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There’s No Time Left For You

T’Was the night before Christmas and I found myself sitting alone.

Sure the Cabal was at the door but this was still Christmas, and the family was out and here Mr. Neil was for the first time alone with nowhere to go. 

Sure, there were lots of parties but he is not a child any longer nor does he believe in Christmas (a built up day created by the “elite”). 

Mr. Neil is no longer into helping them fill their financial coffers all the while setting “we the people” up for a final snare for us. Talk about being trapped, it is insane when it comes to this.

They have toxic chemicals falling from the sky and the average person does not worry about a thing not knowing that this and the new 5G is just a fingertip touch away from releasing what would soon be more powerful than Wuhan (the Chinese incident that left so many people lying dead in their streets. 

This was supposed to be an anomaly but it sure was more than this. It was the precursor to what we have today. Getting ready for the big show.

One person for sure has been on top of this for 14 years and chasing it down knowing it will be our end should we let it get out there and their beginning of a new era. 

They are looking to reboot their entire system, their existence all the while tossing us off the edges of the cliffs. 

According to them: We are not to exist. 90% of our population is scheduled to die. Their entire program would have already begun if certain groups had not exposed them from the very beginning (including Mr. Neil). 



But many know the stakes and what is up for grabs.

Only one group has their hands in it (Neil Keenan and Group K) but other groups all tied into each other and all potential killers of our humanity are just chomping at the bit. 

So much at stake with so few aware of what is going on and needed. So again we see Neil Keenan fighting the odds but alone you all are dead and should others push the Group K out of the way then kiss our world goodbye. 

If you have not noticed or read the many articles people have all been subject to seeing recently (and getting sick from) they have been laying on the Chemtrails quite thickly and we right now are all of us a little sick ourselves. 

Let’s not let it go any further. The bunker assets can be used to end the insanity of the “elite” and save humanity.

This land belongs to the people and we must do right by it.

Mr. Neil needs to raise $USD 65,000 immediately to combat these otherworldly entities at what is literally, potentially the end of the world:

The Amanah Mr. Keenan has funding awaiting him in Indonesia, but he needs this financing in order to get to Indonesia.

BTC      bc1qe8w82vrr2u5fk4gwrddax477xh8may5e05xd6d

USDT   TRWDXRtesHxjKz7gJp8TL6ZNc8fFH9y6vN

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  1. Hi Neil,
    As much as horrific “they” may try to make things appear to be, God wins (you and us are on His side), and the Enemy loses! THE END!

    Kind regards,

  2. Are those German pre war bonds?

    • I’m en route to Indonesia.

      Catch me if you can.

      Prince Peter

      • What is Peter Wagoner involving himself in now?

        The last I heard of him he was riding a wild horse into the sun. He was scurrying himself out of Singapore where he was blatantly shut down by Alex Li Ling Soon – a prominent businessman.

        In this case Wagoner who attempted to sell himself to me as being the child of one Mrs. Rockefeller. It turned out that this was outright bullshit.

        He attempted to steal my connection and my business with my friend Mr. Soon. It did not take the group that presented themselves with Wagoner long to be exposed.

        Many of the people present I knew, and they were there to keep an eye on things and sure enough Wagoner attempted to steal what did not belong to him.

        Wagoner was involved at this time also with Keith Scott – someone who has knowledge but thought Wagoner might be the real deal. Scott could not leave Indonesia for various reasons so he had to communicate by phone.

        Wagoner attempted to acquire money from Alex, who after looking at Wagoner’s proposal advised Wagoner that he had seen the very same proposal many years earlier from an associate of Wagoner’s who stole from Alex.

        Wagoner was telling them that I could not perform and he needed a chance with the banks in Switzerland (he tossed my name into it not realizing that Alex and myself are friends)…

        Alex responded that they already had their chance but he wanted to think about it. He then left the room with them all wondering what was going to happen.

        A little while later Alex returned with the proposal in his hand. He sat down and told Wagoner that he would not do business with him – and that slandering Neil Keenan would get him nowhere, which was ironic because Wagoner’s next need was money for a plane ticket back.

        At first Alex refused this request and after numerous pleadings by Nelu Wibawa he said okay. Gave him the money and sent him on his way. Alex was too kind to give such a con even a dollar after attempting to steal from Alex as his partner had once done a few years before.

        We fought and they attempted to advise others that it was us and not them. Hahhaha. We were not part of that deal, it was Wagoner’s scheme.

        He then went to the web site attempting to con everyone into believing him.

        Well, the answer to this is that I AM THE AMANAH in Indonesia and after hearing he was flying back to Indonesia I requested an arrest warrant for him upon arrival.

        Nothing he touched was real and he is just a big buffoon – and if you listen to him he will attempt to trap you into believing just how good he is.

        As you may know I went on to the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit and he went on to picking his nose. Beware of the con.

        Once again Wagoner is (claims to be) on his way to Indonesia. He will have some trouble if he makes it there.

        Neil Keenan

  3. We all love you so much 💜💜💜 Thank you for all your doing . Let the force be with you . THANKS 💜💜❤️

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