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They Are All Watching You:

A few days ago I received an anonymous message advising me that a major global scam was about to take place that would inflict economic damage beyond belief on most of the world.

They Are All Watching You: ‘Malaysia’

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak

At first I shook my head to make sure everything was actually working right and that I was reading it right, and hearing right and so on. Once I said, “Okay, let’s get down to it and find out where this is taking us”, I learned that in just one day, on February 9th, this scam would be taking place. Fortunately, the deal was postponed until some time after the Chinese New Year.

The players are ‘major players’ on the Eastern stage being manipulated by the Western or Western-educated. There is no question we are talking about the New World Order and the one person they are squeezing is Malaysia’s Prime Minister: Najib Razak.

The Prime Minister is apparently a good man who walked into a very bad situation, but it was his doing that set the entire situation off.

You can read about this all over the Internet, but this not what the complete problem is, because so much more is at stake.

This could be considered an internal problem in Malaysia, but, in fact, it  is a far greater problem with world-wide consequences. It affects many nations which thereby creates a second level of the scam including the scurry to find the funds to cover up the first scam.

The second level is meant not only to enslave the Malaysian people and their economy for the next 49 years to their newly found foreign masters; it would also put a quick finish to the US Dollar as we know it.

What is of grave concern right now is the $14 Trillion USD in a cash deposit in an offshore bank. It is real, and it is deposited, but the Feds, the CIA, Switzerland and others have already made it clear to this person that these funds cannot be used.

Swiss Attorney General Michael Lauber

Yet, here we have this serious scam sneaking up onto Center Stage ready to engulf the world and destroy many an economy. Who is responsible for this? None other than “Bongbong” Marcos, the son of the former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. He was born Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos on September 13, 1957, and is widely known as “Bongbong” Marcos.

Bongbong Marcos

His father was never a “Depositor” of these assets, but only a “Holder” of them which is an important difference. These were predominately Dragon Family assets that were used to develop most of the world at that previous time.

The payments relating to the leasing of those assets ended up in many bunkers throughout Asia from where the $14 Trillion arose.  Allegedly, this grand amount emerged from much smaller beginnings but went into a trade (PPP) where it was turned and rolled over and over and over until it became such a number.

Again, it is real, and it is in place. But it cannot and must not be used now, because it would damage or destroy much of the world’s economy!

Also, the releasing of such funds now would also destroy the world reserve as it is currently. However, the USD is now on a course to destroy itself with Kazarian Mafia characters running the show who are strongly intent on accomplishing this agenda.

Thus, this attempted play by “Bongbong” Marcos is pushing the crucial time schedule forward today rather than tomorrow. He might be part of the overall plan, as he is part of the New World Order, just as his father was. If this is so, then why is he not listening to those who are telling him that he cannot do anything with such a huge amount?

Why? Because he has the “green light” to move forward, and, if so, it is up to the rest of the world to stop such a perilous move! It will be widely destructive enough to each and every nation.

4.5 Riggits to $1 USD is the exchange to take place on February 9, 2016. (The deal has now been postponed, in order to sneak it through after the Chinese New Year).

30% of this is to be returned to kickback the Cabal cronies who are involved in the deal with the rest being turned over to Bongbong.

The original 1MBD deal was so shaky that even Goldman Sachs has run away from it, with Chairman Tim Leissner resigning his post in Singapore.

He has taken “personal leave” amidst corruption scandals associated with Malaysia’s state-owned 1MDB fund, with which Goldman Sachs worked closely – and they seem to be getting the hell out of Dodge.

On the other hand the PM would love for this to end BUT he has nowhere to go.

Mr. Razak is to be the scapegoat for this entire fiasco and he is helpless. They have cornered him and are about to toss him under the ‘world’ bus.

In the meantime, there has been political infighting in Malaysia for the PM’s position as well as that of the Governor of the Bank. This smells like something we are getting used to, the New World Order.

Yeah, they would love to get their own guy into the PM’s position or the Governor of the Bank. If so, they would then control Malaysia, and, therefore, begin their Asia Conquest.

This one is not very hard for us to figure out, but it might be difficult to prevent from happening. So everyone needs to call the office of the Governor of the Central Bank of Malaysia and let them know we are aware of this scam, that “All eyes are upon you”! We do not want it or need it. Our plate is full, thank you!

Remember this is not a David Copperfield magic act where now you see it, and now you don’t. One minute Malaysia will have $14 Trillion, minus the 30% kickback, and the next day, they will have nothing! This leaves Mr. Marcos with Trillions in Ringgits, the NWO with 30%, and the Malaysian government with zero.

What more does one have to say? On the one hand, yes, you will have a new PM and/or a new Governor of the Central Bank. I guess you could bet your eyetooth that they will be positioned into place by the NWO, similar to what we have already seen in Italy and Greece.

Remember, from what I have seen from the accounts, “Bongbong” never held any such numbers in any account. If something was left to him in his father’s will (I have read the will), then he should understand his father was a “Nominee”, not a “Depositor”, which is a big difference!

Should anything transpire of such magnitude, then the banks have to be personally held responsible along with “Bongbong” and the lower-level players who are being paid to shut up. They must all be tossed into the mix and brought to justice.

