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Back Door Man

An NFK video update

Part one:

Part two:

Here in Jakarta the Ramadan holiday festivities are complete and the prayer intonations which fill the day and night no longer carry the celebratory explosions of fireworks.

It is Sunday and tomorrow morning things will return to business as usual with the roadways congested beyond belief, barely navigable as everyone here returns to the western template of 9 to 5.

In our previous post, “The Last Line of Defense,” we point out that in 2011 what became known as The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit proved to be the catalyst for the unifying component in the worldwide initiative to awaken the public at large to the reality, nature and diabolical agenda, of the transnational power elite.

For those just becoming aware of the depth and breadth of deception and deceit which has been intentionally cultivated and imposed upon humankind, these are exciting and perhaps even exhilarating times.

One must however never lose sight of the fact that the true history of control, and the process by which it has been established and sustained, is atrocious and nothing less than evil.

Awareness and understanding of that which is really transpiring here and now on planet Earth comes with a responsibility.

Is it time now whereby we must discern and choose between the real or unreal, who and what is genuine, and who and what is not. We are at a point in time where the chaff must be separated from the wheat.

In this latest video update Neil Keenan continues this process as he exposes imposter Soegiharto Notonegoro (claiming to be the king of kings) and his backdoor attempt(s) to steal Dragon Family assets.

Here is the famous upside-down Indonesian flag outside the palace of the king of kings. The Police were onto him immediately:








Neil also gives us an update on Nelu’s imminent release and warns all pretenders and armchair critics the game clock has run out. We are cleaning house!

Six more Elders are revealed below.

Enjoy the video!

The Keenan Team


The NEXT 6 NAMES are those of the Elders under the Soekarno Umbrella who are directly, or family-related, attempting to sell or trade the assets belonging to the Dragon Family.

Many have passed on and their families are attempting to deprive humanity of its holdings deposited by the Dragon Family amongst others.

They are not nor ever have been owners and said assets are in danger of being lost in their clumsy attempts to bring them to the banks and as well sell them to the West.

If the West gets their hands on them you can count on another 100 years of desperation and death.

The proper owners need to take charge now of their own stead and of course take care of those that have watched their assets for many years.

The roads, skies and seas are being watched — there is nowhere to go and only one way to turn before the Japanese Military comes to claim what they want all to believe are their assets.

They forget the rape of Nanking where they stole all their assets. They no longer nor ever did own such assets or they would be registered in the BIS in their name.

This is not so!  Here are the next six names and all accounts are being held at the Union Bank of Switzerland


Seventh Elder:

Identification Code 56400962. A.045
Country Code Djakarta 342009771
Indonesia  45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan
Transaction Code  340080979.  C.D.
Djakarta, 17, November 1960


Eighth Elder:

Identification Code  56400943.  A.045
Country Code Djakarta  342009771
Indonesia      45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan
Transaction Code   340080979.  C.D.
Djakarta, 17 November 1960


Ninth Elder:

Identification Code 56400945   A.045
Country Code Djakarta  342009771
Indonesia   45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan
Transaction Code    340080979.   C.D.
Djakarta 17 November 1960


Tenth Elder:

Identification Code 56400946.  A.045
Country Code Djakarta   342009771
Indonesia 45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I.  54445 Bank Tani dan
Transaction Code   340080979.  C.D.
Djakarta 17 November 1060


Eleventh Elder:

Identification Code  56400947   A.045
Country Code Djakarta 342009771
Indonesia 45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan
Transaction Code  340080979   C.D.
Djakarta 17, November 1060


Twelvth Elder:

Identification Code  56400948   A.045
Country Code Djakarta  342009771
Indonesia 45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan
Transaction Code   340080979  C.D.
Djakarta 17, November 1960


All Elders assets are to be managed at the UNION BANK OF SWITZERLAND
LETTERS signed in accordance to MR. WILLIAM VOUNCHER’S

It is possible and most likely that many of the original names to be mentioned are individuals who have since passed away and the assets are now in the hands of their family members.

Therefore, the family members are demanded now to Cease and Desist their attempts to market the assets of the Global Accounts and/or the Soekarno Accounts.



Copyright © 2014, GROUP K, Ltd.


  1. Brown eyed girl

    August 5, 2014 at 1:09 am

    Thank you for all that you do. All are very much appreciated.

