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Keenan to Asian Insider:
Final Decision: Stay Far Away!

Dear Sir,

I wish for you to beware of whatever you touch or do regarding anything I do. Your initial approach to me was to flatter me to no end. I have had my eye on it for a long while, and despite the fact you have this marvelous Stanford University degree, you still hold no position of strength.

Actually, you were stopped in your tracks by me. The Family had no idea you were sending this post out to me and had even advised you to let me be. You and you alone decided to put your hand in my cookie jar, when the fact is you can get nowhere near my head. Therefore, you have no clue how to get things completed!

The wonderful thing about my head is that it constantly changes; no one has any idea, including myself, which way I am going until the last minute.

My conversation with the Family last night really opened my eyes! They did not really appoint you to sit by my side and assist me. No Sir! You told them you thought you could fill in the holes left in the conversations.

Now this kills me! You attempted to find your way in without investing one cent. I want you to know I “smelled” it but kept everything close. Even my closest allies had no idea what was going on.

I just watched until the critical mistake was made (I knew you would make it, but when?). Sure enough, you spoiled me with lavish compliments despite the fact that I’m not good at receiving them. Consequently, it did not work!

Then the bullshit began, and even though I am full of blarney, I know it when I see it. So you made your weak attempt, and it was amateurish.

I had friends fighting with me to bite the bait. However, there is a big difference between me and them, because I know this game better than mostly everyone. No one is going to get hurt with me. I will not allow it. Correction:  I may get hurt, but not anyone else. I can handle it better.

Just think…the pats on the back and the assigned “Hero” title. Wow, how wonderful! While you were sitting next to me and telling me what a wonderful job you did, it seemed perhaps you might question yourself. What did you do? You sat and watched me, while it was apparent my Team should have been there, not you. They are far more efficient.

As I told the family last night, not one person picked up his bank book and wrote me a check from Asia! Not one, although I understood why and accepted it. Then I did everything myself. However, in truth, who in this world could actually finance it other than the Family and the Accounts?

They did the job they wished to do so many years ago until the Bretton Woods Agreement was signed which literally tore up most of the world allowing the West to literally steal countries blind! What did any of you do about this? NOTHING!

Now I want you to know how I see it, as I am putting it right out in the open for everyone to see your thinking. It appeared on the surface that you did a fantastic thing writing so nicely about me, when in fact, you were attempting to sneak into the hen house.

Now let me answer your questions:

1). You never assisted me. Jo and Nelu and the rest of the team did.

2). You are always in the way. I knew from the beginning that you were waiting for the opportunity, and I played along.  I have seen this game many times in my lifetime and have never fallen for it. There is an old saying…“First time shame on you; second time shame on me”.

Therefore, after going through a needless operation that was going to come my way sooner rather than later,  I’ve come to my conclusion…which is the only one that matters, according to the Family. It is as follows:

1). You are totally inadequate to assist me, especially now.

2). There is not a blessed thing you can do to make anything better for me.

Your attempt at tossing a wrench into all my vested capital and work shows me that you are just another “wannabe”, and that is never acceptable to me.

After reviewing the above following last night’s conversation in my mind, I hereby strongly advise you not to come near our operations ever again!  I will forward a copy of this to the Family. I have my trusted advisor, and that is M2 who is so much better and tougher than you can possibly imagine, and that’s just the “feminine side”!

Neil Keenan


Fox gets caught before he begins. No damage done. Time to celebrate!



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  1. Dear group k

    Are the fb pages that have popped up legit,

    Tick tock


  2. it would have been better for mr asian insider to have contributed with funding rather than compliments it seems.
    in some way there could have been a contribution without it having to be actual donation money, it could have been services rendered or some other reason.
    too late now i guess.
    keep strong everyone and stay as safe as possible.

  3. From the bottom of my hart thank you Neil and crew of all the energy you have taken in your hell of a mission for human kind and your big intuition !( i don’t think that anybody knows how large backpacked it is to be on this world with such a mission!) All i can do is send you all lots of love from one hart to another in big gracefullness that you are on this planet in this timeline for us all worldwide. Lots of love from my hart to you all in big respect

  4. If things are allowed to play out, the true colors of anyone eventually show through all veils. Thank you Neil and Team K for verifying this most recent wolf in the hen house, in a long line of many. Godspeed. You’re almost there.

