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I Won’t Back Down

I Won’t Back Down

The moment of truth draws near.  We will, or we will not be.

The choice is ours to make and if we do not decide then someone else will decide for us.  My choice is made!!  I won’t back down!!

Not all will make it through this darkness and there is no question that for some this is a terrible fright; and I pray that those who have no fear will be strong enough to protect each and every one of you.   Not everyone can be courageous!  It will take all kinds!

We have been fighting amongst ourselves which surely must bring a smile to our enemies.  Then again, are we fighting amongst ourselves or is it they who are also the enemy?

My read on the entire matter is that we must move forward, steadily, step by step until we reach the doors that until now have been closed to us.

Once opened, then and only then, will we be aware of what has really happened to our forefathers, fathers, families and so on.  We will see with eyes wide open what needs to be done to take care of the matters that confront us in order to prevent this abomination from continuing forward or ever happening again.

Our children, grandchildren, grandparents and friends throughout this world depend upon our opening those doors and confronting and defeating what lays behind them (if anything at all), no matter what,  in order to save what is everyone’s planet (not just politicians’ and bankers’ etc.).

Once confronted, we must chop the head off the beast, bring it home, and wait for everything to come tumbling down!  We already know who the beast is – or who they are.

Yes, it can be scary and I do not expect everyone to make it through, but enough of us will in order to ensure that our families and friends can continue on in this journey called life.  I wish you all safety.

Neil Keenan



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  1. Rob it is probably the best time to scoot you will ever get
    Thanks for update, and I heard something I wanted to hear for along time, Kissinger lizard is running out of his protection… would like to see him skinned and hung out to dry.

    Neil, keep all 3 eyes open, you need them.

    • By the way guy’s; Neil was wondering what Obama’s real name is. His Father was Frank Marshall Davis who was a licensed communist organizer in the 60’s and 70’s. So Everyone’s wrong about him not being a American but everyone’s right who thought he was a forger of birth certificates, a liar, a fake, a thief, a murderer and war monger…

  2. Jeanne Scoville

    October 2, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    Thanks, Neil for your update. Re water, I remember T. Boone Pickins, the Texas oil wildcatter, once saying that one day water will be more valuable than oil. Apparently, he has bought a lot of water rights in the US. With the increase in fracking a lot of underground water resources have been poisoned. So the new technologies for clean water are vitally important for We The People to have healthy lives.

    Please continue to take good care of yourselves…The times they are a changin’!!! God bless us all…

  3. It is time for every one to get involved. They can run but they can’t hide. They are now stuck here like the rest of us.

  4. Neil, I know how difficult it is to stay the course, in the face of all that adversity and deception you have faced, but the end is in site, you have been the spearhead throughout this whole campaign and I admire you and will stand beside you in whatever you do. Go Buddy, let’s slay the monsters and get this world back to the people!

  5. Thanks, Neil. Stay safe; God’s blessings on you and all in this epic struggle for true freedom and lasting peace.

  6. Lets do this.

  7. Wow will the elders have the same attitude as Neil? Will the US military allow the troops to be sent to an EBOLA zone? What would these troops do shoot the friggin virus? Cuba sends doctors and the nut job in the white house sends troops? The executive branch of the US govt is the military’s enemy. Muslim brotherhood is in charge of the executive branch and they hate this country and it’s people. Congress is guilty of high treason in so many ways. Valerie Jarrett be damned! If you could send the US military high command a message what would it be? The POTUS warned the so called enemy ISIS that they were about to be bombed in Syria. Nobody taught him the element of surprise? As I see it the US military are looking like fools following fools.

    This is an out of control govt and so are all EU countries governments. Russia and China are friends now with many financial deals going on. America has forgotten how to trade with other countries in a PEACEFUL manner. Trade through a gun barrel will no longer work. The EAST have rejected the NWO and they reject the ideologies of a Uni-polar world with only one govt controlling the world. Thank you Eastern world but the job is not done so I will hold that thank you for now with grace.