  2. Thank you Neil and Team Keenan for the update as it’s always a pleasure to hear them. We all appreciate your efforts more than you realize. I will continue to spread the word about the cabal and their Agenda 21….evil scumbags…the lot of them. I will dance in the streets when they’re done, dead, burned, hung up, tarred and feathered, dragged through the streets, and/or put in a pit of despair until they rot. I don’t forgive…I don’t forget. They show and have no mercy so they deserve

  3. …so they deserve no mercy. Pay back is a bitch.

  4. Dear Neil,

    There is a man living on Hawaii called HIM Yao Sui. He is currently poor (without money), unemployed, homeless, and disabled. He has a serious back condition and two bad knees. He is in a wheelchair and the homeless shelter where he lived kicked him out. He has a “broken back”, a back condition (permanent nerve and muscle damage), and two damaged knees (torn ligaments, bone fractures, bone spurs, and torn meniscus).

    His real full name is : Imperial Han-Chinese Emperor HIM Yao Sui … and he is living in exile and needs your help.

    He is the Emperor of China

    Could you take HIM Yao Sui, officially Emperor of China under your wing and make sure he’s alright.

    Maybe the sacred King of Hawaii Ali`i Nui Mō`ī Edmund K. Silva, Jr. could help

    Thank you, sincerely yours Hatter

    • Keenan Team (2)

      August 5, 2014 at 11:51 am

      Thanks, Hatter. We have passed your message along. It appears that help is much needed no matter what his background is.

    • I have sent the information to the King. I am sure he will do something after the Hurricane.

  5. Great work Neil Keenan and Team,
    Neil do you think Canadian assets are safe? Do you think that purchasing Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong would give a good return?

    Karen Weidauer

    • Hi Karen,

      I’m certainly not Neil, But I can assure you, the Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong is a scam that has been playing out for a couple of years now. If you purchased either of these, you can essentially think of it as literally throwing money away. If you have not made that decision, Good For You, Yea!!! Stay away from those currencies and anyone who attempts to tell you how great an investment it would be. No free lunches. That would be the promise of those scam artists selling those worthless currencies.

  6. When this group i.e. Keenan group speaks I listen! I developed my own bank due to bail-in threat that is a REAL threat. The HITG bank (hole in the ground) bank is where I keep hard assets i.e. gold etc. The IMM bank (in my mattress) bank is where I keep assets that I need quicker access to. Be advised that the HITG bank is located on the North American continent and never in my back yard. I have taken precautions due to my age. My dog can find my HITG bank with secret command.

    I pray that I can see in my lifetime the true republic form of govt come to fruition as intended by our organic constitution. Democracy stinks for sure! Criminals and govt have always been the peoples enemy. Our organic Constitution if properly administered was designed to keep govt chained down as to NOT become a legalized version of the first.

    Neil is a good man as his actions speak for him. Thanks Neil for being YOU!

    I am a lucky man because I married a homeopathic woman! Im healthy instead of crazy!

  7. Always good to hear and see the progress,The World is Hurting and It certainly needs everyones consideration and help.Thank You Neil.

  8. Neil, I am concerned about my ex-mother-in-law who is widowed but has a little money and her deceased husband’s pension from Ford Motor Co. I know moving money into a foreign bank would be something she wouldn’t be able to comprehend, but would it be reasonably safe for her to move her money into a credit union instead? That might be something she might be open to.

  9. Very informative.
    It reminds me eons ago about how the Sulu King decided to pop out of nowhere and claiming North Borneo as solely his. I remember the craziness that went on the MSM and behind closed windows LOL Albeit short lived, it was a great show! Same goes with this “king of kings”, short and not so sweet.

    God speed.

    • I am with you 100% on this one. It is quite the show for those who do not know but for those of us who do it is time consuming and a pain in the ass. Reminds me of the thieving senator from Washington that claims he is speaking to the Family’s Ambassador who is making all kinds of offers. This same thieving Senator (State Senator is dealing with OPPT spokesperson Ron the Dyke) and is threatening lawsuits but little does he know his own brother will not finance him and I can keep it going forever burying him little by little each week or all at once. Depends on how I feel. Such a clown and a strange one at that if you know what I mean.

      • Thieving, Clown and strange…The ghost of history past should be knocking, Neil. *nodding*

        Being an ambassador to the “family” is one thing, but contradicting oneself is another. Selective amnesia perhaps? No disrespect just samurai truth.
        Do what do, YOU are bloody good at it!

        God speed.

