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Asian Insider Sends Regards
From Geneva –
Where He Is Part Of The UN

“There is no question that Neil was astute in his laying of the trap that caught me. I had no intention of interfering with Neil – but I was not given any real chance to. Who can speculate as to what may have eventuated had I been able to stay in play a bit longer.

I sensed he knew something was up from the beginning, whilst I was sitting in that chair in the room with Neil and the Prince. I espoused to the meeting how I was with the Dragon Family (although it was actually the UN). My actual mandate was to observe Neil’s activities and this did not have any particular intended outcome. From the instructions I was operating under there was never any mention of derailing the cause.

It was for the best that Neil let me go as he did, to remove any doubt about who and what I am.

It should be relayed to you all that Neil and The Keenan Group work together very nicely as a team. In my humble opinion, once Neil returns to Asia his Group will enjoy great success and the Global Collateral Accounts will be opened and deployed.

Even Ban-Ki-moon says it is irreversible. Neil is a terror and catches us at every turn.

His mind operates so quickly it is as though as you draw near to catching up with him, one finds that he has amended his course and you have no idea where he is heading. I sincerely doubt anyone will catch up to Neil Keenan and his team to any detrimental effect. All anyone can do is hope to delay him but once he is on the move I have an inclination that all hell is going to break loose.

In closing, I genuinely do wish Neil and Team the greatest of luck on their mission. It is known to us that there is more going on behind the scenes than is ever made public and so they do not receive the recognition that they deserve, nor did we ever get access to the information that we coveted.

Regards and so long.

Asian Insider”


  1. Way back at the beginning of this year, or late last year
    I had stated numerous times in various places that this
    next year will be a year when evil doing and evil doers
    will get exposed. And dang if I wasn’t right, lol.
    Just look at all that has had light shined right in the eyes.
    Hillary, Centcom, the lying media, false information from
    all over the place, the list is now endless.
    I can tell you, this is going to continue and there is no end
    to it. So for those who think they are going to get away
    with their deceitful practices, you will get found out.
    This includes liars and posters of false information on
    the Net and in forums or articles.
    And it has only just begun. Liars and deceivers are down
    right Despicable. Shame on them !

    • Wow! Neil was . once more, right on! Always a few steps ahead !
      @ SF, this is the meaning of “apocalypse ¨, that all will be revealed. Revelation.
      And I suppose Armageddon is the final battle between light and darkness. We are right in the middle of it.
      Once we know their dirty mean heinous game, the vampires will starve and vanish!

  2. SwissIndo – Mengumumkan just posted


    and I’m just asking not saying it is!

    Best regards Charles

  3. And no He was not there to derail you he was there to rob humanitarian funds!
    Ahhh the quiet ones!!!!

    Best regards Charles

  4. No one trusts you Asian Insider. I don’t believe anything you say, and if anything bad happens I’m sure you will be easily found by Neil and the Team.

  5. Best bet is detain all of the UN and the US gov. that would be a good start to collecting crooks. Snitches would crawl out of the woodwork like roaches.
    God Bless

  6. Asian Insider, greed overtook you and you somehow thought you could take Neil’s place. But at least you have the guts to admit what you did.
    Had you suceeded, greed would have further eroded you and you would have degenerated into the same old ways as others and sooner or later would have done a deal with the cabal. I believe eventually you would have sold out and you don’t want that kind of karma.
    Consider yourself lucky you were stopped.

  7. “From the instructions I was operating under there was never any mention of derailing the cause.”
    From the instructions you were given yes but you haven’t mentioned YOUR agenda– to take control and be king of the world lol!

  8. I live in Neils home state and you cannot put much past us almost like a sixth sense when it comes to cons and crooks. Gratz Neil and Thank you for all you are doing!!!

    • You are welcome Perry…Just saw this and getting ready within the month to return to the battleground in Asia and possibly finish this thing up…..Go Rhody…hhahhahahahha…

  9. The “insider ” tried a trick, the Oh-I-admire-you- so-much- trick-and-you-run-this-and-that-weĺl give you a lollipop!!! , problem is that, ego massage do work only with low value individuals. People who want freedom for all, freedom for the planet, they have no ego. , it failed, now he knows the A-team is after their not-so-precious ass and he is afraid, and so he should he. And should they.
    Guys, there-is-NO- way-out-for-you-the-criminals-!
    You re cornered, finished, demolished, Nurembergished!
    Interesting to see them all crawling out of the woodwork!
    I have enough of those bastards! ENOUGH! I want then out of the planet! I am a good person, and I have to put up with those creepies! I say F OFF!!!
    OUT! Go back where you belong! In the nothingness!!!!

