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It’s All Over
But The Crying

What should one say when everything has already been said a thousand times or more? Get off the Sofa! Stop drinking beer! The RV is around the corner! (I told you it was not happening until much later).

First of all I would like to thank Steve, the Manager of the famous Indonesian restaurant called Bacco located in the Lotte Avenue Mall in Jakarta.

(We hope the background noise in the videos is not too bad).

The “Pope” is not a Pope he is a vicious Jesuit, or much worse – the Anti Christ? Or even better; that hormonal idiot of a President of the United States is the Anti Christ less steroids (ha ha).

It has all been said from Chemtrails to HAARP, Vaccines, Earthquakes, Tsunami’s etc…

We have people supporting a Pope (fake) that has stated that Jesus Christ and the Bible are both lies. My only question is, if that is so then why have the Jesuits been promoting the Bible and Jesus for who knows how long?  It was not just the Illuminati doing so, and here they are trying to sell us a bill of goods in which we have to pick our poison – or do we?

I feel it in my bones and I am proud to say “they” are slowly falling apart. Piece by piece, bit by bit, you can see their false façade melting. When one clearly sees such a thing – how can the bloggers state that it is inevitable there will be a New World Order in place soon?

How could that be, when we have not even begun to fight yet? What will happen when we finally decide enough is enough, take the bull by the horns and no longer allow them to poison us or hurt us any further?

We are not losing, although we are allowing them to push us around, or so it would seem. We are allowing them to crap on us – but we know that what they hurl at us now will be returned by us upon them tenfold.

I say this from my experience here. I am on the ground and I know what can be done once we open the door. Once opened it will not be possible to close that door!

Don’t think for one second that because you do not hear from me it means I have gone soft. Not at all!

What it means is that all the roads that have been blocked are no longer blocked. I have roads open now straight to the problems – and once we have arrived there, our problems become their problems.

The blocks are gone; OITC, OPPT, Swiss Indo, Red Dragons etc… All phonies or shills working for the Cabal – all taken down by the small group that is Group K.

We have fought directly with the principals as well. You see, the answer is not in beating those working for the Rothchilds, or Rockefeller’s etc; the answer is in beating them directly.

We need to change our approach and go directly towards the source. I know they fear us just by the amount of homes and property being bought in far away places such as New Zealand. Costa Rica, once one of their hangouts is now considered too close to the States for them to be safe.

These are their ‘getaway locations’. They are planning to run and run far, far away from the United States.

Then again once this is over with there will be no place that is far away enough. We will go after them, find them and bring them to justice swiftly.

What I am trying to say is we are looking at the End Game in the very near future. And we are the winners, yet it is still possible we could lose, should many maintain their positions as sheeple. Then again there should be enough of us to get this thing over with once and for all.

I don’t want to sit here narrating what is happening. Let the bloggers do this. I want to take this directly to them and give them a real beating.

You know who they are as well as I do so let’s all together give them the beating of their sorry non-existent lives, and then move on and begin living ours for the very first time.

Imagine the feeling we will have after tossing them to the garbage cans, knowing we can do what we please without concerns about their archaic rules of law etc..

Imagine the comfort of knowing there will be no more wars, or at least wars without our participation.  So this is it or as they say “THE LAST HURRAH”.

Victors we will be – and to take a page out of the Rothschild book we all know that ‘TO THE VICTORS BELONG THE SPOILS’.

If such then let’s just bottle them all up in FEMA Camps, and mosey on with our lives.

We all have so much to do!  Let’s make our dreams come true….

As Patrick Henry said “Give me liberty or give me death”. We can pick up where he left off and achieve the IMPOSSIBLE DREAM.



Before signing off I must state that I believe our new world will be a great one, one where smiles will be once again seen on the faces of old and young alike! I cannot wait.

So keep your head up, don’t let it hang down, and stay strong throughout this coming storm. And know that this is our time, our arrival, and needless to say “out with the old and in with the new”. God Bless us all and let it begin… I am with you!

You must know it and feel it.  You can feel your blood pulsing through your body, your adrenalin keeping you on the edge of your seat. And most of all, the tears ready to flow in a victorious feeling unbeknownst to mankind.  We are all one.

From one corner of the Globe to the other and guess what ‘WE WILL BE THE NEW WORLD ORDER’ –  WE, the People… This I believe!!



God Bless us all from one nation to the next and for those in America who have lost their way, I have something special for you so get up and sing it out loud and get mad… Get real mad… And then let it all focus into determination and “Get ‘er done”.

