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Busted! – The Taming
Of The Cabal’s Lowlifes

Busted! – The Taming Of The Cabal’s Lowlifes

Neil is mad as hell!  He’s had enough of the pointless criminal endeavors that these cabal cronies are foisting upon those who give their best toward making the change happen.

Well they can forget it. Change is going to come.



Since much sordid detail has recently come to light, Neil believes the time has come to be the whistleblower on these attackers.  It will also give an idea, albeit a small one, that there is not one aspect of what Neil is doing that is without multiple twists and turns.

We would like to see it otherwise, and to that end, here is a bit of a side-drama that needs revealing.   With so much deviousness and unnecessary turmoil, it’s time to shed some light under these rocks.  And Neil’s coming out swinging to get rid of these bothersome parasites.

For nearly four months Neil Keenan, the Keenan Team, Drake, Thomas, and Cosmic Voice have had to endure intense and constant hacking attacks.  Fortunately, we have  found ways to repel these attacks, this post being just one of them.

Understandably, and unfortunately, it is something we have to deal with in this Universe — those who appear to be other than who they truly are.

With convincing evidence derived from their own computers, they must now face the very music they create with their hatred, jealousy and revenge, the disorder that courses through their veins.

You may be aware of them as being something “special” but it is just possible that they are deceiving you as they have many others.  The “Old Girls Club” is very old, and whereas at one time we thought to just ignore them and let them go away, it has come time to put a stop to them all, with even jail being a consequence.

Thanks to one of them, one that wished to destroy us all, we have been sent information that will take them down along with all the others who thought this was fun and games. Yes, this member of their group attempted to leave but Deb Martindale roped her back in.  Since they thrive on their own hateful venom, it’s obvious that those who are not so sure will be distancing themselves from Sims, Pollack and their group in order to avoid possible arrest.

Hard evidence and a sworn statement are now in the hands of not only the Illinois State Attorney General but also FBI investigators who have opened the doors to examine the following group members:  Tom Sims, Deb Martindale, Elizabeth Otto (although with a caveat – it seems that someone has come to her defense in order to prevent her prosecution), Ellen Gonzalez, Scott Pollack, Emily Twomey, Lorri Lou-don, Jean Haines.

This group’s sole objective is to attack Neil Keenan, the Keenan Team, Drake/Cosmic Voice, and others that move forward toward liberty without the permission of the Old Girls, and Tom Sims and Scott Pollack who have aligned themselves very closely with these women in many ways.

Tom Sims lives with his Mommy, and his base of attack on everyone is from his basement apartment in her home.  Scott Pollack tried to recreate himself in the image of his father, who was a successful musician, but failing that, he has become a buffoon of a blog host. He never did quite fit into his old man’s shoes.

Not understanding one word of what he says, Pollack acquires his information from Sims and transmits his libelous slander for anyone who will listen, and tolerate watching his incessantly blinking eyes.  It’s not a large number who tune in, but it’s still one too many for anyone of conscience to bear.

Sims and Pollack along with Haines are the purveyors of the contemptible slander and needless attacks.  After Haines and Keenan parted ways, she went on her own personal attacks amounting to little or nothing of the truth.  Keenan parted with Haines because she became unbearable, demanding among many things that he leave the Global Accounts alone and stick to his lawsuit.

For all of her fawning followers, Haines agenda remains solely about Haines.  She stated her perspective clearly to Neil:  Forget the people! Go into “ascension” with her and leave everyone else behind to fend for themselves.

Unfortunately for Haines, Neil wanted nothing to do with it.  Fortunately for us, Neil loves his family and has no reason to leave any of us behind.  In fact, quite the opposite — he plans on taking us along with him right to the very victorious “end.”

Haines ordered Keenan to take the girls off his Facebook page (not pornographic, by the way), but what no one knew at the time (including Keenan) is that it was Sims posting those pictures.  And he is still doing it to this day. But Neil took some amusement in playing this game – he dances to his own music.

Since the following facts have been posted on another site already, Haines’ less-than-stellar background bears noting here as well.   Haines’ husband apparently committed suicide, the circumstances of which are still under investigation.

By all local accounts, the husband was well liked, but as it turns out, Haines was run out of that hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina.  She now hides in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, living illegally there to hide from the mess she created.

Now Sims’ website has been copied and let it be known that any move they make can be considered criminal.  This is not due to slander or libel but because of the outright theft instigated by Sims at the Western Union in Limassol, Cyprus.  It was Sims who hacked into Keenan’s computer and sent out requests on Keenan’s behalf soliciting money to be sent to an email address that was very similar to Neil’s.

The instructions for the money came from Sims and his team.  They then had someone pick up the funds waiting for Neil at the Western Union office in Limassol.  And this was done without any identification being required!  Ultimately, Sims is responsible for this theft and the shameless duping of innocent supporters.

Birds of a Feather

“There is no reason to hide what is taking place,” states Neil.  The authorities are now monitoring Sims, Pollack, Haines, Gonzalez, Otto, Twomey, and others.  As a matter of fact, the Keenan Team encourages this group to continue their slandering, and have Sims keep posting comments posing as Neil’s direct postings.

Sims himself states, “We have created not just a cluster-fuxx for Keenan we have created a virtual cluster-fuxx.”  Furthermore, he tells his followers (the above members of the group who have secret codes) that soon Drake will be travelling south in an attempt to get away from this group.  It is highly doubtful that anyone is running from this group.

It seems they have their sights aimed especially at Drake.  According to their communications between themselves, they expect Drake to be going southbound anytime now.  Little do they know that soon they themselves may be heading south – south to the Hoosegow (jail)!

