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Globalist’s Desperation,
Health And Wellness
& The End Of Big Pharma



Desperation has made many turn their heads in terms of what is right and wrong, and in this case as to who the Depositors are – and who the Depositors are not.

Many are attempting to work out deals among themselves, despite not owning the certain assets in question – and this is the Breaking News today.

Desperate people are doing desperate things – with assets that they have no claim to ownership of whatsoever!

Najib Razak

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak finds himself in the limelight once again along with everybody’s best friend Alfredo Sauren, the Thai [Corporate] Government, the US Federal Reserve [Corporate] Chairperson Janet Yellen and also the Bank of England.

They are all either desperate to keep their Agendas alive or they are just plain greedy and willingly ignorant of what those assets were intended to be used for.

Most certainly the East did not deposit their wealth into the Global Collateral Accounts so that the corrupt Globalists could continue to destroy the planet with their vaccinations, geoengineering / chemtrails, manufactured wars, HAARP attacks, banking bail-outs / bail-ins, weather warfare and many other things. 

Their desperation is so obvious and visceral you realize that it is the Clinton’s who are literally murdering anybody they fear might make a significant statement against them.

The madmen are running the asylum. This is why no one respects the US.  And we have allowed it.

Now it is time to change our program and kick the Cabal and their underlings the hell out and whatever happens to them, happens. It is of their own doing.

Najib Razak, this time will need to answer to his own people as he has been deceiving them for what seems like forever. Malaysia deserves much better than Najib, who is no more than a common thief.

The others involved should be picked up and tried in their own countries. When you read further in this preface you will discover that what they are attempting to do without even the depositors knowledge is treacherous.

Janet Yellen

The size of this financial package is staggering but we will get to this in due course.

The 1 Million MT of Gold (Yes – One Million Metric Tons of Gold) deal seems to have come together and Najib and Sauren have already flown off to meet with Yellen to sell the Golden Dragon Family’s gold for new US FIAT currency.


All commission agreements have now been worked out.

It seems all that is required is for the FED and the Bank of England to sign off, which has apparently happened given that Najib has already flown the coop.

Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney (Ex Governor of the Bank of Canada)

The twist here is that Alfredo Sauren is accompanying Najim on this trip which means he is brokering this deal.

This would be logical as both parties have been putting together the deal with Malaysian Authorities for quite a while, with one side having connections with the Thai supplier of the Gold (the King has passed on and his son and or military are running the country so this would make more sense as the King never allowed the Gold to leave Thailand) and with Sauren writing up the Gold Certificates in Hong Kong.


These characters all are in this to enrich themselves, to steal assets belonging  to the Depositors (The Golden Dragon Family), and to split up approximately 3 Trillion USD in payouts…

Let me share with you the numbers:

Gold USD: 50,000 Kg x 1,000,000,000 Kgs = USD  50,000 000,000,000 (Trillion)

Gold Certificates made by Alfredo Sauren in Hong Kong x 20 = USD 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 Quadrillion USD)

In USD Federal Collateralized New Fiat Issues – 20+x=20 Quadrillion USD or more as FED notes are collateralized globally x 20 again.

Yup, Yup And Yup: Everyone gets a Billion Dollar or a Trillion Dollar Commission!

And get this: Not one bar is owned by those selling them!


What a hoot eh?

And more filthy, worthless FIAT FED USD currency spilled everywhere once again, right where we left this monster off…

Japanese (Kamiya) is looking to purchase Gold in Korea at this time. He represents Japan.

Korea is holding Golden Dragon Family Gold.

Again, Japan attempts to steal someone’s gold and Korea looks to sell it knowing it is not theirs

Next in line is Indonesia and now their top Elders are working on their sales with Swiss Banks.

I have the names of the Banks and representatives and will keep them confidential for now – but I do advise both the Banks and the Indonesian Elders in this case to proceed with extreme caution, given the established fact that neither side owns any asset involved in this transaction.

Alas once more, Cabal crooks and their underlings are planning on selling out the Family’s assets.


We are talking about Trillions and or Quadrillions of Dollars worth of stolen Assets.


Remember the sellers and deal brokers in these illegal transactions own none of the assets concerned.

Not one party involved in these deals is legally entitled to be doing what they are doing.