    Bio warfare is being conducted using the Ebola virus. That virus is a creation of mad men. Here is a link to a patent applied for in 2010. Not sure about this strain I am just pointing it out. We have to stop Big pharma from creating disease for profit while suppressing cures. The Gates foundation already has the patent for an Ebola vaccine go figure. The use of the Hegelian dialect i.e. give them a problem and let them react and already have the solution is far to successful for the F crazies in our world. A good example is 911 terror. The people reacted and 113 pages of the Patriot act was ready in a week? Congress has allowed voting on a bill without ever reading it and it is done often. Just a note that Germany used the dialect in the Reichtag fire which resulted in the Enabling act. This govt used the 911 terror act which resulted in the Patriot act. Put the Patriot act against the Enabling act next to each other and low and behold the same crap with euthanasia included.

    Corporations are NOT PEOPLE DAMIT! These corporations grew up around the American people due to a ponzi financial system. I recall a founding father warning that if the people ever allow private bankers to issue their money through inflation and deflation the corporations that will grow up around them will leave their children homeless on the continent founded by their fathers. Mortgage backed securities fraud pretty much accomplished this prophesy. Giga crimes committed and NOT ONE banker went to jail. They got bailed out and partied their asses off with FREE money. I wish I could commit giga fraud and pay a fine too (not really)! I would do it again in a heartbeat and so would you and they WILL. Round 2 is right around the corner!

    Laundering drug money is very lucrative these days. HSBC found to be guilty of MASSIVE amounts of drug money being laundered. Jail time? Nope just a fine! You think they stopped? Duh! The EU and the US governments must be tackled. People are tired of the lies and the wars of the EU and the US. They are creating the enemy and the defense contractors love it!

    Vaccinations are the tool of pain and death. The truth comes out daily with exposures of all I am saying here. The maiming and killing of children using the depopulation tool of vaccinations. Gates foundation and Monsanto MUST BE destroyed. The children are innocent and NEED adults to stand up for them and we MUST be successful.

    How did all these very bad situations arise? American people slumbering that’s how. It is high time to pay attention what goes on around you and that goes for the US military TOO! Aerosol spraying continues and the threat of a bio warfare attack using those planes could be devastating.

    If you want to know how the pharmaceutical industry became what it is today study IG Farben. Nazi Germany is where it started and evolved to where it is today. Autism is wildly associated with vaccinations and exposed as the direct cause of that health issue. Vaccines have mercury and formaldehyde (appreciate the pic Drake) and every kid is poisoned when the needle is jabbed. Africa and India are clear targets for the population agenda due to their huge populations.

    Global warming or the new name for that fraud being climate change is NOT a problem for the human race. Climate change is what it is! It is a trading platform to suck the world dry of money needed by the people to survive. On this subject I say to HELL with saint Gore!

    Ok I admit this comment has grown into a RANT please accept my apologies but it feels good ok!

    Beware of corporations like The Hartford who sells insurance policies with underwriters that belong in jail. I rant on this subject because of a LTD policy sold to me that was partially paid by the employer but they scammed the employees by offering a premium LTD policy. This policy has offsets that make it worthless to the customer. I did have to use it because of a stroke in 2012 which left me permanently disabled at the age of 53. The first offset I went along with which was SSA. I gave the carrier Hartford 12k of SSA backpay. They claimed all of my childrens monies too for SSA. Now they want to offset with my union pension and my VA disability which is just 20% from an active duty injury. The underwriters must have a drawer full of customers underwear piled up by now. Believe me lawyers will not touch Hartford they are too big is what the LLC (Lawyers Liars and Cheats) tell me. Hartford could not have pensions as offsets without the unions consent. They have that consent which proves our nation is corrupt absolute from the top to the bottom. I am not giving up that fight but I am losing my shorts at this stage. I worked 35 years in my life and Hartford has laid claim to all my life’s work. The 3 letter agencies in the US are worthless!

    NATO training jets fly over my head daily in the heart of America. When that noise stops I will be joyed. I have a built in indicator for peace. Before my stroke I was a leader maintaining those jets so my knowledge is plentiful.

