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Revelations from the “Asian Insider”

Neil Keenan: Continuing on with and furthering their work… SALUT!

Today we received the following information from an anonymous individual going by the name “Asian Insider”:

“After spending the past week discussing matters with Neil about the earth-shaking meeting that we attended, I have decided, with Neil’s permission, to construct an update regarding what can be classified as an imminent major change in the financial system.

For security purposes, we agreed that I would withhold my name in order to protect me and my family. You can post this if you like, or keep it to yourselves and wait until Neil completes the deal and returns to Jakarta. But I thought it would be kind to keep everyone abreast of the sweeping financial changes that are now shifting into place.

I hope you enjoy the news:

Late in the evening on November 25th, a meeting took place in an Asian country (not Indonesia) with: the Elders, who represent the largest depository of the Global Collateral Accounts (GCA) assets (worth Quadrillions); the Spiritual Advisor to the Elders; Jo, who served as the translator; and Neil Keenan. Security was very tight – what seemed like an “army” of guards safeguarded the home where the meeting was being held.

Realizing that many such meetings in the past had resulted in nothing but empty promises, Neil was cautiously optimistic. Still he voiced his thinking that “maybe this time it’s different, maybe this is ‘it,’ the doors are opening and the Global Collateral Accounts (GCA) at long last would start flowing to humanity,” — as it was all originally meant to be.

After catching up with one another, the meeting kicked off with the startling revelation that the Elders have been holding a cache of assets for Neil for over a year now, waiting for a “safe” time to transfer them to him.

With bands of mercenaries relentlessly patrolling the bunker areas in hopes of stealing the assets for their bosses (George Soros and the Rothschild family), the transfer of the cache to Neil poses mortal danger for every single person involved. So far four Elders have been murdered by these maniacal mercenaries.

It’s become common knowledge there about the mercenaries being severely cruel and merciless with anyone found in the vicinity of the bunkers. Their prime directive is to block Neil and his team from getting to the assets. The mercenaries follow no rules on how this gets accomplished.

After briefing Neil about the assets that are waiting for him, and that the “safe” time for their release is at hand, he was further surprised to learn that a year ago the Elders had also drawn up “letters” for him to sign.

Upon his signature, Neil Keenan would be known as Number 1 (N1) — or, as the position is more commonly known, M1.

It was by unanimous consent among all of the Elders that they elected Neil as N1. Had there been even one dissenting Elder, he would not have been elected.

Presently the documents are being finalized and sent to Neil for his signature. He will be given full Power of Attorney over their depository of GCA assets and officially become the Elders’ sole representative and spokesperson for all dealings and the release of the funds to implement the Humanitarian Projects.

Should he accept the responsibility of being N1, Neil will control the issuing of the assets to 132+ Nations. To this he held some objections because after all, governments are criminal corporations that would simply pocket the asset funds rather than implement any humanitarian projects.

But Neil came up with an acceptable solution. A Foundation will be established with the GCA and his “umbrella” organization through which the funds would flow for worldwide humanitarian projects.

No banks, governments, corporations nor individuals will have direct access to these funds without going through the Foundation.

The funds will be distributed first to Indonesia and then to each of the 132+ Nations for projects such as the release of free energy and suppressed technologies, the cleaning of our water and the restoration of our oceans and lands, rebuilding infrastructure, education programs, etc. etc.

However, this designation of N1 did not seem to enthuse Neil, and immediately he discussed the group that he would like to set up to oversee such matters. Neil stated that he would direct his professional team to ensure that the distribution of funds and resulting projects are successfully initiated and maintained for their intended purpose.

As the meeting came to a close, the Elders made one additional point clear — that Neil is free to venture forth with his own undertakings but with one provision: that he never loses sight of Indonesia. There was no contention on this provision because Neil wants the Spiritual Advisor by his side and the support of the Elders. And since it is well-known that Neil’s intent has always been to see that Indonesia becomes the “Jewel of Southeast Asia,” this strong alliance with the Elders guarantees the most positive outcome possible.

At this point, the meeting ended, and Neil and Jo returned to their hotel.”

So there it is — should Neil Keenan sign the documents, he will be N1 (= M1) for the worldwide distribution of the GCA assets.

Meanwhile on the other side of Asia, Nelu had met with a group of Elders who will assist in opening the Accounts and getting Neil and the team set up. I must say that this has surely been a double-barrel effort by both of them to get things rolling!

For nearly 100 years the Indonesian Elders have held these notes on behalf of the depositors. They have not been able to make use of any of the notes because the Western banking system has shut them down every step of the way.

It cannot go without saying that the Elders have not been given any remuneration for what they have safeguarded for so long. Some have been assassinated, and some have been imprisoned for their roles in spite of the fact that each and every move the Elders have made has been entirely legal.

Yet in Europe the Western banking system has illegally managed to get hold of notes and use them as “casino bonds,” freely gambling them on anything they chose – they never worry about losing what they don’t own.

But now it cannot be denied that the game is changed. Drastically. Not only does Neil have the old codes from the Book of Codes, he also has all of the New Codes. Once the accounts are opened and audited, the codes will reveal precisely who played with the depositors’ notes.

They can continue to ignore the consequences at their own peril. It is no secret that solid arrangements are being set up where all of these criminals will be held accountable for their atrocities and then “quarantined” to a place where they can never again control and decimate another planet.