The assets we speak of were intended to be used for humanitarian purposes for the people of the planet and most especially Indonesia and not for the pockets of the Cabal and their bottom-feeding minions.

In other news, after seeing so much fiat money being tossed around for Gold you must congratulate President Duterte of the Philippines for tossing out the Globalists and looking for sovereignty for the Island.

President Duterte

Congratulations Mr. President; if everyone in Asia only took your stand the world would be a better place and the Globalists would not only have one less place to hide – but no longer any place to spill their make believe FIATs.  We wish you well.


IF this treacherous deal happens the Cabal once again will take over the World’s financial system, no matter what they call it.

So, they are not calling it quits and remember it is not over till the fat lady sings so we must keep on fighting and presenting opposition to them.

One further note, if America goes down all of Europe and the entire Western world goes down so pray to God, not Lucifer, that everything works in our favor.

Even the so-called ‘Pope Francis’ is attempting to manipulate the numbskulled masses to convert to the belief that Lucifer is the light. This Pope-on-a-rope is yet another example of the paedophile Globalists that we have to deal with.

Do you want your children safe and your old age secure or do you want to turn over your rights and family to the clutches of the Clinton’s and worse?

Pray for America and Trump and the world will be finally at peace.

The War Mongers, Khazarian Zionists, Nazis and others will finally be imprisoned (and) where they belong.

The Bush’s and Clinton’s among others will be long tucked away where we will never see them again.

Now as the saying goes, let’s just do it!

“…If the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.” – George Herbert Walker Bush, 1992

Well George, the people have awakened and the time has almost come for you.


The Healing Machines

On a positive note and moving far away from the “Gold mania”, we now have the medical healing computers, which I was told last night would never make it to see daylight.

(I will expose those who contacted me if and when the need arises.  I sincerely doubt their capacity to stop their own noses from running, let alone an international movement such as this. )

Fortunately, they will be available very soon for distribution and being deployed into new clinics. In the meantime a more in-depth video of the healing computer in operation will be available for you to see soon.

Many other new types of specialized healing machines will also be unleashed and available in the next couple of months. You will be utterly amazed at what they can do!

Do you believe in magic?  Well, you’d better, because these machines have phenomenal results.

After receiving treatments, you may be cleared of many afflictions ranging from arthritis, to cancer, to blood and bone issues, to diabetes, etc – just to name a few.

The possibilities and promise of a new revolution in medical treatment will enable us to move from the Cabal-run pharmaceutical-sickness industry to proper healthcare and wellness, with cures that work and that can no longer be suppressed in service of the Cabal agendas of control, financial gain and Eugenics.

Most of healing machines that are currently available from other sources are only able to use about 1,200 healing frequencies, from what I understand.

The technologies we are dealing with here and now utilize Millions of frequencies. This should explain just a little to you in terms of the superiority of this treatment technology.

These healing frequencies assist the immune system to boom and to search out and address any problems in a persons system.

Would you rather have 1,200 people looking for a needle in a haystack or Millions of people looking?

This is just one of the many major therapeutic differences.

The most powerful of these specialized healing machines is called (named by me) the 23 year machine.

You have heard me refer to the life extension injections available only to the ‘Elite’ in Hong Kong and Switzerland right? If you are even able to get access to them they cost $5 Million Dollars per shot – but you might actually gain only 5 years on your life.

Well, this is a healing computer that does a far superior job and more. It actually rejuvenates your internal organs to their prior healthy state 23 years (at least 23 years but up to 30 years) prior to their condition at the time you are treated with this technology.

Yes that is right, and access to such advanced technology is not just for the super rich any longer. These technologies will be making their debut shortly.

What a time we are living in; with these healing computers becoming available, as well as the new Free Energy technologies that are almost ready for deployment – that are quite unlike anything you may have seen or heard about thus far.

Finally, once Donald J. Trump takes office, the interference will all be over with. They will be coming for the bad guys who’ve been the scourge of humanity and this planet for so long.

You know who you are and you are hereby put on notice that you will be captured and brought to face justice.

Despite what you may believe right now, there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

I see it oh so clearly now.

General Clement, get ready to round them up.

M2 ready to go on a wild ride?

Eyes getting any better?  If not give your head a shake!  It is happening now!

Dean, you did a magnificent job, thank you very much.