    We are in the end game with the illuminati controllers. Cornered rats still have control of the geoengineering chemtrails and that alone worries me. Chemtrails are like chocolate assortments, you never know what your going to get!

    Hey Neil my stroke left me with chronic extreme fatigue so I changed the name of my throne to Jim instead of John because I like telling people I went to the Jim this morning too! Good to hear your never backing down and from the bottom of my heart thanks for what you do! Yall come by now hear! Take your shoes off and stay awhile! Creation is a beautiful thing and evolution is just a thing! Hey that’s catchy! Spontaneous thought though really.

    • Check out the naturalsolutions foundation headed by a dr. Rima and what she says about the government ‘s own blind test study on specifically
      Nano silver ppm does kill or stops Ebola.
      It is being suppressed by the cdc saying they can not respond to it’s
      Effectiveness because it is a natural nutrient and not a drug.

  8. Hey K team if you post that comment from me please fix the code on the link would ya? My bad I guess I do not see the code to fix it after I posted.

    PJ (Papa Joe)

  9. Hi neil great to see your ok . I think your getting attacked in your dreams by some one who has the gift of astral traveling . you might not believe this is possible but i can tell you that it is… if you can get a cat and leave it in your room when you sleep this should help with the bad dreams plus having the cat around will help keep the un seen away. sending lot,s of love and peace from Ireland. fight on and god bless to you and all the team.

  10. We got your back Neil and team.

    Just a little note from your brothers at ST18.

    Good night DarkSide your time is up.

  11. Pass a law that makes governments supply energy free to everyone. Then you will see how quickly they release the free energy technologies. To pass such a law you also have the government confiscate all energy sources and take over operations for all oil companies

  12. agree Neil. For the united States citizens great article “Some Serious Stuff” on also study here how,when and where the train went off the tracks, and became the dc corporation. The dirtiest word in the world right now is “politician”.

  13. Thank you for all you do for humanity.

  14. Video won’t play

  15. I hope and pray that all this will be over very very soon. Please be extra careful Neil and Team K and Rob. Take good care and know that we’re with you every step of the way.
    Much Love and Blessings to all of you. I keep you in my thoughts always. May you be surrounded with Love and Protection at all times.
    live oak xxxxxxxxx

  16. Hi everybody!
    Be nice to the Gecko. Do you have any idea how long it will be before you have the names, addresses and phone #’s of the chem/death trail pilots?
    Thanks for everything you do and may the Universe protect you.


  17. “Chop the head off the beast” is exactly what the so called cabal
    want to provoke; they are trained for this case.
    I think this is the fifth step before the first.
    In my opinion most notable of all spread the truth to open the eyes
    of your fellow beings. Yes, this is in need of patience.

  18. “LET’S ROLL!!!”

    Todd Beamer

  19. I agree you could be under psychic attack Neil – and I am sure that you are are all very, very tired. It has taken a long time – and it is getting harder as it comes near to the end.

    I will play my part energetically – as best I can – you are all carrying a heavy load.

    God Bless


  20. I will put a circle around you and yours to complete your mission! Yah Whey bless you and Drake Tom etc.

  21. Get er done.ha ha!thanks to all.

  22. Hi Neil and Team, Its a Mad Mad World indeed right now and we must try to stay sane in it. War was declared on Australia today. Our wonderful fool of a Prime-minister Mr Tony Abbott gave the order to attack Iraq from the air. He has now put us Aussies in danger. I believe he is a Jesuit carrying out their orders. My father brought our family to Australia in 1961 because he deemed it ‘ the safest place to be’ well since Australia became one of the five Eyes Nations that certainly is not the case any longer. who ever said ‘Politician’ is the dirtiest word right now they are not wrong. I wish some Benevolent Star Race would just swoop in and gather them all up, these Evil ones, deposit them on another planet and let them fight among themselves. I have been waiting an eternity to see this fulfilled. God bless all who are of the light

