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Let The Battle Begin

It is ‘We the People’ vs. The corrupt, perverted, demented establishment.


To: ‘The English Insider’ And The Honorable Lord Blackheath (House of Lords).

Dear Sirs:

For the past month or so, I, Neil Keenan, and Group K have actively participated in preventing from conclusion, a highly unlawful and damaging scam set in place by the players to keep the crooked Cabal alive (via the 1 Million Metric Tons of Gold deal), thereby creating dangerous setbacks for the world economy.

I am referring to the recent development of the “1 Million Metric Tons of Gold Transaction” exposed recently by way of

I have watched all the players (and I mean ALL) work overtime to quickly get this done so that their Cabal compadres would not falter and lose their financial status on the World stage. It was our intention to reveal their not-so-clandestine plot before it could reach completion.

I clearly see how the 1 Million Metric Tons deal ties directly into the current US “silent coup” and how the ill-gotten gold buttresses the financial fortunes of the elite ‘establishment’ once again, thus keeping their position and maintaining – as well as expanding – their control of the world’s financial power base.

In addition, it also means that the US election is nothing more than a façade or distraction to what they really are fighting for i.e. to maintain a stranglehold on the electorate… CONTROL!

On November 15, it is alleged that the involved parties will meet to split up the “spoils” of this unlawful gold transaction in the Malaysian Bank Negara or in the HSBC in Kuala Lumpur.

Should this happen, it is going to be extremely difficult to put the elephants back in the barn should they be let loose. Consequently, this gives the Cabal cartel an even more solid opportunity to turn things around on us for the worse.

The metastatic consequences that will be brought upon the people of the Western hemisphere will be so heavy that they will begin to parrot certain Democrats screaming, “We are going to leave the US if Donald Trump wins!” (To them we say, “Au Revoir!”).

To readers in America – should seriously consider leaving the United States if the election gets stolen for Hitlery – because your country will be going straight to hell. No one will be safe, not even those closest to her, as we are now being made so acutely aware of during these final, auspicious days leading up to this crucial and far-reaching presidential election.

Imagine letting that volatile fury loose while knowing full well that she is controlled behind the scenes by so many with maniacal ideologies harmful to our own common values and democratic principles.

What would we look like when she/they got through with us?

It would be the continuation of Obama’s bullshit, which means nothing to anyone of us, other than one great big fight in which we will catch and tie up the asses up of all those involved.

Do they actually believe they can win this?

Control of the US? The world?  I strongly doubt it.  No one will be safe on this planet if you connect the dots between the politics and the illegal deals/corruption.

They have done all they can to prevent us from stopping them, and yet, we are still standing! We have been knocked down many times, only to get back up with even more resilience and stronger determination to win this battle for humanity.

NOW WE ARE BACK UP ONE MORE TIME BEFORE THE US ELECTION… for far more than just for another battle. This one means way too much.

So English Insider and Lord Blackheath, we are now faced with a most urgent dilemma, one that needs to be resolved quickly before November 15.

Ultimately, It does not matter who wins the US Presidency, because it is a programmed distraction from an even greater “prize” for the Cabal: the aforementioned 1 Million Metric Tons of Gold deal.

We must stop this by immediately shutting them down through the Depositors who are not in any way tied into this deal. It is grand theft!

If we do not shut them down, your country will become a pile of rubble along with America and the entire planet. Closing them down is the ONLY option!

English Insider, we thank you for your invaluable assistance and crucial information in this matter.

With time being of the essence we believe we can stop this before it gets to fruition if we receive sufficient funding now to get this completed.

I have already expended millions of my own dollars in the effort toward getting the Global Collateral Accounts opened, but I have continued to have my hands tied as well as my life threatened.

If you know of anyone willing to give financial assistance in this matter, we will do our very best to succeed.

If not then we are all looking at “the establishment” growing stronger not weaker and as you know this will be our demise.  What say you sir?

Lord Blackheath, we respectfully request that you investigate this unlawful Gold Deal immediately within the Bank of England in order to expose and flush out the truth.

We will have all  papers soon but it will be final papers and the money will have been split already.  We might be too late but not so late as to file some real charges against the big wigs in England.

Jacob Rothschild

You do realize the Rothschilds own the Bank of England and the Queen is involved so it would behoove you to assist the English people to investigate this matter.

Liz Windsor

This is the evil you need to deal with and they have already started filing legal action against the Brexit.  

This is a game for freedom from tyranny and it is up to us in the know to make sure the people and most especially children, are protected.

The World also needs your help.

