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Global Accounts Under Attack –
The Keenan Team Is The Only
Thing In Their Way, And We’re
Not Going Anywhere

PresSwissindoThe Keenan Team

It seems like many years ago we started this journey that some describe as going down the rabbit hole.  I have always referred to it as going down the yellow brick road because now we can finally and clearly see the city that hides the psychopathic criminals who call themselves the New World Order (NWO).

signThey want us to believe that they are human beings yet they don’t have natural human feelings – except that they do love to hate.  Facts bear the truth:  they live and thrive on inflicting torture, pain, disease and death on humanity and Earth’s creatures.  In order to perpetuate their malevolence, they have assembled themselves into one degenerate group aimed at acquiring the world’s finances.  They do not, and cannot, let go of their financial control of this world because it would mean their end.  Having illegally seized major assets from the Global Accounts twice, the NWO is attempting for a third time to hijack the Accounts.  Their ultimate plan for these finances is to fund another 60 years of war, strife and disease and bring the Earth’s population down to a controllable number of less than one billion slaves.

embraceBut on the other hand, we are in the control seat right here, right now.  Imagine how they would react if we all turned and stormed their bastilles?   They are now looking out of their fortress windows in fear, wondering when we are going to tear down their gates to get to them.  Yes, we are coming, and we will deal with them as they wished to deal with us.  The fewer of them, the fewer problems We The People have.  Count on us coming; and count on it being sooner than the next lousy motion picture flop about humanity’s destruction (Noah).

groupBe warned:  watch your back and watch your doors!  Remember the Cease & Desist that we fed you this past month?  The long list of your crimes against humanity is there for all to see.  The world knows exactly what you are doing, and we are here to stop your insanity!

Large groupThis past month the war has begun.  It may not have begun in earnest in the West, but the war against the theft of the Global Accounts and the world’s finances has started, and is at full speed ahead here in the East.

No idle threat:  Fire! – We beg you to burn.


Video Highlights:

  • Swissindo and OPPT have renewed their efforts to steal funds that are not theirs. Swissindo has falsely included in their worthless documents the names of people who have no involvement with them whatsoever to support their scam publicity stunt which took place in Hong Kong and Indonesia.  If their efforts were real it would be a case of the bad boys of the West merging with the bad boys of the East.
  • Recently two men were caught by the Vatican police with counterfeit bonds worth at least $3.1 trillion.  The thieves are known as Count Albert Zvonko Berdik (not our Count Albert!) and Owen Thomas Lennon, who both had UN diplomatic immunity status, and were attempting to open up a line of credit with the Vatican bank.  When their hotel room was searched, there were other counterfeit notes found along with stamps and seals used to make the forged notes.  Had they been successful, it would have added trillions more to the Vatican’s already overflowing coffers, thereby perpetuating and strengthening their crimes.
  • Connecting some of the dots:  Swissindo’s con game, the two men caught with fake bonds, families increasingly being approached to sign off on their accounts, George Soros most recent visit to Indonesia — these are all indicators pointing to the imminent release of the Global Accounts.
  • Our heartfelt condolences go out to Rick Light with the recent passing of his wife.  RIP Robin Light – may you watch over and guide our patriot Rick Light.

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  1. Aloha Neil. Keep up the good work. Your doing a great job for us all!

  2. BeautifulCloudWoman

    April 4, 2014 at 6:53 pm

    May we truly open up the path to peace and prosperity for all !

  3. Thanks for the update. We’re glad you survived the robotic insect bite. I myseif have seen them and a friend of mine experienced one first hand….extremely hard to kill. They’re real. They do exist as some people say it’s bs. We know differenly. So, the fight is intensifying. The bad guys are getting desperate. Screw them! I say bring it!…can’t wait to end their existence. I want to break their bones and spill their blood…or whatever is in them. I’m mad as hell. What else are we living for? I won’t roll over! I’m in it to the death if need be! I’m not afraid of them. I will not be intimidated. I’m like Anonymous:
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.

    • Dear Mr. Keenan and all Honorable Warriors:
      It is with great delight that I read this post. I have been reading some of the back stories and find them to be quite interesting.

      There are so many qualified people fighting this fight from all different angles; however, I find no consensus where everyone is on the same page. I love what you are doing!

      Why not, (just a suggestion) get everyone together: John from White Hats, and the White Hats, Attorney Kar en Hudes, Enerchi, and alot others…many more. We need a central station to organize what everyone is doing so as not to appear fragmented…we have to agree that we are dealing with the “village idiots” when it comes to those who are our nations leaders…being compartmentalized makes it appear that no one will get it right.