    • like to meet u anne I am in s.aust you will find that puppet scumbag abbott hockey and barneby joyce went to a Jesuit school in Sydney I think abbott was training to be a catholic priest good to see anther aussie that knows whats going on

  23. Yes, indeedy…the ‘excrement’ is about to hit the ‘cooling device’…and we can ALL sense this, too. Get some rest…be at Peace…you have answered the ‘call of your Spirit’. Well done!!You take care Neil and many, many thanx..for all that you do. Thanx also, to those ‘others’ whose assiatance we all benefit from…even if we are, not aware of it. The TRUTH…..has reached ‘critical mass’ and there are many more, Heart cedntred individuals, like yourself…who are working for a Positive outcome. Blessings to them…all….Belle PS: LOVED the hat!!!

    • Hi neil john here reporting in from Ireland. for the last two days there has been no chem trails over my town called fermoy. and i just read Benjamin fulfords blog were he says the white hats have taken over the weather machine. i think this might be true the skys above me are a beautiful blue. I have recorded the planes every day spraying the chem trails for the last few months and two days ago it all stopped. i feel great and i just want to say thanks for every thing keep up the fight. Ireland send lots of love to you and your team. peace

      • The spraying was in my skies just yesterday. I think its best to believe nothing you hear these days and only 50% of what you see. They cloud seeded during Vietnam so droughts should never happen if benevolent folks were in charge ya think? The most evil people in the world RUN this world. It is nice to recognize the good men doing something about it though!

    • Keenan Team (2)

      October 7, 2014 at 1:41 pm

      When posting links and videos, we would appreciate some description of them rather than just the links alone.

      Thank you, Ken. This is a noteworthy, timely video, and here is the info for one of the above youtube links:

      This is an exact repeat of the “Polar Vortex” of the winter of 2013/2014. The Baja Haarp transmitter (and big Alaska transmitter) are creating a stationary, high pressure in the jetstream, 1,000 miles west of California. This STOPS all rain from reaching California and Oregon. The stationary high pressure drives the jetstream up into Alaska, and British Columbia, and drags cold air into the central US.
      A new type of psychological warfare is being used on the GOES East satellite images. This new psy-op is designed to draw attention away from the Haarp operation in the Pacific. There is no reason to think the east/west lines, on GOES East, are real weather effects. Instead, they are certainly photoshopped, and designed to distract from the real Haarp operation, which is maintaining the Pacific high pressure, and rebuilding the “Polar Vortex”.

      The west coast of the US, is now set for another winter of severe drought, if the man made, Pacific, high pressure continues. Also, if it continues, the central US will have another incredibly cold, bitter, winter, while the Arctic melts at a fast rate. You people in California need to tell your legislators, and law enforcement, that the reason for the persistent high pressure has been found, and criminal racketeers are responsible. Federal law enforcement needs to treat this weather modification, as an act of terrorism, and issue arrest warrants for all who are participating in this eco-terrorist syndicate. By keeping Alaska warm all winter, the “doomsday” Arctic methane is melting at the fastest possible rate. This is the ultimate act of terrorism, and all federal, and international law enforcement agencies MUST get involved, to stop it.

      You folks, in California, Oregon, and Nevada, MUST yell and scream, if this continues all winter, like it did last year. There will be enough anger, and political pressure, by springtime, that law enforcement will be forced to investigate these crimes. That is the goal of these videos. Millions of angry Americans CAN compel law enforcement to arrest these criminals.

  24. I thought this would give all of you a chuckle. It’s Jason Mattera following Lois Lerner around asking questions about targeting conservatives and libertarians. He and James O’Keefe should get together.

    live oak xo

  25. found this well explained info from anna von reitz of alaska
    Anna von Reitz – Alaska

    any comments. and how about the what does the team think ? thank u all for the fight.
    Second Base — What “They” Have Done “For” You – Anna von Reitz
    Posted on September 22, 2014 by arnierosner

    Second Base — What “They” Have Done “For” You

    At first base you learned that what you have been thinking of as “your government” is in fact a private, foreign, for-profit governmental services corporation called the UNITED STATES. This entity is owned and operated by the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND, which is an agency of the UN. The UNITED STATES, INC. has fifty “STATE” franchises doing business as the “STATE OF OHIO” and the “STATE OF WISCONSIN” and so on, just as Burger King or Sears or Dairy Queen have local franchises.