  5. Thank you Neal and team for all your work, time, and for the love you have for all humanity. Yes let’s celebrate I am ready .
    May the Lord help us all help the world . Love you all .

  6. Neil there is a Brit who claims to have met with
    Dragons over in the city of london just a few short
    months ago. I have reason to believe he has been
    trying to get his hands on the collateral accounts
    to play with on Platforms, and then decide who gets
    what from the proceeds, according to his own very
    discriminating emotions.
    In recent days I see he has stated that neil keenan
    is not getting control of anything, and insinuated to
    his readers that you are full of hot air.
    None of this is my belief at all, but my purpose in
    posting this is to let you know, if you don’t already,
    and because you may want to clarify and disavow
    his slanderous statements about you. It just sounded
    to me like he is one who is working against you. He
    uses the name ”john” and hides behind whatever
    he can hide behind.

  7. Neil and Team K I am so grateful for everything you and the team have been doing for mankind to save us and planet earth . I pray for a quick and swift win,so you can come home to your family. I hope to meet you sometime to shake your hand you alone were put on earth to be in this fight . I pray for your protection always and your team. Love & light Laurie K

  8. A person either as it or they don’t ! and I was always prudent of (THE SILENT ONES) They always and I repeat they always sit close to you or behind you, always and seemingly looking harmless, but when the opportunity arises you’ll find yourself holding an empty bag as they glorify themselves of the theft!

    I hope that all the people close to you and around the world that are helping you in this vast procedure also take time to learn on this post you wrote. They come in many forms and shapes (male or female). Even in celebration I’ll keep looking for the silent ones.
    One last note you all need to go and watch President Duerte’s last public announcement on how he his taking care of business!!

    Great observation Neil, but I guess I don’t need to point that out for you!! LOL

    Best regards Charles



  10. Love the fire in you Neil! Keeping it real.



  11. I thought this fellow was painting it on, thick, and sweet, to you Mr Keenan ?? That always gives me a red Flag,. Rick, sincerely

  12. Dear Neil and Team K,
    I smelled a rat but didn’t want to say anything. (I would have sent an email to Robert.) Trust your instincts always and be happy when you’re wrong about someone because what’s going on is usually very bad and clandestine and then you get hurt, damaged or killed, or someone else does that’s close to you. Neil, you know all about that. Thank God for all of you. Neil, you are something else. God Bless everyone, and as always stay safe.
    live oak xxx

    • you did not smell a Rat you smelled Perfume and not Cologne on a man…..hahahahahhah

      • LOL!!!! You kill me Neil….good one! I was going to say I smelled a flea bitten rat carrying the bubonic plague, but decided it might be too harsh. I cannot tolerate lying of any kind. That guy was trying to weasel his way into your life. Whenever anyone is SO INTERESTED all of a sudden and fawning, it makes me both angry and suspicious. My radar was working overtime.
        Hug your wife for me. She must be a delightful and lovely person. Thanks for responding to my comment and making me laugh.
        live oak x

  13. Brooks o'bryant

    August 7, 2016 at 8:27 pm

    Wisdom and experience and passion. Neil u have them all. Love and light to u !

  14. NEIL, fantastic answer to the situation, you handled it beautifully by listening to what was said, but your tremendous instincts told you something was wrong . That instinct you should and do listen to, for it will help you throughout this entire process. Some call it “Gut Feeling”, I call it the “Holy Spirit”, and you have it in you. God Bless & keep it up Neil, your doing a terrific job. ==BillyBobG

  15. Good on you, Neil ! Best is to play the game, they always end up showing their sleeve once they are confident. Guess they found their diploma of psychology in a surprise package! Ha ha ha!
    I do that with the real estate agents, playing nice till they try their tricks on me, thinking I am oh so predictable!
    I don´ t know how they act in other countries, but here most are… well, let’s say, not exactly straightforward.
    And excess compliments. When someone does that to me, I ask: You need something or what? I can tell when it comes from the heart.

  16. JB Brown/Great Gramy J

    August 8, 2016 at 12:24 pm

    Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J.

  17. … give them enough rope and they always hang themselves! (background music from The Good, The Bad, and Ugly!! )
    Thank you again Neil Keenan and Group K for your diligence!