Thank you most sincerely,

Neil Keenan and Group K





The saying is: “It’s not over until the fat lady sings” – this is the fat lady:



Copyright © 2016, GROUP K, Ltd.


  1. I am not a number

    November 8, 2016 at 8:05 am

    I pray that this attempted theft can be stopped. I feel we are so close to breaking away from cabal control. We are awakening to our slavery.
    Much love to all x

  2. Thank you for update Neil and K-Team

    • Thank, my the tentacles of HRC are far reaching! Satan, satanic practices, etc., let us keep God in our circle..he is powerful…whether you believe it or not…I am a walking testimony to that.

  3. O thank you Neil and THE Group

    God bless you oll
    Love from Nederland

  4. Thank you Neil & TeamK for everything, You are doing to save this planet and us in the America and the world. I pray for your protection and Team K and all that are helping you defeat the cabal. I pray Trump wins the election. God Speed Neil hope we can get free energy and healing computers soon. Love & light Laurie K

  5. Wow, he is ahead! You say, Neil! I trust you and your information. This my feeling also! AND cherry on the cake, the exit poll has been declared acceptable and lawful. So… Watch out, cheaters, or we’ll whack you!
    On the western front, looks like some in the Clinton DNC are into pedophilia, surprise surprise, my my my (see SGT report site for that, among others) so under age girls are called pizzas and boys are called hot dogs. And so on. The level of depravity is absolutely puky and unbearable!
    For the Chi Neil is talking about, I have a Chi machine (the original being the Sun AnCon) which is very good. At the beginning you can indeed feel the Chi creeping up at the end of the session when it is over and you just rest, but -unfortunately- you get blasé later on and do no feel it anymore. Yet the effect are still there of course. Could be like the high feeling of runners, I don’t know. Or a joint , maybe ! Hahaha!
    Off now, don know how I am going to sleep with historic election on my mind. I am going to dream of Trump!
    I’ll finish watching Neil’s video tomorrow, tired! Mind in turmoil! :-)))))

  6. Well Neil what next! So good to hear good news about the healing machine…we in this world need something that works …so many tears and suffering of loved ones and so unnecessary….there is a lot of propaganda here in the uk directed against Putin! the cyber theft from bank Tesco is being directed towards Russia ….we the people on the street don’t want war makes me sick to my stomach…..Mark Carney still fearmongering pro Brexit and yes he’s going to stay on had to chuckle knowing he probably has his head under one of those dam guillotines …I so want things to improve so sick of reading of those particularly in the entertainment industry sitting on million pound mountains of fake money why would I be happy to read that? …makes me laugh when we the people on the ground are busting our b**** sorry I’m a girl …just to put food on the table…..there isn’t much going on to make me smile except you Neil. I’m an optimist so we will await with interest what happens with trump and Clinton …be interesting to see what’s next on the destraction scale to take out eyes away from the games being played…..are we heading for the abyss? please pass me YOUR rope! Love and hugs …Mary

  7. Thank you your latest information about you and k-group, Go ahead, the right way so far nobody could not go ahead of right a way.
    I trust you 100%. I am understand of Dragon Family little , so your intention is right.
    I am also study to treatment health system some of similar what you said but different, it will be save a lot of people who are suffer from various disease. it will be use a humaniterian purpose.
    God will be blesses all of you.

  8. If the horse knew how much
    power it had , we couldn’t
    enslave it. john

    • Neil:
      Thanks to you and your team for your continued efforts towards turning this ship around. We all know your battles have not been easily won and know that you’ll stop at nothing until the victory sign has been raised.

      Thanks again for all you and your team are doing and may God continue to bless your efforts !

      Semper Fi !!!


  9. I KNOW that u and team K R bringing it Neil. B safe and collectively with more knowledge the snakes will have nowhere to hide their devious plots. Godspeed Neil and team.

  10. Thank You, It is time to round them up, and be off with them, God Bless

  11. Dear Neil,
    Thank you for your efforts and God keep you safe. I would like to place a note to Honorable Lord Blackheath and the English Insider here.

    Dear Honorable Lord Blackheath,
    This is a formidable task to have landed on your shoulders. If we in this forum could help you bear the burden we would. However we do not have the tools or knowledge. Alongside Neil, we request your help and hope you can see your way to take the appropriate measures within your control.

    Dear English Insider,
    Thank you for your humanity and wisdom.

    Godspeed to both of you.

    Neil and Team K, be safe. Thank you for your valiant efforts.

    Our country is in deep trouble at this time.

  12. Are the Golden Dragon’s doing anything about this themselves?, . Where the hell is the good that can help, surely there is any amount that can !.

    We either do are die.