    An earlier private, for profit governmental services corporation known as the United States of America, Incorporated, functioned from 1868 to 1933 when it entered into bankruptcy reorganization and remained in Chapter 11 from 1933 to July 1, 2013. It had fifty “federal state” franchises operating as the “State of Ohio” and “State of Georgia” and so on, too—-all part of the “Federal Reserve System”. The Federal Reserve was organized under the auspices of a foreign nation calling itself the United States of America (Minor) composed of what are more normally thought of as the “federal territories and possessions”—-Guam, Puerto Rico, American Virgin Islands, American Samoa, et alia.

    So at the same time during most of your life there have been two “federal governments”—that is, “federal” governmental services corporations— operating side by side in collusion to defraud you. When FDR bankrupted the United States of America, Inc. he and his “Governors”— the federal State franchise owners—pledged the “good faith and credit” of “their states and the citizenry thereof” as “sureties” backing the debts of the bankrupt corporation during its reorganization.

    The UNITED STATES, INC. took up where the United States of America, Inc. left off, and simply passed through all its charges for services directly to the presumed sureties—- us. The problem is that we never consented under conditions of full disclosure to be “federal” states nor “federal” citizens. It was merely self-interested “policy” of these corporations and their creditors to “presume” that we were all “voluntary sureties” and to plunder our estates and “indebt” us for their spending.

    They never told us all the lies and processes they employed to justify and accomplish this identity theft and fiduciary trust fraud used to usurp our natural position as beneficiaries of our own estates and to instead name their corporations as both the comptrollers and beneficiaries of our labor, our lives, our relationships, our businesses, our homes, and our land.

    Now, you are going to learn and thoroughly understand that part of it.

    Let’s use the name of the present “Secretary of the Treasury”—- “jacob joseph lew” as the name in our example, in hopes that he may get the point.

    First, let’s look at Secretary Lew’s birth state: New York.

    This is the original “State of New York” one of the original Thirteen (E)states that joined together as the united States of America. Notice that “united” is just an adjective describing a union or association or as they put it, a “perpetual confederation” of these landed “(E)states” The actual name of this country is the “States of America”. The actual and still very much in effect document binding the states together is The Articles of Confederation (1781).

    Any idea that any “Constitution” dissolved or replaced the Articles of Confederation is a self-serving lie perpetuated by those who would defraud and enslave you. The “Constitution” —-the real Constitution— is an equity contract and public trust indenture that neither describes the states in terms of their geography nor binds them together in any way except as mutual subscribers to the governmental services to be provided by the “contract government”.

    The 1824 Edition of the Webster’s Dictionary clearly states that the word “federal” was a synonym for “contract”, a usage and convention used repeatedly in relation to other documents of the time. It will help you to de-program if every time you see the words “federal government” you instead insert “contract government”—-for that is what it is. It is and has always been a foreign, maritime entity under contract to provide nineteen enumerated governmental services to the subscribing American states. The Constitution, like all Constitutions, is a debt agreement stipulating the services under contract, the limits of the authorities granted, and the payment terms.

    This commercial contract is NOT what created your country and formed the Union of States. It merely helped to “perfect” the Union by providing common defense, common currency, and common administration of certain mutually agreed upon services. It also set common limits on the “federal government” in its administration of these mutual services to be provided to the subscribing states.

    When we talk about a “state”, even a geographically defined “state” we must be aware that we are talking about a fictional entity. It doesn’t really exist, except via social agreement and convention. In truth there are no state borders established by God, no painted line etched by Heaven to separate New York from New Jersey, and when you go to Court and are accused or judged by anything calling itself the “State of New York” or “STATE OF NEW JERSEY” it is not the land and water of these states that levels the charges or claims to be injured or rises up to accuse you.