      I believe in you and I know that some folks can believe things that aren’t true (I am a skeptic until proven otherwise). But with you with the strongest hand can pull the others who have much public appeal and exposure.

      I just want to appeal to all of the people who are in the know and who are influential…to pull together one train where information flow comes from the central part of the daunting fight…there is strength in numbers and the pen is mightier than the sword.

      Right now it appears that all of the people who aren’t suppose to be here in the thick of things have fallen off…shills are still doing their thing…but with righteous information and intentions and procedures this can be something that will blast the media, congress, legislators, all the way up the line. Sure, we can all agree to disagree and we are only human…instead of getting mad with each other…we get even with them. We all mean well, but this will not get us where we have to go; obviously you have the key…LOVE!!!!

      Thank you so much…I pray for Divine Light Source to protect you and to extinguish all darkness that tries to come against you. Encamp avenging Angels around you to protect you from all seen and unseen danger. Guide you by His Mighty Hand…


    • “robotic insect ”

      Oh shit, you too …

  4. Blessings! May all the positive energy of the Universe surround, energize and protect The Neil Keenan Team and the Warriors for the Freedom of Humanity…This is World War III ….may Goodness prevail and love to all!

  5. Great that you unmasked these cabal stooges.. many well meaning folks in the “blogsphere” were starting to think these sorry clowns were part of the solution.
    Be well and watch your back !

  6. Hey Neil, Long time gone as I have been very sick since I was bitten by a greenish gold metallic bug 2 months ago. I had flu like symptoms and went to the hospital where that was all they said as they didn’t have a clue what I had. This thing stayed in my lungs where I developed pneumonia like symptoms in my left long which had been punctured during an accident I had 7 years ago. I have just now recovered and feel much better in just 2 days after 2 months fighting this thing.

    Both my cars have been broken with strange mechanical problems but my shop has stayed open and I am back up and heading back to the gym soon. I am glad to see you are still throwing punches as I did for so many years. I am still staying in shape in case a peaceful resolution can’t be found! Keep given em hell Neil! You have a lot of support out here to be sure……Mike

    • Waiting on you Michael when the time comes. I believe in you as well.

      • Hello Neil,

        First let me say I think of you guys daily and send as much energy to you all as I can in the form of well wishes and prays for the protection of you and your team.

        I was woken up about 10 years ago. Just daily observations didn’t seem to make sense until I found out the basics re: corporate governments, benefits & privileges, commercial law, ucc and banking etc.

        Now I find you. Man you opened another can of worms or may be dragons! just when I thought I understood it all you come along with these families and gold bunkers and bond etc. Wow. still shell shocked but not floored by all these revelations.

        I wonder if you have considered getting someone to write up what the end of the cabal means because it’s all we have ever had!

        To the man in the street what does it mean? Here in Australia we have one off the heads of the hydra thrashing around and it needs chopping off asap but where does that leave us?

        Now I don’t expect an oppt father xmas to come down the street any time soon handing out wads of $100 bills. Besides inflating everthing in a few weeks that is not going to do the job.

        If these funds are dumped into the banks they will just find a way to get up to their old tricks again

        Or are they are going to lend the wealth with interest that can on be paid back by repossession. Then how are things going to be different? I can see how the islamic banking works and that is certainly a good way to make loans work so will it be something like this?

        Also how will this nwo of the east affect idiotic taxation systems etc. I mean these are things we live with daily and want to be as free as possible from them.

        Any kind of input from you guys would be awesome. I want to be on your amazing team someday. I have some great ideas for when all this BS is over with.

        I don’t know who to trust, you may be another arm of the cabal or jesuits or some kind of one man oppt but I think you have insight and integrity more than any other so I am taking the leap. BTW I have 666 in my bithday date lol.

        Cheers Neil – all the best for and yours and the K team. I hope I can join your team someday.


  7. Thomas Williams

    April 5, 2014 at 12:05 am

    On behalf of all Cosmic Voice thanks Neil and team we are with you 100% of the way.

  8. JB Brown/Gramy J

    April 5, 2014 at 12:05 am

    Just got back from Robin Lights memorial. Ur 2 arrangements of flowers were delivered. They were beautiful! Thanks 2 U Neil & The Neil Keenan Team. I have posted a statement on MY facebook page with some pics of the memorial & the 2 flower arrangements U & Ur team sent. I also posted it on UR page & other pages. I hope U have time 2 see it. Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J & T…….. We love U all…. Please stay safe! Ur in our thoughts & prayers!

