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Neil Keenan Is “The One”

Neil Keenan has been elected as the AMANAH by the Elders of Indonesia!

Neil has (as a surprise to him) been elected to lead Indonesia by overseeing the Amanah Accounts, and any and all other accounts and estates relating to the Amanah in Indonesia.

This might sound small but it is as big as M1 status considering Indonesia is ‘the house that Sukarno built’ – or in other words where most of the OSS World War Two assets were laid to rest. We are talking about Quadrillions if not Quintillions of dollars in assets that are resting their heads in just a few Asian countries. Indonesia is one of them!

The Definition of The Amanah:

The Amanah, is the title given to the one who is and has shown his concern, care and love for not only Indonesia but for all other nations in our efforts to stay alive and relevant.

This individual is directly responsible and in charge of the deposits in all the bunkers that were placed there by the Asian Nations who brought large amounts of gifts when Sukarno was voted the first and only Amanah.

Neil Keenan with the Amanagh Agreement (signed by thirty of the Indonesian Elders) and the transfer of power sceptre. Click here to view a larger version of this image in a new window

After many years of fighting with the Cabal / NWO / Khazarian / Zionists in attempting to keep them out of financial resources in Asia (and even the US and Europe) Neil has prevailed. He is The Amanah!

Despite the numerous attempts on Neil’s life you will find him standing, fighting to rid this planet of the vermin that crawl amongst us while claiming to be our leaders.

This time he finds himself aligned with other leaders such as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin; who are feeling and doing as Neil is.

Neither of these great leaders are alone, the planet is changing and it is time to rid it of the Cabal that has controlled it for far more than 100 years.

It is time to move on to real leaders who have leadership and diplomatic nous that will keep us moving forward without having to look in the rear view mirror to see who is catching up with us.

To date this monumental effort has been possible financially only by way of the money remaining in his pockets (after much Cabal thievery) and by way of his team and limited donations.

Shown above is the USS George Washington which was involved in an attempt to steal 250,000 metric tons of gold on behalf of the Federal Reserve of New York from South Korea. Neil and his team were responsible for preventing this.

Neil and his team exposed the corrupt administration of President Park in South Korea, thereby putting her in the spotlight which ultimately led to her imprisonment.

Read More: It’s Show Time

You can also read about the complaints that raised the roofs of the Malaysian Government and helped sort out the blatant corruption of Malaysian PM Rajib Nazak and his political cronies.

As a matter of fact you could have listened in on some parliamentary hearings in Malaysia where Neil Keenan was mentioned as being directly responsible for exposing the corrupt Najib Razak.

Read More: Malaysian Dead Man Walking

Neil is now the second elected Amanah after a 50 year or more hiatus. It is not because they did not want one, they simply did not find one that warranted the position. To be The Amanah, a series of rituals take place that will be explained in another post.

They had a few candidates that actually moved to the Ceremonial Rituals only to either die or have something horrible happen to them such as going blind or deaf after nearly completing the first stage.

This most likely scared off many others as, achieving the status of The Amanah was seemingly impossible. News of such events traveled quickly in the Indonesian Islands.

Neil did not know any of the above when he said okay to the rituals and he passed all 7 stages in an orderly fashion. For some this process was too hard, yet it was easy for Neil. Because of this Indonesia now has a ONE or SOMEONE who will fight for them. FINALLY…

This position is similar to that of being the “CEO” of all the precious items that have been placed under safekeeping for generations.

The Amanah document gives Neil full authority over the dispersion of the assets. As a further indicator of his position he has been given the golden stick or “Sceptre of Power” that was once owned by President Sukarno (see the image at the beginning of this article).

This sceptre has never been transferred before, the power of this sceptre has always remained in one place and the bunker doors have remained relatively silent which is why the West went about illegally mirroring accounts.

Neil’s holding this sceptre is the equivalent to the transfer of power.

We are not talking about a little money here: We are talking about funding in amounts so vast that most would have extreme difficulty in comprehending the size of the figures.

While we can try to get our heads around funding in numbers which we can barely imagine, Neil says that once the process commences, that we will continue to see that things will be just fine, as we always have said.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for not only Indonesia, but the world as a whole.