Neil Keenan & Group K




Jimmy Cliff – I Can See Clearly Now


Joe Cocker – Feelin’ Alright


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  1. Neil, you have NEVER looked so wonderful! Thanks for the video!

  2. Hello Mr. Kennan, it is good to see him healthy, congratulations on your team and the effort to go ahead with their projects. My name is much attention on your medical team, I am a person with cancer and can no longer do anything for my new surgeries. and like others I met at the hospital, we were disillusioned with medicine cabala and chemotherapies, who only approached us closer to death. Right now we are seeing his statement and wish to have access to this technology, we live in Mexico, DF, now known as CDMX, after almost two years of treatment, there is no achievement in improving our health. How can we get this team and we can help many people affected by this evil at the same time? You and your wonderful team work are welcome to our homes, forever.
    We used the computer translator, apologies if anything is unclear.
    greetings and blessings to you all …
    As for gold, everything will be according to comments and your efforts right through all these years, their struggle, their harmony and goodwill leads them to unprecedented success …

    • Arturo you mention you would like the computer but our hands are pretty well tied with what we have. Would you be able to purchase a machine and we teach one of you how to work it as we did all others and then you can help yourself and all others.
      wishing you the best and just saw this for the first time.

  3. Thank God for all of you! I thought this would never happen.God is great and so are all of you.Neil you have been so many good things to everyone. I PRAY FOR YOU ALL EVERY DAY. STAY SAFE EVERY ONE l love you all and BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! Diane

  4. Close but yet,so far.This just got personal for me.Ready to use my pitchfork


    Please do not post requests for information in the comments section.

    Please send any enquiries to:

    Thank you.

  6. hola un abrazo desde Uruguay y muchas gracias por la información y el grandioso trabajo en pos de una humanidad libre, bendiciones

  7. Thank you Neil for this wonderful news. God Bless.

  8. Marion Pillwein

    October 27, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    Great to see you and hear you, glad you’re feeling better. I am not to much a writer, but to let you know I care and when I finish up here in Germany and move back to the usa, I would like to help.
    Sincerely Marion

  9. I find it sad that the ‘regular person’ out there cannot get these medical miracle machines due to shortage of funds……

    • This is just the beginning. We have to start somewhere and many people have made the ultimate sacrifice to get this far.

      Be well aware of that. You are aware of the adversaries and what it takes to bring about a paradigm shift – or two…

  10. Timing is everything – especially with the truth – thank you so much Neil and the group working together – people are searching and finding out and are ready, willing, and those that are able will prevail – Truth and Righteousness Prevail
    I read the end of the book and know who wins!!

  11. Hi Neil ,great to see you again. Your
    info and video were welcome. Hope
    ‘we’ can get the bad guys before they
    get the gold.
    By the way , New republic , Gesara ,
    rv, Paul Ryan sworn in as corp president,
    election to be cancelled , it’s the Truman
    Show halloween style. Love some

  12. I can hear your spunk and “self” in your video ………. YAHOOOOOO
    Thank you for the update on the cabal and their games. Their desperation is showing everywhere. Millions are paying attention. We are ready to help fill those FEMA camps with the cabal and their minions.

    The healing machines are beyond what we could imagine. Finally something to combat the damage inflicted upon millions in our world. A true blessing for humanity.

    Neil and Group K, many blessings for ALL that you do! Thank you !
    May each of you receive blessings abound. There are no words for the gratefulness we feel for the work you all do. You fill our hearts with hope and joy.

  13. Live long and prosper! _\\//

    • You look a picture of health Neil,its wonderful to see,this is visible proof the new technology works, and can help all humanity and maybe the animal kingdom too.
      Bless you and the team for not giving up this noble quest.
      Love peace harmonies.

  14. Thank you. Truly. Inadequate I know. I never post but I read. THANK YOU. Blessings.

  15. GOD Bless You Neil!
    Boy Am I Confused?? New Republic , Dunnford, Ryan, Now Trump is the savior?
    Who is the United States now The above , Barry , Hillary, Bush’s?
    Now the above post about all that AU and the bad guys still operating. When Dunnford , Ryan in Office ?
    GOD Bless Us All

  16. God bless you, Neil,
    I pray for the healing machines to be available soon. I have a 15-month old granddaughter who has something terrible that the doctors can’t seem to put a finger on. Her blood is messed up, skull not growing, has bowel issues and is on many laxatives a day. She is the size of a 6-month old, can’t sit up without being propped up, does not crawl/walk. A very precious, smiling baby in much danger. Only prayers are available to us right now.