  9. Neil:
    I am a bit confused, is the Count Albert Zvonko Berdik you listed here the same person as Dr. Zvonko Berdik-Albert / AP 13652 ?

    Thanking you in advance for your reply.


  10. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the post- combat ready! Take a bit of time off for yourself, watch a movie, go to theatre or watch replays of Irish rugby beating the dirty welsh in the five nations =]

    I agree with you. If a person is not or never will be sorry for what they have done, then they should undergo the sentance of death;
    For a dead hell, is better than a living one.

  11. I’m sorry, I am somewhat confused. At first I thought the Keenan Team was working with Karen. Then I see it appears they no longer get along. Now I read everywhere that she is an agent for “them”. Who is doing what?! Who do we believe or not believe?!

    • Karin “Who-des” has turned on many legitimate liberty groups. (See Webre’s 4/4/14 facebook post about her. ) We give everybody the benefit of the doubt, until they prove otherwise. They jury seems to be in about Karin.

    • You believe who you want. Karen turned on us as well as everybody she has worked with and most recently they found the entire motherlode on Karen so as I said you believe whoever you want in these matters.

  12. brooks o'bryant

    April 5, 2014 at 11:58 am

    Neil I am a patient person and my patience is paying off now. I have been seeing this situation with the cabal for a long time now and it is finally coming around with your GREAT efforts…I for one am behind you all the way Neil! Keep up the good fight for all of us who can only support you from the sidelines…i’m with you in heart and spirit…stay well my friend!

  13. Its one thing to protect the peoples money from the cabal bastards but what we should ALL concentrate on and see to fruition is either life sentences of all the cabal/illuminati/Nazi Zionist pricks or death!! Those are the only two options I’d ever give them first before any payouts can proceed. Sorry, but those that seek our destruction by any and all means possible DO NOT deserve ANY light OR love!! They only deserve what they sought to inflict on us!! Karma IS coming for them and its gonna be one heavy mother of a bitch. ..only question is, how much longer are we going to allow them to stay in control?!

  14. Lieber Herr Neil Keenan
    Sie haben sich in diesem Artikel vollkommen verrannt — sie verwechseln uns fataler Weise wohl mit ganz anderen Leuten. Wir sind wie Sie Herr Keenan freedom fighther und wollen das alte auf Schuld und Zinsen und Zinseszinsen basierende Geldsystem transformieren!
    Alles was wir tun, tun wir offen und transparent. Wir wollen die alte Bush NWO friedlich transformieren und durch eine tatsächlich neue Ordnung, die im Einklang mit universellen Gesetzen steht ablösen. Dazu werden große goldgedeckte finanzielle Mittel der Menschheit zur Verfügung gestellt. Durch die Human Obligation bekommt jeder Mensch auf dem Planeten ein monatliches Grundeinkommen und Mittel für ein Zuhause. Alle Staaten dieser Erde bekommen durch den Master Key Plan große finanzielle Mittel zum Aufbau einer gesunden Infrastruktur und Förderung von Projekten die dem Wohle der Menschheit dienen: Venus Projekt, New Earth Projekt, freie Energie, ökologische gesunde Landwirtschaft, Permakultur, Medizin und alternative energetische Medizin und vieles mehr.

    Kommen Sie, ich lade Sie ein! ich bin Österreich zu Hause und kann Sie direkt mit Mister Sino bekannt machen. Schreiben Sie keinen Blödsinn sondern lassen Sie uns gemeinsam dem höchsten Wohle der Menschheit dienen.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Karin E. J. Kolland

    Dear Mister Neil Keenan

    You have in this article completely wrong track — they confuse us fatally well with completely different people. We are like you Mr. Keenan freedom fighther and want to transform the old based on debt and compound interest money system !
    Everything we do, we do open and transparent. We want the old Bush NWO transform peaceful and replace by a new real universal order that is consistent with universal laws . These large gold covered financial resources of mankind are made available . Through the human bond every person on the planet gets a monthly basic income and resources for a home. All countries of the world get through the Master Key Plan substantial financial resources to build a healthy infrastructure and promotion of such projects serve the good of mankind: Venus Project , New Earth Project , free energy , environmental, healthy farming, permaculture , medicine and alternative medicine and much more.

