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A Change Is Gonna Come

Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come

For a significant period of time and often at great expense, Neil Keenan and Group K trampled around the Asian battlefields while acquiring information that would enable Neil to re-file his International Lawsuit on the world’s behalf.

Although the world did not participate with Neil in his original filing, in the final analysis the Accounts to be opened were intended to be specifically for world humanitarian projects.

Unlike the World Bank set up by the Cabal, these Accounts were to benefit humanity first and foremost, had the lawsuit been allowed to proceed and the Accounts be released as planned.

The leading question is why did the lawsuit not move further into the justice system?  Here we have a blatant interruption of due process.

Unfortunately, while being backed up by the cabal for nefarious reasons, of course, Obama ordered a change in assigning judges to the case. A very honored and revered Judge Hollowell was abruptly removed, and in his stead was placed Obama’s own Economic Advisor’s brother named Fulmer, who amazingly was not even a Judge at the time!

Obama specifically named Fulmer to preside over Neil’s lawsuit with one purpose in mind… to completely block it from proceeding any further.

When Attorney Bill Mulligan withdrew his actions without prejudice before “Judge” Fulmer, the “Judge” clearly stated that should this case ever be re-filed, it would be re-filed ONLY in his courtroom with this order extending throughout the US… (Now imagine this happening just as Neil predicted it would when he became aware of the intentional change in judges!)

However, unbeknownst to most, Neil accumulated many important documents and agreements during the next few years while waiting for the right time to re-file them in Manhattan District Court as well as to demand that a new judge preside over the case.

Fortunately, for years Neil prepared a strategic plan to begin and complete this colossal fight. At the same time he and his Group K team successfully demonstrated the ease with which any major nation could take down the evil, corrupt NWO. Witness the previous downfalls of Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Queen Beatrix as well as other household NWO names now and in the near future.

Former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy: Dispatched courtesy of the efforts of Neil Keenan and Group K and others.

Former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi: Dispatched courtesy of the efforts of Neil Keenan and Group K and others.

Former Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands: Dispatched courtesy of the efforts of Neil Keenan, Group K and others.

(Her parents were the founders of the Bilderberg Group – and she was the head of the Bilderberg Group.)

Former President of South Korea Park Geun-hye: Dispatched and currently incarcerated.

As Neil says, “If we can do it, they sure as hell could… if they wished!”

Currently, you will find Neil and Group K opening up still another avenue that in time will surely break the financial pockets of the Cabal as well as serve humanity worldwide. As you already know, this is with the ‘Healing Machine’ technology and the new ‘Healing Elixir’.

More information in this regard will be forthcoming in the following weeks. Both means of healing are incredibly effective as well as being tremendous game changers.

The biggest losers soon will be the NWO and their ilk.

It is very tough to put the elephants back in the barn once they are let out!  Well, the elephants are already loose to the peoples’ benefit!

The immediate need is to get more ‘Healing Computers’ out there into the world. The waiting lines are currently way too long, and so many deserving people are in immediate need for healing intervention.

In addition, and to top it off, we will soon have the Free Energy devices, so those who are interested are wise to start getting into line now as they will be available in less than 2 months. These machines will produce 30 kilowatts per hour, and further information will be released shortly.

Above is an image of what one of these Over-unity devices looks like from the outside

Next, the Water Treatment Technology is also nearly ready to be released. This fantastic technology will clean up our oceans and straighten out the horrific mess the Cabal made with Fukushima. Our oceans will ultimately be returned to us… whether they like it or not!

Please remember to contact Richard via if you are interested in either the ‘Healing Computer’ technology or the Elixir. The Elixir is being labeled, boxed and bottled at the current time and some should be released this coming week…

Click here to download a PDF of the Elixir’s details and usage instructions

Please forward Richard all your correct addresses. Further banking information will be also sent to you to enable us all to avoid the Cabal’s and Bush’s interference. Unfortunately, such banks as Wells Fargo, Chase, and Halifax UK are already standing by waiting to immediately block any and all payment transfers for the Elixir.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter. Stay safe, take care and hope to see you soon!

Neil Keenan and Group K

Please see important notes regarding the Healing Elixir below the video.


Important Notes Regarding Ordering The Healing Elixir

Please be patient with the ordering process. We have been inundated with enquiries. There are a number of people, stages and time zones involved in what we are doing with the Elixir and everyone is doing their best to make the process as smooth as possible.

If you are one of the people that emailed because of problems with bank transfers – please make contact again as I do not know how long it will take to work back through the huge number of emails.

A new payment process will be available soon and so this should resolve problems with bank transfers.