    • If it were my grandchild, this is what I would do while I was waiting for a healing machine. I would remove all toxins such as chemicals, pesticides, carpeting and paint from the household and anywhere she plays. Better yet, I would move to a different home and preferably out in the country. I would remove any toys that she may put in her mouth that may be toxic. I would not give my granddaughter any kind of baby formula or any kind of processed food, or allow any vaccinations. I would give her only spring water or well water that has been tested as “safe”, fresh organic fruit and vegetables and freshly made juices. I would contact the Gerson Institute ( and ask for help. I would follow all of the suggestions in the book “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About” by Kevin Trudeau. I would take her to an Ayurveda doctor and holistic doctors.

  17. AAAWWW !!!! I wasn’t expecting the scary mask. Good to hear that you’re healthy again . I heard speaker of the house Paul Ryan was going to be our new president not Trump. I was wondering if this was true. Also. With this new change in the monetary system that we’re going through that will bring back precious metal backing. Is Gold and Silver really going up in valued or is it all talk. Just wondering. Anyways. Good to see you in good spirits. My thanks to you, and group K. Jerry

  18. Linda Church McConnell

    October 27, 2016 at 7:02 pm

    Neil: Thank you for being you and for EVERYTHING that you and your group have been, and are still doing. Grateful to know that you’re well. Like thousands of others, I can hardly wait to use the healing machine. You fill my heart with hope.


  19. Thank You, I see the bright Lights of home, keep it up, God Bless

  20. What’s the heck? You just said the GCR is a go. Now you say the Cabal once again may have their hands on the gold and once again control the financial system.

  21. Mr. Keenan and Group K.
    Thank you so much on behalf of the New Republic and for all humanity as well. My sincere gratitude to the Chinese Elders, Source, Gaiya and all from the light who have given their lives now and past to bring in this Golden Age. That being said, “Kick some ass!” We pray continuously for your victory and safety for all who are of the light. As for Hillary Clinton and her pedo husband , you will be brought to justice for your crimes against humanity and all who are with the dark will be brought answer to the light. You can’t hide, you can rob the poor, no more sacrifices! Vengeance is mine sayith the Lord! To victory and beyond!

  22. It’s been a long time coming. I feel it. Our planet is crying. Thank you Neil and thank you for all those who have been fighting for humanity.
    PS: Don’t forget Fiji. The Fijian people are relying on Tailevu Miracle water to cure all diseases.

  23. Great soundtrack, amazing story. Doesn’t get much better than this. Thanks.

  24. To Neil and Team K. First, I’m glad to hear you are OK. Second, I’ve done all I can this week to help. In Texas, early voting has started and I voted for Trump. I triple checked to make sure my vote didn’t flip. Stuff needs to happen quickly, as a lot of us are getting squeezed. Although thoroughly qualified, I cannot find a job due to my age. But I have faith in you and your groups efforts. I’m putting the Guinness on ice and getting ready for the good times ahead. I will continue to trust and believe. Thank you, Neil.

  25. Great you are well finally some good news for all of humanity keep fighting For us all Neil God bless you all.

  26. Dear Mr. Neil, Your updates if totally true are having the same effect as those healing computers on my psyche . May the source bless you and your team.

  27. Listening to the Jimmy Cliff song just brought tears to my eyes.
    I got so emotional. Thank you for your post Neil. It is so wonderful to hear from you again!

    All blessings, safety and protection to you and trusted members of your team.


  28. I have been sick ever since I got the flu shot. Almost a month now!
    I will never get another one of their suggested injections. While I was there they tried to talk me into a booster shot and a shingles’s prevention shot!!!
    A big far NO!!! I have been so angry about the state that this great nation has come to I say God Bless You Neil Keenan!
    Forever Grateful and anxious to start with the humanitian projects!

  29. I didn’t realize the G. Soros masks were out for Hallowe’en yen. Very relieved to see you kicking ass still. Not great news, but with the positive energy from millions of wonderful people, you will overcome.

    Much love to you and your team.

  30. Why haven’t the authorities arrested these crooks?

  31. HI NEIL



  33. Great to see the cabal days are coming to an end!!!
    This is a very serious situation now then ever. Thank you Group K!