  10. It remembers me a story when an native Central American Chief of a nation went to do his speech in one top economic meeting on the highest level about 30 or more years ago
    He explained that if all the gold that was taken by the conquerors was being seen as a loan on very friendly interest rates, then if it was asked back today, the weight of gold including rent upon rent as weight of gold also, it will be equal as three times this planet’s weight.
    And that was just starting from the tear 1600. Now imagine the amount that was just to be picked up in all palaces temples and burial sites in the first years of the conquest?
    Where roads to welcome a new viceroy were paved in silver lingues from ship to palace? Not quite a red carpet such! I am talking miles!
    Where an Inca princess used to honour the king by giving six mules of silver each year and she had so much she builded schools and churches all over her lands? Her hidden treasure makes adventurers drool! Catalina Huanca.
    And that was just one of the hundreds of the noble Inca.
    Now how about Africa, specially South Africa. All this gold and diamonds…
    And look at us now, i mean, what is wealth, nothing more than a credit note? The wealthier the more debt you own?
    Where is all that gold? The diamonds? The wealth?
    I haven’t searched the figures and numbers, but that has to be some shatload.
    All of it, how much shall that be? There is not enough trees to make paper to print the bills that represents this atrocious number.
    Where is all that? Do some people eat this gold?
    If they give it to the Anunaki, then the physical presence of this gold is under threat. That is if you believe the Anunaki – Illuminati story.
    Anyway, I hope the Anunaki don’t have this system of sending “democracy” to other planets.

  11. Wow Neil, you are the best thing since sliced bread! I don’t partake of much bread anymore but I listen to every word out of your mouth. The truth is what we all long to hear and you deliver. Love your taste of music too and we could certainly cut a mean rug wearing our socks out. Please remain safe and out of harm’s way, the world needs you! We’ll all dance when the cabal fall. Many blessings to you and your team! The spirits are watching over you.

  12. Again, many thanks to Neil and his team!

    In the video above, your irish smile and comment regarding the advancing `No-Fly` document , conveys a soon-to-be action with definitive results. That is my take away impression. When implimented, their plan is crippled, and they`re relegated to a crawl.

    The 64k question???

    Will the `No-Fly` include Chem-Trail planes??

    These Chem-Trail planes should be shot down rather than divirted out of said airspace.

    Make it so Neil!

  13. Neil said in a recent video that he converted US dollars (actually, Federal Reserve Notes, or FRN’s) into British Pounds to protect his wealth. Credit Unions & banks are both part of the cabal Central Banking System that is currently imploding and they offer equal protection (see link to article below for more detail). I’ve read articles that predict that cash will be king, if the FRN-US dollar crashes, for about 2 weeks. This is the period when folks will rush to the store and clear the shelves of supplies & food to survive mayhem. Of course our beloved Keenan Team, and other groups and individuals are busting their tails trying to avert this from happening.

    Other good investments that are recommended include:

    * Silver – because it is historically 15 times cheaper than gold, and since the metal markets are manipulated, with gold at $1300 and silver at $20 you can see the math. When the central bank debt system crashes or becomes irrelevant (due to the BRICS’s system), tangible investments like gold & silver should go to their real value. Bix Weir is well known to be an expert on silver so check him out.
    * Other people recommend also buying medical supplies, food, seeds, and even hygiene products that can be traded.
    * I’ve also read that some buy Swiss Francs.
    The reality is credit unions and banks are basically the same when it comes to the safety of your hard-earned dollars. Both types of institutions offer members and account holders insurance on their funds (up to $250,000) in the worst-case event of an institutional failure. Sure, both can fail, but as long as you’re under the insurance limits, your money is safe.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @Bankrate on Twitter | Bankrate on Facebook

  14. Dear Neir – It’s true about The Trading Programs and their higher returns, are they legal ? * it’s real that only 10 Trader’s in the world has access to them ? Kinds, Em

    • I understand less than 10 since the FEDS have shut theirs down….The returns are not as high as you hear and to get a 25% return monthly is quite the return. Do not believe the 100 to 200% monthly returns.


      • Dear Neil, Do you have access to them ? what’s the minimum to entry, I have some investor that their hearts it’s for humanitarian works. (Not greedy heart)

      • Dear Neil, Do you have access to them ? Private Placement Program (Trading Program) what’s the minimum to entry, I have some investor that their hearts it’s for humanitarian works. (Not greedy heart) Best Regards, EM

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