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‘Healing Computer’ Technology
Testimonial # 2

As another quick update, we have a testimonial from a German man with unique experience of the ‘Healing Computer’ technology:

“This is an experience report from one of the people in Germany who has known the healing computer the longest:

I also met Neil Keenan personally on December 10th 2016 and talked with him for a long time. Neil has asked me to provide an account of my experience with this high technology.

Thus, the report:

I (German) have now worked for 4 years with the healing computer. It is only logical how it works. The technology does just the same thing a car battery needs to do to start a car, it is energy = frequency = charger.

Every organ of man has its own frequency. And so each organ can be charged with a particular frequency. These frequencies have been determined by way of incredible work.

My grandmother, at the age of 87, had some diseases. The biggest problem was a defective thyroid gland. She took toxic drugs with many unhealthy side effects. This disease and others were cured 90% after 12 sessions with the healing computer.

No more drugs were needed.

My wife had received bad blood test results (under-active or too little energy). This was presumably due to too many milk products in her diet.

She was not aware of this problem and it was only through the analysis of the healing computer that we were able to see this fact, and in a few therapies this sub-function was brought to normal values, that is, cured.

My own various organs had diseases or otherwise what was called sub-function or lack of energy. I myself, at age 59 years, was able to see and heal my sub-functions of the liver, lung and esophagus, as well as the prostate, which were problems not known to me until the healing computer detected them and healed them.

My doctor could not see or measure these diseases. Every 14 days we examine all organs in our group of people for sub-functions of the organs.

This lack of energy can then trigger cancer if you do not know about it, and therefore do not apply therapies. Everyone should see the short video to understand. [He refers to the previous two videos we have shared on this technology: Video One and Video Two].

This type of therapy is called bio-resonance therapy. There are only a few other devices that use this, and they can show only 5% of what our technology can show.

It seems to me and others almost like a miracle of God that we can make this technology available.

– Gisbert”


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  1. Vielen Dank Herr Gisbert für Ihre detaillierte Beschreibung der positiven Erfahrungen mit dieser heilenden Maschine. Es macht sehr viel Sinn, dass Frequenz gleich Energie ist. Ihre Beschreibung ist sehr gut, mir zu helfen, das Funktionsprinzip zu verstehen. Gott segne dich und deine Frau.

    Vielen dank, Neil.

    • English Translation of German above:

      Thank you Mr. Gisbert for your detailed description of the positive experiences with this healing machine. It makes a lot of sense that frequency is equal to energy. Your description is very good to help me understand the functional principle. God bless you and your wife.

      Thank you, Neil.

  2. Wie schön, immer wieder zu lesen, das die Computer funktionieren.
    Eine liebe Freundin von mir kommt um vor Schmerzen und Hilflosigkeit mit ihrem Brustkrebs!
    Es ist nicht so viel Zeit, noch immer nur Hosianna zu singen, wir brauchen Hilfe!!!

  3. Neil / Richard / TeamK,

    with the machine you create a lot of hope, specially for those people, who already got ripped off by our system or lost their relatives due to it.

    Thank you too.

  4. Thanks Team, from All, even the ones that don’t pay attention, God Bless

  5. Very Interesting, I have been involved with frequency machines out in Washington /Oregon area’s It will be nice to have a evaluation and treatments to see the results 1st handed.

    wishing you all the best,
    Tom Allen TaclobanCity Philippines

  6. This computer can be used as a fabulous humanitarian endeavor. After this “RV” occurs, I will make this available to many that hurt. Thank you Neil for your perseverance to develop this blessing.

  7. thank you for sharing this tremendous information.

    Am so looking forward to learning and hearing more about this fantastic option and trust that it will soon be available in Canada.

    Could this happen in the foreseeable future? as I know many people here who could use this technology…….

  8. i Also have Prostate Problems and do not know if Cancerous? I sure would like to get one of those machines

  9. Hi Neil and Team,
    Thank you so much for all your hard work. Just seeing if there’s any news on the RV, Dinar, zimms.

  10. Hi Neil and Team,,
    It’s so good these machines are out and being used.
    I just hope the RV happens so i can help my father that has prostate cancer,lymphoma behind his lungs and cancer of the spine.
    I love my dad,,, if this RV doesn’t happen ie( dinar and zimms) I will have no hope of helping him, so could you please give me some news on the RV it would be greatly appreciate.
    John French

  11. The RV is close the team wouldn’t have posted your question if it was not!!!
    Good tidings to Neil and the guys as well as our brothers and sisters everywhere!

  12. Happy Christmas to you Neil and g4 and to all
    subscribers . Love and peace .john

  13. Neil, OMG, thanks for keeping us informed on the “Healing Computer”. Awesome technology. When will this item be available to the followers on your email list? and the cost, delivery dates, etc…
    Thanks My Friend,
    Lloyd Young
    Ft Walton Beach, Florida

  14. Merry christmas neil and team,,,
    any news on the RV yet?

  15. Hello Dear Neil and Team!
    I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas! And to thank you for all the great heroïc work you do to free humanity,, and get them out of the claws of those cabal heartless monsters who are not even human!
    I love you all! God bless!

  16. Probably this Christmas will be like many of your previous ones, Neil. Your chosen duty is to mankind before your personal enjoyment with your loved ones and family. Most likely next year will be a humdinger of a Christmas for you and your loved ones. I see all of mankind rid of the evil ones you and Group K are fighting now. Thank you and Group K for never giving up the fight. Love you my brothers and sisters. Teepee

  17. I have read that the Healing Machine could not be used by a person that
    has a pacemaker. Is this true and if so, what is the reason?

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