Malaysia, you have your hands full, but you can do it with just making a few immediate phone calls to the PM’s and the Governor’s offices. You must stop this! The world must stop this! Let them know you are watching them, because, right now, as I write this, the satellites in the sky are on them. And the jails are getting warmed up for them.

One final note, and I want those involved to seriously think about what I say:

“If you know about the above, then can you imagine what they will do with you when they arrest you?”

”I am only the messenger, and I want to prevent this, so this is why I submit it for the world-at-large to see.”

The graphic below provides the Malaysian names, corporations, and government representatives involved with the 1MDB. You can see for yourself “Who’s Who” in this game. Many have fled or are about to flee, but others stay for greed.

1MDB Saga: The Players: (But in many ways they are also the scapegoats)

Click here to open a larger version of this image in a new window

 One further question I have is: “If they are allowed to dump $14 Million USD into the World Market, just how much value will the US Dollar have?”

I will tell you how much… and I have no idea of the money game… Nothing!

Neil Keenan & Group K.




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  1. What a shameful disaster .
    A glass building built around their ells is needed to lock them all inside so we can ALL watch from a public TV channel. To watch the these evil doers enjoy their $1. A day dish washing job along each others company. A bunch of lizards in one glass house enjoying Monsanto food ,no internet with their TV tuned to The Maury show or Fox news . Then Monsanto food is to be served which is still too good for these evil blood Sucking leeches.
    Let them sit outside and breathe the aroma of chemtrails sprayed over their heads. Oo yes ship in water from Michigan for them to drink. Even ship bottled from Salisbury NC water source their way.
    Thank you to everyone helping to make my planet and better place.
    Peace and Mahalo. I’ve been waiting for your update.
    I wish for these evildoers nothing more than they have forced upon we innocent humans.
    Don’t forget to vaccinate each and everyone before they enter their new glass home. They are to receive the same vaccines forced upon our infants and small children. And a flu shot every year. And to pay for their own medical. No freebies they must pay for All they use plus rent while in their new glass house. Whats good for the goose is good enough for the gander.
    All sounds more than fair.

    • Very well said, mahalo!

    • Do not forget to pipe into their cells, the jet stream filled with Fukushima radiation, as well as the fumes from the LA area methane leak. They also get to eat Corexit laden ground feeding crawfish from the gulf……crude oil included.
      And every day, for one hour, at an unannounced time, strong electric currents will course tnrough their cells and body. Let them be stressed day and night while they await their next barbaric reality therapy.
      They will also take turns being the sex slave of the entire group, just as tney have subjected so many innocent women and children into sexual slavery.

    • Amen! and now they murdered Scalia. Who will they try to take out next?

  2. You are not considering that people are under drugs which are in our food, ect…if we don’t start my algae program, you will die from their poisons. Taking algae detoxes the body from heavy metals such as cadmium, Mercury, radiation ect….plus it give ur body 35% increase in immunity. Allow me to teach people about this. Algae is also used for fuel and wastewater management that cleans the environment.
    But I will be ignored and you will suffer….because nobody will listen.

  3. Neil
    There must be an easier simpler way of telling this whole sorry story so as to awaken normal peoples to what was, is and is yet to come.
    I’d like to see you tell this whole story keeping it basic and simple so it will go viral and fast. I wish you well in everything you do… David

    • This has already been done as succinctly as possible in the History & Events Timeline section of this website. We do not have time to spoon feed people further. People need to wake up, grow up, and do some work themselves.

  4. If what this man says is true and many other sites agree “Obama’s not American, the banking corruption, cabal plans, crash of the usd etc. Wouldn’t it all be legal by “tacit silence” I think that’s the word, it means if we remain silent we agree. But if it is true how does telling one corrupt group that the other corrupt group is corrupt going to help? If this plan of total control is true and planned many many years ago it stands to reason most current players are helpless to do anything. Can any setting president trust the people to help? We’ve been taught that someone from the skies is going to fix it if the government doesn’t? Wow talk about “a rock and a hard place”. This makes one really question the meaning of life itself!!! It would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

  5. I’m with David. How can we describe this story as simply as possible so the average (I’m sorry to say) moron can understand? Viral! Yes, this ABSOLUTELY needs to go viral; but the complexity IMMEDIATELY gets a “deer in the headlights” stare and I find I’m wasting my time, that I’m talking to the deaf and dumb and they’re right back to whatever mundane thought they were having before I started speaking! The frustration is off the charts. PEOPLE WILL NOT LISTEN!
    And the so-called “white hats”…what the hell are they waiting for?! I mean it! How freaking bad does it need to get before they suck it up and act?! The few brave souls out there are too few and end up shot in the back or the face like MrFinnicum.
    Yeah, I’m venting! But this is a place where I can, and people understand what the hell I’m saying.
    But I sure understand now why Killary and Obama and the Bushes and Cheneys and other cabal criminals are still at large.
    I am sadly losing ALL confidence in our American military. That they have not acted yet, ASTOUNDS me!!!!
    I cannot shout loud enough to confirm how dumbfounded I am that our good military has not acted yet!!! Seriously, what the hell are they waiting for?!!!
    Sorry, I guess I’m done.
    Thank you, Neil and team for all you have done and continue to do. God bless. God bless everyone.
    I pray that all this works out for the best for humanity and ultimately for peace.
    Again, thank you so much, Neil and Team K. God bless you every one.