There are a few people who have transferred funds but we have no idea who they are. Please be sure to put as much information with bank transfers as possible and email confirming your name, address and the number of bottles you wish to purchase.

There have been some issues with banks not allowing transfers or making things unnecessarily difficult.

For further detail on the Healing Elixir, how it works, what it contains, dosage guidelines and more,  you can download a copy of the package insert (this is the same information that comes with the Elixir) by clicking here.

All enquiries regarding the ordering of the healing Elixir should be directed to:

Rawhide – The Blues Brothers

Copyright © 2017, GROUP K, Ltd.


  1. Neil, I am sending you all the love and light that you so rightly deserve. May your spirit guides and guardian angels protect you wherever you go. Same goes to your devoted team. Thank you for everything that you have done, that you are doing and that you will do in the future. We do appreciate it and hopefully everyone is doing whatever they can to play their part in raising the planet’s consciousness and moving us all from the dark to the light.

  2. Great! Keep it up! You’re awesome, go get em Neil! You got this! You know what you’re doing, and how to go about it, sending my support!

  3. Claire Bastien

    April 17, 2017 at 1:29 pm

    Neil and Team K,

    Know that you have the gratitude and thanks of millions of people all over the globe for the tremendous work you all are doing to create a new prosperity for this world. Sending you and all those who assist you prayers, love and light for health, safety and freedom to get your work completed in as short a time as possible. Blessings to you all and speed you on your way!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Claire

  4. Svend Skrumsager Hansen

    April 17, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    Hi Neil !

    I just want to say that you look so much better and so much more healthy in the latest few videos, your
    eyes, your skin etc etc.
    Anyone that may still doubt these healing inventions, please take a look at Neil Keenan’s videos from a year or two back. Because of the healing effect on both mind and body, there is really no comparison. Great to see you like that, Neil,what a pleasure !Thank you so much for all that you do !

  5. Thank you for the update on the case – I have been following it from the beginning but did not know about the change in judges – the corruption is beyond what most people can imagine and “shocks the conscience” when discovered!!
    You are in our prayers daily and are here by His will for the purpose of which you are called – so it will be.

  6. Thanks Team, Much Love/Gratitude for you, Your Brother,

  7. Neil
    You have been stating for many years that the currency RV was real. Can you and will you let us know what the status is regarding the RV. We keep hearing the 800 #’s are coming out…….where are we ?

    • First of all Rick I have not stated for years the RV was real and in fact I stayed away from even talking about it that is until the Dragon Family told me they were handling the basket and it would be released. Then they attempted to release the funds only to have the Cabal begin their stealing before anyone had a chance to get a penny (this was made during Obama’s press conference….They stopped the release at this time and said they would do it when the time is right…I have not stayed in touch with it since seeing I am doing many other things that take up so much of my and my teams time. On this one I guess you will have to wait for it to happen (I still feel doubtful as I always did) or for the family to contact me regarding it. All the best

  8. OK, what. The accounts are gone????That is a huge bomb you just dropped. What does that mean. It means that the fight is lost and now the cabal is in control. Who took the accounts?

  9. Thank you to you and your team for all the dedication and effort to help ALL and in taking down the cabal ! Both are appreciated more than you’ll ever know. I truly believe that this has been a battle for the preservation of the good vs the evil controllers around the world, and their time has come to be defeated !

    Never stop doing the next right thing !

    God bless you and your team!


  10. Great news mostly. But Neil had an update in October that the global reset was about to happen, and now it seems we have to redo the court case from scratch? So what is the timing here?

  11. Neil,

    I cannot thank you enough and your Group K for all the hard work that you do.

    I have bought currencies, Dong and Dinar per your advise from a couple of years ago on one of your Several Videos. You’ve also on many occasion have said the RV is around the corner and the Private Exchanges have been taking place. You’ve also said that you’ll get us the 800 numbers earlier for your loyal followers.

    I know you are busy with opening the Global Collateral Accounts for the Humanity. Will you please address the RV in a near future where we are at?
    Your attention is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you Sir!

    Your Loyal Follower

    • I also told you that the Golden Dragon Family is in charge of the basket and they will decide the timing and said they will let me know when it is to happen and to date they have not contacted me with such matters….One little thing throws it off and they do not move nor do they have to move. They are in total control.

      • Thanks Neil, but what’s the difference between the Golden Dragon’s money and the collateral accounts? The difference between those and the matrix funds or St. Germain’s trust? I’ve never been able to tell if they are all the same or all different for different purposes. And I know a lot of money has moved through the system, you can even track it by forex, it’s just not released. Can we assume we are close?