  10. ‘Mr Asian insider’, great name for an undercover operative.
    The name’s Insider , Asian insider. Pass me another piece of
    spy pie please , looks like humble pie isn’t on the menu.
    Right to the end , a devotee of the noble art of narcissism.
    Hope this is your third strike ,

  11. brooks o'bryant

    August 14, 2016 at 1:59 pm

    nice you got them on the run now! Go team K!

  12. Wow! Neil Keenan, so glad it’s you in charge and not me! Apparently I’m the only one on this list who was fooled but AI certainly sounded legit to me here! Anyway, dear Mr. Keenan, sounds like you are keeping vigilant and awake, and I am glad for your canny smarts. Congratulations on the vigilance of your team too. I continue to pray for your good health and success and support, in every way that you need.

    I also hope that the long-awaited vacation that you are looking forward to comes soon! Meaning that your work will finally be finished and you can just enjoy the sunshine, and all these stories will be Remember-Whens. So many of us now, on the alert and making ready. I trust we are all working hard, everyone on this list, so that we are ready to do some good in our own areas where your work leaves off. Godspeed, sir, to you and to us.

  13. I wonder if the UN can ever – EVER – be trusted. I hear rumours sometimes that the Chinese are trying to reform it? But those are only rumours. I wonder if the WDS has any opinion on the UN that could be published?

    • skycat,
      I can only tell you what I’ve heard. The UN was/is…I don’t know the status just now. The UN is supposed to move to China, and maybe they’re just now , or soon “setting up shop,” shall we say.
      I seriously doubt that the WDS would ever answer you in this blog or privately. Maybe they would through Neil, but I doubt it.
      P.S. The UN can NEVER be trusted.

  14. Soro’s hacked info leaked
    he is now going to be looked through and fine combed and removed as lice should be.

    btw. any updates on the peace makers predictions / info on mass arrests taking place in a few weeks which she stated 2 weeks and one day ago?
    i hope for a full sweep of the UN as part of the operation.

    • Yep. What goes around ready does come around sometimes. I read about Soros yesterday. He’s for you Neil as well as Bill and Melinda Gates,
      I have no idea about “peacemaker’s predictions”. Have you got any links, and are they reputable/believable sites?
      Here’s more good news…

      I guess Comey got tired of being criticised and decided to do his job. I know I was not happy when he first decided to do nothing.
      Things are heating up big time while bath house barry plays golf in Martha’s Vineyard.,,,now Milwaukee’s on fire and the chief of police called in the national guard.

      • meant “really does” lol!

        • This morning on Veterans , Ian Greenhalgh says basically soros is a good man!
          I must be evil, then!
          I don’t know what’s going on at Veteran’s, but they are anti-Trump and think -not all of them, though, – that soros is a great guy. And sexy also ? :-)))

          • I could be wrong MI, but I think Veterans Today is a CIA site and Gordon Duff writes half truths. It’s possible they’re writing that stuff so they can catch Soros. It’s hard to know. I guess we’ll just have to wait. The good news is that Soros is exposed in a huge way…maybe even with his pants down. GROSS ME OUT!!!!!!
            The cockroaches and fleas are scattering.

            • Ok live oak, I need some eye-bleach lol! I feel the truth about the soros,gates,rotchild,bunch is they are creatures with no soul, they” cannot stand toe to toe with a real man and look them in the face because they are simply “cowards” Drakes last show was very good-I know one thing- he is a “mans man” lives for truth and “the Golden rule” and I would not want to ever be on his bad side. Intervention is coming in a big way! Disclosure is coming fast people are ready -Yep! “Get-R-Done!” Neil- you know-you are precious. One last note to the “shit bags” Jesus is calling you bros- ” you can’t keep hanging up!” Think about that one:)

            • Hi Live Oak,
              Either CIA or pretending to play along, we’ll see. But sure sounds very strange to me. Also, there are white hats at the CIA.
              Check Jim Stone’s site, lots of things about creepy soros there. I am going to read that now .