    • I think its called Major Blackmail, everybody who is somebody has something they do not want known. Such as the fact that Obumer is not only illegally in office, and a habitual liar, but he is also a born in Kenya African homosexual. Some people have deep secrets to hide. Thank you Neil for being true.

  6. JB Brown/Great Gramy J

    February 9, 2016 at 5:32 pm

    I know Ur doing the best U can. Thanks 2 U & Ur team 4 all U’ve done & do & 4 not giving up no matter what. Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J.

  7. this all needed done in 2008, no one moved to make it happen and this is what we get

  8. Boy Oh Boy….it seems those like David and the rest of us who are fully awake have the same frustrations……with the same type of people who live among our lives…..can it be that one person per family & friends is working so hard to wake each and everyone of them up to this horrific reality…..but it’s falling on deaf ears ?? Everyone I talk to is feeling that frustration….of not being able to do a damn thing about those we care about… ?? I can’t help sometimes feeling like a very small pee-on in all of this…especially when you can’t get those around you to listen. I We need to learn more about who these Khazaran Mafia are and what their plan has been….and for how long… their end game…please go here and read what you can…then share it…..How much do the People really know about the Khazaran Mafia?? How much do The People know of the plan… for us and the world by these evil monsters?? Please learn as much as you can and share it…… these bastards are everywhere…including our Military…..if anyone wants to understand why we cannot get their attention…..these evil own the U.S. our Congress…Senate every damn person…place…and thing….As for waking people up….I am afraid we will have to consider the facts….that we will be seeing so many become casualties….because of their unwillingness to see and hear…. of this plan to take the world down. God Bless you Mr.Keenan and Team.

  9. Due to the time constraints, I believe the folks we need to focus on are those in Malaysia at ground zero. This is all to surreal for most westerners. I knew the cabal would have more ammo up their leathery sleeves. Thanks for the updates Neil and co., but I have to ask, most cv’ers want this to collapse sooner than later, is it not a godsend? Maybe then our military will respond accordingly? In Truth, this IS all in Gods Hands.

  10. Very important info. Thank you Neill & Team K.
    I too have had trouble trying to wise people up.
    I spent the last year trying to talk with people about
    the real history of Ireland. I could get more reaction
    from the back end of a bus. It’s rotten to say but they
    seem to like living in this gangsters paradise.
    I did get one or two positive responses ok but
    the respondees did not bother to look for
    evidence themselves.
    It is disheartening but there it is.

  11. Ohhhhhh here I go again. Not so hard to understand why this as been going on and on. Here is a simple example Mobile gaming revenue in the United States from 2013 to 2016 (in billion U.S. dollars) now this is just mobile, think gaming systems xbox live,wii and playstion. All the people from ages of 5 years old to their 50’s spending days and nights. Ohhhhhhhhhhh and that’s right!! Controlled by bill gates and so called mind control. Our generation is numb in the upper part of their bodies (THE BRAIN).

    Want to get billions of people to realize what wrong is going on. Have a group Hack the online games and mobile apps, with this massage. All online games will be shut down starting tomorrow and ANY ONE in possession of a game will be liable to prosecution by law and last, same as mobile apps. SEE what kind of out cry you get about losing their rights to sit on a couch like a bunch of useless maggets they have become because they can’t play games. You would have a revolution on your hands but screw the mass murders the governments are doing, screw the innocent children deserted or killed unlawfully. Sorry but there is no way to make this message simple from Keenan. Mostly his message falls on deaf ears. Just remember, he states it properly. (If you don’t take a stand to arrest these people, there is nothing I can do to help you). The message is very clear.

    • Charles, WTF crawled up your wide arse and scratch something fierce ? You obviously don’t know first thing about gamers! I can assure you that us gamers are quite awake, thank you very much. However we are as unable to do anything about the cabal as you are and what the feck difference does it make that we spend some time playing some games on a console ? In your sick mind we’re what’s wrong with this world ?! If you knew anything about games you would have realized that they actually quite often expose the NWO. What are you yourself doing to prevent what the cabal is doing ? Other than calling gamers “maggets” , you maggot ! So stick your fascist ideas about prosecuting and what ever else your simple mind concucted up where the sun don’ t shine.

      • My apology to you and the ones that do take a few minutes of the day to realize something is wrong, but if you take the time to realize what I said, maybe you will come to reality that If a hack as a joke was posted about games being banned. Many many millions would freak out about their rights. If you showed real pictures of slaughtered children,women,men,grand mas,grand pas. Not many people would sit there and play games long and also I mentioned cell phones. Study was made,called GOLD FISH ATTENTION SPAN. This is taken from the open mouth syndrome and fixed eyes, to a point a person says hi to one with their heads down while walking and they don’t register the human voice and at the end of this, the person is slapped in the back of the head by the person walking beside them saying hi and the person on the cell phone turns around to look what hit them still looking at the phone.