    Like Neil said: “This is a game for freedom from tyranny and it is up to us in the know to make sure the people and most especially children, are protected.”

    And just like Snowden said: “It is Time.

    Thank you Neil and Team for all you are doing, may god be with you always.

  13. I thank everyone whom is involved in protecting humanity . I thank you for my grandchildrens future.
    Hurry lock the cabal windows before they sneak back in.
    peace love LIGHT

  14. Thanks you Neil and team for all that you do. Time for and end of the Tyranny and time to take back our countries. We are rich in regenerative ideas, and we the people are ready to restore Nature and come together in communities to rebuild our World. Time to send the cabal packing, send them where they can no longer do harm. They have tried to dehumanize us and used the age old tactic of divide and conquer, and in some ways it looks like they have succeeded. However, we are the true first responders, in times of crisis, coming together to help our neighbors or protesting injustice. In spite of appearances, consciousness has been rising though you will not see evidence on msm. I think we are better than we are led to believe and I am choosing Faith in our future, we are ready! I ask for divine protection and guidance for all!

    • Faith, hope and charity; love, responsibility for our actions or in some cases, avoiding, denying of what is and has been happening for way too long. Wherever we are, whomever you are here..out of the UN..the ChemTrails need to go, HAARP needs to be sued..oh so much but this is the most important, down with tyranny, down with control, down with the whole of the cabal no matter whom they are or where they are.

  15. I read the end of the Book and know who wins …
    in the disclosure and revelation of the total evil we are seeing this unfold
    before our very eyes and righteousness does prevail – we all play our
    part for that which we are called – thank you Neil and group and our Divine King intervenes as a well played out orchestration

  16. Well it certainly good to see you doing so well and laughing again, Neil. The machine has worked wonders on you. Congrats!

    I think it is also important to stop the 1MMTG transaction because you know as well as I that the evil elites will use that money to bankroll a war against Asian areas who are trying to buck the banksters off their backs. War will also be declared on N Korea and Iran because they are not central bank players. As a result many millions[ maybe billions] of people will be killed in the name of the greedy evil luciferian elite bank families.

  17. Alright!! Very Good to hear about the current situation Mr. Keenan!

  18. Hi Neil, thank you for your video.
    I really hope this great result that looks like trump will win, can help with the demise of the cabal and really help with humanity. I hope you will be talking to Donald soon and really starting to fly….
    p.s any news with the dinar or zims
    take care and stay safe

  19. I know not fully confirmed yet, but with the results, our hearts, at home, swell with joy. The rigging, the threats and all were overcome. We have evolution on our side. I MEAN IT! WHY? BECAUSE I FEEL IT, THATŚ WHY!!! The time is ripe, no matter what. This is not only happening on the physical plane. It is far beyond.
    I know people will not understand what I am saying, but I do not care. It’s vibes, guys, vibes! Call me crazy, go for it!
    By the way, the healing machine is, you know what, all about vibes! Yes, it is.


  21. Trump won, you called it a long time ago Neil.
    Exciting times ahead, lets see what transpires next..

  22. TRUUUUUUUUMP!!!!!!!

  23. Indeed, We The People & Donald Trump just scored a great Victory over the “corrupt, perverted, demented establishment”!!! Now the real work begins, as we roll up our sleeves, dig in, & step up to give assistance wherever we can to make our long, hoped-for dreams come true. We will prove the arrogant, elitist pundits wrong & hold our heads up high for all the world to see. Together we will make a difference in first rebuilding our beloved country from within. For far too long our decaying infrastructure was left to rot while the corrupt in Washington were busy selling out to “special” interests…

    Let’s also send our prayers & best wishes to Donald Trump & his family. They deserve our trust as well as our deepest gratitude for their hard work & endurance through this historical upset. America will be GREAT again!!!



  25. He needs help now from someone financially. Our blessings in heart and mind are needed, but now he needs material help! Please, someone. Forever must the protective light of the creator shine on you and your team, Neil, and all things good and needed come to you in this coming week of hardships ans struggles.

    With metta and prayers.

    Aleksander Wishman

  26. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad today. And my democrats US friends also! They could see the despicable sewer monster that she is. I told them to string her up! Hahaha!
    Trump won in spite of the rigging, which proves that his victory is landslide!


  28. So amazing!! Thanks for all you do Neil.
    Sending nothing but love and light! America feels lighter again….

    Looking forward to the future for all of us.

  29. Congratulations to the people of the USA who voted in Donald Trump as president you should be very proud over him because Donald is without a doubt a man who can take on the cabal and help the planet. If i lived in the USA i would have also vote for Donald Trump

    Thank you.