              • I’m with both of you on this. Can’t wait til it’s over, and the tide is finally turning. We all keep our spirits up together and pop some popcorn. I saw a streaming video of Hannity calling by name all the Rs that are trying to skewer Trump and working against him.It was great! !!!….naming names and everything else. Neocon Bill Kristol. Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush….right in your face and fearless. (the video came in our email.) I like Hannity for that but usually don’t listen to his shows. There is only so much I can take keeping up with the news on the internet.
                Blessings to Mi and tina and everyone.
                live oak

                • I forgot. Mitt Romney is another one trying to derail Trump.

                  • I tried my best to find the video of Sean Hannity calling out these politicians and I couldn’t find it. (I’m not that good with computers.) Hannity’s point was that if these politicians I’ve named go vote for Hillary, they will be held responsible for the destruction of the country. I believe he is right and I felt proud of him for having the spine to say it oh so publicly.
                    I don’t listen to or watch his show streaming as a rule. (We don’t have cable tv…thank goodness!) He did a great job with this information on tv.

                • I think you may well get the entire scoop from Hannity’s
                  show, only takes an hour a day, and gets down to the nitty
                  gritty, far far more than ”internet news”. He has really
                  great guests, very pro-trump. Fox Business News FBN.
                  Tonight (wed.) he will do townhall with trump in WI.

                  • Yes SF, he’s a good guy. I like Dan Bongino..I can hear that NY accent. Sometimes I listen to him in the car. The country song theme music really gets on my nerves.
                    Hannity was the one that exposed Jeremiah Wright,but not enough people paid attention.
                    Thanks for the info.

                    live oak

              • I read Stone’s site Mi. Thank you so much for posting the link. You’re an angel. We have to fight HARD as well to try to make things right. Blessings to you.
                live oak

      • law enforcement reportedly doing their jobs is encouraging, let’s hope they actually do it this time.
        it may not be the actual “kathym the peacemaker” who was discussed in the article “NEIL KEENAN UPDATE |
        The OITC And Neil Keenan’s
        Legal Battle Takes A Turn
        For The Better!”

        but a comment made by a kathym closing the message with peacemaker stated that in a couple of weeks there would be a country where mass arrests of the crooks took place although she couldn’t mention which country.
        maybe im to quick to hope and it was an entirely different person who is not involved to the same degree.

      • Soros, and Bill and Malinda Gates are 3 big skunks
        all working AGAINST humanity. They all 3 want
        depopulation one way or another.

      • 30 Congressmen all signed and sent a Letter to Comey
        demanding he turn over all the FBI notes taken during
        their long interview with hillary, so those Notes are
        forthcoming. Sad that the FBI Director has to be forced
        to do his job.

        • It is very sad SF, and especially the part about how everyone will remember that he literally WAS forced to do his job. We’ll likely have to continue to force him to do his job because he doesn’t have a spine or any guts at all. I’m afraid that’s what We The People won’t forget. I know I won’t.

          live oak
          And I bet those 30 congressmen did it because they were fed up with the phones ringing off the hook. Comey is an obama appointee. I’m pretty sure about that.

          • Live Oak, the 30 were those who went hard on Comey
            during the Hearing, such as Goudy from SC et al.
            NOW I see Comey did release the Notes, but were
            heavily redacted. We should not be surprised, but
            I’m sure Goudy et al will not settle for that. I really
            cant wait to see Trump just throw his ass out on the
            street………with a big splatter! He is a wimp of a mere
            boy in a man’s body, shaking in his boots in fear of
            hillary. Downright disgraceful !

            • SF,
              I’ve heard Gowdy is like a pitbull as a prosecuting attorney. He has never lost a case. I’m afraid Comey will be remembered as a coward, but he did it to himself. Too bad. He is a disgrace.

              • I am always wondering… before accusing someone of being a coward, I would ask “Which sort of pressure have they been submitted to?
                If they threaten your Dad and Mum and kids…
                And this is the very reason why the resistance, for the most part, is faceless, this is why we have Anonymous and recently, DCLeaks. Because if they threaten your beloved, they hold you by the b!lls… The resistance has to go underground. THe mafia itself is working in secret -though they are now exposed, especially since Gordon Duff Middle East famous speech-. And lately the soros-gate.
                I wish not excusing them, I just say that in some circumstances, you may have no choice at all. Not mentioning the pretend game.