Just remember it is not over till the fat lady sings and she has not even begun to warble so how can this be over with?  Hell we have not yet begun to fight…



Music podcasts – Embed Audio – Military Ringtones – Cavalry…


Video Part One


Video Part Two


Video Part Three


Upon winning this battle we plan on holding a celebratory party right here at Bacco.

Thanks to the staff at Bacco for inviting us and putting up with us as we filmed there.





Copyright © 2015, GROUP K, Ltd.


  1. Ha ha ha! I was reading your post and I thought, Neil is wrong, there will be a New World Order, OUR New World Order.
    Things are moving so fast those days, it is exciting. Isis and its evil accomplices / creators revealed for what they are, bastardly criminals! Bravissimo Putin, Lavrov and the BRICS! ANd to all those who joined planetary meditations.
    Payback time coming soon!
    I keep an optimist outlook and project a wonderful issue for humankind (I mean those who look human and are human not the creepy filth who needs no disguise on Halloween day, who have nowhere to go, not even under a rock).
    I try to keep out of the system as much as I can.
    When we are free, it will be the greatest day of our lives!
    I’ll never say it enough, I warmfully thank the Keenan team and I send you all a mega-kiss! Be safe and Gob bless you!

  2. There are some things progressing here as well, good things.
    Lookin forward to that ‘GIT-R-DONE’ part…
    Be safe.

  3. Good to see you looking rested Neil, so glad Nelo and gang are O.K.
    Am including a link that shows their desperation, I burst out chuckling as I read it.

    All the best to all

    • The food looks delicious , yes we’ve won, for eyes that can see, one can see it all over, everywhere.a victory dinner sounds quite nice, as Drake says lets get er done.

  4. God Bless you Neil and you are looking great! Thank you for checking in. We are with you and will stand with you and everyone else on Gods side.

  5. Neil I am glad to see that you look like you are in better health. I must also say that you have a gleam in your eye hahaha. Nelu I am glad that you made it in time for the camera haha. I hope you your ankle injury recovers rather quickly. It is never good to see someone working extensively and dealing with constant pain from the injuries they have sustained. It will be a good time when we can all heal together the way we were meant to. Jo I have given up on trying to beat some of your scores. I don’t know how you do it but you are damn good at it. Richard your websites are so bountiful and speak volumes for themselves. Bravo gentlemen you and everyone else in this that I have come to know as family have been doing an outstanding job every single day. A standing ovation from me every single time. I very much like the new selection of location. In the future if I find myself in Indonesia, Bacco’s will be the first place I will have a night out. The atmosphere seems really nice, especially with a portrait of such a beautiful girl. You have no idea how blessed I feel to have been acquainted with Group K. Those who are truly involved are champions no doubt. There is a lot of people who are watching and waiting. Take care boys get some rest drink lots of alkaline purified water and God bless you.

    • Haha, it’s just a computer game, Sev…

      As you say, we are ALL champions who are truly involved, (and I would add, mind and heart), in bringing down the head of the cabal structure.

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      • Haha yes I agree with you Jo, sometimes I am competitive but all in all I do like a good game. The heart and mind is what the cabal lack, their structure aims at poisoning and corrupting these things in us. Although it is hard to manage an entire world let alone an agenda with such inadequacy. That is why they have already lost the war.

  6. Keep fighting the good fight my brother and let me know when your ready to take down the psychopaths as I’m ready to suit up




  8. Hate to see you suffering in a luxury diner like that, but then you deserve it.LOL
    I am not sure I could have done what you are doing for as long as you have been doing it… looking forward to the meet up and greet after and celebrations of new beginnings for this part of my world.

  9. Kjell Erik bersvendsen

    October 27, 2015 at 10:52 am

    Neil you are a true hero. Dont wrap their sheit in nice language, say it like it is, like you do, the sofa nearly dead people aint worth waiting for…..many of us are moe than readdy
    You are a true hero I thank you with all of my hart

  10. John Liverpool uk

    October 27, 2015 at 10:57 am

    Get er done im gonna explode here people ring that bell

  11. Bless U all 4 all U’ve done & all Ur still doing. We will never forget U or it. Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J & T @ Fort Hood, Texas

  12. Thank You Neil for all you do and all you have done!
    At your service
    Crescit sub pontere virtus

  13. Charles V Biddy

    October 27, 2015 at 2:51 pm

    I am 81. I had a TIA (transient ischemic attack) and my left arm and hand are only partially usable, but I am willing to do whatever I can to assist. I have known for about 40 years what Drake said on last show: Another universe is planning to attack and this planet is a keystone in this universe. There is a large armada of spaceships in this solar system to defend this planet/universe. The dark cabal is toast. The king is dead! Long live the king!!

