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It is double pleasure to deceive the deceiver.

To clarify the Jeanne/James Show, Jeanne met James in a bar and the chit-chat revealed that James presented himself as a wealthy businessman with long standing relations in Indonesia.

Jeanne’s eyes lit up as this was a moneymaking opportunity for her to work a deal with James and Neil, provided James could sponsor Neil’s immediate needs.

James was agreeable as he recognized that Neil had superior connections in Indonesia that he could use in his businesses there.

So Jeanne introduced James to Neil, and James made progressively larger offers as he wanted Neil’s contacts and Jeanne kept pushing for her larger commissions.

The first offer was $150,000 within 48 hours, and the failure for it to materialize twice morphed into $500,000 within a few days. This too, failed to occur.

The disclosure of a high level and very powerful individual enticed an offer of $10 million. This also did not occur. So, we are past trending and into outright empty promises.

James, your Indonesian connections are rather suspect which you have essentially admitted to being a part of through various large projects that paid for your “mansion”.

The failure to offer credibility on other fronts requires a leap of faith that Neil nor his contacts are willing to make. It would be a safer wager that people Neil knows would have nothing to do with you.

Neil Keenan at work at President Soekarnoe’s desk at Soekarnoe’s hotel home.

Neil Keenan with the late Dr. Edy Seno at his house, Edy was formerly in charge of the Soekarnoe trust, after the passing of his father.

2011 – (November) Neil Keenan was issued a deed of Authorization and Agreement from Dr. Edy Seno Soekanto, who was sworn in to be the “legal heir of record as stated” in the last will and testament of the late legal holder of the Family Inheritance Guarantee, as attached to all the gold deposits.

This was ordered by President Soekarnoe between 1948 and 1968 when he was granted such Inheritance Guarantee as payment for his services to the World.

Neil Keenan with Tom Clines and Four Star Major General Jack Myers, whom both played instrumental roles in assisting a young Neil Keenan with his international endeavors.

So, forget about him ever giving you important numbers – ever.  And you were stupid to ask and offer a bribe enticement.

James wanted Neil’s connections which was his dream and Jeanne promised him so, but in return Neil would receive payment after introducing them. 

Hahaha! What a jokester. Kiss an Irish butt. And then Neil would be paid or not.

Neil would never fall for such a scam and he repeatedly told them so in writing! But Jeanne and this guy persisted in their attempts to steal what never belonged to them nor should ever belong to them. Such people are undeserving. 

They are cons and if either of you come this way again, bothering Neil’s real people, you will have your asses handed to you. You will not have a place to call home again. Jeanne – you blew it. James never had it. 

He even retracted his offers saying “his associates decided to invest elsewhere.” Repeat: He never had it! It also clarifies that it was their money, not his.

What sane financial investor would pass on a million-dollar gold backed note authenticated to be worth $1.75 billion especially in these turbulent times, and especially when the gold price is rising?

Answer: Someone who does NOT have the money to play the game. Minor Leaguers. Repeat: He never had it!

And Jeanne, you don’t get a 25% commission – or get to pass GO!

But just a deserved “GO AWAY”.

James and Jeanne should understand that ALL Neil’s phone and Internet conversations are recorded by various Intelligence Agencies.

He especially liked listening to the replay of your yelling tirade and derogatory slanderous remarks about President Trump.

The part about you being a former Army sniper and your desire to put a bullet “IN TRUMP’s HEAD”, should put you on “ALERT WATCH LISTS” in Florida.

Did you or Jeanne inform your CIA Friends of your intentions?

The NSA, FBI, Secret Service, Federal Marshalls, local Sheriffs and Police Chiefs and millions of Americans would like a copy of that Affidavit. An assassination threat to a US President or one running for that office is a very serious offence with long term incarceration and huge fines.

And it would likely be a winning bet that you will not be safe in Indonesia either.

How does it feel when you open your big mouth once too often? This is an interesting email that I received this morning that sheds more insight and an objective view on the Jeanne/James situation from a contributor;

Good Morning Neil. At this time I would like to point out that Jeanne believes a friend of mine to be an ally of hers because she is sending her text messages about all of the developments from her end. As you know she is claiming she’s contacting deep state alphabet agencies to get you.

If she wasn’t so kind and seemingly devoted friend of yours in the beginning, I’d say she was deep state herself. I don’t know what she intends to get out of this foolishness, but she has clearly lost it.

She really believes you sent her a threat. I saw the video, there was nothing I considered to be one. My friend and I have been talking this over and having a good laugh with each new message. Jeanne and James were obviously plotting a scam and you were clearly justified in kicking her out.

Now the duo are twisting and turning rather humorously at the end of their own ropes cursing and swearing in their own folly. It is quite the futile show so keep at it as it is better than anything else on tv.

The show will go on my friends! More coming so buckle up and make lots of chips and dips.

There will continue to be a barrage of quasi legal threats that are incongruent with fact. When the map does not align with the ground, it is the map that is incorrect.

And here’s the song:

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