    All such “States” are fictional in nature, including the original States of the Union bound together by The Articles of Confederation.

    Little baby “jacob joseph lew” is born on the land of the American organic, geographically defined New York State. He is given his individual name— his “given name” which is “jacob joseph” by his parents and he inherits his family surname “lew” from his father. Properly, his name as a living baby must be either denoted in all small letters as shown here, or he must be described, as in “Joseph-Jacob of the House Lew”. These are the only proper and lawful ways to name a living freeborn child, and it has been that way since the days of ancient Rome. He is born as a civilian on the jurisdiction of the land, and as a natural –born American, he has complete civil authority. Even as a baby little jacob joseph lew possessed more civil authority on the land of New York State than the entire federal government, but he was blissfully unaware of that fact.

    So we’ve already learned some important arcane information here: how to properly and lawfully name a living baby, how to name a land-based geographically defined “state”—-it’s “New York State”— versus a legal fiction political state—the “State of New York” created by social agreement and convention. Little jacob-joseph:lew was thus born on the land of New York State, and, at the same time, in the State of New York.

    We’ve already determined that he was born on the land as a civilian and with complete civil authority on the land, but what does this additional status of being born in the “State of New York” confer? We walk on the land and we swim in the water. This second, political status falls under maritime jurisdiction. Jacob-joseph is still a civilian, so the “State of New York” operates in civil maritime.

    To denote this fundamental difference in jurisdiction between the land and the sea, jacob joseph lew’s name on the land is “restyled” as “Jacob Joseph Lew”.

    So you now have one baby, two names, and two completely separate jurisdictions— jurisdictions that are as absolutely and endemically separate from each other as the land and the sea.

    Civil maritime is the jurisdiction in which merchant mariners and commercial “vessels” trade and sail the seas, so perhaps it is not awfully surprising that Federal Title 7 considers “Jacob Joseph Lew” a “vessel” and the Internal Revenue Code describes him as a warrant officer in the Merchant Marine Service when he exercises his “office” as a “withholding agent” working for an offshore Puerto Rican trust operated under the name “JACOB JOSEPH LEW”.

    This third version, “JACOB JOSEPH LEW” appears shortly after “Jacob Joseph Lew” is “registered” by agents under contract to the Federal Reserve System as a vessel belonging to the United States of America, Incorporated.

    Say, what? Yes, those nice people at the New York Bureau of Vital Statistics aren’t working for the New York State. They are working for the State of New York. And the “State of New York” is a “federal state franchise” of the United States of America, Incorporated, which was owned and operated by the Federal Reserve System under the auspices of a foreign nation calling itself “the United States of America (Minor)”—–though they very rarely bother to include the word (Minor). This “other United States” is composed of a consortium of “American” “States” more often thought of as federal territories and possessions, including Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, American Virgin Islands and “Other Insular States”. It’s a private corporation organized under the auspices of a foreign country operating “state” franchises in our midst.

    All your life you have never used your real name or enjoyed your birthright or your God-given freedom, because these interlopers came to your Mother under conditions of non-disclosure and self-interested deceit by committing fiduciary trust fraud, they pushed your Mother to unknowingly donate you as chattel “entrusted” to their corporation— their “state” franchise” doing business as the “State of New York”, which allowed them to claim that you were “voluntarily” renouncing your birthright status as a civilian on the land of the New York State, and agreeing instead to be “enfranchised” and made “subject” to the “territorial jurisdiction” of the United States of America (Minor).

    In one stroke, your misled and purposefully entrapped Mother gave this foreign, for-profit, private “State” franchise of the bankrupt United States of America, Incorporated (and their owners, the Federal Reserve Banks) legal title to you. Mrs. Lew was never told anything about the nature of the paperwork she was signing, but the “State of New York” became the trustee of little jacob joseph lew. And their very first act was to abuse the right of usufruct— the right of trustees to use the name of the beneficiary, so long as no harm is done to the beneficiary or their reputation.

    You be the judge of the ultimate harm they have done to you and millions of others.