                Look : They threw a vicious dog, some hours ago, on Jim Stone’s backyard. He is OK, his dog is OK. But this is what this scum does. THe attacker dog will have to get a wheel chair and has little chance of being a recidivist considering he has a serious spine injury. Woof woof!
                So I understand the -safe- policy of leaking infos, it is the only safe way. In Europe, resistants, during the war, they were not revealing their identity, never!
                Neil is in the lime light, indeed takes guts, but since he started that law suit, couldn’t be avoided.
                BLess you all!

                • if this fbi comey fellow was on our side and was threatened to stay away from the crooks by the crooks and he has to work under the injustice department’s people.
                  couldn’t he just take into custody both the crook he is after and the collaborator in the injustice department. charging them for treason and obstruction of justice.
                  while having a plan to secure his family set into motion beforehand.

                • You have a very good point Mi. Maybe Comey was threatened but he is head of the fbi with plenty of resources and he didn’t do his job. Imho he tiptoed around and whined to Gowdy and didn’t do his job.

                  live oak x

  15. Hey Neil
    I think you may need a theme song…this might work?
    Runnin Down a Dream! by Mr. Tom Petty

  16. Was shocked he admitted it. It’s usually deny, deny, deny. lol 🙂 Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J 🙂

  17. For a bit of hope here, it was mentioned on Hannity
    show last night, that hitlery is only 1 – 6 points ahead
    of trump in the polls. It was also briefly mentioned
    that the Pollsters are slanting the numbers they are
    reporting to show her ahead.
    It was also finally brought out, something I have wondered
    for quite a while, that her poll numbers do not line up with
    her very small attendance numbers at any of her rally’s.
    She never gets any more than a few hundred, or, like yesterday
    in Cleveland she only had 2400 show up.
    This is why they never show the audiences at either of the
    Nominee rally’s . They do not want people to see the vast
    difference between the overflow outside for Trump, and
    the small number she gets.
    We ”trumpsters” are in good shape I think.

    • I think so too SF. About all I heard from her in the last few days was criticism of Trump, and it was pretty lame. So what if he had to declare bankruptcy? He made a comeback and is a billionaire. Lots of people have to declare bankruptcy,so why should Trump be held to a different standard? He’s living rent free in bath house barry’s and hillary’s head. All she does is criticize him; it’s almost laughable. Meanwhile she’s guilty of espionage with the email scandal; she’s got Benghazi and letting four of our men die. They watched people on the screen crying, terrified and begging for their lives and she did NOTHING. Carter Ham was in Italy and he gave the order to go save them all. They could have been there 40 minutes with those fighter jets. 30 seconds later after giving the order, he had to step down as Commander. Meanwhile Barry’s playing spades and left for a fund raiser in Nevada the next day. hillary lied to the families and continues to do so. The whole thing makes me so sick.
      This is OT, but remember the oil spill and 3 or 4 men who died on the burning oil rigs. It took bath house barry 59 days to even say one word about it. Meanwhile the fishing industry was ruined…people committed suicide. I remember everything almost chronologically. Imho both clinton and barry are guilty of murder…and nothing ever happens. This just CANNOT continue. Btw, I hear that about 70% of the American citizens believe she is not fit to run due to the health rumors and her odd behavior. It’s all going to come out like a major landslide. This is nothing compared to what it will be like in another month or so. They cannot get away with what they’ve done.It’s all coming to a head. I’ve heard Ham is helping Trump and one of the ones briefing him.

      live oak x

      • Live oak, there is a LOT going on in the background that
        is not highly publicized anywhere. So fear not, hillary
        and her ilk are not going to get away with anything any
        more. Have you ever heard of a skunk spraying all over
        like she has, and not stink up the place to where it
        becomes offensive to all? LOL.
        Mi….good input and very interesting and more accurate
        polling IMO. Trump’s ads are supposed to begin running
        tomorrow, and I’ll bet they are going to hit a lot of nails
        right on the head, a smack in her face.
        Neither she nor Obumbo the dumbo have even bothered
        to acknowledge Milwaukee riots or the Louisiana flood
        disasters. Trump will fly to LA tomorrow and do their job
        for them. A great campaign effort to say the least.

