUNDAMENTAL VALUE or he doesn’t. Those who don’t have simply decided to commit a complicated suicide. Those who do, eventually realize that their own survival and well-being depends on the survival and well-being of others who also hold it as the MOST FUNDAMENTAL VALUE. The cabal and their henchmen look upon their occult beliefs, their Ponzi schemes, their religion, their power, their institutions as being more important than their personal well-being: they are willing to die for them! All those in the Patriot movement see that their personal survival and well-being is going to be threatened if the cabal has its way.
      No matter what other differences the people in the Freedom movement have, they have to recognize others who hold their personal survival and well-being (and by extension those of people close to them) as the MOST FUNDAMENTAL VALUE as fellow-travelers on the same journey. They may be different, perhaps they have committed an error of judgment or two, BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE THEM ENEMIES!
      In fact, even the unfortunate people who have chosen to commit a complicated suicide are not ENEMIES: they are just an obstacle to our own (combined) survival and well-being. We are not waging a war of conquest against them – to convert them to our way – we are mounting a defensive operation that will keep us secure until they ultimately attain the suicide that they have chosen for themselves.
      Many people get carried away by the feeling of “fighting for the good” or “fighting against the evil”. These strong emotions are no more than a conditioned response: a device implanted into our psyche in our formative years as a means of controlling us. As Neil has pointed out quite well in this video, we need to stay focused on our job of ensuring our survival by defeating the machinations of those who want us not to survive. Anything else, including “values” and emotional outbursts are merely a distraction.
      It is also important to realize that the goal is all important: it is not practical to compromise our combined survival by being blindsided by errors we ourselves commit in the process of learning to navigate in this unknown territory. We need to learn from our own mistakes unemotionally and carry on: it does not mean that we do not take risks (for example by joining forces with people who turn out to be no good: Dal Basco, Keith Scott, Karen Hudes were all once upon a time trusted by Neil until he discovered they were no good!). I applaud Neil when he says he will not investigate his friends just on somebody’s say-so. That does not mean that any new member of the Keenan team can feel free to sabotage their work secretly because Neil thinks of him as a friend. Neil has a good track record of not taking b***s**t from even his closest friends!

      • Your long comment may sound “pedantic” and neutral, but it is out of date and contains at least one misleading conjecture.

        The argument on values would have been properly timed and arguable had it been presented before this video was made. This video makes it clear the reasons or scenes behind Jean’s statement, and they are not about values; they are about pushing someone, who is supposedly to be a friend, to do something for her own purposes on the pretext of the benefits of the entire team.

        In addition, isn’t it already obvious that Jean’s statement “is NOT a loss of friendship or goodwill between Jean and Neil”? So, to me, your restating it insinuates that Neil’s video is implying that he is severing his friendship with Jean. I take that as a misleading conjecture, my friend.

  5. ” I can see clearly now the lie must fall ” (or rain must fall)… LOL
    Thanks for the heads up

  6. Well were still here, delusion and cognitive dissonance are tough act but patience usually wins out. Thanks for being loyal to your friends, we sure can use more men and women with that kind of integrity.


    • Loyalty is essential in my “rules for living,” personified by Neil always being there and fighting for Nelu. NEVER fail a friend in trouble. Integrity is right up there at the top as well. You have to keep your promises no matter what.

      Good post Ken. Thank you.

  7. You was, still am, and will continue to be the man Neil and team! It sucks you have to be sidetracked with this sort of stuff. With Jean, it’s her way or the highway, very little in between (first hand experience here…wow what a let down). You definitely have a round of beer waiting here in Missouri.

  8. A lot of hurt going on in this world of ours. Betrayal is no longer just for lovers. And, Holder had it right when he called Americans cowards. But perhaps that can change if we remove our fake media news. That should be our starting point here at home base. Any thoughts on how to pursue?

  9. Hi to neil and the team ,
    Just a note to say thank you for all your hard work in fighting other peoples battles
    for them . It is much appreciated .
    Thank you again and blessings to you all

  10. Mary Linda Steffey

    August 8, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    I AGREE whole heartedly!! I am tired of having my hopes dashed waiting for something good to happen with all of these false, get-ready it’s coming-poop! I send my sincere Blessings and well wishes to Neil and his team and Drake for all they do every day for our earth and it’s peoples!!
    My husband and I feel helpless and hopeless at 71 and him with two strokes under his belt and all we feel to the world is useless eaters like we older people are considered to be by the government One World Order. It would be grand to see Peace before we croak!! Peace for all living creatures and Mother Earth…not just our own kind!!! We are all connected!! I love the Irish!! Bless them all….