    They immediately “redefined” jacob-joseph (and you) as a “US citizen” subject to the whims of the “United States Congress” acting as the government of the United States of America (Minor), a foreign, maritime, legislative democracy. This removed him— literally kidnapped him—from his natural jurisdiction on the land of New York State where he was born free and entitled to all his Natural and Unalienable rights—-and “subjected” him—as in “subject to a king” to the laws and jurisdiction of this foreign nation and its “territorial jurisdiction” and also made him a “surety” for the debts of the same “United States Congress” and the bankrupt “United States of America, Incorporated”. They enslaved him and you and millions of others.

    Instead of acting as his Trustee, the “State of New York” acted as a predator and changed the baby’s name to “Jacob Joseph Lew”. This is the way he was taught to refer to himself and the way he was taught to sign his name and that allowed the legal presumption that he was knowingly and willingly and voluntarily operating in their foreign civil maritime “territorial jurisdiction” as a “vessel in commerce” belonging to the “State of New York” —a franchise of the bankrupt United States of America, Incorporated, organized under the auspices of the United States of America, (Minor).

    This is a sophisticated form of identity theft carried out against unsuspecting women and babes in their cradles by international banking cartels operating governmental services corporations under conditions of gross self-interested fiduciary trust fraud and deceit.

    Next, the operators of this fraud scheme issued bonds based on jacob-joseph’s estimated lifetime earnings, next, they had the baby born on the land declared “legally dead” and committed probate fraud against him, then, they acted as creditors against his earthly estate and filed maritime salvage liens against his “vessel” for his estimated “share” of the expenses of the United States of America, Incorporated—-known as the “National Debt”.

    All this was done to jacob-joseph and to you and virtually every other child born on the land of the State of America before anyone left grade school. You were systematically entrapped, defrauded, kidnapped, transported to a foreign jurisdiction, suffered identity theft and mischaracterization, and were robbed of your natural rights and immunities by corporations in your employment and by individuals and institutions pretending to “represent” your lawful government and to act as your “trustees”.

    This was done without your knowledge or consent on the basis of Third Party contracts (entered by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration and your Mother) and under conditions of semantic and material deceit resulting in tainted, unilateral, undisclosed and grossly inequitable contracts serving to demean and enslave you.

    After they killed off the baby born on the land via this legalized identity theft, the perpetrators settled in as parasites to feed off your labor and to “hypothecate” debt against your land, your homes, your businesses and everything else naturally belonging to you. The hired help— governmental services corporations merely under contract to provide stipulated services to the States—stole your identity, your credit cards, and your earthly estate—and proceeded to lord it over you, all without your knowledge or consent.

    The facts of the fraud are revealed by “your” Birth Certificate, which is actually your fraudulent Death Certificate. Look at this document closely. It is issued by the Registrar, an Officer of the Probate Court— proof positive that your earthly estate has been probated. It is issued on bond paper, representing a debt and “promise to pay” bonds that have been issued based on the value of your earthly ESTATE, all numbered and securitized to benefit the United States of America, Incorporated and the very bankers and lawyers and politicians responsible for this deplorable criminality. It is issued to your given name styled in all capital letters, or in our example, to “JACOB JOSEPH LEW”.

    This particular incorporated entity is an ESTATE trust created under Washington, DC Municipal Statute, Chapter 2, Vital Statistics, Section 7-201, paragraph 10. It is created under the auspices of the Washington, DC Municipality, a separate, independent, international city-state ruled as a plenary oligarchy by the members of the US CONGRESS, which acts as a Board of Directors for the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED, which as you learned at First Base, owned and operated by the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND, an agency of the UNITED NATIONS CORPORATION.

    Right now, because the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Incorporated, finally settled on July 1, 2013, the parasites are setting up shop with new hosts—-the United Nations City State located in New York State. They are booting up a new “FEDERAL RESERVE” under UN auspices and launching a new UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INCORPORATED, and attempting to roll over the old ESTATE trusts operated under names styled as in “JACOB JOSEPH LEW” and to “redefine” what is left of “you” as a transmitting utility operated as “JACOB J. LEW”.

