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It Goes Around
And Around In Circles

It all began in what now seems like lifetimes ago. Daniel Dal Bosco, an Italian citizen (who unknown by Neil at the time that he worked with the Italian P2 Freemason Lodge while also a financial consultant to the Vatican) stole Dragon Family Asset Notes with a value of $144.5 Billion USD that were entrusted to Neil by the Family.

Prior to this nefarious event, while supposedly working with integrity with Neil, Dal Bosco misrepresented himself in securing the safekeeping of said Notes.

Unfortunately, this “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, Dal Bosco, turned out to be a “wannabe” Cabal member who was out of his league and possibly out of his mind in thinking this theft would simply go away – without any serious consequences or justice being served in the future.

It appears that Dal Bosco had big dreams which he believed would come to fruition based upon his taking a huge discount on the Notes – or nothing at all. (This event was reported on in the mainstream media as detailed in our History & Events Timeline.)

Tragically, this heinous act by Dal Bosco prevented the world from then acquiring Free Energy which was already a plan set up to be put into place by Neil  using the financing from the Notes.

Consequently, this blatant theft blocked humanity from entering a long-awaited age of energy abundance.

To add further intrigue and deviousness to the matter, the World Economic Forum, the UN, the Vatican and the Italian Financial Police / Government also did their parts in preventing the necessary transactions to fund free energy.

For the full history of the efforts of Neil Keenan and Group K, take the time to read the History & Events Timeline on this website.

Despite this tremendous setback, Neil never gave up over the years and even today, still continues to steadfastly persist along with his team known as Group K to do whatever is necessary to accomplish his game plan – working against many devious forces – to help free humanity in a number of ways.

It is interesting to note that there are many making false claims as to being part of Neil’s loyal team, but they are all just full of fake bluster and desperate to be put on a platform where they’ll be noticed and listened to by ANYONE!

You can actually find them on other websites misrepresenting Neil’s mission with outright lies and distortions. (Neil will ultimately shove their lies up their cans, but not now.)

Most of these “pretenders”, espousing themselves wherever they find room on the Internet, have always just talked and never did anything for anyone in the world – other than promoting themselves.

Now, moving on to a far greater news update: What you are about to see here on Neil’s website and “It’s a Keenan Thing” Facebook page is something not yet seen by many.

With sincere appreciation for so many of you supportive followers on both sites,  you will be the first to see what will soon turn the world upside down!

It could have been kept secret, but Neil wants all of you to know what he has been doing with his pal, despite Neil having been challenged with more than one poisoning attempt.

As mentioned earlier, Neil never sat back on his hands nor ever gave up despite so many desperate and sinister attacks by the Cabal having come his way.

However, now it’s all come full circle – right back to a promising new beginning where Neil first started: Free Energy, the Clean Water Plasma Technology, and many other new technologies that  are ready to follow right behind them.

It may appear to be far more than one could ask, but it is only just the beginning, as there are many more to come!

So buckle your seat-belts, because you are about to be taken on an adventurous ride, beginning now, that you will never forget.

Enjoy your reading; it is truly something special.

All the Best,

Neil and Group K

P.S. We will never die of thirst! Water, Water everywhere and so, so much to drink… After this is the song will it go round in circles. After the video is the song that’s the way God planned it.



Note: The technology described in the following presentations is in practice, really only going to be accessible to large, well funded institutions. Neil Keenan and Group K will do their utmost to ensure that this technology is not accessible to the Cabal nor their minions. All references to the developers have been removed, for what should be obvious reasons.

The files on the below links are large (17 Megabytes and 70 Megabytes). They may take some time to load. Please read and follow any onscreen instructions carefully.

Scan Technology: General

Scan Technology: Water Reservoires and Underground Streams



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  1. Keep up the good God Work Neil.
    Thank you

  2. We seem to have the same music taste….does that date us lol!

    I’m having a hard time downloading the files (or opening them after?) Probably a me issue as I haven’t quite figured out this new android based phone 😉 and am currently without a computer.
    I sincerely appreciate all you and group K are doing even if I’m too poor to access these technologies (due to weather mod. caused accident & thoracic spinal injury). Love you and all who stand with you!

  3. I just buckled my seat belt and am ready for the ride to begin. Thank you and Group K for all your efforts. May God arise and His enemies be scattered. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. Our prayers are with you.

  4. Neil and Group K,
    I am about to pack my Aquasana, Pur, and Zerowater, water filtration systems forever! Hooray! Contemplating todays very positive announcement, I find myself standing for the National Anthem which is playing in my head. All the while I am cheering Go, Go, Go….Neil and Group K!


  5. I greatly appreciate all that you and Group K are doing on behalf of the world. You have suffered many setbacks and disappointments as well as attempts on your life and have shown that you are not a man to be moved from your mission or deviate from your ultimate goal. Love and respect you for that.