  30. We help Trump turn Florida RED. We rally, we put signs, sticker in the cars, drain the swamp and we became victorious!👍 we will help you too, Neil, to turn the tables around soon.

  31. Waiting patiently to hear the next chapter of this saga. The good guys are winning and will live happily thereafter. The End. Love and admiration to you and Group K

  32. The Delicate snowflakeTANTRUM!!
    can they actually pull this off! 🙁

  33. Hillary’s thugs still trying to steal the Presidency away from the
    P-E Trump. Link Below: What can be done to stop this action??

  34. Re snowflakes,
    Not being familiar with the term, I did some research to understand that meaning. Well snowflakes are all unique, and are therefore entitled to various entitlements at the expense of the tax payer. All you have to do is victimising yourself like the winner-whiner you are and demand special treatment. You can rely on the leftists to help you out in that most creative endeavour. All you have to do is cry victim like a typical looser.
    Now for a good belly laugh, check this:
    November 11, you’ll like that one, chuckle chuckle! To the other posters above, I voted Trump with all my heart, not being an American, hence unable to cast my ballot. What they do to you, they do also to us in Europe, destroying our ancestral values and culture. It is a cultural genocide and it is planned, with the complicity of our governments. They also want to absolutely destroy Christianity.
    Mr Trump has to be super careful (he instituted a no fly zone over his property and Penceś , wise decision). They will try their best to sabotage him.
    Nevertheless I have been jumping up and down out of sheer joy after he won the election, trust me.
    I am happy beyond words!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now, hoping the Keenan team deflects the latest threat! And the sonner the better. But vibes are on our side, definitely!
    Love to you all!

  35. Congratulations Neil and team well done!!!!!!!!!
    i really hope this gold deal gets stopped.
    look forward to you’r next video,,

  36. Neil, Appears externally we are more time compressed than realized. Can you please share with us, again, why your group cannot use some of the GCA gold as leverage to complete setting up the account to be operative? Seems that given the urgency to humanity, a liquid and working operation is the highest priority. Given the perceived total account value, funding the bootstrap would seem to be a fractional cost. Losing this battle gets us where?

      • FAQ Regarding Money Required Before Global Collateral Accounts Are Opened

      The Dragon Family never designated me M-1, the elders did. The Dragon Family appointed me in charge of their assets, which is approximately 80% of the Global Collateral Accounts.

      Why won’t the Dragon Family provide me with the necessary funds to go to Indonesia to go complete the task of opening the Global Collateral Accounts?

      Well, if you know the history of the accounts, you know that we’ve been holding the Dragon Family assets and illegally using them (the West) for approximately 80-100 years. They haven’t received a dime from that. The West has used it to strengthen their allies throughout the world. They’ve been taking care of the Western European banking system. They’ve been taking care of the infrastructures in the West throughout Europe, throughout the United States and we created a middle class because of such assets.

      At this point in time after not receiving a dime from their own assets, global accounts, which are registered in the BIS, which is also Western, you would think that they grew tired of taking care of everybody else and not their own. They’re giving us the assets to use, or giving me the assets to use, okay, but they’re not going to pay for us to use them. We have to help ourselves a little bit. That’s the answer.

      Why did I not choose to take the $134 billion and be done?

      $134 billion first of all wouldn’t be coming to me, it would have only been the Dragon Family canceling out the notes and having them reissued six months later. There was no money. The money that had been offered to me was $100 million, and then I believe it was $150 million and then $500 million—you had the World Economic Forum offering it and you had the United Nations offering—Ban Ki-moon and his people. That’s why there’s no deal. They didn’t want me to advise the Dragon Family that I was going to be taking money and everything I did had to be on top of the table and transparent, and it wouldn’t have been. It would been another theft—a theft on top of a theft.

      We understand Mr. Keenan chose not to take the $134 due to global humanitarian reasons.

      No, I didn’t take the $134 billion, because first of all it had not been offered. And if we cancel it out we have to wait six months for them to be returned. That’s a long time, considering the amount of money I had already spent putting the package together. It was $13 billion I was getting to do the projects, beginning with the Vatican. And that was free energy. The lights were going to go off and the lights were going to come on with a different form of energy. We’d have free energy today if Mr. dal Bosco hadn’t stolen the assets. So I went after them because I needed them in order to complete everything that I had put in place and all the time and money that I spent.

      To go further, I chased them, and only to find there was something called the Global Collateral Accounts and then I saw something much more important than even the notes that were stolen. I went after the Global Collateral Accounts., which means everything to us now on this planet.

      Why does Neil require money before the Global Collateral Accounts are opened?