    If we don’t put a stop to this craziness ourselves every commercial corporation and petty despot on earth will be misusing our names and naming legal fiction entities after us and claiming to have contracts and relationships with “them” and us that don’t exist and accusing us of owing their debts or owing them for services we never ordered, and similar outrages.

    We will have not only the New York State and the State of New York (old Federal Reserve version) and the STATE OF NEW YORK (IMF version) and NEW YORK (their latest outrage), but we will have The state of new York, and the State of new York, and the New State of York and the State of New york and the new state of york, and as many permutations of style and spelling and order of words you can imagine —–all of which are created for the sole purpose of semantic deceit, identity theft, and criminal fraud.

    It’s time to bluntly accuse these false trustees of the crimes they have committed and continue to commit against the Americans, Australians, Canadians, most Europeans, Japanese, and others who have been victimized by the same or very similar “Systems” of fraud and enslavement perpetuated by these international banking cartels, the Bar Associations, and criminal politicians.

    Right now, the push is on to “consolidate sovereign debt” and use it as leverage against all the nations and governments of the world and to give control of this leverage to the handful of evil geniuses running the UNITED NATIONS CORPORATION. The problem is that no such legitimate debts exist, and because of the fraud involved, no valid claims can be addressed to any of the people of any country. This mammoth faux pas and accounting nightmare has been caused by criminally corrupt governments, bankers, and lawyers—-and yes, by people who have been complacent and who have bought into the propaganda and the lies spun by these self-interested con artists for generations.

    Now you know how the spiders spin their webs and you know how you wound up “removed” to Puerto Rican jurisdiction, paying debts you don’t owe, and so much more.

    Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Set up your Grand Juries. Elect your Sheriffs and Judges to execute the Law of the Land against these hyenas. Boycott them and refuse service and refuse to pay any taxes for unwanted services. Serve your Notices to the members of Con- Gress that they do NOT “represent” you and do NOT represent your organic state. Do the same with the so-called Governors. Don’t let anyone or anything “represent” you. Show up and present yourself. Bring suit against the probate court for fraud perpetuated against you. File liens and commercial affidavits against these corporations, judges, clerks, lawyers, bankers, politicians—-the whole kit and caboodle. They aren’t “public officials”. None of them have taken a single proper oath of any public office. They are nothing but private corporate “officers” impersonating lawful public officials—-criminals, in other words. They are all con artists knowingly or unknowingly occupying vacated public offices and abusing the assumed “powers” of those offices for private gain.

    Most of all, inform the sheriffs, police, provost marshals, militia members, and members of the military. Educate them so that they have no excuse for condoning, supporting, or enforcing the “acts” and “orders” of these charlatans.

  26. Here is a great clip of Hawaii Kingdom protesters stopping the groundbreaking ceremony for the new observatory being planned to be built on top of Mauna Kea on the Big Island.

    I work at UC Santa Cruz, which is largely involved with that observatory as well as the Keck Observatory that is already there. We have what is considered the best astronomy department in the US.

    But UCSC has also been known historically as one of the best campuses to encourage students to protest against social injustice. At our 50th anniversary this year, people like Angela Davis are scheduled to speak.

    Personally, I think an observatory would be ok, if it was approved and operated by the Hawaiian Government, and would benefit society. However, it may be unnecessary as there could be much more efficient ways to study the cosmos which we will discover when so much of the suppressed technology is released.

    Mauna Kea is a sacred mountain, and the pyramid shape does protect the land from hurricanes and provides life giving energy, as we know from the study of pyramids.

    Neil, we will be looking forward to your next post. Take care, and goddess speed.

  27. Catherine Hughes

    November 7, 2014 at 8:31 am

    hey guys just thought you might like to hear a few things comin back at you from a more slightly alternative mainstream online source….wow that was a mouthful but here it is from Foster and Kimberly Gamble at Thrive

  28. Please respond to the Goldwater Report please……

    • With all due respect, you can answer your questions with some discernment. That video would be hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic.

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