    Come , I invite you ! I ‘m Austria at home and can make known directly with Mister Sino . Do not write nonsense but let us together serve the highest good of mankind .

    Sincerely yours
    Karin E. J. Kolland

    • Karin,
      I sincerely hope you are a well intentioned lady who just thinks that the cabal , including the Bush criminal gang, are guided by JUST pure greed, selfishness and power trips….. No so. These sick characters are psychopaths who truly enjoy inflicting pain and death as well as creating confusion, chaos and destruction…..who want to kill 90% of us and decimate as much of the planet as possible . That is their TOP priority and I think, at present time, it overrides any other consideration as they feel cornered and their end near. Most people, even in the Freedom movement, think like you do…the reason is that most decent regular folks have a natural God given inclination to believe that people are basically good. and trustworthy…. It is very hard to imagine such evil exists !!!

    • You do realise the ‘White Spiritual Boy’ accounts don’t exist right? The whole thing is one giant con job. It’s insane anyone has followed this garbage for so many years. You are all marks in the most epic con man ring in history. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels on steroids!! Their forgeries were shit. How did you even FALL for that? It was nonsensical garbage!! Even Blackheath wouldn’t have gone there!!!

    • Karin please read the Keenan Teams soon to be update and Madame you are dreaming and in the wrong world. Sorry but someone has to tell you.

    • Wait I thought YOU guys were the UN Karin?

      • Keenan Team (2)

        April 11, 2014 at 9:27 pm

        Thanks for that link, Mr. Secretary General of the UN at (lol). Amusing read, even though it loses something in the translation. Seems to be more than the usual amount of delusion connected to the UN these days.

  15. Wollte noch sagen, ich bin die Frau im roten Kostüm im letzten Foto.
    Wanted to say, I am the woman in the red costume in the last photo.

  16. Neil,
    i just got what looked like a note from you (neikeenan50) that went to a “chat site” and wonder if you indeed are part of this or have been compromised along with your mailing list?
    I somehow didn’t expect to see you on what looks like a dating site or casual chatsite…………What’s going on?

    • It’s spam.

    • Yes this has happened and numerous friends of mine from all over have received a request from this on chat or whatever site requesting you join in. I have refused this site and yesterday finally they advised me that I am not wanted but now it seems they want everyone they can get and are sending out to many their request. Good Luck with the chat service and it does not seem like a dating service seeing I saw many pictures of people I know on the page they sent me but then again maybe they have been had. Who knows?

  17. Hello Friends – just as Neil implied this OPPT, Swissindo song-n-dance card is full of NWO symbolism. Check out this website: Team “United Nations God Sky Earth” attempts to imply they are actually part of the actual United Nations website…those rascals. Take a look at too. Once again, more shenanigans.

    Team Keenan appreciate your diligence and efforts.

  18. The Un-Swissindo, Oppt bunch are part of the Subud Cult. Same cult Obama is a part of.

  19. I must thank the Keenan Team for this very enlightening update.

    I have been following the Dinar news stories regularly, and there had been a lot of talk that the money is going to be released after the Super Semar on 11 Mar 14, and that some supposedly humanitarian aid groups had already cashed out, and we are going to see a RV of the Iraqi Dinar shortly after. (Maybe the Keenan Team can verify if the above is accurate?)

    I am also a holder of some Iraqi dinars, and had been waiting in anticipation and excitement for the RV to happen, until I saw this update! I was absolutely blown away. I have to thank the Keenan Team for putting me back into perspective. I really thought that the money is going to be released, until I realized that this whole Super Semar thingy was a bogus.

    I sincerely hope that the Team can stop the cabal from laying their hands on this money. I don’t want another 60 years of pain, slavery, destruction and senseless wars! Come on Team Keenan….. go for their throats!

  20. The UN do not represent we the people. Just be ready and prepared.

    • Keenan Team (2)

      April 12, 2014 at 11:38 pm

      Hi Harrier,
      It is fantastic to hear of the action of your neighborhood’s Special Force. It serves as a most amazingly effective, fearless and peaceful model of what can be done to counter such a treacherous invasion. The idea to show these misplaced soldiers pictures of their homes and families is just brilliant! It literally and figuratively brings home the reality that what they do to others, they do to themselves. We hope that peace in your area prevails now and for the future, and that your story is spread far and wide. Everyone involved is to be commended for their courage and intelligence, and for the foresight to be prepared. Thanks so much for sharing!

  21. Great Job. Thank you so much from our friends and families that try to live on the straight and narrow.

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