  12. Jeanne Scoville

    February 9, 2016 at 8:45 pm

    The seriousness & crucial timing of this urgent message is now revealed to those who are already awake & strongly desire to make a difference in outcome. Exposing & naming these crooks is only the beginning. There are good people in positions of power who can make a difference & take prompt action. Thanks to Neil for sounding this immediate alarm!

    Many Americans are also aware of the NWO plans to destroy the US economy as well as “downsize” the world’s population. For several years, Dr. Preston James has written many cautionary & revealing articles on the website. He believes it takes only a certain % of us to wake up & make a difference rather than waiting for others to do so. Recently, he suggests we are at a “tipping point” where enough of us are awake & alert to counteract the cabal operatives’ agendas.

    I will never give in to relinquishing my personal sovereignty nor wring my hands in defeat. This is also a “frequency war” where giving in to fear & hate only exacerbates the dark side to up the pressure on We The People to give up in frustration & defeat. We are better & stronger than that!

    Continue to hold, no matter what dramas or scams abound, the strength in numbers we share. Never, ever give up, as Neil sets the example. Trust in your own guidance where you can best serve & make a difference…

    Love to all…

  13. Thank you Neil and Team K for the update. I know in my heart how hard you’re working and I just keep praying that this will be over soon. It really is a mess and I’ve wondered a long time why the military doesn’t do a thing; it’s because whatever his name really is fired all the good people that have a conscience and love their country and their families. I hate to say it and I pray I’m wrong, but it’s likely going to be an all out war here in the USA very soon. The fake pResidnt put in power people just like him and it has to stop. The citizens will only listen and do something about it when they’re affected by it.
    Please be safe all of you and thank you with all my heart for what you’re doing trying to save the planet. It keeps my spirits up. God Bless!
    live oak xxx

    • All those fired mi,itary people know EXACTLY where Obama lives and how he moves about. ENOUGH SAID,
      They have the skills and means to do what needs to be done.

      • Ya Don, maybe they’ll do something, maybe not. Seems to me they just do nothing. Neil would know. What will it take to get them off their behinds? I’ve been at this for almost 9 years now and if I didn’t have such bad arthritis in my hands I’d be in the militias. I have no fear. I do lots of things on my own behind the scenes because I work best that way, mostly in secret and I could write a nice fat book. Do you have the skills and means to do what needs to be done? You talk a good game. Let’s see what you can do.
        All the best to you,
        live oak

        • Live Oak, get MMS Magic Mineral Solution for your arthritis and get rid of it and be well. You will make a great fighter! Go online and watch movie free Quantum Leap and circulate widely. I have used it. It works!


    Covert geopolitics picked up your story Neil. It’s going viral.

  15. Neil – u need to see this.

    @ 2 mins Karen claims to be new M1 ???? Did I hear correctly ??


    • Yeah, Karen says a lot of things…

    • Roger, not anyone recognizes Karen Hudes. She is a fool and nothing more. The WB has nothing any longer to do with the Eastern Deposits which represent the Global Collateral Accounts. The West is out once and for all. Soon there will be just an Eastern Financial System which the West will not participate in. the lines will be drawn. I said this three years ago and it is happening. We did Monaco and look what has evolved from that: BRICS… and so much more. Karen Hudes reminds me of the little Duck that used to scream the “SKY IS FALLING”… She is noting more than the Little Duck.
      P S. If she really had what she claims along with this Wolfgang character don’t you think they would have understood the Philippino situation? They are two lost souls trying to con the system. Nothing more nothing less. To hell with them both.

  16. Thanks Neil & Co. Keep up the good job, we’re doing our best to spread the truth here in NW Pa. A lot of thick sculls, slowly but surely. Love and Light, God Bless

  17. Neil , I’m afraid a lot of the commentators above maybe correct. I have not wanted to believe it, but it becomes more & more evident everyday

    – If we are awaiting a mass awakening of the sheeple – then (sorry to say) we will be waiting a very very long time (20 years +) …. And I have always been on the side of optimism & hope & active – but Neil , I think it’s time to face facts….. It ain’t gonna happen, least not in our lifetime.

    People of the West are far too comfortable with their ‘walkin-dead’ lives and are cowards – bar a few. Too few to carry the revolution we seek. – TIME FOR A PLAN B , Mr Kennan.

    • They will not wake up but soon they may all be dead….Then it is called game over

    • Roger you are clearly very frustrated but you do not have sole right to that.

      There are many of us doing our very best. Throwing a comment like that at Neil about coming up with a Plan B is arrogant, disrespectful and childish.

      There are many who have given much more than you in these efforts. I suggest you get off your backside and figure out what you can do to redouble your efforts rather than throwing a tantrum.


        • Roger, I respectfully disagree! Having traveled world-wide, including in the West as well as the East, I’ve met many people who are awake & aware who share similar hopes & dreams about healing our planet as well as ending cabal tyranny over our lives.