The Indonesian Elders chose the right man, they chose a fighter who is 12 steps ahead of everyone else in the field at all times – not just at this time.

They chose not a ‘talker’ but a ‘doer’. He is, as the Indonesians called him after rituals which no one has ever survived from, “THE ONE”.

Years ago , the Indonesian Elders stated that they had been waiting 30 years for ‘him’ and that they knew that Neil was ‘him’ then.

Neil responded along the lines of “Well if I didn’t know myself then how could anyone else?”

But the Elders persisted in their claim that Neil was ‘The One’ to the point where he was put through the rituals and was subsequently proclaimed to finally be ‘The One’ that they had foreseen him to be five years prior.

Neil Keenan has arrived and will soon be on the world stage with his team, a team that will soon become exponentially larger.

And then this will begin – the work that should have begun with the signing of the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1945.

For further relevant historical detail please take the time to read The History & Events Timeline.

(Especially Section: 4.02 The 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement: Power Bloc Coup )

Nothing can stop the juggernaut that Neil Keenan is putting together in a mammoth contribution in an effort in saving our world.


So now we leave you with this information, and the knowledge that Neil will soon have another update that will leave you astonished.

This will be what everyone has been waiting for.

That which follows will be a great ride for humanity.



And please rest assured that Neil is not going to change for anyone. He has arrived at this point by doing things his way and that is how he will continue.

And this means that what will ensue will be an extravaganza. It’s about time to sit back and enjoy a show second to none. Remember, it’s a Keenan thing. You wouldn’t understand. Neil is always 12 steps ahead…




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  1. Thank you Neil for the update it is very exciting so happy for humanity and God Bless you and your team you looked very goid in the video love and light Laurie K

  2. Neil,. Amanah !!!
    Congratulations !!!
    You are so amazing!
    You have presented great happiness to mankind.
    Begin the revolution.
    I will pray for you.

    Thank you again.

  3. Congratulation Neil,,,i send you all the Blessings you can
    possibly receive,,,,

  4. Yes, indeed, it’s SHOWTIME!!! With you leading the way, Neil, through years of so many difficult trials & tribulations…where most would have given up long ago…YOU kept on going! Your courageous leadership of our beloved Group K is an exemplary testament to how a small, but loyal group can do wonders…Most of all, your spirit has awakened We The People to do our part in making this a far better world. God Bless & Godspeed as the next challenging phase begins…Sending all love & a heartfelt thanks for ALL you’ve already done & will continue to do…

  5. Jeanne Scoville

    August 25, 2018 at 2:41 pm

    It’s “SHOWTIME” indeed!!! What a great tribute to Neil’s tremendous courage & tenacity through so many horrific trials (assassination attempts, etc.) & tribulations whereby most would have given up & walked away years ago.

    Neil, you’ve been a Beacon of Hope to so many worldwide, & I salute you for ALL that you’ve done with your enduring & stalwart leadership of our beloved Group K, especially on behalf of the developing countries that were brutally short-changed after the deaths of Kennedy & Sukarno when the criminal cabal took control of global financial resources. As you said, “There’s much that needs to be done” , & We the People will do their part, especially those who have supported you & Group K a along the way.

    NOW is the time where the course of History begins to change in so many crucial ways. We are blessed & honored to have Neil Keenan blaze the way into a more promising future for humanity.

    Thank you, Neil, for taking on this tremendous honor & responsibility of the Amanah. Our hearts & spirits are with you…every step of the way! God bless & Godspeed…

  6. This fills my heart! Cheers to the whole team!

  7. This fills my heart!! Thank y’all for your sacrifice and #Cheers to the whole team!! May the world proceed onward for the greater good. Love!