From a recent conversation, Neil understood that “the group wants the Old Girls, Sims, Pollack and all the others to continue on.”  But they should be aware of this and govern themselves accordingly:  Anything and everything that’s done now is monitored; every move on their website is being watched.  If they delete from their set-up or if they add, it is a matter of record.

And it really is nice for a change to give authorities a legitimate clean-up job and watch them actually do the right thing.  It seems the one who thinks he is the hunter is now trapped by an actual hunter.  With a laugh, Neil declares:  “Checkmate!”

The Tables are Turning

Why does this group’s world revolve around Drake/Thomas and Keenan?  Drake’s and Thomas’ nightmare:  For all who wonder what is happening with the show’s interruptions, just ask the above-mentioned individuals, particularly Tom Sims. But the show must go on and the Drake/Thomas team plow through the snow to get the show up and ready, only to often have it interrupted and communications blocked.

Now that the State Attorney General of Illinois’ and the FBI are involved, it will not take much for these recognized thieves, liars and cheats to be picked up now.  With  indisputable documentation in hand, it is only a matter of time before all of this criminal activity will stop.

As we wait to see what transpires from this outright conspiracy to defraud the Keenan Team and to prevent Cosmic Voice from conducting orderly business, it just may be that this above-mentioned team has expanded.  Alfred Webre is now a part of this corrupt team, and possibly Kerry Cassidy, but the jury is still out on her.  She may have planted some roots, but let’s not water them and watch her wither.

Cassidy has been collaborating with a cohort of hers, Paul Collin, in attempting to cast suspicion about Neil being the “real thing.”  Considering that not too long ago Neil provided some financial help to Collin in his time of desperate need, this is a most dismal way to acknowledge that kindness.  With Cassidy supporting his effort to discredit Neil, it surely raises some glaring questions about her motive and agenda.  If there are any whistleblowers on this whistleblower host, Cassidy, please contact the Keenan Team.

There are those who counted on Neil remaining quiet about these nefarious deeds.  But to do so only perpetuates keeping us in the dark and unaware.  The concept of unity is not an elusive ideal —  real freedom starts with taking a stand against all things that keep us in struggle.

Neil Keenan & The Keenan Team



Copyright © 2015, GROUP K, Ltd.


    we have all been warned the cabals will pull stops out to disrupt what NEEDS DONE

    • Thank you Neil, Thomas , drake .as truth exposers we must stand together & anyone threatening that must be exposed & giving an opportunity to clear up , we will see who clears up what.

    • Jean Haines quest was to become a messenger, yet she became an agent of dishonesty.

      So much for her tag line, ‘It resonates with me’

      Safe travels Neil, and as Drake says….

      Git ‘R’ Done!

  2. Sam Cooke, A Change Is Gonna Come is one of MY favorite songs! May The Great Spirit bless all who are doing great things! BIG hugs! ~~~~~~~~~~~

  3. Richard Blocher

    January 10, 2015 at 2:55 pm

    It is good to know, who Our Enemy’s are. I had no idea, this is going on. It makes me wonder, if they want freedom, are enslavement? Thank you Mr. Keenan, for all the hard work you are doing. I admire your Courage. It must have something to do with the Irish Blood in both of us. Richard Blocher

  4. Sims seems to be the organizer and planner of the group. Is he doing this on his own on or is he under someone else’s control? Pollack is so boring, he talks sooo sloooow as if underlining every word makes it important. I doubt he convinces anybody of anything.

  5. Thank you Neil Team!! I am so glad you finally came out with this. I had deleted Jean’s site a year ago. Recently I have been very concerned about Kerry but couldn’t put my finger on what was up. Your own concern gives me my answer. I will no longer donate to her site unless she makes her (good) intentions clear. I also felt just horrible with what Tommie and Drake have been going through. These OLD GIRLS and BOYS need to be dealt with. Thank you for your bravery and very hard work to the Neil Team, Drake and Tommie and all others who work so diligently to save humanity.
    Stay safe, Peace…

  6. Jeanne Scoville

    January 10, 2015 at 3:20 pm

    Neil, your “K-Team Family” is solidly behind you at this crucial time! Unfortunately, those are mighty sick people who have an inflated sense of themselves. They must be stopped asap! You are blessed & protected by Higher Power every step of the way as well as by the prayers of many of us who believe in your courageous, most challenging quest…

  7. Seems all the sellouts are coming out of the wood work as liberation nears…I’ve had my doubts about Kerry Cassidy, she has to large of a following on Youtube like Alex Jones, my suspicion is she’s controlled opposition.

    Thanks for everything you the Neil Team has done & lets put this final nail its coffin!

  8. Thanks for the update. Anyone who attempts to mess things up for Neil and Team Keenan will get the horns of the bull. Isn’t it amazing how truly stupid some people are? Payback is a bitch. Thank you Neil and Team K for all your hard work. We (humanity) can’t thank you enough.

  9. Thank you Neil for your fortitude and truth ! I hope all the evil doers know you will never ever ever quit! Neil is not made that way! Neil is the one of the fighting Irish ! Fighting for the good! There is good and there is evil in this world . May God bless you and keep you.

  10. Candy Gallop-Leibow

    January 10, 2015 at 5:07 pm

    YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!GOOD WORK TEAM!!! Thank you So Much!! Blessings of DIVINE LOVE Continue to Guide You & Protect You And Bless You All!!!