          It’s not about numbers, but rather, about the collective determination of those of us who are already aware to make a difference. The cabal & their “divide & conquer” strategies love it when we fight & bicker among ourselves rather than take intelligent action. This is a grass-roots effort of We The People. No one said it would be easy! But each one of us has the power to make a difference…

          Group K has overcome formidable obstacles & has a few more to go. The least we can do is be back-up support!

          Peace to all…

      • If u read my post again, u will find that the comment was regarding, the People awaking and doing something, (which Neil has clearly called for) – there are many moving parts here, with much todo; and seems Neil’s group (and others grps working at different levels behind RV, G20) are very close to completing their noble objectives – we stand in awe & in gratitude ,Neil

  18. PS . People of the West are far too comfortable with their ‘walkin-dead’ lives and are cowards – and that’s Evan if we get them to listen and wake Up.

    Not what U want to hear, but I think this now needs to be addressed


    • This is your own erroneous projection. How about getting out, meeting, & joining the many courageous ones who already are in this tremendous battle for the long haul?

  19. Petition calls for Obama to be tried for ‘war crimes’ in The Hague
    Published time: 10 Feb, 2016 12:56
    A petition accusing Barack Obama of war crimes and demanding he be prosecuted has been published on the White House website. It has already gained about 4,000 signatures.
    “We demand conviction of a war criminal Barack Obama and trial in the International Criminal Court in [The] Hague. He is guilty of crimes not only against the USA citizens, but against the whole world,” the petition states.
    The authors also note that “one of the most dreadful prisons in history – Guantanamo – continues to function.”

    The US added to the de-stabilization of the situation in the Middle East, too, the petition’s authors state.

    “Libya was destroyed as a result of Obama’s aggression. In Syria, Obama’s agents train, fund and organize terrorist groups, deceitfully naming them ‘moderate opposition,’ who, among other things, bear a relation to Al-Qaeda, implicated in crimes against the American people.”

    Last but not least, the petition accuses the US government of constant illegal surveillance.

    “Secret services collect the Americans’ personal data information on a 24-hour basis under the canopy battling terrorism, using electronic surveillance tools on political undesirables, effectively stomping on the Americans’ right for privacy.”

    If the petition – published on Monday – gets 100,000 votes by March 9, the White House administration will have to respond to it

    Well people time to get them signatures in, the pen is mightier than the sword

    • We have to fight back. We can’t be scared any more. I know many people will be reluctant to sign that petition out of fear. Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything. We need to be brave people. Please sign that petition and get these puppets out of power. It’s our only hope to make America great again as Trump would say! enough is enough. they want to kill us. did u hear me? they WANT TO KILL US! FIGHT BACK DAMN IT! NEIL CAN’T DO IT ALL. LET’S DO OUR PART. STAND UP N FIGHT!

    • I wish there was a place to sign this petition when not a US resident. if there is would be very grateful. My family extends from California to Main. My dad was the last of 18 children, he past away a year ago feb 9 but about 10 to 12 sibblings stayed in the US after ww1 and ww2. This needs to stop. Any information greatly appreciated.

    • Thank you JB. I’ll be watching this closely.

      • thanks Charles for bringing this to our attention. the atrocities brought forth by these ruthless greedy jerks in mind boggling. this has to stop!

    • I see there’s not too many people with the guts to sign the petition. and then they’ll be the first to cry and complain when they’re taken away… now’s ur chance. don’t be scared

  20. Dear Neil !

    What games are they playing ? Imelda and Imee Marcos ,Hagedorn from Palawan
    Sultan Bulkea from Brunei ?????
    Gods Bless

  21. No thanks required. I just want these bottom feeders to be placed where they belong. The first roasted pig as been served on a platter, all that is required is for all to feast by signing that petition, let everyone know.

  22. If you try to expose government wrong doings and war crimes, you are liable to be killed or imprisoned and in Julian Assange case, held up in the Ecudorian Embassy in London. See: The UK and Sweden are in breach of the UN law of human rights the governments signed up to. What hope do we have? They even allow massive chemtrails bringing poison down in storms and promote fracking to poison our water supply. After a storm, the atmosphere often smells and causes chest problems. People I know, are concerned,but dont know what to do as we are ignored by the authorities

  23. You guys are doing an outstanding work to keep us inform with your progress!!! I am grateful for that!

  24. To Susanne Stebbing

    Will come a day that we all meet our maker, that we all know. Realize one thing, if you were to pass on tomorrow and it would not be because of the government fears that you all talk about but of natural causes. Ask yourselves this, What will you have really accomplished by not standing for your rights of freedom? Answer to that question is simple, you all will have done nothing but complain about what’s wrong with your country and nothing done. When you stop worrying about death, you will actually begin to live life.

    • I recently heard Dr. Steven Greer say, “Many are called, but few have chosen to answer the Call”. So each one of us has to make a clear choice to move beyond the “3D Matrix Madness” mentality into a greater spiritual knowingness To access answers to our current earth-based dilemmas.

      There are ways to search for answers, both spiritual & practical. We certainly have had time to clearly see the current problems we face during this time of tremendous change. Continuing to lament the problems is akin to chasing our “tails”. Spewing hatred & spinning in toxic infighting is also highly corruptive, getting us nowhere.

