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Out Of The Clear Blue Sky

For the last four years, as you followers are readily aware, Neil has been running through a series of mazes and traps to secure the funding necessary to get seated in Indonesia and start opening the bunkers entrusted to him as the Amanah.

Things have been difficult and tense with the state of affairs regarding theft of his money, elimination of his bank accounts, repeated attempts to fence him in.

This has a level of difficulty that exceeds all understanding when he has to take flight to other countries, safe houses and repeated threats to his family.

Suddenly, approximately four days ago, Neil was approached through his website with offers of assistance.

Thank you to these brave people that have the means to do so. The truth is, that economics are also preventing people from assisting in getting Neil to Indonesia because there is a scarcity of funds available.

Between dramatic inflation as well as declining revenues, this creates a situation for many such that the survival of their own family is paramount.

So a gentleman by the name of Sir Leonard Blavatnik and his family foundation reached out announcing that they are awarding Neil $USD 600,000 without any strings in order to finish what he needs to do.

Sir Leonard Blavatnik

This is truly appearing as though it is a gift from Heaven. Immediately upon responding to the original email, Neil was then directed to the law firm of Proskauer Rose LLP.

Proskauer Rose is an premium global law firm itself. The documentation requirements met regarding identification as well as process guidance was seamless.

This led to the law firm directly engaging the Royal Bank of Canada. The RBC paperwork was completed, and it appears that Neil is simply waiting for confirmation of his newly created online account to be populated with funds and then handed over to his personal control so that he can direct funds to anywhere that he pleases.

Seamless. Professional. Gift from Heaven to play a critical role in saving humanity.

Neil completed due diligence on the benefactor, Sir Leonard Blavatnik through internet and making calls to people that may have knowledge of him as a man.

The evidence was coming back that this is a top-class individual, and that the private equity firm he has created – Access Industries – is truly global and dynamic in the types of assets it owns and manages. It is truly a perfect fit.

So now, Neil is waiting to hear from Royal Bank of Canada representatives to obtain access to his funds. This is truly a magical day and could be a long-term relationship with the Amanah and Sir Leonard. Fantastic times ahead!

Thank you, Mr. Blavatnik, and to your private foundation for undertaking this monumental grant.

The world is about to become a much better place because of it. In fact thank you Sir Leonard for the massive amount of work you have already undertaken to benefit humanity past, present and future.

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  1. A Friend of Neil's

    January 10, 2024 at 10:12 pm

    Great to see the miraculous “Gift of Heaven” financially blessing Neil & Group K’s unmitigated efforts for many years!!! Here’s to your heroic “never giving up”, Neil!!! Now onward to the best of outcomes…God bless & Godspeed…

  2. Hi Neil,
    This is awesome news! Congratulations!
    GOD always wins, and the Enemy always loses. Our Heavenly Father is undefeated.


  3. Wonderful news Neil. Godspeed. With love.

  4. Allah is the Best.
    We are waiting for your arrival in Indonesia as soon as possible MR.Amanah NeilKeenan

    • Hi Hadi,
      What was supposed to be easy has turned out to be difficult. Once I get the funds I am on my way. Right now find it amazing that they continue to keep things away from me. I will do my best of course and we will win. You take care and see you there…

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