  8. Time to Rock and Roll…
    GIT-R-DONE so the new reality can start helping people.
    Let me know and I’ll help any way I can.
    Oh, yeah…
    Thank You

  9. Well, it’s 19:12 on the 25th August 2018 UK time, and I had been wondering where the hell Neil’s updates were, so I visited the site and lo and behold a new article…..must be the celtic connection….or a coincidence….anyhoooo, congratulations Neil, from Bonnie Scotland

  10. Michael Sullivan

    August 25, 2018 at 7:46 pm

    God Bless you big fella! Abundant thanks for all you do!
    Sincerely, Michael

  11. Congratulations Neil and team. Very well done! We are fortunate to have you leading us into a great future for all of us and our planet!

  12. God Bless You Neil & Group K. Many prayers have been said so You and Group K would successfully achieve your mission. CONGRATULATIONS !

  13. Amanah Neil. Congratulations!

  14. WELL DONE GUYS !!! Now to all those who claimed that this was taking to long. I would take an education guess that 90% of what Group K was up to has been left off this site, and others for that matter. You don’t go telling the powers that were or the opposition what your up to at the coal face. This is a HUGE world wide project. Now that Neil as been made Amanah I would imagine, (in the words of Doc Brown) “When this baby hit 88MPH ya go’na see some serious shit”. Ya just hit 88″. Again well done. PS Your health is looking great Neil.

  15. Such wonderful news and such a well deserved accolade that comes with a huge undertaking ahead. Something you, Neil and Group K, are absolutely fit for purpose as you have proved with such an unswerving focus through all you have endured over these years. Immense joy in hearing this news. Thank you all so very much. Much love

  16. I am happy and delighted that Neil Kennan a long standing buddy of mine has been appointed by the Elders of Indonesia as the Amanah overseeing the entire assets and his fight against the Cabal and Machiavellians of the World. His toils and sweats for years have finally being paid off. Hip hip hurray and Long Live Neil Kennan

  17. Dear Neil,
    It’s not just a “title” but the highest of high respect for you that’s SO WELL Deserved.
    Now it’s time to do the fun stuff and help our humanity! Please don’t hesitate to ask as I’ll help in any way I can. I’m in the obnoxiously run state of CA.
    Congratulations and Kudos, Neil and Team!

  18. Congratulations Neil! Showtime – the truth will prevail! Sadly there are still far too many lacking any “care” for everything in our beautiful world thus facilitateing evil with their complacency. Together we stand! It is up to us to teach by example that divided we fall – enslaved, in so many ways, too blinded by the shiny objects we are sold as distractions to fulfill the void. True happiness is right in front of us in nature and true love is everywhere if we can only be honest, moral and live with integrity. I believe you can bring the change our world desperately needs. Thank you all for everything, your sacrifices and care to make our world a better place!!! E

  19. Awesome!!! Neil Kennan is the Man…

  20. The Amanah from heaven!!

  21. Congratulations Neil on never giving up! You’re a winner! Interesting timing today since Alex Jones announced President Trump is going to fire Jeff Sessions…looks like we’ll finally see the draining of the swamp.

  22. Fates De Whynot

    August 27, 2018 at 1:16 pm

    Congratulations on your new position as Amanah! And, Im glad to see you are doing well and in good health. Looking forward for you and your cleanup crew to take care of a lot of garbage in the financial scene!

    Wishing you and your team well, and a bright future for all of us!
    – Fates

  23. God bless you Neil!

    I am already astonished; and even happier with the knowledge that “Neil will soon have another update that will leave you ‘(me)’ astonished.” I bet this will be the MOTHER of all updates!

  24. Charles Hodgson

    August 27, 2018 at 8:16 pm

    The hand of the Almighty directs the righteous and I know He direct you my brother. And He has stationed His angels of protection around about you as we have prayed. When evil rules the people mourn but when the righteous rule, the people REJOICE! Rejoice, rejoice and again I say rejoice!

  25. My heart is filled with gratitude and joy, all my love and thanks to the virtuous and honorable Group K. And yes indeed Master Keenan you’re definitely “The One”. I am one with you, here to serve. I am honored to be involved in this Quantum shift. We are now blessed beyond belief, humbly relieved to create. Thanks for the Future!! Namaste

  26. Congratulations on your appointment! God Bless you, your family and group K. We all have been praying for this. We want our country back and the world to be free.
    I used to get e-mails from you, but my computer was hacked and completely screwed up. I was wondering what happened to you all. I just happened to see your appointment on a you tube video. I will again list my e-mail.