  11. Strong revelations which had to come forward one day. Human nature seems really like a bitch…

    I remain your far away friend, Neil, and nothing other did I expect from you and me too than remaining calm and patient, for all has it´s season…

    My greeings go out also to Lorrain – I just was thinking about her whether she is safe and sound…

    Yes, Mr Neil, do your work you are supposed to do as I do mine, apart from getting pushed by mad ego-games. I love your commitment for the sake of humans.

    Take care, Irish dude!

    Greetings from Germany!

    • Greetings to you dear Tertiusgaudens! You are sweet to ask — I’m most certainly safe and sound. And I’ve got the wind on my sails for a resounding ride into this new year. Yes, may it soon be that the outer ego meets the inner ego and the madness goes away. 🙂

  12. It is so hard to believe that people who are seeking the truth would fight amongst one another. Leave Neikl Keenan alone. He is very diligent in his efforts. He needs people’s support…not damaging diatribes about him. These are the divide and conquer techniques that the cabal uses. It’s time to get wise.

  13. This is Great News! I’m glad to see this all coming to a head, and these dipsticks need to learn, before you play, be ready to pay!

  14. LJF The cabalists are skilled in the arts of deception and treachery, so that any unguarded or unbalanced or niave mind/belief system can be steered into their very Elaborate Systems of mind control. We can ‘understand’ when good people are duped into doing rotten/destructive things…. but there’s No Room for such fatal Errors at this point…. it’s their karma, and they’ll cry when they see what idiots they’ve been….. but we’re ‘playing-for-Keeps’ and excuses of “(insert corrupted typical logical paradigm here)”are, for now, not going to pestilently fly anymore, .. but are going to get FLUNG!

  15. Heads up again, Neil. I came across her when I was trying to find out what was
    really going on with you and your work. My first thoughts when I started to read her comments were, there is something wrong with her!!!!! I want to say something, it is that you always come across as being a very honest, very dedicated (you go beyond in finding the truth), you have so much determination, and you are a very intelligent person. Not to many people like that in today’s world. When you say something you know what you are talking about in a very credible, intelligent way. You have even you some enemies along the way, it is ok because you learn who is on right side of justice and truth. Be careful for your life Neil and please, keep up the good work!!! Thank you!!!!!
    It is very hard to be able to read the real news of what is going on. When I read your articles or see your videos, you come across as a very exceptional, dedicated man!! Thank you!!!

  16. Great update. Thanks Neil & team. I’ve noticed with me & others by the sound of it, that there’s been an uptik (especially within the last few months) of attacks by the negative ones to destabilize me by working through unawakened ones around me. I suppose the increased game playing has occurred because these negative ones know they’ve lost the matrix game & are playing out what cards they have left. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve had to let go of “friends” completely who refuse to wake up and thereby remain easy entry points to be used/worked through by these negative ones. So just another heads-up for everyone else on this planet who are freedom fighters. (p.s. Smile on my face with Sam Cooke’s post. At one of my lowest points, I awoke to hearing: Jefferson Starship – Count on Me: Onward & upward!!!

    • p.s.s. For those who are interested, Jay Essex’s last video is especially enlightening/helpful re why some of our “spirit guides” are even causing problems for us (oy vey!): Don’t Let Your Spirit Guides Make You Doubt Yourself: (of course his others are great too).

  17. Yep…Yep….
    The criminal zionazi cabal has given orders to pull off all stops .. Including extra heavy chemtrails, the “burning” of their covert internet stooges as we are just reading above, false flags like Paris…
    The good news is that they have been denied their plans to start WWIII , have a successful ebola pandemic or nuke one or more
    American or western cities…
    The end must be very close!!!!

  18. Thanks Neil! and team! I was reading the VT article on 911 and thought it was very good!


  19. Well Neil there’s always someone
    Stirring the witches Brew. Hang in there all!! God Bless

  20. I’m distressed at hearing about Kerry Cassidy’s discrediting you. In the past she has done great work with her whistle blowers. I will say this…. there’s been something different about the way she looks and acts for the last year or so. Neil keep us all posted in Kerry since she has a large following!! I, like you, am sick and tired of being deceived. Thank You Neil for your efforts. Our spiritual group continues to surround you with light and protection. May you continue to be safe. Happy Abundant 2015

  21. Once again, Thank you Neil and your team. Just when things look really bad, you again come through with hope and determination which inspires me to press on.
    The good you are doing for our benefit can never be repaid. All I can do is continue to offer my assistance and a very humble thank you.

    All the best, always.

  22. I guess that the nearer we get the more you (we) are attacked. I for one have never doubted you, Neil, Thomas and Drake (and your teams.) You have always come across as genuine, honest and true – but real – as in human – you share yourselves – and if you make errors you admit it. Roll on the days when this is the norm.

    My heart sinks when you or other ‘good guys’ are attacked – as you so rightly say we should all be co operating and working for the best instead of nit picking and looking to bring people down.

  23. Can’t wait for the bunker video to come out. That’s gonna shut up all the detractors.

  24. Thank you Neil and Team K for this information. Please be very careful of Kerry Cassidy; I could never put my finger on it as to exactly why but I’ve never liked her and never go to her site and that’s been at least 2 years now. One thing I know in my heart is that she has a huge ego and is not to be trusted. I’ve also never heard anything good said about her by anyone anywhere on the internet and I trust my intuition, especially when it’s screaming at me in my heart and in my face. Honestly, I’m always very happy to be wrong about something negative about someone or something and I mean it.
    I love all of you so much and will keep watch and will notify you of anything suspicious or just plain evil, and there’s a LOT of that going around. I send love and blessings to each of you and Drake and Thomas and all the good people who are fighting the good fight.
    I will notify you here of anything I might come across or if it’s okay with Lorraine, I could email her and let her know what I’ve found…whichever is the fastest way to get the information and/or links to you. Your Safety and The Truth is my biggest concern.
    I send my love and big hugs to you, Neil, and Team K, and thanks so much for keeping all of us informed.
    live oak xxx

  25. This is fantastic news. It’s time to get rid of these people.

    I received an email from Alfred Webre who has been attacking Kevin Annett’s work. In the email is a snarky message from Webre and Jean Haines. They both attack anyone who disagrees with them demanding they “do the work” to educate themselves about Annett.