        • Thanks SF. Your words give me hope. hillary is a skunk. I heard she doesn’t like to bathe. Can you imagine? I’ve always despised the Clintons. bill is a rapist, sex addict, liar, sexual predator, pedophile….remember Jeffrey Epstein and his island in the carribean with young children and adolescents? Bill has been there about 40 or 50 times. I find him repulsive and always have. hillary is his enabler. She is not fit to run this country and I’ve had it with the sanctimonious Rs trying to derail him. ….like Romney who carries his wife’s purse, lying Ted. His wife is cfr, imf. It would just be more of the same….likely worse. jeb bush is an idiot and he was a horrible governor. I could go on and on but I need to spare my friends here. I love you all.
          I remember everything. My husband says it’s a little like living with rain man. lol!
          Thanks SF for helping to lift me up. I’m very happy to know you.
          live oak x

          If hillary wins it will be because she cheated and there will be war. I feel it in my bones and I better be WRONG.

          • Trying to derail Trump. That’s what I meant.
            I have a great story about Trump. He and his friends were riding in his limo and they got a flat tire. A man stopped to help them on the highway and changed the tire for him. Trump sent the guy’s wife a huge bouquet of flowers and he paid off their mortgage!!!
            He does a lot of work for charity and that means a lot to me. He’s a very good man. I like his honesty and direct way.
            live oak 🙂

            • Hi Live Oak,
              That’s right! Also, he stopped his chauffeur another day, jumped out of his car, as he had just seen a guy bashing a man with a base ball bat in the street, he told him to stop, the guy recognised him,”Mr Trump…¨ and he run away. Trump is the one who will not hesitate to put his butt on the line! Right now, he is heavily guarded ! Could be he doesn’t want to be on HitleryDoddery’s list! “Trump stepped off his plane in Louisiana surrounded by extreme special forces type guards, and not the secret service ¨ on Jim Stone.

              • Thanks Neil and Team K for releasing my comment. I know I can be a bomb thrower sometimes. All the above is public knowledge. In the meantime I’ll try to behave myself.
                live oak

              • Hi Mi,
                Trump is a good man; there is no doubt about it….and i like that he’s not “one of them.” Thank goodness! He’ll make a great president!

    • Hi SF,
      Check the 17 August ABC poll on Jim Stone, Hitlery in 3rd position with 8%, Trump 1st at 70%.
      For Klington’s attendance at rallies, they are obviously fauxtoshopped.

  18. I see today where Trump also had an 18-wheeler loaded
    with blankets and other supplies for the people of louisiana
    AND even helped unload it. He also spend about 4 hours
    on the ground there with the People. Just picture the
    impressive sight they got seeing Trump-One flying in.
    Put those two do-nothing-but-talk ones to shame, LOL.

    • Trump is the real deal, my guts say so!!! My heart says so…
      I’ve listened to his latest 45 minutes speech, and this is what I feel, he is the real deal. I love America, and I want it to be a beacon of freedom like it used to be once.
      I “feel “him, while others only think of keeping their F(censored) positions and flatter their electorate. Same in Europe. Believe me, we are pissed off over there, they bring in people who harm the European people, lack of respect to European citizens, especially women, of course, like all barbarians. A few real refugees in that flow, of course, usually they come, those poor people, with their family.
      It is a crime, what they do to the European culture and the European people. They want, basically, to destroy Christianity, and I say that, let me tell you that I never go to church, BUT I know for sure that I am a Christian, because of my approach to life and my morality. Sometimes I feel like crying, but I believe ANGER, righteous anger, is stronger than tears.
      The “leaders”, they have organised the mess in the Middle East, as instructed by the puppet masters of the khazarian mafia syndicate. And they make us, the people, pay the price.
      Wee need a HUGE Nuremberg type trial.
      In due time, soon I hope. we will see that.
      I’ve been disgressing a bit but I feel this post is not out of topic.
      Love to you all. 🙂

    • Hi SF,
      I really believe Trump is going to win. he puts the entire DC sewer to shame. they’ll lose their perks. that’s why they hate him so much…also because he’s winning.

      live oak

  19. Mi and all other trumpsters: You may be encouraged by this
    Posting which shows the real Poll figures:

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