    • Many setbacks Sue? Please point me out one of them. We have taken on all comers and have destroyed them. We are the only ones standing out there the others all had to run and hide. You might mean it has taken longer than anticipated and this is correct but as you move along doing what needs to be done and see people throwing up detours at you one has no choice but to change course. If you mean they defended themselves they sure did and still are. Attempts on my life are not setbacks but part of the game. If one is not ready for this then they do not belong playing because the opposition does fight back. As for others doing what we do I would love to hear one name that does what we do. We are on the ground doing our work and not taking phone calls and hoping someone is telling us the truth. We are hands on people and we are rolling. Thank you and am glad someone finally mentioned the word setback. All the best
      Neil Oh the setback can be considered the past two years when I was sick trying to overcome the time released poisons but without my slowing down there still would be no new techs. We are on the ground on all stages and I know all the players personally. Again all the best

  6. Thank you Neil and Group K plus others ……….most appreciated what your doing to help humanity…… Love and Peace for all our world

  7. Neil, keep up the good work, get ready to not only shove it but twist it also!

  8. Uplifting! Cheers! The world needs a lift…..

  9. From one Irish Man to another I send you my deepest Respect & Pray your success is Soon & you get your Job fully completed & the World’s wealth & Natural Technologies are spread to the World’s People God bless you Irish Man may the Almighty protect you Always Neil Sincerely from the Heart Aidan Walsh 🙂

  10. gracias mil, mr, Keenan y grupo K, saludos

  11. Neil, Hope you know and USE the ancient power word “BANISH” – It is righteous, scientific magic if yelled outloud to hurl back, stop or kill whatever is against Source-Father- Creator and His plan-kingdom work. A sure protective device, weapon. Always works. Carole and I and our entourage are always with you with you in all good ways.
    Roy-David Woodward

    • Good one! My friend used to say “Perish the thought” to those who were negative and I’d always say after hearing her saying “and banish the thought, too”. Yes, magical word!

  12. Dear Neil,
    I am always happy to see your articles and read them with big interest it is just amazing to me how you persevere with all the crap they are throwing at you it shows your wonderful character and I am proud to get your information , thank you , thank you, thank you!
    Nell Hope

  13. Neil and group K wow is all I can say, I have my seatbelt buckled and ready for this wild ride to be over. Much love and respect for you and group K. Love and light for all you do for the world. God is with you and all his angels and the luck of the Irish. Love & light Laurie K

  14. Eternal Gratitude to you Neil, Group K and the Dragon Family

  15. Internet out since 5:30 last night. I am still finger pickin on my smart phone. But, i just have 2 say thanks 2 u all. 🤣

  16. God/Creator bless you and your team. Sending love and healing and hope I am still here to appreciate all that you and your team have been bringing to mankind.

  17. Thanks Group K Brothers/Sisters, We send All of our Peace/Love/Blessings, for You Will Succeed, God Bless

  18. We prayed and I believe you you will defeated them because the Cabal is on his way to fall and his fall was great… For many years he controls nation, kindred, toung and people … Many blood crying from the ground for Revenge… You will defeat them… God bless.

  19. Lots of respect and love for Group K! Love the music too:)! Put you in the mood to feel the victory!!!! May God always be with you! A thousand THANK YOU”S!!!

  20. What cool tech !! We’ve got side scan sonars, marine magnetometers and access to ground penetrating radar and very large pulse induction metal detectors, but nothing close to this. Imagine all the applications! Very cool.

  21. Thankyou so much Neil to you & your hardworking brave team. You remind us that we have so much to be grateful for in this screwed up world. Go get em Tiger!!!

  22. What I most sincerely love and appreciate and respect about Neil Keenan is his willingness and tremendous courage to go where most haven’t gone before…to bring the new technologies to humanity in ways that changes and challenges the old oppressive “status quo”. Neil has God-given insights and is a stalwart above and beyond what most believe is possible. He also “walks his talk”…by never giving up his quest…

    Those who truly know the depths of this man are aware of the many, many sacrifices he’s made to persist against great odds, including multiple attempts on his life. He inspires his loyal team, Group K, to “think outside the box” and to dream higher and better than ever before, because there are new ways of creating what’s best for We The People.

    In heartfelt gratitude…God Bless and Godspeed one and ALL…Together we can and will make a difference!!!

  23. Rothschild said recently the NWO will be in place in 2018. If so, things are getting tight….

  24. I read the two drop box attachments. Very interesting technology. I am in the oil and gas business and would be interested in implementation of the technology. Is there any potential for involvement?

  25. Thank you KARMA
    Circles yes and vibes and you dont need the internet to feel that the storm is

  26. Your work is finally surfacing the crud. You are a master at what you do.
    I greatly respect your tenacity. It is easy for us to brag on you when we see the garbage in the street although, before when all these stamp lizards were hiding, you were working tireless hours putting your life on the line. Thank you.

  27. Thank You Neil and Group K for all of the courageous things you do! Standing and maneuvering on the front battlefield is not easy. There are many true prayer warriors on the battlefield with you. Some you may know, while others you may never know. Some will post comments, others may never post, but they both are true prayer warriors who are standing and maneuvering with and behind you through prayer. Prayer is like a tidal wave no one can stop. We salute you!

  28. Happy Thanksgiving all!

    Any relation to your current efforts and the threads being posted on 4chan from the person known as Q or is this just another distraction with disinformation? Lots of buzz with the information being presented and wanted to know team K’s thoughts on the matter if there were any.

    Take care,


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