  14. Neil,

    The idea that the bible is false as well as the story of Jesus is not as far fetched as it may seem.

    Critical to the success of the cabal, or any other fascist system, is the need for a savior mentality which, for the most part, reduces the human spirit to a place of unworthiness and therefore easily controlled by expert propagandists.

    For example, there was no city of Jericho in existence at the time Joshua was supposed to have walked around the city seven times and then the wall fell down. A completely false story…….in the bible.

    Another interesting observation: when you study out religions of the past, going back thousands of years, the primary claim by all of them is the virgin birth of the object person of their worship.

    No one would argue from the Christian viewpoint that Jesus Christ is the central figure in the bible. Yet, of the 7500 plus words written in the bible, it is strange that so few words of the bible are directly attributed to Jesus. In bibles where the supposed words of Jesus are written in they can easily be counted.

    One would think, since the bible tells us we are all sinners needing to be saved, and somehow most feel that the bible was written by men under the influence of the Holy Spirit, that the life of the central figure of the bible, the Son of the living God, Jesus the Christ, according to the bible the exact representation of the godhead,the anointed one bringing the world changing message of salvation would have much more to say on the subject than was allowed him. I would think, and rightfully so if it were true, that His teaching would take up the entire new testament.

    One would rightly be able to expect that if God did in fact send His Son Jesus as the only way to salvation, that much greater specific detail would come to us from the words of Jesus regarding so many areas of understanding strongly lacking clarification.

    I surmise that a loving God such as the One we all want to believe in would not, and did not have anything to do with the creation of the bible, nor would there be any need of such bloodshed by One so pure, loving and benevolent in order to appease His great anger.

    The Creator, the Source of all life that I know and have experienced personally is far removed from the one in the bible called god who had such a great need for bloodshed in order to appease him. C’mon, sending your divine son to die on a cross for the sins of the world?

    I don’t believe Pope Francis is the ‘fake’ you say he is. I am not of the catholic faith either. If he is a fake I will be surprised. I do know he has taken steps through the Motu Propio to free humanity from the grip of the international system of law responsible for the dire condition of our world.

    The only saviour mankind needs is the one looking at him or her in the mirror. No one can do anything ‘for’ us with regard to our becoming the image of God we are intended to be. It is how ‘we’ direct our lives that will return this world to the peaceful, collective haven of abundance and compassion it can truly be.

    It does not take a mental giant to discover that virtually all blood sacrifice is traced to satanic rituals. The Creator I know does not possess even one iota of remote resemblance to the one called satan!

    As a race of humans we are on our own! Worship is nothing more than an excuse for not becoming who we are. Until we face this, great advantage is given to the enemies of our souls to continue their plunder of all the assets of the earth and it’s people.

    Jesus in fact did live on this earth. I believe He did make an impact while He was here. It is possible that He died in a similar circumstance to the way it is described in the bible.

    The expert propagandists saw an opportunity to capture the human spirit through the concoction of the false Jesus story and the rest is history.

    The next approximately ten years will reveal most of the deceptions foisted upon our race by the ill motivated mobsters. What will come of it is a healthy determination to never let it happen again…….EVER!

    • Thank you for what you wrote, Keith!
      Much love to us all, always in all ways!

    • Keith, I am not saying that the fake Pope is wrong in saying that Jesus and the Bible are lies. I realize and understand the Bible was written by the Roman Occult and more or less to provide the inspiration for their new found business—CHRISTIANITY…..What I am saying is that for how many years now the Jesuits and the Illuminati have promoted Christianity in order to fill their coffers.. Yeah they worked hand in hand until they had a falling out. Then the Jesuits took the lead making claims that Jesus and the Bible are lies (and they most likely are) but they want us to believe (and this could be true as well) that they never believed in either Christ or the Bible yet they assisted every step of the way in misleading mankind so they could get rich. Now how do you take a step back from this and in 20 20 hindsite state yeah they didn’t believe but look how rich they became using the ruse against we the people of the world.? I am sorry I cannot buy anything they say after so many already buying their crap for the past who knows how many years…They are both equally as bad. If we have to have a winner I guess I would rout for the Jesuits that is until we are ready to kick their asses and move ourselves into our proper positions on this planet. Me, I do not want a position I just want to find a nice place to rest.

  15. Thank you Neil and team. Thank you with my whole heart for all you are doing to cut the head off the monster that has plagued humanity for so long. God bless.