        • Michael Beilman

          April 19, 2017 at 9:44 pm

          Sean, we are close to a global monetary reset. In the video accompanying this post, Neil speaks of the progress made so far.
          The global monetary system is debt based, and asset backed money must return. Because so much debt based money must collapse, assets and models based on inflation, counterfeiting, fraud, missallocation, misappropriation, and excessive leverage and speculation are either wholly illusory or mispriced/overvalued. Some major rebalancing and reinstitution of justice, integrity and stability must be implemented for the survival and prosperity of all.

  12. God bless Neil. Keep up the amazing work.

  13. Mr.Neil and Group K,
    Thank you very much for the wonderfully detailed update information. You are also giving us essential contribution (the technologies on the horizon) It is a splendid achievement.
    You have excavated, captivated the very heart and the soul of the victims of medical mafia. We are keeping hope alive to get rid our sickness once and for all.
    You look extremely healthy spiritually, physically, mentally with plethora of energy.
    May the Almighty Lord protect you who loves and longs to heal us.
    Once again, thank you for accomplishing the mission impossible.

  14. Neil, and team…
    I have only known of you since 2016 but have read your journals through the past 8 years of all you and Group K have painfully endured, and yet; I applaud each one of you “Beautiful Souls” for the many accomplishments on behalf of “We The People” and the restoration of world’s humanity. I read and re-read the information you have provided. You have offered so much of yourself, and educated my mind beyond what I thought was the truth but in reality was just lies and deceit from the people we were taught as young children to believe and honor. What a bunch of BS, we were fed. Thank you for enlightening my mind and bringing me the truth!
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and await the opportunity to step up and assist in healing the people and this amazing earth.

    Much Love and Respect
    Julie F.

  15. I have only one concern. As we already know, one of the tactics used by the bankers is to distract people by having a good old fashioned war. They are pricks at best but not dumb. I hope that the technical nuts and bolts surrounding both the healing machines and the free energy machine is spread far and wide with those whom you trust as I’m sure they will not go without a fight. However I do have faith that Group K has already addressed this possible threat with maybe a dead-mans switch if you like. Sorry to be Johnny rain cloud but I wouldn’t put anything passed these people, certainly not during their death throws.

  16. Hey brother Neil, Tim from California here. Great to find this website as it’s been difficult to find latest updates from you by using youtube. They’re horrible. Just want to say how much we (humanity) love you and your amazing team k. I’ve had no luck in trying to purchase the Elixir because of transfer payment blocks by XE Transfer. I think they must be on the bad side. I’m hoping you can get information out of how to get this Elixir without all the cloak and dagger bs. I subscribed to your updates yrs ago and now I get no updates at all. I am sure you are being blocked from me getting any information. Any suggestions? Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love to you and Team K.

    • Yes there is interference taking place on multiple levels. The best way to receive notifications on developments is to join the ‘It’s a Keenan Thing’ group if you are on Facebook.

  17. Thank you Neil, you are truly a wonderful and blessed man that we are blessed to have on our side. Words escape me for all that you do for us. It’s very exciting to hear of the machines and elixir coming our way.

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for everything you do.

    So Light it Be!!

  18. Hello Neil and all your hard working helpers,
    I’m so happy again to hear from you. and you look good, much more energetic and brighter, great. The “machine” has you done well I see!
    The end seems in sight now. Let’s hope that the war does not continue, and that President Trump gets a clear head (needed now).
    I hear you about the free energy device and over the elixir and much more, exciting! Will/you can also use the prices/costs of all those great new things somewhere to mention, from the Netherlands is also interested in.
    I wait with baited breath on what will happen, success!!
    Much love and respect.
    M. Gordens

  19. I am totally in line for the free energy devices!!!!!!!!!!!! If I wasn’t paying such a high electric bill I’d have money for food!!!!!

  20. I don’t know if this made it through so I’m going to post again. Page keeps kicking off.

    It is awesome that the Earths water’s will be cleaned. I am so happy about this.

    You are awesome. Keep up the good work. You are making a difference that is extremely important. Stay safe.

  21. Neil there are warriors out here who are ready to attack the cabal, foundationally, buisnessly, physically through bounty hunters, medicine (thanks to healing machine) and on every other front not mentioned, yet possible. I for one speak for myself and many like minded friends that share with me that they are worn out due to the long battle, in many cases the battle is just to survive. The longer we wait the more time the enemy has to calibrate it’s next move, we must move hastily now. I hope the Dragon Families realize and know that the enemy of humanity is the fallen one. God has lead so many of His people to purchase and hold basket currencies so I know God will also make it happen, I just wish and could only desperately ask you…is there any way to speed it up? The gov shutdown is lurking and old establishment mega empire is about to collapse what will we do if we get an RV but no time to prepare for catastrophies ahead. I know it’s Their call so all I can do is pray that the Lord sends them the command but also I hope they realize that by empowering us and not the haters we will help on all levels. Peace and prosperity for You All. God bless.