  11. It is not about the money! It is about freeing people from the clutches of a century long financial ponzi scheme. It is about freedom! As an American that is what this is about to me! I do not want money for nothing! I worked for my money for 35 years and paid taxes. I have argued for decades that federal withholding tax is a slave tax to the FED. It is NOT an apportioned tax if you make more you pay more. White hats, black hats, blue hats, green hats, red hats blah blah blah. All talk period! Keenan group and their actions seem to have an end to this mess of oligarchical rule. As the Ukraine debacle unfolds I hate chocolate now! BASTARDS! This about control of the global accounts! This about a paradigm shift that could turn a massive global malevolent world into a benevolent world! This is about children everywhere in every corner of the world and supplying opportunities to those children! Opportunities I had but my children no longer have due to transnational BS! UN be damned! Who spiked Jeans coffee anyway? I forgive you Jean go toward the light the light is gooooood! Press on with pride Keenan group! God bless you all! And take care world it will get better one day!

  12. Some things go so far as to be irretrievable and this looks like one of them. Time for both to move on. This kind of inter tribal warfare can only please the opposition. Let’s move on. I like the part about nobody will drop a bucket of money on your head. That’s right and there’s 200 more years of Kali Yuga left to deal with. The fight is just getting interesting and there is a lot more blood to let.

  13. I have a friend who invented a cure for many diseases and he was told by the FDA why do you want to be a little fish in a big pond why not go be a big fish in a little pond. Funny thing is these are the same sentiments I have told to friends of mine with energy technologies and other cures. How come I know so many of these guys? It is weird the odds against this have to be astronomical unless the planet has thousands of them all inventing at the same time. At any rate were would the safest place on the planet be to locate an operation for manufacturing technologies and promoting cures and basing ones operations from? plus go a little into why and what advantages there are to living there? What are the women like as well? LOL I know my one buddy is single and hes older.

  14. Thank you.

    I would also like to know the validity of what Dave Schmidt is
    saying with respect to Ambassadors, Chinese Elders, and the
    currency reval.
    Thank you Team Keenan, just found you yesterday.

    • First of all you best remember Ron Van Dyck and where he comes from (OPPT) and much more and then do a check on Schmidt and find out where he comes from and then you must remember what I am going to say here from the Dragon Family: “who is this Ambassador who claims he represents us? Tell us who he is and we will deal with it from there!!”
      This is what was said to me and I notice the laughable Ambassador never releases his name. Understandably it is SwissIndo again.

      • Thank you, Mr. Keenan,

        I appreciate your response on so many levels.
        With all the information being thrown out in these
        times, it is hard to know what to believe anymore!

        Brightest Blessings,


      • Hello To Neil Keenan & Team First I want to Thank Neil Keenan & His Team for the very Delicate and Dangerous work you are doing,dealing with the Cabal.What can anyone say about Neil other than he runs on a phenomenal amount of Honesty,Integrity and Truth,which cannot be changed. It should be no news to anyone who follows the Keenan Team, as often as I and my Dear Friend Michael do.The facts remain, knowing that Neil has never pulled any punches with anyone about what his purpose is.As he states it all here on his blog, is to expose Misanthropic Globalist and Strategize their demise,and for that we all should be thankful.Michael and I are loyal readers and watchers for Neils next messages,with all our combined years of research,we have never found another person we trust for our news than Neil Keenan.

        Anything from Keenan yet?? Is the start to our daily conversation.We find ourselves waiting with anticipation for your next video,knowing your vision is ours.With that Mr. Keenan Sir, please know we are behind you 100%, praying for the day that your vision becomes a reality. We also have your back Sir,watching these fakes trying so hard to rip your credibility apart. I would like to share this with you,please know that you are nowhere to be found,except among those who continue on their path with all the Gypsies,Tramps and Thieves,and you can take that to the bank.We find that refreshing Sir, it also tells us that you keep your name clean,and there is no reason for your name to be brought up anywhere else but here. Your well loved, and appreciated inside the “Truth Circle”, of people who know what side is up and what side is down,and we refuse to make room for anything in between. It’s that bad out there in the world of researching, just to try and find a small smiggin of truth. Speaking of that Ron Van Dyke and his Ambassador to the Dragon Family,I listened to that video and was a bit upset myself when they referred to Neil as a liar, and he is someone who needs to tell the truth. It’s laughable if it weren’t such a damn lie!!So while the comment wasn’t very nice,they too, had nothing bad to say about you,really!! It’s something to be expected with that type,consider the source,and if that’s all anyone can come up with to discredit you, you’re doing a damn good job then.
        Neil, it’s a crazy world we live in,and TRUST is not a word we take lightly ,nor is it available in abundance anywhere else.
        It’s ironic how things work for those of us who have a functioning brain,and cannot be fooled easily. Neil you’re 100% correct, and your advice is impeccable,how you offered that solution to weed these fakes out is perfect,that’s how you get to the truth people!! It’s exactly how we found you some years ago. lol Truly,people who are searching for the truth,end up unaware that is how they got there. When you finally do see how and where the truth leads you,there is never any turning back.
        When the video with Ron was over,I didn’t need go any further, to find out who these characters were,as all led me around and around in the same circle of the fakes we had found out about years about ago.The Oppt,SwissIndo etc: Funny how they keep appearing all together,with the same trash.Here is the biggest clue of all, that you are, who you say you are, you may here Neil Keenan’s name,or see it pop up around the research circle,and you will see a couple of snide remarks here and there,truthfully though, not one of these people can,or ever has anything on Neil Keenan that will discredit him,it’s just not there,I know we have looked. It’s a clear indication that Neil has no other agenda,than the final episode to the Cabal,all else is trash.Neil we don’t know how you manage to keep your nose so clean,but you should be proud of yourself and your team. We are so thankful for you keep up the good work,we will continue to pray for your safety .God Bless all of the Keenan Team

