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Don’t Stop Thinking About

For the past four years Neil Keenan and Group K have worked hand in hand with Drake Bailey and the Cosmic Voice group, but recently seem to have disagreed over the content of a post that has, to many (who actually have access to such information) proven to be correct.

Check and you will see that some have already actually been inside the redeeming stage.

Neil knows all this and is happy that they can move on once they redeem their SKR’s issued by the Banks, if they can.  It seems as though the CV team cannot get a handle on this and the reason is they advocate the RV’s as a scam, a con.

Neil used to think this way as well.  He never trusted it and still doesn’t but it is what it is, and the RV’s did open temporarily only to be closed over infighting at the Tier 1 level.

Seems that there are those that do not want the Middle Class to make a comeback and to prevent this they want little or no funds to trickle down to Tier 2 (Middle Class).

The Chinese have ordered them to fly to China in order to get this worked out.

The ‘Elite’ will not get all those funds!!

Obama is actually just sitting in now. If you cannot see it you must be blind. He wants to do so much but has his hands tied.

Secretary of State John Kerry is now pushing the same old agendas (e.g. second amendment rights in terms of gun ownership – with the UN – as Obama was; after all it was Obama’s baby).

Why General Dunford does not just step in, make a release and rid us all of this ridiculous agenda promoted by the Cabal is something planned.

But still not good enough for We The People.

Things are not going to change overnight. For those who think this it shows how little they know…Those that act like they are in control must wonder – in control  of what?

Okay, Neil Keenan and Group K are evolving. There is so much that has been offered, so much to do, and it all begins with the Collateral Accounts. And we have to get it done.

We cannot continue to do the work we do, with the sources that we have, only to find confrontations waiting for us at every turn with people who are supposed to be working with us yet who have no reliable sources whatsoever – getting in the way.

We have to move on and that’s the plan.

Therefore we have to say goodbye to so many wonderful people at Cosmic Voice. They have been great and damned if Neil didn’t have a good time with everyone. This is not our end by any means but you will see that we are getting stronger and better and this is where we have to be.

We do not need any further obstructions and this is why we are moving on in terms of involvement with the Cosmic Voice group. There are no hard feelings, hell – you gave us four years of your lives and what great years they were.

Drake was wonderful  and a close friend, but sometimes good things come to an end and such is the case.  On the other hand Neil and team are not going anywhere and soon enough will have their own forum or some place for you to hang your hats and call home.  For now though it is all work.

We reiterate and maintain our stand that our post was right on the money and that’s it. We don’t step back. Our sources are real.

Everyone wishes to speak with M2. If M2 wanted to be recognized, M2 would have come forward from the beginning. M2 is already on the world stage and indeed a public figure yet their status as M2 is unrevealed. This is how they wish it to remain.

Nothing more needs to be said.  When one rebuts something they do not rebut with “I think” (and no sources) such as what happened, but once again that was Drake’s site and it was time to go even before this. And when we mention sources we are not talking about Tabasco and Soy.

The Keenan Group is happy to be moving on, exploring many new opportunities presented to them – and this will allow them to walk away from the many unnecessary fights (more coming as I write).

And so in terms of Cosmic Voice, we thank you all for what you have done for us. For what you mean to us. Mostly for being there for us.

Again we are not gone, we will still be working at getting things opened it is just for the time being. Take care and expect to find bigger and better things happening in the very near future. It won’t be long.  We promise…

Neil Keenan and K Group


Video Part One: Message to the Cosmic Voice group


Video Part Two: Additional Points


This is not over with it is just beginning. To bigger and greater things!



Copyright © 2016, GROUP K, Ltd.


  1. I heard the Obama’s were still in the White House.So how can I check for Proof ? He is still calling shots.
    What is the truth?
    Im was so happy I was telling every body, they called and said there research didn’t prove that the Obama’s were out.and there still in the White House.

    • Keenan Team | Two

      May 14, 2016 at 2:13 pm

      Neil’s sources say that the Obamas are brought into the White House to keep up the front, but they no longer live there.

      • already the ‘rumors’ are starting that the Obamas are looking to get they didn’t waste any time. barry needs to get back to the gay club scene.