      As Neil has repeatedly advised us, NOW is the time to do something rather than wait for others to take action. Of course, this requires our willingness to do some soul-searching & praying or meditating as to where & how we can best serve. It also requires us to “think outside the box” & see the world with new eyes, clear hearts, & deep courage. How we choose to participate & make a difference is entirely up to us, but conscious choice is definitely required. Freedom demands this of us, to be sure!


  25. I just got this in an email from a friend. Very troubling. I don’t believe it was natural causes at all, despite his age. He was the only one on the supreme court that I respected; I feel he did his best doing his job the best he could with a bunch of libtards on the bench making his life frustrating and miserable. He wasn’t afraid to speak up and I liked him for that.

    RIP Antonin. Vaya con Dios my friend.
    live oak

    • This makes the elections critical.

      • All these corporate idiots need removed first live oak. Our govt structure is fine the crooks fraudulently holding offices need contained. “The Battle of Athens” right here in the states that not many know about may be repeated. Don’t see a way to have fair elections with digital voting machines and these criminals still walking around free. Please study@ and We must demand common law be reinstated-she will teach you how. Time for “Constitutional Sheriffs” to stand tall and lead. We are heading to put these demonic crooks in a pen- the ones that survive anyway. Find out where your Sheriff stands- read Judge Folchs letter. Love ya liveoak

        • I know about Anna von Reitz because of Neil and Team K. I believe a massive civil war is on the horizon…God help us and I hope I’m wrong.
          Thanks tina. Love ya too.
          live oak xxx

  26. NEIL


  27. good info,,,tnx neil,,

  28. 1 Dr. Steven Greer says: I live in Washington DC
    2 Dr. Steven Greer says: I need to be careful on whom I mention
    3 Dr. Steven Greer says: I spent my life career in the military
    4 Dr. Steven Greer says: I have over 5000 pages of documents in a safe at my ranch
    5 Dr. Steven Greer says: I have proof of technology that will free the world!! but you are not ready to get it yet.
    6 Dr. Steven Greer says and repeats for hours on end the same things over and over and over. Every thing he states in his seminars are things you can find yourself in libraries on the internet. The only thing he said that I didn’t know was the name of his wife.
    Here is a point I need someone to answer for me.
    Many people whom have tried to put secret info out to the public are either in hiding, had to leave the country because of death threats, been warned they would disappear or end up dead or are dead. I would say that’s a pretty much a way of saying what it is.
    1 Dr. Steven Greer talks about the wrong the US government does, but lives in Washington DC. Of last places to live if you are slashing the government. Pretty well would be a place to get the cross hairs of a rifle scope on your forehead would not one think.
    2 I don’t see Group K watching whom they have to mention by name, they do outright. Ohh and they don’t live in the US and especially in Washington DC.
    3 Dr. Steven Greer’s career in the military with very special ops that no one ever new and he stated that if any info on does meeting ever were spoken of, a bullet had his name on it. Ohh they must of lost that bullet.
    4 Dr. Steven Greer tell the whole world he has 5000 documents in his safe at his ranch. YES AT HIS RANCH! Ever think maybe that ranch would have been either ram sacked or burnt to the ground by now .
    5 Dr. Steven Greer: got proof of technology, so do I it’s called inform yourselves, Free Energy (TESLA) every thing you need to know,been out there for over a 100 years. Levitation: go and buy one of the little desk ornaments that the objects floats in mid air and so on and on.
    6 Well as for 6 you can do your own research. On that one I can’t help you.

    Greater Spiritual Knowingness: Simply defined as use your brain.

    Now bare with me on this one lol. Here is greater spiritual knowingness,when your brain tells you something bad is lurking around that might spread disease or invade your space. Reaction! Get rid of it right away. This will explain that point very quick.
    My cat as been watching and listening for a few days, knowing something is around in my house. Yes the dreaded mouse. Well this morning she caught the little thing, My cat reminded me of the Cabal smacking it with its paws flipping it here and there,grabbing it in her mouth and dropping it some where else. Basically torture til she would decide to end its life. Like the Cabal do to humans.
    Now here is the final point of this story, my hound dog was watching this for a bit and decided to make things right instead of watching this go on, he just got up growled at the cat, she took off and the mouse rand into the shoe closet,my hound ripped in the closet shoes flying out and instantly killed the invader.

    Greater Spiritual Knowingness my friend ended the invasion instantly!
    My 4 legged friend didn’t let this go on for days.
    Maybe humans might want to take a few pointers from mother natures creatures.

    With all comments I made, it was not to offend but prove me wrong.

    • Charles, Thanks you for your extensive research re Dr. Greer! Although my quote of his was to point out how We The People are now needed more than ever to make a difference at this critical time of so many forthcoming challenges, I do not personally know Dr. Greer.

      What I love about Neil’s website are the many people who comment here & share their concerns & opinions as well as their sincere support of Group K’s “mission”. What unites each of us is our respect for Neil & Group K as well as our prayers for their protection & success.

      There is also room for debate & disagreement, as we all come from many different cultures from around the world. What unites us is far greater than our differences.


