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Important Note
Regarding Neil’s UN Invitation

Dean Chambers who was once the Mayor of a town in Illinois, was appointed by Neil to respond to his invitation from the UN.

This is detailed below, along with some notes on recent attempts by cabal underlings and divisive trolls to once again hamper the efforts of Neil and Group K.

It is this simple: Neil and Group K have invested far too much in their efforts to waste time dealing with detractors at this point. What information Neil makes available is voluntary but there are those who seem to have a sense of entitlement with regards to access to certain details that is completely unfounded.

And so as work continues on various fronts, updates on certain developments will not be made public until completed. We are not going to waste time dealing with idiots and shills in the interim (costing us time and money) whilst there remains crucial work to do.

Additionally, people causing trouble on It’s a Keenan Thing will be immediately booted out.


“On 9/2/2016 I made a call on behalf of Neil Keenan answering the UN’s request for Neil’s recent invitation date and subsequent confirmation, if at all.

I advised them that Neil had no intention at this time to go anywhere other than to Indonesia for the completion of his own pending deals in Jakarta and other Asian countries.

We spoke for 20-25 minutes without regard to anyone else other than Neil, the Dragon Family & Group K.

Consequently, there is no official date set at this time with the UN.  Of course, Neil can change this at any time if or when he chooses to do so.

On another note, I would like to clarify a recent issue with Neil Wolfe. Neil cannot at this time open up on anyone, no matter how inflammatory they are or how misinformed they appear to be.

It is apparent that Neil is soon walking through the door that was previously opened to him. So to be diverted, especially now, by anyone with ill intent or misrepresentation of any kind will only further delay the great momentum Neil now has in place.

Therefore, what I heard today was if it happens again, Neil will not be able to relay any further information to what is happening at this time.  All information then will stay in house with Group K until everything is finished.

Hopefully, the perpetrators of devious behavior will get the message when they sit on the outside looking in while Neil dishes out projects to those that have stood by his team and in many ways have actually been part of the team.

If you must know, Neil Wolfe sent Thomas W. some documents with bits and pieces of truth attempting to get Thomas to make the mistake of coming after Neil. Thomas was not that stupid and, despite what unfortunately happened in the past between Thomas and Neil, he still is not considered to be a bad guy. Mistakes were made.

Life is all part of this… Wolfe said Thomas booted him out as well. Therefore, he cannot be all that bad, can he?

Getting back to the matter at hand, I spoke to the UN today and advised them that Neil could not confirm any given date for a meeting.

Dean Chambers”


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The United Nations Invites
Neil Keenan To Discuss
Financing, New Technologies &
The Global Collateral Accounts

Group K recently received a message inviting Neil to the United Nations to discuss financing, new technologies, and the Global Collateral Accounts. The UN is awaiting Neil’s decision as to whether he will accept the invitation or not.

As we all know, Neil does not acknowledge the UN as being either a legal nor a lawful organization; rather it is just another cabal-run corporation.

He believes the East will set things up better in a much more solid and robust manner for the people of our planet.

Neil states that the only circumstances under which he would accept such an invitation, would be because the UN had accepted his demands for the majority of seats on the particular UN committee; thereby establishing Neil’s credence that the Golden Rule applies: “He who has the gold makes the rules”.

Another prerequisite would be that the numerous aggressive corporations imposing themselves as governments stand down, as Neil and Group K finances the deployment of new technologies from the Global Collateral Accounts worldwide; thereby alleviating the burdens of poverty stricken people everywhere.

Neil also states that the first couple of Accounts opened will go immediately into backing new technologies, towards the immediate halting of chemtrail spraying, geoengineering and the dissemination of any other environmental poisons including weaponized food, vaccines and GMO’s etc.

Funding will also be directed towards the eradication of homelessness, and into the provisioning of proper healthcare, clean drinking water, safe food and the taking care of military veterans.

Finally, Neil would demand UN worldwide immunity in relation to all matters pertaining to himself and anyone representing his team.

If the UN were to agree to the above terms, then Neil would fly to the United Nations with his attorneys, and M2 to work things out.

Of course, the likelihood of a cabal-run operation such as the UN agreeing to such terms is negligible.

Neil requires no meeting with the United Nations in order to accomplish that which he has stated he would do all along.

This is Neil’s response to the invitation from the UN.

Neil Keenan


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