  18. Ive been reading and following as much as possible..there is so many untruths and it is hard to understand most of what your saying unless its been experienced by you or that person(s).
    What i wonder is why is this painstaking so long in the process? Why not end the destruction sooner than later and allow the planet to and inhabitants to live in a world with less corruption?
    AS a layperson we only see what is posted and not actual events unfold where the crimes are punished with all to see.
    Since this has been happening for a very long time, the path is being corrected and who will be in charge that we can trust ? For as long as history has been in play greed has consumed the planet.
    When is the time for the change do we need another century?

    • If it ended today understand you would not be on the planet seeing the good guys would not win at this time…Things still to do and maybe if you got off your backside and others like you and stopped talking about how you know nothing and did something it just might facilitate things.

      • Wow…thats an encouraging response…and what would you suggest someone LIKE me do about things that we have NO inside knowledge about?
        Most people don’t live in your world Neil and it does not mean we don’t do nothing, maybe we are doing something on a much smaller scale as we are able to do.

        • You can educate yourself and read the posts. It’s all there jaxxon. You’re not helpless. Give us a break.


    August 8, 2016 at 8:54 pm


  20. Neil,
    This is just never-ending. I hope for clear passage for you, your safety, for people with integrity and honesty to be around you, special positive powers to intervene on your behalf when needed, and steps in the direction of success. You are the pit bull around here.

  21. So, what’s next? All efforts ceasing because of lack of operational funds and ongoing ability of powers that be to lock up same if ever provisioned? Still ongoing health issues? [Remember what happened to Christopher Edward Harle Story some six years ago, wherein on an ongoing basis he was protected by The House of Windsor.]

    At least we KNOW that Clinton will be soon gone due to health issues, with Trump the next POTUS. Saying that, such will help to facilitate the Wanta funds payment, a new structuring for the USD as still the #1 currency, along with a new Majestic [brain trust] Humanitarian Committee in D.C. in formation now that will enable the provisioning of security, material talent and aid worldwide on a scale never before imagined, that will include new health and industrial technologies that will be USA National Security-centric but ongoing released to the World on a quid-pro quo no-war basis if the recipients want them. As the One World Government crowd only gets an observation seat in the $10 bleachers being that the World remains tribal in its historic nature and not about to relinquish 10,000 years of human history on the whims of the deranged utopia idealists.

  22. Another one bites the dust…
    Go get em Neil!!!

  23. Re Clinton, found out lately about Hal where he shows that woman’s medic ‘records. Check his site Hal Turner
    I am weary, I know there is a lot of dis-info around whereby the cabal mixes up lots of lies with a nugget of truth, at its convenience (as mentioned by Preston James) , so I wait and see, and I content myself with following my heart, my guts, my intuition. But the stuff published by Turner makes sense considering the background of this “lady “. And the Intel cowboys (and girls) know better than us, they can sort it out.

    • Hi Mi,
      I saw the very same article and those doctor’s notes yesterday on stage2omega and sent them to Drudge, but so far they haven’t done anything with the information. I also saw an article by wnd ( that I don’t particularly like or trust) and they say she got syphilis from Bill and showed these dime sized craters on her tongue, (lesions removed)….nice huh? So who knows what’s true. I’m certain HRC is just as promiscuous as he is; Bill has that muscle wasting I’ve seen in aids patients;once you see it you never forget…look at his neck. (I’ve been an RN for 29 years. It doesn’t mean I’m right. Look at Sharpton; same thing.) I just hope and pray HRC drops out. At least the information is out there. We’re in big trouble if she continues to run.
      live oak

  24. Incredibly NOT politically correct to mention …

    Keep in mind that Hillary Clinton is no more than a useful idiot, so need not worry with regard to any of her proposed governmental policies as they are no more than the rantings of a corrupt lunatic with very serious known mental and physical health issues [as per New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell medical files].

    The REAL PLAN if Hillary Clinton elected: 1) She promptly resigns for health reasons after the Inauguration, 2) Jesuit Vice President Tim Kaine now President of the United States, and as a result 3) the Jesuits now CONTROL the Presidency, being “the Black Pope” and Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolas; secondly, former Black Pope and Jesuit Superior General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach; and lastly, “the White Pope” and Vicar of Christ/Vicar of Horus Pope Francis I. Add in the unaudited/non-reporting private Institute for the Works of Religion [the Vatican Bank] as the financial logistical enabler/money launderer to pay for all worldwide Jesuit black and grey operations therein, and there you have the 2016 Election IF Trump does not win.

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