    These attacks a very similar to the campaign launched against the Keenan Team. They also falsified a so-called response statement from Annett which they embedded into the email with an official stamp, etc. . Webre must be very desperate for money and/or has been threatened by the cabal. He appears very frightened but that doesn’t excuse his betrayal of Annett. It’s disgusting behavior.

    Looking forward to the bunker video. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  26. It’s always a good feeling to catch a snake.

    I was wondering about the bunker video. Out of context, I will have a very hard time explaining it, and indeed I have a hard time finding a clear, concise summary of all the events leading up to the bunkers being opened. As it stands, I have a more or less vague understanding , and am not sure where to find more information.

    When the bunker video is released, it would be helpful to people like me if it included, and this could be a looong post if needed, an account of what the accounts are, their history, how Neil got involved, and the journey thus far. Any supporting documentation that can be scanned in and included would also help.

    I already know the bunker video is going to make a real damn stir online, and how it is framed will go a long way towards stemming off the obvious and routine routes of attack that are always applied. The enemies of the truth have very little imagination, and if things are handled correctly, the video can likely get 24-36 hours of clean exposure before new techniques are developed to smear it and obscure the truth.

    Just something to think about. On a personal note, as a child my favorite movie was Aladdin, so the cave of wonders style picture you’ve painted for me has really gotten me excited.

    • Keenan Team (2)

      January 11, 2015 at 1:57 am

      Thanks for your feedback, Salty. As we can, we do try to disseminate as much info that’s consistent with the fact, whenever we can. But in the meantime, in lieu of a concise synopsis (not possible at this time), your curiosity can glean much from our archives (well over 100 posted articles). Whole lotta interesting stuff in there.

      • I live in the wilds of Africa. No TV but luckily internet. I love following Neil. What a story. Better than any soap opera. The twists and turns in the plot. Antagonists, protagonists and it gets more exciting and interesting by the week. Has anyone got movie rights to this incredible story yet? It has been a wild ride, the plot thickens and nobody quite knows how it is going to end. Or when but love the updates, the characters and expect a happy ending!

        • It ends the way it was meant to be: “WITH US WINNING”……Happy Ending for a century or more sad song…Maybe we save the world for our children. Isn’t this what it is all about?

          • Great article team. Webre has done some interesting things since his news site has been up and running.
            Your diligence is appreciated.
            Can you or your team offer any intel or insight regarding nesara, the republic and prosperity programs?
            It would be greatly apappreciated as these issues are vague and clouded by what appears to be a lot of flip floppin intel gurus.
            Blessings to all. I look forward to your response to the qquestions posed.

            • Hi NFK Fan,

              I am actually surprised with your questions. You’ve been following Neil long enough now to know these answers. Even the recent “Making History” article makes a very clear statement about nesara, etc. And so we ask, does “intel guru” sound like a credible individual to follow? As mentioned before, if there was ever a time it’s now for developing personal discernment. It’s not easy and it may come with some frustration, but it’s the most valuable and rewarding tool we humans need to learn and live by.

              • Thank you team for the point. What hope does the world have and does the Keenan team have plans or intentions to rid us all from admiralty/canon law slavery and does your team intend to take a proactive role in re-establishing their republic form of government as well as freeing our planet from said debt and slavery laws ?

    • Hello. Near the beginning a video was produced for this very thing, and introduction. When someone is interested, this is where I always send them first. Nice high level overview of what its all about. Cheers.

      Neil Keenan the changing of the guard.

      • Jeanne Scoville

        January 11, 2015 at 4:26 pm

        It looks like this needs a revision with some photos removed. However, it’s good to hear the voice of Michael Henry Dunn!

  27. Neil, Drake, Thomas, lets put them out of business. This bizarre level of hate and vengeance on their part does absolutely NOTHING for freedom. If they dedicated this much energy to freedom and rights, we could make large strides. Smfh. Their page is listed as mitia. Its an insult to militias everywhere.

  28. As the end of the cabal nears the nasty stench in the air is desperation.
    We are now starting to see who the real players are and who is fighting for the freedom of humanity and those who stand in the way of it. There are no more excuses now for anyone helping the cabal, such as threats, blackmail, etc. Everything is being exposed. I do have this to say about Kerry Cassidy.
    I have followed her stuff for many years now and have picked up a few things about her. 1) She is too negative of a person. 2)Many of her so called whistle-blowers have given specified dates or a range of dates for certain things to happen and almost everyone of them have not happened or never even happened at all. This discredits those so called whistle-blowers when they give dates and nothing happens. She better check these people out more thoroughly. Does she not know that she could be fed so called whistle-blowers by the cabal?3) I agree with some of the other comments about Kerry. I had a bad vibe from her when I first started listening and reading her stuff. And yes, she has changed over the years.NOT FOR THE GOOD.4) She seems pushy and arrogant. And never trusted Alfred Webre.
    So… Push forward and put all those naysayers in their place and let the hammer drop on the Nazionists. Let the bunker buster party begin! Peace be with you, your wife and team.
    Thank you Team Keenan.

