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Our Children Will Grow Old
Despite Your Agenda

Thirteen long years fighting with fake governments only to end up here.

Neil Keenan has gone nose to nose with the worse and the best and guess what, he is still standing. 

How much more can we ask of a man who at all times knew the enemy and where they stood.  I cannot say much more than what has already been said but do feel that we all must know that the walls are coming down. 

He is preparing his wonderful team knowing they have for many years prepared for this moment. Up to this point the cheerleaders have kept close eyes on him knowing this is the rare moment when the strong stand and show who they are. 

Well Neil will take the heat on this one, but he does know his team is tricky and has their eyes on all.   

So, if this is the case then sit back and enjoy what you will someday soon live to see; the beginning of the new planet. It is all set and ready to go and the Cabal are near extinction. 

So, Mr. Keenan and team thank you for all and please not only give us a rare showing but show us how to win. We deserve it after so many years and lives lost. So for my Mother and father I humbly yet aggressively state GO TEAM GO. (Group K)

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I do not know about anyone else but this Miracle will take place providing some financing assists Neil Keenan… To date he has managed his Trillion Dollar Lawsuit and nearly everything else with a few of his desperados…

His notes that were stolen are still around so much around that they are being used for criminal purposes in the Vatican Slush Fund. 

Yup you heard it people. Our very own Vatican and its Jesuit Pope have stolen Neil’s and the Dragon Family’s assets and I feel somehow someway he will come out ahead on this one. 

Once he does the flood gates open and the planet, our planet will learn what it is like to look at everything with a new perspective.


Josef Ackermann former chairman of Deutsche Bank came in possession of the Federal Reserve Notes stolen from Neil Keenan. This was facilitated through the Vatican.

Ackermann offered the use of his DB offices and further made attempts to handle the monetization of them and asked someone to handle the notes in his possession.

This person contacted Neil, and refused to partake in the profiting of the theft, and mysteriously died two weeks later.

The Federal Reserve Notes are currently in the Vatican Slush fund and they are illegally being used to generate profits. Keenan will demand compensation for the theft of his notes.

The ring of crime is not just the thief Ackermann, but also as collateral accomplices including Deutsche Bank and the Vatican.

This will be in excess of the trillion-dollar lawsuit previously filed. Time marches forward and Keenan does not forget.

We have been fighting for such a long time that even I on occasions do not understand what I have been trying to say.

It seems so simple to finish everything up and yet I ask myself everyday “do you feel the fears I am feeling? Do you understand you cannot run from this?

They hold the button and they do not want to see the likes of us around any longer. If the button is pushed there will be no one to save our world.

I often find myself overheating while contemplating.

How can we change a truth that knows no regulation? Senators alone cannot pass legislation and they are in charge of the above mentioned button that will set off our end.

Marches are cheap and cannot bring integration all the while human respect is falling apart
I feel the fear yes I do but there is only one way out and you just cannot get to that door so easily.

You must risk and put your life on the line so many times that you have to wonder if losing one’s life is easier than to win this battle.

Do we let go of things or do we cherish our loves and hold them tight and dear until that button is pushed. I can see clearly now where the buttons lye and know what to do but here I sit in my house trying to find the way out for everyone.

Is it difficult? No. Yet you find that the Cabal on this planet are backed into their corners and have only one way out.

I think knowing many of the players and it all boils down to one thing. They missed their opportunities to hurt us and now wonder as we do that is this whole messed up world nearing the end is really just to frustrating.

BEST regards and swing them high swing them low. 

For Neil.

© 2023, GROUP K, Ltd.


  1. God Bless you Neil and all the team who are assisting Humanity at this critical time in our evolution to rise above and beyond the Parasitic control we have lived under for Eons. Thank you all for your efforts to prepare a world full of Abundance, Joy and Love for Our Creator and All of His children.

  2. Get some sleep Neil.❤️

  3. Me gustaría recibir notificaciones .gracias un saludo

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