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The Midnight Hour

Just like the lyrics “I’m going to wait till the midnight hour”, Neil has held to take belief that people that have the means to take advantage of the offers he has made public will step forward and seize the opportunity.

This has not been the case. It is simultaneously frustrating and disappointing that the core belief based upon saving humanity is tied to giving them the tools to do so – has not held true.

People want to stand aside, see where things go, holding open their bags waiting for the Skyfall from Neil’s efforts to fill them with gold, silver, gems – in the form of their personal miracle that whereby his work at his expense will benefit them personally without their assistance.

That model is the cabal / deep state libtard demonrat bullshit Disney storyline – everything will work out; no worries be happy.

Well, it isn’t that way, and it does not work that way and it will not end that way.

Relatively few people help, a smaller number have stepped forward and an even smaller number have taken the initiative to do a little homework on the offers made to find out that not only are they legitimate – but that they can work out a creative solution that is amenable to both sides in acquiring the 1928 Series Federal Reserve notes as well as the gold bullion from Indonesia.

1928 Series A Notes

To all the naysayers that they are bogus, worthless. Guess what?

Neil is at the closing stage for all but a few of the notes with a single party the is bringing the notes on in phases as they accrue the required liquidity to complete each purchase.

Only two or three notes are left available. Guess what else is happening with the notes? Turns out that everything presented to you the public was not only real, but carries other hidden values that make each of these a complete life changing leverageable asset.

<Insert Pic of note here>

It seems like it has taken a long time to reach this point: nevertheless, it has also become itself a journey to understand the basis for the original gold transaction as well as the unwritten rules for either redeeming or leveraging.

Each piece of the puzzle has answered many questions both asked and left silent. Neil simply stood fast in his knowledge, and now it turns out to be not only correct, but very shortly rewarding.

This theme of superior knowledge holds true on each of the unique opportunities that Neil has presented to you (followers and the curious alike). Bravo Neil.

Gold Bullion

To all those that look for problems rather than embrace the attitude of looking for answers – sayonara bitches. The whales are about to feed and save on the massive discount Neil offered. The smaller, everyday people purchased nothing.

There have been a litany of rules and process driven questions regarding a whole series of requirements regarding the sale of gold bullion. The list is a million miles long. Documents for this. Registrations for that. Assay reports under five years, sample tests, security, sales processes blah blah blah.

Well. Neil owns the gold. Neil makes the rules on how it will be sold. Ultra high security, as well as privacy and confidentiality.

It turns out a couple ‘whales’ in the gold space saw through all the haze of artificially imposed rules and are taking the step forward. They will be meeting with Neil, testing the gold and then transferring the funds.

They will whisk away the gold on their own planes to wherever they are taking it. Simple. The cost for them to attend in person, conduct tests and negotiate face-to-face with Neil is paid for with the vast savings obtained through his discount.

One loyal follower outlined the fact that England – via their LBMA creation – must always be made aware of who what and where as well as figure out how to artificially impose illegal regulations to get their cut of the deal.

The loyal follower was curtly informed that Neil does not, never has and never will give a shit what the English think. Not their gold, and since they are not buying it – it is not their business either.

Well said Neil.

The End

The ending to this is at hand. Neil was packing his things for the short road trip that he is about to undertake that will end with him arriving in Indonesia.

While many watched and stood silent, while many stood there with their wish lists and empty but ready bags to catch a free gift but did nothing – Neil will let you know what is going on. Long after it is done.

Neil has paid for much of this on his own. Those that expressed interest in helping but shied away strengthened Neil’s resolve to finish this.

What is ‘this’? Saving humanity, albeit from themselves. Life is a participation sport people, and given the chance many of you talk a good game and did nothing.

The thing about the hype surrounding all the current AI trends in data and software show one thing – people are lazy and cannot think for themselves.

The more things have changed, the more they have indeed stayed the same.

God Bless you Neil. You waited till the midnight hour. When there’s no one else around.

The Amanah Mr. Keenan has funding awaiting him in Indonesia, but he needs this financing in order to get to Indonesia.

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  1. can you cash a mio dollar note issued 1988?

    • Henry I have never heard of it before. I need to move around today. They are very close to us and I cannot fight them alone. Others went home 2 days ago and Bad Guys moved in. Stay in touch.

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