  22. Thank you Neil and group K you are truly amazing in everything that you do. !! May GOD Bless you for EVER Your IRISH Brother JIM BOGUE

  23. Neil and groupK the people of the world are very blessed to have true warriors like you all on our side. Be safe god bless you all. Jim Bogue

    • Thanks my Irish brother and do not fret we are getting there you can see things changing but remember they have not been here for just a little while and they have called all the shots here for much longer than you think so tossing them out is no easy thing…It is happening

  24. Hi Neil and Team K,
    Just seeing if you have a update coming, or any news on the rv.
    thanks you for everything

    take care

  25. I Neil: I’m so waiting on the healing machine. I have a defibrillator and next week I will have an oblation on my heart. Can this healing machine good for me because of the machine and the current or frequencies going through my body. . I have many medical issues that need to be healed from. I’m almost 72 now and this last year has worn me down. I read your post and yes I do warfare and I know about the cabal on many things on the dark side but our God will give us the victory. Never give up and fight even when we are tired.
    God bless you and the team.

  26. have we lost the battle of france? was anyone checking for voter fraud or do people really want to offer up their children for slavery and death.

    i hope we are able to convince all people that being free is the way forward for our planet. it would take miracles to help our situation otherwise and earth’s history is riddled with disasters.

    taking down the big crooks is important, but there are still some of them left and they are forcing our borders open and increasing misery to bring about an endless spiral of lower frequencies.
    it will only be those who can escape prison on earth who can attain their way of life and the rest of us will have to avoid the chopping block one by one under a religious programmed society it seems.

    im a little emotional i admit reading results coming in. i have siblings who have already fallen prey to foreign males so yeah….

    • Daniel, I agree with you. I am emotional about it too. Not surprised by French election though as it follows the same pattern every time they steal it in the night and install their puppet. What baffles me is that the general populace isn’t on to it. I saw some protestors getting terribly beat up by some thuggish looking French police. They have nonproblem cracking heads with their batons.
      France Germany and most of all Sweden seem doomed at the moment.
      I pray for these countries to return to healthy Christian roots, and for their people to celebrate the full beauty of their cultures again…and to throw off the shackles of cabal/NATO/US/Rothchilda/Soros/ Black Nobility/Vatican/etc. Us too here in the good ol USA.

  27. Neil, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say, I’m looking forward to your next newsy post of what is actually going on in this crazy world of ours. I hope to see a post soon with updates, especially on the RV or GCR. All the best for all you do! Thank you, Holly

  28. Oh Neil, I can’t wait for the stuff to hit the fan!!! You and Group K are awesome!! The world will thank you all once all details are known to the public. Thank you all for dedicating your life to humanity. We love you and God loves you. I want to dance at your wedding when you are finally able to return to your loved one. Teepee

  29. To Neil and Team K
    May you have:
    A world of wishes at your command.
    God and his angels close to hand.
    Friends and family their love impart,
    and Irish blessings in your heart!

  30. May the road rise to meet you.
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sunshine warm your face.
    The rain fall soft on your fields.
    And until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

    Thank you John French for reminding me that Neil will appreciate all of our Irish blessings for him.

  31. May 24, 2017
    🍀 Here’s hoping everything is coming along.
    May you have good luck.

  32. Hi Neil and Team K
    Just seeing if you have a update on anything going on or a new video?

  33. According to Fulford and other internet sources, there is a lot going on in Indonesia. What’s the story and will this affect anything of the Dragon family plans?

  34. Neil, I hope nothing’s wrong … I pray for you to have your life and work succeed. I’m worried you have not been logged in for a long time.

  35. Neil and Team: It is a real concern to see you haven’t posted since April 17. News of your whereabouts and especially your wellbeing would be more than welcome!!
    Be Well, Be Safe!

  36. Mr. Neil and Group K It is my fervent hope and prayer that all of you are safe and in good condition. We are praying continuously to Almighty God to protect you from the forces of evil and darkness.
    Hopping to hear good news soon.

  37. Love you Neil!!!!
    Say NO More Just sending LOVE……

  38. Love you Neil and Group…..Say no more sending LOVE…..

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