  16. always makes my day to hear from Neil. I can feel the shift in energy in our favor. Keep up the good work my friend And Stay safe. I appreciate you. ME!

  17. The RV is around the corner!


    I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done! You will change my life, and I will change many others!

    Are the final exchange rates for the four currencies in the first basket still the same rates? Would I be able to exchange in Korea?

    Rupiah – $1.08
    Dong – $1.26 – $1.56
    Zim – drop 6 zeros & x $.15
    Dinar – $3.90

    Many thanks from South Korea!


  18. Much love to us all, always in all ways!

    I have my party dress ready 🙂 and my dancin’ shoes are shined!

  19. Thank you Neil and Team for all your very hard work. I am so excited; we will see justice in our lifetimes. I just can’t get over it…that we’re that close to the end… just unbelievable! Bless you Nelu…stay safe everyone and keep a sharp eye. Always be aware of your surroundings…that’s what my mother told me when I was a kid, and to stay away from crowds. I don’t mean to lecture but I worry about all of you.
    It was great to see you Neil and so good to know that you’re feeling well; just as someone else on this thread noted that your eyes have that sparkle. They do. I quite agree. That restaurant looks like a really lovely place to go. We need to have a party for you in America when the work is completed so I can give all of you a big hug. You’ll have to travel around the world (free with donations from all who have been following you and love you) so we can all meet you and celebrate. I’m serious. I keep all of you close in prayer. I am so happy!!!! God Bless every one of you. Go Neil and Team K!
    With unfathomable love and respect,
    live oak xxx

  20. I have been waiting for this since 1964 – there will be tears of absolute joy.

    • Yes there will Raven and I hope to meet you someday soon. All of you…”the usual suspects”… are my extended family. lol!
      live oak x

  21. Mattias Oppenheimer

    October 28, 2015 at 7:24 pm

    A video with mind control victim Barbra Streisand???

    Passage from Brice Taylors book “Thanks For The Memories” (1999) page 195.

    “Barbra Streisand
    Barbra Streisand was used in the same way as other Hollywood celebrities before and after her.
    Through my personal experience with Barbra Streisand, I believe she is under the control of many of the same persons I was. She was pre-programmed to deliver messages she couldn’t even have known she was passing on to millions of people. She sang her songs and was given carefully selected, pre-chosen
    words that would serve to lock in or open up certain programming in other mind control victims.”

  22. Neil, I believe”They will not win..They are losing…they have already lost their souls..

  23. This comment by Karen Hudes confuses me!
    “Let us first note that this bogus alternative media source is simply from the Vatican, and
    is where Benjamin Fulford, that Agent of the Order of Fatima, puts out his disinfo. Neil
    Keenan? Also an Agent of the Order of Fatima. Geopolitics is just a CIA bogus

    • Bibs is that what you wear when you attempt to speak…Stop spitting on yourself

      • I have been reading your posts and that of many others, and still looking forward to reading them and thank you for what you have been doing and still doing to help humanity and am glad to hear that you are doing fine!

  24. Neil,

    Have you heard about the $10 indefinite power supplies that Dr. Keshe has invented for our homes and cars? They are producing them now. and soon we will all be able to have them ourselves. This is revolutionary! Read all about them here: <a href=";

  25. Keep up the good work Neil. Glad to see you’re ok.

  26. Good to know that things are progressing.
    Well done Team K.

    For an interesting take on the King Jesus
    story search utube for a chap called
    Ralph Ellis. Very interesting stuff.

  27. Be safe Neil and associates helping humanity. Blessings to You and Yours Including ALL the Saviors TOO!!!

  28. I suggest any effort to restore the Republic and a degree of harmony throughout the world must begin with Americans going back to basics. The facts are:

    Americans; their Constitution and options

    The problem: Americans have individually and collectively failed to acknowledge the importance of James 4:17 and to honor it by doing what’s right. This is especially true of our elected officials, clergy, and law enforcement personnel. A major result of this problem is Federal action that’s “exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated Rights guaranteed the people” as alleged by 30 Republican governors on 11/22/94,

    This ungodly and unconstitutional Federal action is a product of America’s major political parties. Both have acted in support of those intent on establishing a New World Order (NWO); “a world that has a supranational authority to regulate world commerce and industry, an international organization that would control the production and consumption of oil; an international currency that would replace the dollar; a world development fund that would make funds available to free and communist nations alike; and an international police force to enforce the edicts of the New World Order;” i.e., a global prison whose ’warden’ is to be an Imperial Oligarchy!