    • Thanks Ken. I’m glad I’m not the only one.
      Re: Kerry Cassidy; I’ve heard her talk over her guests and then she twists what they say to suit her agenda and I find that incredibly rude. Why have the guest on if that’s how you’re going to treat them?… she’s full of self importance and yes, arrogance is a good word to describe her general attitude. I just trust my instincts that have served me well.
      Neil and Team K are very dear to me and I’ll be watching everything now very carefully.

      • Ken & live oak, Both of you are rightfully pointing out valuable lessons in fine-tuning our discernment when it comes to the Internet & “Alternative News”. Of course, we already know the MSM is heavily compromised by its “cabal” owners. As we’ve now witnessed all too frequently, some websites & blogs may have started out with real whistleblowing testimony only to wear out their credibility with innuendo or downright falsehoods. Even Kerry Cassidy & her former partner Bill Ryan went their separate ways after differing on what content to publish with Bill holding the measure of higher standards. Too, personal vendettas & gossip mongering are given pseudo credibility. Sometimes it’s hard to separate the “wheat from the chaff”, but time will eventually bring the truth forward, as “actions speak louder than words”…

  29. Neil and Team,
    Wow, It is interesting to know the ‘behind the scenes’ info on “Mean Jean” and all of her flunky cohorts. It didn’t take her long to jump back in the game did it? I think a big part of her sudden comeback was the controversy between Alfred Weber and Kevin Annett. You know she wouldn’t want to miss a chance to jump in the middle of that mess. Well anyway, can you imagine the serious case of Sour Grapes these losers must be feeling as they see the collateral accounts being opened? Kind of puts them on the outside looking in which is what they deserve. They will probably try harder than ever to discredit you now, so it is a good thing you have revealed their dark little secrets and twisted agendas. Everyone’s true colors seem to be coming out lately ~ nowhere to run and nowhere to hide… Thanks for this timely and interesting update, and for all of your hard work! Please take care of yourselves and stay safe!

    • Thanks Gail and you sound like you have been picking my brain…Much of what you said is the very reason this has been posted. We have shut them down seeing they are now being watched. Their computers now are hacked and no matter which way they turn they are in deep doo doo. No where to run and no where to hide! God I used to love Martha Reeves…hahahhahahahha take care Gail and we will get this done. Remember I usually am 12 moves ahead of the opposition and this is why this is being posted now. Their plan just went up in smoke and I still have many many bullets left to play with.

  30. I am pretty new here (few months) so Pollack Sims and all, I don’t know.
    However I did notice that Haines was borderline nasty. Funny psychology, she has a problem. She doesn’t sound like a balanced individual at all. She lashes out! She scratches! Phew! And her male colleagues are no better. Let them marinate!
    Also -my intuition- I feel that all negative actions from negative people will have a positive outcome. I say this out of the blue. Go figure. I feel it. Don’t ask me why!
    Anyway, I always say, “Do not mess up with Neil Keenan!”. The gentle warrior can turn firece! Ha ha ha ha!
    So Neil, and each member of the team, I give you a big KISS!
    And thank, thank you Sooooo much!
    I love you, guys!

    • As a warrior I am never gentle…I do bite!! For you I am gentle seeing you deserve nothing less. Take care Mi’ and know I am in the trenches fighting for us all. We Will Win!!!

  31. Ooooh, So thats what happened. I got a mail some time ago stated, that you lost all your things and that you need my help. I got quite desturbed about it, because I was not responding before 8 dayes later due to the fact, that I was sick at the time. I asked if you still needed help and never got an answer from you. So I thought you were angry at me for not helping you in time of need.
    Now it gets clear to me, that it was never you, that send me anything.
    I also got a strange mail apparently from Karen Hudes. I have absolutely no contact with her after you info about her and that was a long time ago. So why send me something with strange files to open??. I didn´t open them. Got suspicious. I´m glad for the info. It clarify things. Thanks Neil and be well all of you.

  32. Thanks Neil for exposing those who are not on our side i will contiue to suppprt you and the Keenan Team much blessings

  33. Proof is always in the pudding, as the saying goes.
    Why don’t we all quit the back biting / revenge etc & concentrate on what needs to be done. Positive energy is what is required if we want changes. The world is in a mess but people are waking up faster each day. We should be setting them a good example.
    We know we are getting off track when we enjoy the negativity.

  34. Nancy C/Seattle

    January 12, 2015 at 4:49 am

    Here’s a link to a Kerry Kassidy interview of 2 elderly whistle blowers & friends, then 82 year old Bob Dean & Clifford Stone. I don’t think Kerry is “controlled opposition” or cabal, she’s just stuck in the negative and it really shows in this interview. Kerry had bob Dean on her show a few times before Bob experienced a near death in October 2011 and was sent back to Earth.

    At 15:34 Kerry introduces here guests. It’s helpful to get a feel for these 2 men and Bob’s explanation of his near death experience and watch a while to get the negative tone Kerry is setting, watching Bob’s body massages. At 33:29 At 33:29 Bob says, “That may have been true at one time, Kerry but a 3rd party of higher spiritual beings has intervened. I have seen the future and the future is glorious.” Kerry isn’t having any of that good news and continues trying to steer the conversation to the fear porn. At 37:00 Bob comments, “Let me tell you something Kerry, they told me the human genome is special and they are not going to allow that to happen” and again says, “I have seen the future and it is beautiful.” Kerry continues discounting Bob’s statements and talks about some more Illuminati stuff. At 39:10 Bob interrupts and says, “Their plans don’t mean diddly squat”. It’s really an extraordinary interview of someone who simply couldn’t handle the good news. At 42:00 following Kerry’s doom and gloom comment about chemtrails & hybrids are planning to take over the planet, Clifford says, “That will never happen” and Bob says the same thing. Kerry then continues to argue her we’re doomed scenario with both her guests.