      I spent $450,000 in two months, just myself and one person, back in late October, November, December before I got sick. And this time here I’m going to have security, I have to. I have to take care of the elders. I’m going to take care of the holders and the keepers. I have to take care of lawyers, hotels, planes. I’m going to have to be moving around for probably 2-3 months, to do what I have to do. Some things might happen faster than others and maybe they won’t, but I don’t have any time.

      Getting back to the M-1 documents that are supposed to be ready for me, they’re going to have to be changed. Because they go back to 1945, not to Bretton Woods, but back to the Bandung Conference in Indonesia. Everything goes back to a certain amount of countries that were not related to the bigger countries, the modern nations, and the modern nations are not included. Everything has to be included in the documents that I sign.

      All in all, you can’t ever predict a time, because they do everything spiritual. They don’t have a clock. They don’t use a clock. And when you go, you come and you go, and if you’re not called you stay in a hotel and play tiddlywinks or go into the village or get tired and sleep. The bottom line is you’re always at the time of spiritualism, not ours. It’s a different ballgame.

      • Neil, Thanks for your kind and extensive answer. I revisited the history and now have a better understanding. I’ve recently spent a lot of time on wilcock’s cosmic disclosure and also the law of one. Have now put it all together with your content and it is all just mind boggling. Thank you and Godspeed!

  37. Break the Million ton gold Deal- FREE HUMANITY!

  38. We’re all sitting on the edge of our seat, right now! God speed to Neil and the team. Vibes on our side!

  39. Thank you Neil for your work and efforts to finally free humanity from the treacherous Cabal! I have seen it mentioned that the Gold deal has been put on hold and will not be permitted. This news brings me such joy. I also happy to hear the progress on the healing machines.

    I know that with the help of our new president Donald Trump, we will be seeing these accounts opened to all of us and the world will know one day the full story and how the elders entrusted you with the responsibility to open the accounts.

    I hope to meet you one day Neil. As we sail off into this new world, let us be brave in our hearts as this old world crumbles around us.

    Out of the ashes of the old world a new world and a new heaven will be born. Together, we shall live in the kingdom of God for 1,000 years.

  40. Looking for an update…It is now November 15…D-day… Anything?

    • I think that Good will fend off evil in the unseen spiritual realm, thus preventing the theft of the 1 Mil .metric tons of Gold, or at least postponing it.

  41. Hi Neil,
    I am looking for clarification. On your Nov. 12th post, you said…I’m going to have to be moving around for probably 2-3 months, to do what I have to do….
    Does this mean we are at a minimum of 2-3 months out before GCA accounts could possibly be opened?
    Thank you for all your dedicated work on this extremely important project!

  42. Quite be!!! Is what quite is!!!!

    Wishing you well!!!

    Best regards Charles

  43. Hi Neil and Team,
    I was just wondering if you have any news on the dinar and zims,,,i thought they where kicking off to ?
    Hopefully we will see a new video soon
    take care

  44. A Word to the Wise

    November 16, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    With the outcome of Donald Trump winning the Presidency, it is wise to now pay close attention regarding whom he selects for his cabinet as well as for his most trusted advisors. It’s crucial that We The People who elected him to remain alert as the so-called “power” shifts. For example, a note of concern is John Bolton who is a Neo-Con. Too, Goldman-Sachs has a former partner in the mix.

    Donald Trump needs our prayers & extra security if he attempts to do what John Kennedy attempted to do to change the current corrupt central banking system. Since the US national debt has doubled during Obama’s tenure in the WH, it is being said by insiders that the globalists would now love nothing more than to crash the system & blame it on Trump & his administration.

    Observe also that there is manufactured insurrection in the streets of America following Trump’s election that is being promoted & paid for by Soros & his cronies. Divide & conquer is their modus operandi for far too long. They will continue to stir unrest right up to Inauguration Day as well as attempt to infiltrate the new administration with “wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    We The People still have our work cut out for us to be aware, alert, & discerning, since real power is an informed & active citizenry. May God bless & protect us all…

    • Soros is at the root of most all this evil doing all over the world. A smart chicken farmer knows the only way to preserve his chickens, is to remove the fox out of the hen house. He does not try to train his chicken to avoid the fox, nor to simply be aware of his nefarious intentions and try to stay out of his way. This damned fox is everywhere!

  45. Hello Neil,

    I hope that you are in great health and ready to for the next stage.

    Awaiting your feed back with great anticipation.

    Bless You…

  46. We all wish you the best
    Snake hunter superman

  47. last 24 hrs BenjaminFulford .net has been taken down – unavailable

  48. Ben’s site is back online. Phew!

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