  27. Congratulations on your appointment. God bless you, your family and group K. Many prayers have been said for you all. Am anticipating the follow-up news.

    I was supposed to get e-mails from the group, but my pc was hacked and I haven’t seen any for months. I saw your you tube video today. I will print my e-mail again.

  28. Congrats Neil and Group K!!! It has been a long and crazy journey, and now the fun finally begins! Many of us, with you from *the beginning*, never doubted this day would come. Please keep us posted on how we can help the team, and the global initiatives. Kudos & Cheers!

  29. Best wishes of love to
    You and your team k .
    Popcorn is ready

  30. Best wishes of love

  31. Best wishes of love to you and your team k

  32. Congrats Neil and the Group K! please help Malaysia.
    I beg you can meet our Prime Minister Tun Mahathir to discuss and helping him to settle our debt and all the burden that have been done by the corrupt Ex-PM Najib. God bless you Neil!

  33. Thank you for all you’ve done, Neil. Have followed you for years now. What a journey for humanity and mother GAIA. Liberation is near!

    With Gratitude, Sir.

  34. Congratulations Neil
    It looks like your long hard fight for the little people on earth is paying off.
    Hopefully your Team can get to work quickly and make things happen. Let me know if you need any help. Take Care Greg

    P.S. I had not heard much from you lately, I thought maybe the bad guys got to you……. to stop your work. Glad to see your still in the saddle!

  35. My heartfelt congratulations to Neil and Group K!!!!! This is so exciting. Can’t wait (as Paul says above) to pop the popcorn and watch the show. This is HUGE!!!
    Stay healthy…you look great Neil…..stay safe and God Bless All of You.
    Big hugs and lots of love,
    live oak xxxxxxx

  36. Awesome news! What a quantum leap for your soul this time around has been! So much love is pouring down upon you. You are so blessed! Bravo! Words pale….

  37. Thank you Neil because you keep fighting for all of us and congratulations on you new position. May the force be with you.

  38. Go Neil GO 🙂 I know you will do the right thing – as always 🙂

  39. Way to go Neil and congrats…they picked the right man for it and I know you will do well. The end is finally near for the evil ones lol

  40. Some people say ¨Yet nothing is happening, no arrests blablabblah…¨ but the white hats cannot reveal their move, they have to be stealthy. And by the way, many pedos low-hanging fruits have been arrested and they are spilling the beans on the higher hanging POS à la NXIVM and similar satanic cults, whereby people and children are abused.

  41. Greeting mr Keenan.

    am hairul from indonesia..
    Nice to Know You.

    Hope accept my friendship,
    much thanks you.


  42. Dear Neil,
    Congratulations! You and your Team are doing so much for mankind. My hat is off 🎩 to your courage, perseverance, tenacity, and shear will. God Bless you. Sending you love from Michigan.💗💗💗💗💗💗💗🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  43. Dear Neil,
    Congratulations! You and your Team are doing so much for mankind. My hat is off 🎩 to your courage, perseverance, tenacity, and shear will. God Bless you. Sending you love from Michigan.💗

  44. Colleen Mullane

    October 2, 2018 at 7:12 pm

    Thank you for every your an angle from heaven

  45. you are a angle from heaven!

  46. Thank you for all you have done, Neil, you are a man of great vision.

    • Surprise to read this article. I appreciate if any utmost efforts done by any personal or group in taking care of Amanah. My understanding about amanah here is asset amanah Nusantara, correct me if Im wrong.
      Nusantara asset consist of gold, silver, verponding asset, and other treasure, that has been used as world collateral, and also custodian account currently been blocked by an Indonesian monetary one because so many thief and hackers (national and international) steal asset amanah.
      I know who she is, where she lives but why so many people and group still claimed to admit as a given amanah ?
      All asset amanah has been recorded in the banking system since a long time ago. It can be controlled and released by the only monetary one. She has kwantum computer as a tool that no millennial can imagine.

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