    PROJECT CAMELOT 1 hr 28 min Bob Dean and Clifford Stone conducted over a 2 day period at the 2012 UFO Congress… 03/05/12

    • Ha! I always think of this too every single time I hear her name now. Of all the interviews over all the years this is moment I always think about. It’s hard when you been in its so long and seen so much deceit and evil. Bob talked about how hard it was when you get that deep, I wonder how he’d have ended up if he didn’t have that experience.

  35. “In fact, quite the opposite — he plans on taking us along with him right to the very victorious “end.” ”
    And we’re with you all the way!
    Let’s clean up the low-lives first….not only behind every stone and every bush and every shrubbery, but also behind every mask we shall look, and clean it up! until every dust particle is transformed into clean energy, neutral energy, ready to be put to good use again. And then we’ll all ascend together.

  36. PS – Neil,
    I’m with you on the shills n cabalistic trolls – Cassidy , the old – ladies Tea- party, Sims, Webre, Hudes, ( the self confessed KHAZARIAN Witch), Rose of Texas (always good for a giggle or two) – but not Ron ( he is sincere and like yourself, a good man), – the ambassador is also the Real deal, Neil. If you listen to his words carefully , I’m sure you will see this. ( I am not new to this, Neil, and like yourself have been ‘around the block’ far too many times not to be able to spot the phonies at a distance).
    Although must admit, Webre had me for a second or two ……hahaha

    • Hi Roger,

      Ron and the ambassador are not on-topic in this post … but they may very well be in the near future. It is ideal to see the good in people. It’s even better to actually see those who espouse such lofty promises for humanity. We just tell it like it is, to the best of our ability. We’re all for Good, and for what’s real. Granted, what’s “real” is a highly debatable perspective in this reality. You say you’ve been around the block, so follow what you feel – there can be no other way, until you feel otherwise. To quote Jean Scoville in her most recent, and as usual, erudite, comment: the wheat will separate from the chaff and actions do speak louder than words.

  37. Hiya Keenan Team
    Delighted to see action being taken against
    the nasties. A great step forward. Thankyou
    so much…

  38. Where in Illinois are these folks?

    • Tom Sims address 3946 N.Merrimac Avenue, Chicago, Cook, Illinois 60634
      Person’s name is
      Denise Rednour, her address is 400 W Old Pass Rd Long Beach, MS 39560
      PHONE +1.2282062067

      Scott Pollack
      The Critical Post
      The Bittersweet Records
      Radio Hour
      SRC Technologies Inc
      Worldwide Talent Management Associates –
      Worldwide Tma
      LIVED IN:
      Chicago, IL
      Mundelein, IL
      Antioch, IL
      Vernon Hills, IL
      Oakton Community College
      University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
      Niles East
      AGE 61
      Francine Pollack
      Daveda Schuster
      Michael Pollack
      Dorotha Edgeworth

      Age: 61
      512 Naber, Antioch, IL 60002

  39. Can’t wait for these so called Cabal ones to be exposed.
    Is Alfred Webre one of them? Please share more about Alfred

    • Not sure about Alfred but he sure seems to be leading in that direction doesn’t he. Went on a rant about me when I stated he joined the old girls club and this was only the truth. Looks as though he does not want anyone to know his decisions. Well he has got them and has to live with them. I hear Jean is all over him. I am glad she finally has found someone

  40. I agree that if you shine light on darkness it goes away! SHOO fly right? DONE! The complete and uncontested truth will be revealed where the global collateral accounts are concerned and the stage is set with LIGHTING and all!

    P.S. To the readers of this blog I must comment that the recent post of Haines being ill and the comments from the readers here being so compassionate toward Jean and caring was another example of a bright light in my world! Thanks for being you!

    PPS. Keep the lights on Neil @/@

    • Jeanne Scoville

      January 12, 2015 at 9:53 pm

      PJ, Thanks for sharing your “light”! This desire so many of share for the truth to be finally revealed is definitely a challenge. I am not a warrior, as Neil is, & so I do the best I can to stay balanced & peaceful within myself rather than get caught up in toxic battles. However, I lend support on behalf of We The People wherever I can. My greatest hope & prayers are for 2015 to be a breakthrough year for miracles in our midst despite the ongoing “dark ops”. It takes a lot of faith as well as a willingness to clear ourselves of our own shadows…Peace to all…

  41. GET-R-DONE, K Team !!! All the best from Bulgaria !

  42. Merci BeauCoup
    FREEDUMB SONG – Paris World Leaders March – Je Suis Sick of These Lying Murde(r)ing Scum

  43. Just an interesting side information from Germany…

    Recently there seems to start an incredible mental revolution. A German-Russian man is starting to get attention among many bloggers. For those understanding Russian – here is one of his latest vids, there is also much material in German. I found it worth mentioning…


    Greetings from Germany!

  44. Bust these criminals up and deal with them brother Neil and continue your great work to rid us all of these criminals destroying the planet and lets free humanity from it’s slavery and heal this world, love you and your team’s effort to help all on this planet and walking with you.

    • I see more people waking up in Canada. Hope it keeps going.

      Side note for Neil. Have you been in tuoch with G Duff. I hope so and please delete this message if this changes things. Cheers and keep rolling. I look forward to helping out.