      • Thank you for the kindness of your reply. My comments at times are taken directly by the person that I add to their conversations. It’s not intended that way. Like wise, I appreciate very much if someone lets me know if what perceive to be right might have a little dark side to it. That way we can all get more informed and pass the messages on. Keeps us on our toes and not get trampled over again.


  29. On a certain Radio Talk Show as I try to keep informed on this so vast information highway. I listened carefully at the conversation of Neil and Group K.
    The broadcaster seemed so interested in what was going on around the world about the injustice that is going on but on point kept coming up, he would ask over and over about where and what kind of security was protecting the bunkers.
    It went on to the point I said instantly something is wrong here.

    So what my Knowingness told me was to research this character that was pressing these ?s over and over non stop.
    Comes out this shady Radio Show is hiding quite a past that most of us would do to him as my hound did to the mouse.

    Latest incident was the death of a rancher in the Oregon Stand Off. No one new about when they were going in town. No told anyone, but guess who was at the stand off for days wearing a cowboy hat which he never does but blended right in pretending he was, video taping and recording everything. Yes he was in the truck that went off the road, one got killed, this radio host got charged with multiple charges. Ohhhh all charges dropped. Know back ground in the military and shown again and again FBI informant.

    They come in all shapes and forms. Prove me wrong

    Pete Santilli Radio Show

    Just listen to how many times he digs for info on where and the security on the bunkers, he always reverts the conversation back to does same questions.

    Previously, it was the Iranians who have intercepted 10 US frogmen while transporting “a top level ISIS commander into Syria from Saudi Arabia in order to replace the toppled terrorist leader Zahran Alloush.”

    Captured US Navy Boats Were Carrying Top ISIS Leader, USS Truman Intervened
    This time, the Iraqis have gathered evidence of another CIA covet operation to rescue ISIS leadership from Syria though Iraq’s Ramadi escape route into Fallujah City.

    Sat Feb 13, 2016 7:37
    Source: Evidence Shows US Helping ISIL to Survive in Iraq

    TEHRAN (FNA) – Senior Iraqi security sources lashed out at the US and its regional allies for supporting Takfiri terrorists in Iraq, and said that Washington is the main cause of ISIL’s survival in his country.

    “We have compelling evidence that a US helicopter landed in Albu Arim palms of Fallujah city to take out the ISIL leaders who were in contact with the Americans,” a senior Iraqi security official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told FNA on Saturday.

    He noted that other US aircraft were flying over the region to protect the airplane which was boarding the ISIL leaders, adding, “The US took out the ISIL leaders in order to rescue them from possible attacks by the Iraqi Army and security forces.”

    Check it out for yourselves, get informed pass it on.

  31. Neil et al,

    Ok, the markets are soaring over here today on all fronts and all I can think of is this story line, Please give an update on the status. Did they get funded? If, so I need to put in Plan B.

  32. Great News!! must see and read the post at titled “WARNING! DO NOT REVIEW THIS POST! TOP SECRET! this is a crucial step for every American. Like Drake says-“here we the people come” wow!!!!


    Judge Scalia’s murder is not just to silence a dissenting jurist but to warn all those who are moving to reinstitute the constitutional republic of the united States of America.

    Even the immediate family of the murdered Judge Scalia is not able to express their disgust, or are deliberately being silenced.

    If Bernie Sanders will keep pestering on the Clintons’ ambition to reoccupy the White House, he, too, could be murdered soon.

    The Clintons have invested so much on this objective with countless body bags for decades now, in much the same way as the Khazarians at the Wall Street and Texas have invested so much on the Clintons.

    Here are the facts so far on the Scalia murder:

    No autopsy was ordered for Judge Scalia;
    a non-homicide trained US Marshal tell the justice of peace that no foul play was observed;
    After Scalia’s body was transported from the celebrity ranch in Texas, closely guarded and shielded by a bevy of marshals, it was rapidly embalmed ;
    Scalia’s federal protection had been removed while he was at the Texas ranch;
    Scalia was found with a pillow over his head;
    Judge Guevara, deciding without seeing the body that Scalia died from natural causes, ruled against doing an autopsy—and a counter-opinion, offered unofficially by another Texas judge, Bishop, that she would have wanted an autopsy;
    Texas is home turf of the Bushes;
    The Bushes murdered JFK and Nikola Tesla according Otto Skorzeny’s deathbed confession

    Read more on Covert Geopolitics.

  34. So-Tina only thing I’ll comment on, one point to find information which most people just watch youtube videos and if that is the case, just pay attention to where the search engine directs a person to watch next. People will usually be directed to false info or lead you totally off topic. Can’t comment on you for I don’t know you but at least 99% of people will let all kinds of videos tell them the events. Simple advise: Don’t look for information from the inside of the sewage bucket, Look at it from the outside looking in, the information gets more clearer without the crap covering peoples eyes.

    One last event that one can look at is
    Petition calls for Obama to be tried for ‘war crimes’ in The Hague
    Published time: 10 Feb, 2016 12:56
    I kept my eye on it for a few days, come to point when signatures started it was almost 6000 within an hr from 1100 or so when people got informed. 2 days later peoples comment was that they couldn’t get on the site in the US and sign ups went to about 40 to 50 a day. Also the information on the sight was reduced to less than half. Need I say more.