  34. Hi Neil, do you intend to sign the M1 documents soon?

  35. Yeah Neil, you are back on track – looking better than before. Hope to see the machines in action soon in order to kick BigPharma’s ass. They deserve it. Hell yeah.

  36. Ahh, so the fbi has gotten so much flack, they are now going to re-open the case(s) against hitlery ! ! ! Lets hope her game is coming to its rightful conclusion, and this Cabal will be put totally out of sight ! We are sick of this and it MUST END. I think we are at the place where NOTHING should be held back. Whatever it takes, GET RID of them all.

    • This FBI re-open ploy is just a False Flag to get everyone off track the
      assante wikileaks about hillary. This batch is supposed to be deadly
      for her. Remember he said, “he was saving the best for last” with
      just eleven days ’til voting.

  37. IT’s good 2 see U looking so good. Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J & Mr. T @ Fort Hood, Texas………………

  38. Hello Neil:
    Glad to see you’re on the mend. Trump has my vote. I could care less what others say. I know he will employ a giant vacuum cleaner and excise the trash out of DC. He’s not perfect…but who is?
    I know that you and your team (along with many others) have made countless sacrifices in order that we may finally be on a positive road. We can’t save everyone, but many are awakening in part, due to your hard work.
    Thank you again.

  39. Aloha Neil,

    Thank you for all you do for humanity and the planet. God Bless you and I pray for your safety.

    Me ke Aloha pumehana, (with deepest affection)

  40. Neil

    Thank you for your strength and persistence in creating the opportunity for a different future for this world.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your team.

    Gach dea hui agus dia

  41. Neil you and Richard are 100% right. Real estate has jumped in New Zealand by a huge amount. I’ve never seen anything like it. I sold in Auckland in February 2013 for $639, 000. Now the same house is 1,3 million. WTF is going on. Clearly there is someone or something driving this BS. I DON”T CARE that I lost a few thousand as this is not sane economics and when the house of cards falls then I guess the banks come in for the spoils. Probably their plan in the first place.

  42. Good morning Neil, am delighted with your progress & have great empathy for those exposed to the Big Pharma – meaning ‘poison’!! On another note I have been targeted by the media & medicines control council for the title as a Bishop in the Genesis 2 Church of Health & Healing in South Africa! It’s time for all to be exposed in order to save humanity from this mass destruction!
    Would appreciate more information about the Machine!
    Very best regards & remain blessed for what you are accomplishing!
    Lesley Barbeau

  43. I just love your tenacity! You and your team will probably never know just how much you are admired and loved. Bless you for continuing the pursuit, it gives hope to all that are awake and sitting up to take notice. You look great and that too gives us hope that all is not lost if we have personal health issues. I and so many others thank you so much for your devotion to the pursuit of this devious underground conspiracy . So many people have no idea what on earth is going on and you my dear friend continue to bring this scourge to the surface, thank you. May you be graced with good health and good fortune as you continue this crusade. God be with you always!

  44. I am curious to know how Karen Hudes holder of the trustee to the Gold Reserve as she has stated. This is just one Video of hers as to who she is :

    Your looking great and hope to hear back from you soon . God Bless

  45. Samydass Krishnamoorthy

    November 18, 2016 at 10:23 am

    Hello Mr. Neil Keenan,

    Allow me to sincerely thank you for the wonderful work you are doing to save our planet from the Rothschild/ Khazarian/ Zionist/ Vatican mafia. This is truly a great undertaking.

    I am a Malaysian of East Indian descent living in Los Angeles, CA.

    I am a very conscious and spiritual person; I am into yoga and meditation, promote the virtues of vegetarianism and living a simple life and a life of high thinking. My goal in life is God (Lord Rama).

    I truly believe in and am fully aware of our space brethren, the Pleadians,
    the Andromedans, the Sirians etc. I used to subscribe to newsletters channeled by the Pleadians and other space brothers/sisters. I enjoyed reading deep and rare truths and facts spoken by Commander Hatonn/Aton, Jesus Sananda Christ and others. In fact I continue to enjoy the channeled works called “The Phoenix Journals”.

    Thank you Mr. Keenan for your noble mission. May God bless you richly.

    Samydass Krishnamoorthy
    November 18th, 2016.

    Jai Shree Ram!

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