  45. It seems masks are falling off cabal shills faces by the score lately. They all loose it at some point and start to behave in an illogical way, revealing their actual agenda. Love and logic will be one and the same when this world has abandoned the current miserable phase. So far Neil Keenan and team, Mr. Annett and Fulford (at least most of the time) are the last ones standing and fighting for the truth. I wish them the guidance and protection of The Light and may their attackers be butchered and removed (not necessarily in this order).

  46. A comment i posted, then realised I might get your attention quicker here… I do not expect you to publish it, only read and understand my concerns and hopefully consider my views carefully. Thank you all.
    ATTENTION NEIL KEENAN, PETER EYRE AND TEAM – I have held the greatest respect for you and your sincere intentions for Humanity from the beginning, but you need to confirm whether YOU based your posted opinion of Alfred Webre on your OWN personal research, or whether you allowed other devious entities to influence your mind and opinion. As the position stands now, your personal attack on AW, without a shred of evidence being provided in your report, suggests you are in collusion with those trying to attack AW, simply because he brought World attention to Ms Charles Seven’s case against MASSIVE corruption within the disgustingly British Judiciary! – (NOTE can someone get this mssg to Neil Keenan, as some devious little scumbag removed and blocked me from his personal facebook group, so he is unable to see my posts, nor can I see his) .

    • Hi White Star,

      We based our statement about Webre on direct information from a knowledgeable, reliable source. To the best of our ability, all information we release is consistent with the facts as we come by them. You are free to discern them as you will.

      • We must not forget that we are watching a WAR, developing in front of our eyes (as we read all about it), and it is naturally to assume that, just like in all wars… there have always been those called ” double agents”. So, in this case, I’m sure that we will see in the near future, coming out to the light MANY of those “double agents”. I am preparing myself to read about many people who “I thought” were trustworthy persons and investigators, just like Mr Alfred Webre.

  47. Something for deep encouragement in these strange times. My God, I love this little story for sooo long now being excited to share…

    The man who planted trees

  48. In reference to the following statement–show the proof of this: I think people need to see proof of this. Perhaps contact information should be provided of whom to contact in the Illinois AG office and an FBI investigator involved in this affair so that they can offer their own evidence, if they have any, to help with this case.

    “Hard evidence and a sworn statement are now in the hands of not only the Illinois State Attorney General but also FBI investigators who have opened the doors to examine the following group members: Tom Sims, Deb Martindale, Elizabeth Otto (although with a caveat – it seems that someone has come to her defense in order to prevent her prosecution), Ellen Gonzalez, Scott Pollack, Emily Twomey, Lorri Lou-don, Jean Haines.”

    • Contact the AG’s office yourself to get your proof. Surely the parties named already have.

    • I am sure they will all be contacted when needed. In the meanwhile sit tight continue to hack other peoples’ computers and allow them to gather more and more evidence what kind of twisted idiots you all really are.

      I pray that the AG’S office and the FED OFFICES will give you nothing until they get what they need to put you old gnats away.. By the way some members of the K Group have also spoken to them now. Bye bye Martindale. You enjoyed playing with people long enough and now on top of things you assisted Tom Sims in his hacking other computers but when you hack into computers and send requests out for money and actually have it sent to another country you are in deep doo doo.

      By the way why is Mommy boys family selling their home? I guess the family realizes that they cannot even keep such a waste of a son in the basement without worrying about what happens to them.

      Most likely there are so many people dancing with his address knowing how to reach them. In the meanwhile Tom has again been playing with my computer and knowing it or not been caught. Maybe it was even an old thing I am not sure but he has been caught once again. Mommys’ boy will soon be Bubbas’ boy. Can’t wait to see your roommate!!!

  49. To Whitestar,

    If AW is indeed genuine, how do you explain his ‘revelations’ that Kevin Annett is a fraud, and that Annett’s works only is interested in using his ‘fame’ to develop relationships with various women across the globe ?

    Does this statement of AW not stink to high heaven ?

    • Hi Roger, I think you should include everything Alfred pointed to as an explanation to that conclusion Alfred made.
      Alfred put together what he had found before coming to a conclusion, if you only take his words, mention the witnesses that he interviewed who were involved as part of cases in that court. mention his findings as well and go through them before judging.

      I still follow Alfred because I believe he is wanting good for humanity, there might be some people who are trying to manipulate Alfred and cause infighting between good people.

      I have only heard Alfred mention cv and Neil once in words and once in text, there was no issues being raised, only his thoughts that he was disliked without explaining why. no one is pointing to anything specific form what I have seen that directly involves both parties.

      source bless us all in these hard times and let us all just do what we can to regain our freedom.

      • I think Alfred is a sweet and gentle soul. You can tell that by his interviews and in his wayhe is fighting the bad guys as best he could. I think he is a bit naive and too trusting in people. His wife told him there was something “off” about Kevin Annett, but he didn’t listen to her. Women have that 6th sense that men tend to discount. I have listened to a number of Annett’s videos on YT and thought what a brave man he was but also noted some comments of people saying he was a fraud. I did think that he did encourage other people to do things that could get them arrested while he sat in the background. There are people out there who on the surface appear to be good and fighting the bad guys but have their own agenda. They gather followers who on the surface believe their cause is good and therefore defend them despite evidence to the contrary. I think Alfred was very disturbed about what he found out about Annett and very embarrassed that he gave him a forum and trusted him. I do believe that Annett exposed the genocide by church and state but he must be very disturbed to use people to stoke his ego. He’s not the first nor will be the last.