    Have a great day!

    Prove me wrong

  35. A certain group a few days ago let out information on the Turkishs Government

    The General Directorate of Security (Turkish: Emniyet Genel Müdürlüğü, EGM) are the civilian police force responsible for law enforcement in Turkey.

    Wonder how many people have given the effort to inform themselves on this info. What goes on in the world away from the US is what the problem will be day after day and effect the United States.

    I’m not a Bible pusher but I still believe in a creator, which ever the one you choose is all up to ones way of thinking.

    Here is a short reality check: In most quotes about Humans in the bibles is stated in different words but basically comes to the same.

    If you hurt my people or condemn them of their land and do nothing to help them, I will send a plague that will keep coming over your cities and your homes and will invade you until all is gone. Basically that is what it says.

    Well hold on to your boot straps the plague is coming to you, all over the world.
    Humans have been watching this genocide in the east go on for to long. Especially when you know the cause is your own Government doing so, You chose to glorify it by turning a blind eye to reality.

    That plague is in the form of refugees fleeing because of fear and they will keep coming in waves and waves and will keep coming. Yet if it was not shameful enough that we have let these wars go on for years in their countries, we now
    treat them as if they were the reason for countries failing the economy.

    Maybe one day which I doudtfully think, you will except them as humans and not trash. Shameful just shameful to all who won’t open their eyes to loving the ones in need. If you don’t you are not Human.

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him or her drink. But you can lead a bunch of pigs to water and they will shit in it piss in it roll in it and last of all the pigs will drink it. Do all you blind eyed people get the point.

    I can’t apologies for this comment. I’m just lost for kind words to say it the way it is.


    • Charles I do not think it is necessary to use such blunt language. It is not the readers of this website that are asleep I think you will find, so there is nothing to be gained in berating them.

      • It was not intended for the people that comment here.
        I’ve been trying to spread the reality to most people that seem
        to have a bit of sense around my community and it’s like
        trying to teach a rock pile. Thank you for letting me know.
        I will specify that more clearly next time whom I’m talking about.


        • Yes I agree it is very frustrating. Many know something is not quite right but they are either too scared or too spineless to look at the truth lest it shatter their fragile little reality.

          Many have commented on the success of sewing seeds in peoples mind. A little comment or question placed in their mind in conversation about fractional reserve banking or those spray trails in the sky can act as the ‘thin edge of the wedge’. I have seen this work very well a number of times myself.

          • I am replying to post author comment as it relates to what I began a month ago in a small rural county 30 miles from where I live. Anna and her website has so much material of research I already knew about. The original Constitution was subverted to give corporations power to subjugate the worlds people into servitude. I have planted seeds of truth in my target county. My goal is to get that county to convert to common law. It is a ranching community and it has the smell of freedom loving people. I have done this covertly with planting material for people to find. I have confirmation the material has been found and reactions are two fold. Good and Bad. But mostly GOOD! Bar attorneys in that county and particularly one individual lawyer is actually wanting to know more. Wonder why?

            I have used the Oregon situation to my advantage. What just happened in Oregon can happen in your county. I am only promulgating the truth for you to study and maybe react to what I say. I have kin folks living in that county and they report back to me reactions they pick up on. One thing for sure they found my eggs! This weekend I am hanging out in various businesses in that county with my ears wide open! I am actually happy with some of the reactions. The county has a gun range and are very pro 2nd Amendment.


            3100+ counties on the wall take one down………….

            I will succeed in one county and that you can count on. If first you do not succeed try and try…………

            And my gratitude to the K Team for their never ending diligence and strength!


            I have served in the military and now I serve in a different uniform as a civilian.
            MY BLUE JEANS! Have you picked your county yet?


    February 16, 2016 at 4:02 pm

    S(top) Earn Living, You Better Organice It !
    Financial Balance Opposite Cosmic Balance, K(now) How or Don’t Know How

    Monetary Moon Cult or “No Cult at All”, Rule of Law or No Rule at ALL

    Rule of “Law Under Col(our)”:
    (Differ)ence Be Tween Bill Cosby, Clinton, Pay Bill, “Gates Hell”
    I Am NOT Black, You Are NOT White

    Hillarious Hillary Top Point of eMANcipation
    “…Hillary Clinton’s running for president of the U.S., claiming to be an advocate for women and that’s true – unless you’re one of those women unlucky enough to have been sexually assaulted by her husband… they are in the hundreds. These women have been sexually assaulted by Bill and then it is Hillary Clinton, as I establish in my book, who hires the heavy-handed private detectives to then threaten those women, to intimidate them into silence, so they don’t get in the way of the Clinton’s rise to power and wealth. Lees meer:

  37. A copy of The Last Will and Testament by Ferdinand Edralin Marcos reads:

    Mr. Ferdinand Marcos ‘y Santiago (acclaimed Bongbong Marcos which the Original one was already DIED sometimes on year 1975.

    Is the Last Will and Testament authentic? If it is the next question might be, who is this Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos widely known as “Bongbong”?

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