      • Branka Brankov

        May 16, 2016 at 1:39 am

        Hi Neil and the KeenanTeam,
        Here in UK “Bankers are considering ‘dropping money from the sky’ to prop up the economy… Helicopter money refers to money figuratively “dropped from the sky”, or freshly created cash used to fund infrastructure projects or put directly into the hands of citizens.

        Rather than being thrown from the sky, helicopter money might mean every UK citizen being credited with, say, £500 from the central bank straight into their current account.” Is this how the asset is going to be return and distributed to the People? Mafia can not resist stealing and laughing at the People`s faces with £500 compesation…

  2. Neil does that mean us minnions as they think we are will not get exchanged as this is what it looks like,thanks for all you guys have brought forward.Where does us little guys go from here,being an exvet i had big plans to help others and also open up orphanages for poor children,looks like my dream may be over due to the elite winning with no exchanges.Any help you could give as always would be much appreciated my brother.Stay safe ,God Bless.

  3. christopher Wohlgemuth

    May 13, 2016 at 2:15 pm

    I wanted to know any advice if I am late in the game how I can benefit from coming changes.

    Thank You

    Christopher Wohlgemuth

  4. Neil,
    Many are praying for you and your team. May God grant you discernment as you move forward. God’s timing is PERFECT and His will WILL be done. May God arise and His enemies be scattered!!! Many are called, but few are chosen. The natural mind cannot perceive the things of the Spirit, for they are spiritually appraised.
    Peace, Love and Light

  5. ty for the update neil and team k 😀

    it’s good to know you will work on it until the accounts reaches and helps out everyone instead of a special group of people going under the classification “tier 1”.

    and I don’t mean bank accounts in the “helping out” I mean projects that clean up the planet and builds stable agriculture regions and other necessities.

    love all good people!

  6. My friend, if you need my help in this info war just let me know.
    I wish you a beautifully day full of light and happiness 🙂
    looking foreword to the next post.
    Take care,


  7. No one leaves me. Call it a Cinderella Complex, but no good man has ever left me. You’ll be back. They’ll be back. We’ll all be back together again.

  8. Thanks, Neil.
    All the best.
    God bless.

  9. Great Gramy J

    May 13, 2016 at 3:35 pm

    As I’ve always said, Mr. T & I thank everyone who has done & or is doing anything 2 try 2 help humanity & we pray they all stay safe. We The People now know there is EVIL in this world. We The People are waking up. Mr. T & I love each & everyone of U who truly feels Ur helping humanity in anyway; even IF someone is only capable of posting things 2 share on their FB page 2 help 2 wake the masses 2 the truth of all the EVIL so something can be done 2 stop it. We still say, as we’ve always said, the worst mistake the EVIL ones made was 2 let the average person have access 2 the internet. We The People all over this globe are uniting & sharing truth about the EVIL ones. And, yes, there is alot of disinfo out on the internet; much purposely placed there by the EVIL ones 2 lead us away from the truth about the EVIL ones. All any of us can do is follow our hearts & Mr. T & I love everyone & will continue 2 do so even IF it ultimately has 2 be “From A Distance”; the name of MY sons memorial song. Mr. T & I will never give up hope that things will ultimately be better 4 the little ones who are here & 4 the little ones who are coming here. Love 2 all & Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J & Mr. T at Fort Hood, Texas…………

  10. “Seems that there are those that do not want the Middle Class to make a comeback and to prevent this they want little or no funds to trickle down to Tier 2 (Middle Class).”

    The feeling is mutual. If the Elite want to disrupt the process and delay the payouts then perhaps they should make their pie smaller and smaller each time they succeed in doing so.

    • Hi Neil. Does the “Elite” still have the power to stop or permanently blocked “tier 2”? Or it is inevitable.

  11. Good Decision Niel!

    You are right on sir, every sense Thomas took over as host I stopped listening live and I dropped their FaceBook page long ago…

    Take care my friend & God speed to you all.

  12. Thanks Group K, Good Luck, Hope to hear you again, God Bless

  13. Keep on keeping on Neil and Group K, I for one am grateful the cabal has been cut off from the global accounts as they have been turning on each other since then. Everything after that is icing on the cake. Stay safe all.

  14. Thank you Sir!

    Can’t thank you enough!

    Would you still be able to get us the 800 #s as you’ve said in your previous post?

    Very grateful for all you’ve done!

    Many Thanks!