        Let me please just end this with a small piece of advice for our Dear Jean Haines, people know who you are,and while it’s important to branch out on your own, maybe b/c you have a different out look on things,and you need to express what you’re feeling,and share in your own vision,please be careful Jean.I always admired your way of thinking,maybe you feel like you weren’t being heard,or people didn’t know who you were when you were tightly knitted with Neil,that’s as far from the truth as it can get. I am going to be frank with this,I am afraid of the path you’re on.I have gone to your blog many times,and your posts are making it out to the public,but you’re also getting entangled with false and or misinformation and disinformation,which ever.I can’t seem to concentrate on what is being posted on your site.However it does appear you have gotten yourself mixed up with the fairytale visions for this world.We love you,the people love you,but I don’t know who you are any more. I dislike places of fear mongering,and places where people have no limits on the stuff they post.I am a realist,truth seeker and loyalist,and True to me. I admired all those things about you too,can’t find them anymore,something or someone is clouding your judgement.Please rethink what you’re doing,and who your allowing to change the qualities of the real Jean Haines. You’re becoming one of them,fairytales and a bed of roses,is not the real world.Keep your mind and feet planted on the ground. Good luck in all that you envision. We love you and Miss you.

  15. Hello Neil and Team K,
    I just want you to know that I stand with you, always have and always will. I’ve trusted and loved you guys right from the very beginning, and I have very good instincts. I haven’t commented much at all because I’m getting ready again for the inevitable. …stockpiling food, doing everything necessary so we can live off the grid indefinitely come what may. My father taught my brothers and me to be self sufficient when I was very young and he was a very wise and wonderful man.
    I keep all of you in my prayers day and night, especially for your safety and for the safety of your families and loved ones; it’s the best that I can give right now. It’s coming and it’s right in our faces, right at our door steps and we will win this fight. I have no doubts whatsoever.
    Maybe someday we can all meet and celebrate. I’ll bring along some good champagne. I’ll wear a name tag that says “live oak” with my real name below it. Neil is going to get the biggest bear hug of his life and I’m a small person but I’m strong and brave and I’ve been fighting hard in my own way for the last 6 1/2 years . My husband says he’s proud of me and I don’t think you can do any better than that in this life. We are very close and just recently celebrated our 20th anniversary but we’ve been together for 28 years. He’s my hero.
    I send you much love and pray that this will be over soon.
    live oak xoxo
    I’m sorry for all this trouble.

    • Relax I know who you are and remember the name Live Oak from long ago when this nearly all began. I will remember you in the end when we celebrate as well. Take care and I wish you all well and to stay safe. I pray we get this done quickly.

  16. HA! It’s about time you gave some people what they needed. A reality check.

    • It also hits me pretty hard when I see what is coming and no one doing anything about it. Only talking!!! It hurts knowing we are not going to be able to save them all. We will save as many as we can. Thanks and be safe

      • Me too! ….. I have watched closely for over 10 years now- and have been less successful than you have been at waking people up to what we all face.

      • I understand that important people, people with power or influence, are all fighting one way or another, through action or inaction. I understand that the generations who allowed this mess to occur are blind to the danger, or willfully oblivious. My generation, the twenty-something’s who have been fed everything but the truth our entire lives, are guarded against all kinds of hope and expectation. I felt hope when I first found your story, and the feeling was so foreign and uncomfortable it had me curled up into a ball on the ground. I only say this, because I honestly don’t know if what I’m describing is the historic norm, or a recent cultural development.

