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Jerzy Babkowski Attacks
The Fake Red Dragon
Ambassador And His
Con-Artist Friends

Dave Schmidt and the fake Red Dragon Ambassador engaged in a heavy episode of damage control today.

Jerzy Babkowski (also known as Zap) posted this comment (see below). He was an associate of theirs, who states that what we are saying about them is right – but what we say about him is wrong.

Schmidt, Lindstrom & Co. have lost their guy Dr. William Mount – who wrote articles at one time supporting the “Ambassador” and the alleged Red Dragon Family.

Dr. Mount later left them and spoke out about them, saying “They do not intend to fund anything – they are liars and thieves just like the Rothschilds.”

This was after the Ambassador’s response “I want a full business plan and see how we can make money off of them.” Further, the Ambassador stated that if in the next three years Humanity does not rise spiritually, they will destroy 90% of the planet’s population. Mount has come to the conclusion that the Red Dragon Family – are arrogant, and greedy murderers.

Their own people are confirming our discoveries.

The Alpha Omega Station have taken their website down (but this website contains much of the content that was online there).

Schmidt and the fake ambassador say our article substantiates nothing – when there are over 50 links in the article that verify what we have found – not to mention what others have confirmed to all with eyes to read.

It is this group of cons who are delusional, now back-pedaling to try and save their little scam.

When you think about it they are left with two options:

1. Quit and vanish.

2. Backpedal and try to obfuscate the truth that has blown them out of the water.

The second is what they are doing as they have invested too much time and energy into their scam to pull out.


Submitted on 2015/07/08 at 8:26 pm
From: Jerzy Babkowski

Neil and Gentlemen,

A few items in this otherwise accurate expose, is that neither I nor Humanus nor Landa are involved directly or indirectly with the “Red Dragons”, the Ambassador and Dave Show, and do not know any of the people that have been mentioned by name or picture.

I am well aware of the true Family structure, and in my writings, I have said explicitly that the Family does NOT recognize the Red Dragons, as there is only one Dragon left that has jurisdiction. The seal used by the Ambassador is a fake, and that Family company was to be shut down a long time ago by the worker, but it was kept alive for some reason, and now we see why.

Having said that, do not lump Humanus and Landa in these obvious deceptions, as our sole aim and purpose is Humanity, and the funding of the Global Reconstruction Projects. We do not ask for money, we do not solicit as described above the methodology of these people, and remain in high integrity to what we set out to do at great personal costs.

A few of our own have died during this time waiting to get going. Our funds are from the Family side as well as Europe royal side. The white hats only.

We do not engage in politics, religions, or causes other than helping hands to our Humanity.

Please visit our websites at and

Much thanks
Love and Light
in Our service
Jerzy Babkowski


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  1. I say flush any and ALL scammer down the toilet! That black crow was a lame looking crest anyway! Hopefully the people will see the wantabe Ambassador for what he really is…..Always hiding in the shadows, never shows his face. If you really want to do something good for humanity why all this hiding who you are? At least JFK faced the criminals head on, he was not afraid to show who he was. He was a REAL man! All I say is MAN UP if you plan to save the world then show people who you are. All this fake name stuff needs to go away. Take Care Greg Grover

  2. Jeanne Scoville

    July 9, 2015 at 10:52 am

    Keep up the good work Team K! Getting the truth out about these charlatans is timely & a lesson in discernment for many…

  3. Milan Hvizdak

    July 9, 2015 at 12:00 pm

    WOOOW, it’s getting better and better. The parasites need to be remove.

  4. Thank you Neil for your work.

  5. Just how does someone sum up global current events at this time in history? Let me try to. Two types of humans are at war with each other. I will call them Bennies and Mallies. The Mallies are openly attempting to enslave the Bennies and make them their slaves via the century old global financial ponzi scheme you all know as the Federal Reserve.

    Greece is an example of Creditors demanding that the people live in austerity when the debt is fraudulent via a ponzi scheme. What Charles Ponzi did with stamps the Federal Reserve did on a global scale. The IMF has killed so many countries economies over the span of a century it boggles the mind.

    Where are the Bennies Damit? Calm down they do exist and are working hard but they remain covert for good reasons I am sure. The Mallies have been forced to be overt much more than than they ever imagined. Neil and his team are overt Bennies and are most susceptible to danger. But they are safe even up till now and that should give all of us warm fuzzies and it means the Bennies are working together both overtly and covertly.