  15. Is Schmidt and the Ambassador legite? I don’t know if I shud believe their word or not? TY for response

    • I wouldn’t believe a word Schmidt says. I remember watching one of his videos not long ago and he stated that only private groups would be able to exchange and to contact him about it. I also remember a video about a year ago when he said that there would definitely not be a RV anytime. An ex senator coming out with stuff like that, can you believe it?….. In this case yes!.

      • I liked Schmidt when he did that woo woo stuff years ago. Then he jumped on board the Reo V wagon. I was always like ” dinar what?” – No thanks I have metal.

        As for the ambassador, I believe Ron ___ (it’s been a while since I listen to him) was the the 1st one to talk with him, whoever he is or isn’t.

        Neil, I hate to lump you in with everyone but that’s what the net has done. Like it or not you (and all the others) are connected. From Nesara to RV, and Ashtar and The Galactic Federation of Light.

        I don’t care who said what. Until something Really Happens as Drake would say “it’s all hog wash” and that ol` boy can wash a hog as well as polished a shiny turds.

        Victory For The Light!

    • no reason to believe Schmidt about anything and if the Ambassador is the same as the Red Dragon then you have absolutely nothing

  16. Thank You Niel from the little guys!
    I must admit getting rid of Dead Weight is a good idea based on the in fighting that has occurred. Meaning the Johnny come lately s for lack of a better term.
    And some confusion on my end about RV ?? But not surprised about greed at high levels and leaving out the little guy . However this will pass too I assume. If the new powers at be come to be and greed does not set in ?
    Be Well and GOD Bless

  17. Well done, Neil. Now, more than ever, for the much larger audience, it’s time to keep all associations and appearances as professional and friendly as possible. CV became neither. And so it goes. Next.

    • P. Pablo please contact me….or make a request on our new facebook “it’s a Keenan thing” and I will approve it…I want you around. If you can stand us…hahaha


  18. On heck of a struggle, kudos to you for all your work.

  19. I think Thomas (blogtalk radio) began for the right reasons but ego got the best of him and that is sad indeed. He now seems to talk a lot but doesn’t say very much and so he likes to makes things up.
    On the other hand Neil doesn’t talk very much but he says a lot! That’s why Neil and group K are trusted by the Dragon Family and Lanny for all these years and why they have the highest praise for Neil.

    But we will continue this fight together as one human race despite those who fall by the way side.

  20. Once it gets better it is up to us to keep it that way. Always has been. We are the authority or authors by right. Who would have a right over someone else? The elite depend on illusion to make you think they have some kind of rights over everyone but think about it. What rights? Only your saying it is OK. With the current rise in conciousness and having these things become self evident the elite are in a panic that they are and will continue to be found out, exposed and properly admonished for what are obviously wrongs not rights to say the least.

  21. What’s Cosmic Voice? O.o

    • Cosmic Voice is a facebook group headed by Drake Baily and Thomas Williams. They have a large following, and for years have been telling us that “soon” there will be a temporary shut down of the banks, and to be prepared. They have many great discussions and good points. But when it comes to the RV (revision of the currency and the distribution of funds for humanity) they say it’s a scam. They do not allow posts from the Galactic Federation of Light, (which are my mainstay, and a comfort to my Spirit,) or any other channeled material. So it goes, the jury is still out.

  22. Susan Drollinger

    May 13, 2016 at 7:30 pm

    Thanks Neil, I had noticed a change in CV and did not like the direction being taken, that being said, Let’s open the doors of freedom for everyone. Also was getting updates from you, can’t find where to re-sign up!

  23. Neil and Team K,
    I’m with you all the way and always have been. I love all of you so much. I have no idea what happened because I don’t listen to Cosmic Voice, and frankly, I don’t need to know any of the details.
    You are in my prayers always and forever and as I said already, I’m with you all the way.
    love ,
    live oak xxx

  24. I love the t shirt. Where can I get one?

  25. NOOOOOOOOO! DON’T GO! is this just a cruel joke on Friday the 13th? 🙁 but I guess I understand, less distractions to get things done. I know where to find you too!! 🙂

  26. ‘Them’ fighting over the middle class being ALLOWED to survive etc is a concern for us all STILL. Obomba being quiet, yes, whatever. Why is NATO pushing Russia still?? Why hasn’t Turkey been nuked? How can the 1st world be allies with that nutjam Erdogan who MUST be a Khaz?