    Related facts
    * Government’s PURPOSE is to secure people’s unalienable RIGHTS to Life, Liberty, and an opportunity to pursue Happiness.
    * Any government Act that’s diminished or destroyed anyone’s ability to enjoy a RIGHT is an unconstitutional (illegal) Act.
    * The persons responsible for drafting, promoting, passing, and/or perpetuating an illegal Act are criminals.
    * If the Act is in support of an enemy of the Constitution the criminals are – according to the Constitution – guilty of Treason.
    * For government to be lawful it must comply with the policies and procedures set forth in America’s founding documents.
    * A comparative analysis of our lawful government and the way Americans are now governed shows that both the Republican and Democratic parties have supported the creation of the New World Order being established at the insistence of bankers who, if one accepts the ungodly and unconstitutional monetary policy that’s in consonance with the 5th Plank of the Communist Manifesto as being legal, will one day hold title to all real wealth of their choice, a mortgage on the remainder and a claim on all future production..
    * A nation must either be one of laws or a lawless nation! Unfortunately, America is a lawless nation so far as politicians go. This must end!! The Supreme law of our land must be upheld! We must “restore to the states and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed them under the Constitution” as the 30 governors pledged to do.
    * It’s self-evident that neither the Republican nor Democratic parties have any intent of supporting the governor’s pledge.
    * Patriotic Americans, their Constitution, and their collective willingness to unite in pursuit of meaningful action offer the best and perhaps ONLY obstacles to the criminals promoting the New World Order.
    * Two options available for restoring the Republic are enforcement of our Supreme laws via action from our law enforcement personnel or the election of women and men having the knowledge, courage and integrity needed to do so.

    Discussion: There’s an urgent need for a second American revolution; one dedicated to restoring America’s Republican form of government. This revolution can be – and prayerfully will be – peaceful. But if it’s to be peaceful Americans must unite – not in body but in spirit and action directed at inspiring our law enforcement personnel to honor their oath by holding those responsible for our plight accountable under the law or insuring the election of qualified representatives.

     America is at a crossroads! People can either unite in spirit and around meaningful action directed at restoring lawful government or continue down the road leading to the global prison euphemistically called a New World Order. This is an individual decision each of us must make.
     Leadership dedicated to uniting voters is needed in each zip code area.
     Veterans, due to their geographical dispersion, access to facilities, earned respect, and obligation are the most likely and identifiable group upon which to call to provide this leadership.
     If America’s problems are to be solved via the political process voters will have to rally around and actively support candidates having the knowledge, courage, and integrity to do what’s right regardless of their party affiliation.
     To control its own destiny, America must withdraw its commitment to support United Nation’s policies, bring its monetary policy into conformance with the Constitution, repudiate its fraudulently created debt to the FED and then, turn to an alternate political party that isn’t being controlled by the unseen hand.

  29. Neil,

    Rev 12:9 (Pope)

    Isaiah 41:10 God is with you

    God is love

    Emely (Daniel 12:1)

  30. I noticed that a lot of historians were silenced, books and knowledge banned and hidden, the zodiac, the twelves, sevens, /Garden of Espiredes and the Golden Apples and Draco in the night sky of much earlier times so it does appear to me the Bible on its from many forms and collections to its present form has obviously been under the hand of many writers. To me it is the truth within it. It seems Jesus is the example of how one can be what it is possible to do as one of use and all of us. Even the amazing things like miracles and walking across water, loving everything ( except admonishing greedy bankers) and everyone and giving right up until the body can give no more. This to can be seen in other places, the Great Spirit, Eastern and other beliefs and the commonality, where it all fits and the love over rides the silly nonsense and is strong in the way those people are…..
    The idea of a distant separate god, does to me seem suspiciously like monarchs and the those who seek to rule over and use others for slaves would want such a belief that a far away god rules and you may not even be important enough and perhaps should leave even talking to him/her up to the “high experts” Of course they would make it appear they are good and use the truth in some way to try and pull off such a sneaky shameful selfish plan against nature and natures god the Universe and all its already perfect wonders in no need of foolish tampering for ill gains of a few. And by the way I do happen to be organic my own self in body and soul. The vicars and stuff when it comes to god are total BS. I know after having to ask directly and ever since then know that God is within all of us and not somewhere else in a magic castle and loves everyone wanting only that we accept and share our selves admitting who we really are and that we do not know all the deep deep mysteries but if keeping our hearts open and sharing our life to help others there is plenty for us to do here in our realm. It really is love, that the most important thing is to share the gift of love with others….Remember that liars may get away for a while but by their own hand they shall fall.

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