    The Bennies will be Victorious because the Mallies are going blind because of the light getting brighter!

    Positive thought is powerful! The Mallies LOSE!

  6. Diane Frances

    July 9, 2015 at 4:11 pm

    Neil, this is incredible what you have uncovered. I always wondered about Karen Hudes. She talks a good game, but something in her presentation seemed tin. It is interesting to see her associated with these crooks. Thank you for these latest developments.

  7. Thank You.
    It was getting tiresome hearing people say “the ambassador this and the ambassador that” broken record…and the crest … the underlay of the 2009 UK “Mayan” crop circle…whew…what a circus

  8. Bottom Line. Who OWNS this Solar System and Who Lawfully OWNS this fucking Planet?… God aka JC YHWH 61XuX19…

  9. Drake’s recent show should enlighten the sheeple sleepers awake now and propel ALL of humanity on this planet to STAND UP & FINALLY get rid of all the scum (& THEIR parents) that’s left on this planet: The Future choice of Humanity:
    And as Jay Essex said, “They will be given no quarters…no quarters…” (paraphrasing) as soon as he’s out of his body soon, their energy will exist no more…
    And good riddance to all of them!

  10. This is GREAT! Things are really moving along. Thank you everyone for all your hard work, courage and bravery. I send BIG hugs to each of you and a lot of love and prayers.
    live oak

  11. Thank you Neil for exposing the fraud of ALL these groups. (The Red Dragon Family, OPPT, Swissindo, etc.
    The truth shall set us free!Nothing can be hidden anymore. Governments can’t hide their illegal actions anymore, thanks to groups like you and the internet.The cabal need to be crushed immediately!
    Here is a quote from the bible that is very appropriate for this blog:
    There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. There is nothing kept secret that will not come to light. LK 8:17

  12. Edna Camille "Cosmic Candy"aka Cosmic Mom" Gallop-Leibow

    July 9, 2015 at 10:26 pm

    My Dearest Neil ,
    What YOU & Nelu & the whole Keenan Team have done IN the past & Continue to do Is BEYOND the Average Person’s Comprehension!! I Give you Kudos beyond the “norm” And May GOD Continue to Bless YOU , Guide & Protect you & the Whole Team.. The Vast Majority of Sheeples (those that claim to be ” AWAKE & AWARE”) are truly & TOTALLY CLUELESS!! YOU are so Full of Integrity & Valor. I don’t think MOST people even know what the true meaning of INTEGRITY Or VALOR Means!!! I have Never ever doubted you … When ALL Is said & Done.. YOU WILL Be in the History Books Neil .. AS the MAN WHO TRULY CARED & Put Your Life on the Line for the Betterment of ALL HUMANITY!! GOD BLESS THE KEENAN GROUP.. YOU still are My “KEEN MAN ” !!! Hugs to you, Nelu & crew & Families too boot because I Kow how hard this has been on them as well!! !! YOU CAN NOT KNOCK DOWN the ” FIGHTING IRISH” for Long .. They get right back up & Go for the KO!! Which you have so many times already!!
    Lots of DIVINE LOVE Always & In ALL WAYS..
    Most Humbly & Sincerely,
    “Cosmic Candy”aka Rev. Edna Camille Gallop- Leibow

  13. Neil, you and your crew are doing one hell of a job. I must admit, that I’ve gotten a little down when there is a long lull between your posts, I always be pulling for yall to be successful,and safe in doing what you are doing for the people of the world.
    May the Keenan Team continue to be protected by the powers that be…

  14. Lv this Neil!!! The vail is being lifted from these deceivers!! Please keep exposing them every last one of them. Lies lies lies how do they live with their selves!!! Good luck to u keep up the good fight!!!

  15. Hi Neil!

    The prior article was quite interesting, and a lot to digest. Thanks for shedding light on these charismatic characters. Awhile back, I was charmed by their messages of hope..but soon became skeptical, taking a “wait-and-see” attitude. As of late, I have not even kept up with their posts. I just follow people who I feel are sincere and have been working for the greater good. Like you, Neil.

    I know some people may have stopped reading you, due to your outing people, but I feel that “outing the bastards” is a moral duty, and you are one of the few brave enough to not worry about being “P.C.” at the expense of Truth and Justice.

    I look forward to your coming revelations.

    In health,

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