    Why is Washington still in South America killing people en masse? ZioNazi political puppets the world over but be having a Hershey Squirt as millions every day find out what has happened. Tell this M2 to give us more. Something concrete.

    Dont ask for patience sorry Neil, we have children. Like the Palestinians.

    • Neil doesn’t owe us any answers. In fact a great debt is owed to him. If you want answers, help Neil; he needs about $500,000 and I’m sure he’d be glad to answer all and any questions for you.

      • Marten,

        We are all waiting for the “Spiritual White Boy”! Not to knock Neil, but I’m sure he knows more people that could help him that way than the majority (if not all) of us here posting comments. If he doesn’t, he should set up a Kickstarter for “The Book of Maklama”.

        : )

  27. The difference you had with whoever over your intel plays right into the hand of the Khaz’s cultural Marxism. Divide and conquer. You are divided and we all lose.

    The Khaz has zeroed in on our PRIDE. They use our PRIDE to drive us, while dividing us on multiple issues. Then sear that layer on with dreadful psyops which raise our PRIDE again.

    This is why the current gen are difficult to train. They ‘know’ everything. This is the psyop showing its results. Here is Australia doctors have been advised to make their nurses do the FORCED vaccinations, clearly because of liability. Just one example of the cashed up Khaz policy here. Thousands the same.

    Australia is a test case for cultural Marxism and the end result is know it all PRIDE. The rest of the first world is also. This is why non-Marxist countries feel good to visit for us. More Humility and less PRIDE they have.

    Please find a way to make your intel fit or we also divide you see?

    Swallow that PRIDE.

  28. Keep up the good work… The ones that count DO understand !!

  29. From one ‘Mick’ to another, it’s sad to see you go. You got big brass ones, I’ll give you that ! Good move ditching Drake. All that red light, green light crap came & went. I can’t think of one claim he made that panned out. Assuming he actually WAS on the side of freedom to start, I think he got turned with the Grammy J. incident, which was never really explained. I ditched him when he said to ‘ poke holes in the tires with a pocket knife ‘ as a way to stop chemtrail planes. It’s actually in old recordings, TWICE. VERY stupid. After seeing Thomas & Drake on high def video, I conclude the are Khazarian/Ashkenazi. Best to you, Erin Go Bragh !

  30. Hi Neil & team,

    Thank you each for your continued efforts. We appreciate you all so much.

    I remain hopeful that we all may participate globally, not just a select few & not just in US. To be honest, I’m tired of hearing about #800 numbers, zip codes, IRS etc. It’s all irrelevant to anyone in other countries.

    We all want to get this show on the road and change our world for the better.

    Peace & Love to all. xx

  31. Like I had posted before come time that the torn bush gets out of hand, better to just weed it all out, You will get a much better view of what needs to be done.

    All the best in the future as I know you will think best on your own and except real friends when you require them.

    Best regards Charles

  32. I didn’t expect this. The comments above resonate with many of my feelings. But this turn of events tells me, shows a glimmer of the road you have had to hoe, Neil and Team.

    I hope things turn in a positive direction, and something big gives.
    A change of heart, a piece of missing information, a connection made, insight, a courageous action, honest words, and integrity. Please come forward.


  33. I have always believed in you…may you continue with your blessed mission in peace……

  34. A Word to the Wise

    May 14, 2016 at 3:47 am

    All relationships are changing, because we are changing right along with the planetary shifts. Letting go can be the best choice when reoccurring differences become obstacles to moving forward. This frees up vital energies to accomplish innumerable tasks at hand for Neil & his Group K.

    In the meantime, most of us are moving into a greater awakening. There is no going back to the old tyranny of cabal controls. We The People are choosing a better future for ourselves as well as our loved ones, neighbors & communities. As we send our prayers & support to Neil & Group K, we are directly participating in co-creating new paradigms of cooperative relationships that do make a difference in outcomes. United we stand…

    Blessed are the peacemakers in this time of chaos & uncertainty…God bless one & all…

  35. Neil & Group K
    Are you just saying goodbye to Cosmic Voice (Drake&Thomas) or are you saying goodbye to the rest of us ( who are not in the loop) as well ? I understand that there was some sort of disagreement about the RV’s but surely that can’t be the whole story. There must be more to it than just a difference of opinion. Would you care to elaborate with out giving away any secrets that would damage your plans.