        A while back, incidentally on Jean’s website, I remember you put out a call for donations or she had put the call out on your behalf. I don’t have money, Neil. I’ve worked with temp agencies and done construction and custodial work and cleaned up human waste to pay the bills and keep a roof over my wife’s head. I’ve swallowed my pride more times than I care to remember. I was only able to give you about fifty dollars and a poor man’s prayer that it would help. I know that it was an amount of money you could likely piss on, but it was truly all I had to spare.

        To be perfectly honest, I don’t know how to help. I feel like whoever wins, the people responsible aren’t going to pay, and kids like me are going to suffer for it. We’ll trade one set of chains for another, the Cabal held the stick and the Dragon holds the honey. I’m not old enough to be cynical, so I’ll let that line of thought die there before I start to sound foolish.

        I believe you are telling as much of the truth as you are able to in a public forum. To be honest, the first moment I saw you talking I knew you were an honest man. Finding any sort of truth these days requires digging through a mountain of misinformation, to the point that when you do find the truth, you’re numb to it. You know it better than anyone, but it’s an ocean of pretenders out there, each with claims more absurd than the last and not a shred of evidence to back them up. It may be naive of me, but I think if all this information were to be put out there as more than just background noise, more than just another voice, you would find an attentive and active audience with my generation. It’s definitely cynical of me, but I don’t think the forty to sixty something’s of this country are ever going to get up off their asses, even when disease and nuclear light cover the planet.

        Whatever happens, I hope you win. These people don’t have a cent that isn’t stolen and now they’re claiming everybody else is worthless and needs to die? I’m sure someone out there has the right to make that decision, but it’s sure as hell not them.

        • Keenan Team (2)

          August 9, 2014 at 11:03 pm

          Hi Salty Water,
          Heartfelt thanks for your donation and for sharing your thoughts. The majority of us are hard-pressed for funds, and the fact that you donated what you did means a great deal because we know it comes from the heart. Be assured that you are far from alone in saying how humbling it is to take whatever work you can find just to survive.
          We intimately understand the utter horror it is to be waking up to the reality on this planet, particularly for the younger generation. But you’re old enough to be cynical, and angry, and it is hoped that these feelings incite contagious action to take a stand against all that is wrong. We fully expect our younger counterparts to carry on reinforcing the new foundations we are putting into place.
          And so here I would like to correct a misconception of yours, with a little giggle. Our Team consists of 40 to 60-something’s, so we kindly ask that you rethink the concept that we haven’t gotten up off our asses.
          A large part of what has gone terribly wrong with our species is the separation that we have been taught to believe. This fight for humanity has nothing to do with age, culture or any of the completely absurd beliefs that separate us from each other. It has everything to do with uniting humanity to eliminate war, enslavement, suffering cabal-made diseases etc. — eliminating man’s inhumanity to man because we’re all flesh and blood together on this planet.
          So Salty Water, know that you ARE helping simply by recognizing what’s going on, by voicing your free-thinking and by your most generous support. These are no small deeds! And this message goes out to all of those who comment on this site and ask how they can help, not recognizing that their support contributes immensely to our efforts and gives us all strength to keep going. We thank you, Salty Water, and all who support us, and nothing can be more sincere in expressing this gratitude.

          And you don’t need to hope — we WILL win!

        • I am a sixty yr old and I care. There are others including Neil Keenan – some of us do get up off our behinds and shake and move things.

  17. Why do people who are simply ‘helpers’ to an extremely brave, serious and intelligent group who boldly face danger and threats everyday, think THEY are smarter and know better?
    What arrogance and stupidity!

  18. Hi Neil and Team,
    I won’t comment on either side, it’s not for me to judge or comment, what goes on between the two should stay there and not be public knowledge. That’s how I deal with internal issues, otherwise it gets just like what these posts are doing. Neil, can I interest you in just looking into our movement with a mouse click and an opinion? I know you’re a busy man, but I value your opinion.
    Starving the banks by closing accounts worldwide is the movement.
    Blessings to all of you

  19. HOW DO WE FIGHT? can you give some clarification on what we the people CAN and SHOULD do to HELP you and the battle……. I am sure many people want to step up to the plate!

  20. Hello Neil

    In my previous emai i have asked you if is true that vietnamite dong will be revaluate.
    This for a precise goal. I’m free energy researcher. For do it I have spent all my free time and almost money but with actual crisis it is impossible continue do it. For continue i need to have money. If this vietnamite dong revaluation is real it could be a good way for continuate my research. Thanks

  21. For continue also in my case I have meet only people that talk much but do nothing of real and concrete for change this world.

  22. I’m sorting through all the posts and information about what you and your team have been doing. I can say this for sure…a few years back I posted some comments a few times on Haine’s site. Based on her reactions to my ‘intelligent’ posts…I determined that she was/is a new age nutcase.

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