        As Regan said: “Trust, but verify” is a good formula to follow. Con men are good at their craft. They gather dupes and followers and claim lots of things but never really accomplish anything and when they see that their con game might be falling apart, they produce something which eventually is exposed as yet another con.

        I think Alfred is a good man though gullible.

  50. Jeanne Scoville

    January 21, 2015 at 6:26 pm

    What originally brought me to this forum was the courageous contributions of Neil Keenan along with Michael Henry Dunn in awakening We The People to a greater perspective of what is going on within the hidden, misleading crimes & deceptions of the cabal. It has been my responsibility to do the best I can to become aware & awake as to the bigger picture of the “perception deception”, as David Icke calls it. I’ve never expected Neil nor the securing of the Global Accounts to be the saving of humanity. Nor do I believe toxic fighting amongst ourselves as to who is more truthful or more corrupt is the answer, as the “blame game” is a cancer upon any kind of “truth movement”. We can do much better than allowing the cabal to create diversionary, divisive tactics of “divide & conquer”. By getting clear within ourselves first & foremost can we then begin transforming our world. This is a grassroots revolution of a “conscious” people that supersedes money or personality heroes per se. It’s ALL about a shift in consciousness, a refusal to be enslaved by a sick, distorted elitist system by empowering ourselves & releasing our own negative beliefs, hatreds, fears, internal sicknesses, prejudices, etc. There are many brave people amongst us who are quietly & effectively “moving mountains” to end tyranny & fascism on our planet. We do have real power to collectively make a difference by coming together for a higher purpose which unites us to a greater cause rather than waiting for others to do it for us. When we focus on a positive timeline & a positive outcome for ALL PEOPLE, then we, too, can “move mountains” together & co-create the world we all aspire to with peace & justice for ALL.

    Blessings & Love…Jeanne

    • Thanks jean for your thoughts,, you are right the cabal have done a fine job dividing every one.. but now the tide is turning,, we see what they re up too ,,,, know more will we fight against each other,, there sad ways of dividing and deceiving us is clear for ever,,one in the world to see.. we must come together and help each other and break down all wall blocking us,, peace to every nation can happen.
      I read this yesterday and i,m still in shock.. it,s about the ruling class and how they think,BE WARNED THIS READING IS INTENSE

    • Jeanne, I loved that comment as it truly is how I see things. Positively made my day! Thanks!

      • Thanks, John & PJ! We are all in this great shift together. I’ve been blessed & privileged to have studied with indigenous elders world-wide for the last 40+ years. Their wisdom teachings have also helped me see our 3D world with “new eyes”, once I cleared my own conditioned beliefs that kept me from knowing the underlying truths regarding the “bigger picture” of how this material world operates. Too, my lifelong commitment to a healing practice as an RN, who long ago “stepped out of the box” of modern medicine & big Pharma, gave me great insight into how crucial it is to heal ourselves first in order to heal our planet & the rest of humanity. Along the way, I’ve met many humble, quiet “heroes” who sacrificed large salaries in order to serve others. I’ve also met an ambassador & other “white hats” who deeply care about We The People & are doing or have done their part in transforming the “world control system” to one of fairness & integrity. I have a deep faith we will succeed though it requires a lot of hard work, trust in one another in building a new kind of caring community, great courage, willingness to sacrifice & real integrity. And we do need fearless warriors at times until victory is more certain…

        • Just to be clear…The ambassador (now retired) I met years ago from whom I learned a great deal is an American, not the one who calls himself an “ambassador” for the Red Dragon Family.

  51. Read Drake´s new post of today:

    Update Jan 25, 2015

    Well, it fits the mood…Joe Bonamassa, The Great Flood…blues all over…

    Greetings from beyond the ocean…

  52. I new weeks ago this ambassador was a fake..they did a radio show last month and a man called in and asked for help he needed money to help people with house,ing. he was turned away straight away and the man doing the radio show actually gave out to the man on the phone .. i new then this ambassador was a paid idiot.. this is actually getting funny now these idiots have no souls left.. there time is up.. long live the Keenan team..

  53. brooks o'bryant

    January 30, 2015 at 5:43 pm

    wow so hard to believe that certain people are trying to discredit you and your team as well as David Wilcock, Ben fulford Drake ect! I have been following you and your team and other said individuals for a very long time now….I’m with you all the way and appreciate all the hard work you have put in for us…humanity everywhere! Safe travels and adventures as we near
    the end of this sad centuries old conflict! May the honest and innocent inherit their just desserts! Bless you all!

  54. I kind of wondered why Emily Twomey stopped attacking me, now it makes sense. I used to be a Haines reader and left because of her crazy moods, she didn’t know how to disagree, instead of respecting opinions she called me crazy.
    Not picking sides here because I do different kind of work and I have one nagging question, in fact, my next post will be out that: Who in their right mind would hand over $300,000 of their retirement money? With that said, I would not even do it for my kids and if I did, I would keep a bit for myself “just in case”. This proof she keeps talking about, don’t see it.
    I don’t know who is right or wrong and honestly, not interested that is between those that are fighting the fight, but some things make sense because as soon as i left Jean’s blog, Emily Twomey came as a troll and spent a lot of time on her blog trying to discredit me.
    I guess she’s wondering what she got herself into, miss know it all 🙂

    • I am sorry this happened to you but it happens to most of us on Jeans site…I like you would love to see the documentation substantiating 300 thousand dollars and guess what it is most likely I will sue her for 400 thousand just to make sure I get 300 thousand. How’s this? Just take care and stay safe things are escalating and you need to be secure.
      All the best

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