    The other thing I see you say that Obama would like to do so much more but his hands are tied. Is that tied in a good way or bad ? In other words are you saying that Obama is one of the good guy’s or is he still with the cabal ?

    As always stay safe
    and if it doesn’t smell right you know what to do.

    • Obama is not a good guy. he is an illuminati puppet. just another tool used for their awful agenda. go to youtube truthunveiled777 and listen/learn about the wonderful things he’s put into law,, such as the ability to imprison us and use us as slaves.. they do this while they distract us w/ dumb tv shows and fake global warming bs.

    • Still here and will open new facebook page shortly…

      • Keep in mind that Facebook, though would be obviously read by far more than this URL of yours, is often censored by Facebook and some of their suggestive handlers. No different than you censoring the comments sections as you feel applicable.

        Saying that, and I say this as a non-Jew, I’d keep away from any Kharzarian/Zionist/Jew/Hebrew/Israeli argumentum ad hominem upon Facebook or elsewhere for that matter, and as such cabal affinity construction is in fact a myth that is purposely permitted to fester, taking the eye off the REAL evildoers, e.g., the non-Jewish Bush family among others. Meaning, when one knows not who the guilty are, it has always historically been, for many centuries, far easier to blame all societal ills and misdeeds upon the Jews, now largely code-named Kharzarians. Gordon Duff’s VETERANS TODAY URL is perhaps the greatest English language mainstream example of the “blame the Jews” mantra today.

  36. With you all the way, Neil. I think your news is bang on and keep praying for your health. Keep telling us the truth — it’s not about ego, it’s about truth. Great men care more about truth than about ego. Greetings from the remote hills of New Brunswick Canada. I know it’s been a long time since your days of basketball in Sackville but you will always be welcome & find a friendly face here no matter how long you’ve been away. Maybe when times are happier & easier and you’re on a long vacation, maybe you will visit again. But no matter what, it is important to everyone that you succeed, and this is why I am sure you will.

    • Basketball in Sackville….boy those were the good days…I miss the guys and have been so caught up with what is going on here that I have not even made it back for homecoming week…I would have loved to have been at the last one …coach was still alive then…I thank you for all your good wishes and plan on returning as soon as I can. So many people to see there and so much to do…Take care and my new facebook page is “it’s a keenan thing” hahahahahah and if you know me as it seems then you realize no one has ever been able to figure this one out…hahahahha…All the best and take care….

    • My new facebook page is “it’s a keenan thing” let me know when you are signing on and I will sign you in….It is a private group and you are most welcome to join.

  37. I ,for one, had a little problem with Thomas and his attitude towards anybody that thinks a little different than him….that is the reason I left cosmic voice about six months ago.

    • I can relate … I sent a [voluntary] donation to pay for a blogtalk fee.. I got a thank you note and that was good and I never asked to be recognized … I wrote some comments in one of the latest blogtalk show re: about “no TRN, no RVs, donation to start the foundation” .. I was told my comments took them by surprise – coming from me … then in the following show he said… :”we never ask for donation for CV but, we accepted one because ‘IT WAS FORCED UPON US’ ” …. WHA???? [maybe, I’m being over-“sensitive” … sounded like I did something wrong … then I stopped following CV ..

  38. Neil, I ‘know’ you have made the right decision, I left there months ago and you tried to stop me… you know now I was right.

    Keep up the great work and all kinds of luck headed your way.


  39. stefan alias Tas-Ur-In_Chi

    May 14, 2016 at 2:09 pm

    Hi Neil and team – hi folks,

    ….read that !!!!
    It will help you to understand more about how deep this fraud goes!

    blessings and we are nearly THROUGH….it’s a matter of DAYS!!
    blessings stefan

  40. Well, well, I still raise a glass of Guiness to you, Neil! My Spirit resonates with you, much more than with Drake and Thomas. The “facts” are a bit confusing to me, but from my association with SwissIndo, and the Asian Elder(s) leading the very complex show, my heart knows that there really are tons of gold ready to be released to Humanity, but that it must be done slowly, and in a very orderly way, and everything must be approved by the King of Kings. Does this make sense, Neil Keenen and team? Love, Suzanne Wasilik

    • I’m afraid “the facts” are indeed a bit confusing to you, Suzanne, as you are a guest here in Neil’s house mentioning the proven fraud of SwissIndo (which Neil has discussed ad nauseam), and even worse, your “association”. Some homework on Neil is in order for you.

      • Oh, ok. well then….. I have not hung around Neil’s house long enough to hear his take on SwissIndo….. Sorry to open a can of worms. However it is my current belief that they are Real… Time will tell. I do hope and pray the RV goes well for all of us… and we humans can get on with it peacefully without too much ego involved.

      • P. Pablo join up on our new page…it’s a keenan thing… deserve to be there..

        Let me know

  41. Neil can you give a shout out at Drake. Drake Kent has done a house cleaning and I think he would love your take. Thanks Neil for what you are doing.

    • Drake is going to do better than ever and I will be around to support him when needed…What just happened was a mess and needed to be cleaned up…I wish Drake only the best.

  42. Mr. Keenan and co. – if what you state about Mr. Obama is true – why is he appearing publicly at events like the one below and speaking out against Mr. Trump?

  43. WHEW. When I want some truth in the storm of “info” & “updates”, I just listen to Neil & Magic Crew.

    • Neil and Team K are the ONLY ones I trust. Love your smile Neil; it’s very reassuring, and you’re very funny too….and honorable…all of you are.
      live oak xxx

  44. big bro is always watching: If Congress wasn’t so busy being corrupt shills for the powerful it might do something to stop this. I’m not holding my breath.

    Mr. Keenan, I had to temporarily deactivate my fb account. if you change your mind about the you know what… ask Granny Jb for my phone #.

    • WE THE PEOPLE need to WAKE UP to their reality. What kind of country are you living in, do you really know ? Judge Anna Riezinger explains this very well. Many have talked about this, but just a few listened. Such is the case of Jordan Maxwell. I´m talking about Common Law, Maritime Law, and WHAT LAW is the one that maintains it´s unjustice grip in the American Justice System. The Republic has been hijacked as well as the Constitutional Rights, and no body gets it, The USA is not a Republic, it is a CORPORATION….. LISTEN CAREFULLY to Judge Anna Riezinger… it is very important….

  45. All hell breaking lose at CV Page ..
    Drake, apparently has done a
    180 degree and fired
    Thomas… Ohhh well

  46. Neil,Drake and Thomas-“Thankyou” love ya all.

  47. NYC: ICE Agent Commits Suicide in NYC; Leaves Note Revealing Gov’t Plans to Round-up & DISARM Americans During Economic & Bank Collapse

    • If you stopped for one moment and listened to what Neil had told you in a past post (If YOU DON’T WAKE UP YOU MIGHT ALL END UP DEAD!!) Do you get the point?
      You can go from site to site and be a critic to what he has said, but don’t forget you were far warned of what is coming. If the US population doesn’t want to get out of their homes and I mean in the millions to take over your corrupt Government YOU ARE DOOMED. Sorry but the truth is the truth and at times hard to swallow. It is what it is. He warned you all months ago.


  48. Neil an Team are doing the most they can and more than any of us will ever phantom of doing. No one wants to wake up and keep asking about money giving you freedom. CABAL is still very alive. Another comment was made( COULDN’T WAIT FOR SOROS TO BE LYNCH AND HUNG BY THE NECK AND HUNG IN PUBLIC BY A ROPE) What’s being done about this SOROS? Nothing!! Nothing at all yalll sit their talking of when you gonna be rich. Seems no one seems to read between the lines. The internet is only a smart as the person who sits on a computer and informs others instead of bickering while sipping on coffee.
    I’m a great sensable guy but come time to push and shove I’ll throw assholes over the warf in cold water and don’t ask for help getting out. I call these people bottom feeders. Neil and Team moderate what is said on this site but I really think the truth should just be said as it needs to be.


  49. Lol, yay Neil. Lets get going!!!!

  50. NEIL KEENAN AND TEAM K. You deserve all the time in the world to do whatever you need to do and step away for it all in the Internet. – Many of us know that this is a phase WE ALL HAVE TO TAKE, with all the changes coming in. / We appreciate very very much your SERVICE TO HUMANITY and we know everything is going to turn on right for all of you guys. Blessings to you and your families and again, MUCH APPRECIATION FOR YOUR SERVICE TO HUMANITY… MUCH BLESSINGS AND LIGHT TO YOU… from Mexico.


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