They never foresaw such an outcome. They never believed that this day would ever come. But it has.

Last-Ditch Ploys of the FED — Last month a group representing the Federal Reserve arrived in Indonesia and approached several Elders. This group claimed they would cash in or monetize the assets that the Elders were holding but only on one condition: the Elders could do no business whatsoever with Neil Keenan.

Of course the Elders are well aware of the crimes that the Federal Reserve foisted upon humanity since its very inception in 1913. They’re well aware of what President Sukarno and President Kennedy tried to do 52 years ago.

In fact, the Elders are well aware of a lot more than what wealth will do for this planet. They know their legacy is ultimately a spiritual one, the only eternal value.

That even such a proposal would be presented to the Elders reflects that the FED is in such deep denial as to be inconceivable.

No normal human being wants perpetual war and planetary destruction. No normal human being wants more pain and disease. No normal human being wants any more of the darkness that the Cabal has created on this planet.

But it still remains an all-out, high-stakes game for the Cabal. Their massive desperation is evident everywhere, more than ever. Their desperation is no longer just internet “hopium” chatter.

Pathetically, this escalated “theater of terror” orchestrated by the Cabal is hardly a dignified swansong. A reminder for them: it does not have to be this way.

The truth is that in every single moment a new choice can be made. The change is upon us all now and instead of events that sweep the world with devastation, we will now see events that sweep the world with positive creation.

Once Neil gains access to the GCA and the funds start flowing, it means the utter dismantling of the Cabal. This is the catalyst we have been working for. The playing field will now tip in our favor, and their insane reign comes to an end. It can be no other way.

As one group of Elders has repeatedly told Neil: “We have been waiting for you for 30 years Mr. Keenan, and now you are here.”

The nations of the world elected President Sukarno as M1, the monetary controller of the GCA. Now the Elders have elected Neil Keenan as N1.

Neil has been responsible for the protection of the GCA for more than six years, and like the Elders, there has been no remuneration for their efforts. They have selflessly laid the groundwork for what is to come. Who can say what untold millions of lives, or even future generations, have been saved due to their groundwork. Without a doubt, Keenan stands as a one-man wrecking crew.

John Lennon taught us to Imagine. Ahead of us, we as a collective have meaningful, fulfilling jobs to do for the betterment of mankind and the planet.

I am sharing the big picture of what I’m seeing now because I feel compelled to have as many as possible imagine and embrace the concept that we will now being given the means to rebuild our world. We ALL need to be thinking about this and envisioning what we want because it is the only way to make it happen.

We will evolve. We will live up to our potential as a species. What is happening is On Time. Our Time. Believe it.”

Asian Insider


  1. Martin Octaviano de la Garza, Master of Science (Civil & Environmental Engineering)

    December 3, 2015 at 9:24 am

    Dear Brethren it is a blessing to finally hear of the urgently needed CHANGE that the inhabitants of this our Planet are about to experience. Myself, I have been fighting corruption in our state of New Mexico, in the United States. I would like to hear from some of your social programs directors that may direct or assist me on how to be of service to your cause, all this, for the betterment of our communities (i.e., people, natural resources, and self-sustainable infrastructures).
    Do not hesitate to call me or have one of your contacts call me to further assist each other in the highly needed transformation of our ways of living. GOD Bless

    • This brings tears of joy to my eyes . . .Congrats Neil . . .a job well done . . .let’s get this show on the rode starting with Indonesia . . .I am so excited . . .smiling

    • Great Work!!! This is so exciting and the time has finally come that this Dear Planet may have Peace!!! Blessings Dear Brother!! Love and Light and Protection and Peace!!!

    • Go ahead Neil…I just asked my son last night if he is foreseeing the collapse of the monster and a new beginning , he said yes but not for a long while. He a freshly awoken Soul .

  2. Anxious to see what is coming, and the whole Keenan Team Deserves much credit and thanks from around the world!

  3. congratulations neil theres fire in that irish blood I often wonder what would have happened to this money if u hadn’t turned up ready to fight . u are going to b no 1 in the history booksfor christs sake b extremely careful,u have a big burden on u now .best news I have heard in years.will forward my bank acc details to you .best regards old mate

  4. OMG absolutely Fantastic news, You Keenan and your team deserve it.
    It is impossible to get better hand than you…

    Love and Peace

    Toronto, Canada

  5. JB Brown/Great Gramy J

    December 3, 2015 at 1:28 pm

    Again, I humbly say thanks 2 U & Ur team 4 all U’ve done & 4 all Ur doing 2 help humanity. Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J & Mr. T @ Fort Hood, Texas.

  6. Michael Jandric

    December 3, 2015 at 1:30 pm

    We should use the cabalistic cremation of care ritual on them, them being the sacrifice and us not caring.

  7. Neil keenan as N1 so be it now may the world breath fully.

  8. Neil
    Thank you, and your team for all the hard work and honesty. It feels so wonderful to know humanity has people like you working in every ones interest rather than just there own. I know God is working through you to establish peace on earth.

  9. Stay safe, great news.

  10. Neil:
    Great to hear this news ! Back in Texas we love the stand you’ve taken and know you have felt our prayers for you as you have fought the good fight ! Your endurance through this and resolve to get your friend and colleague out of prison is absolutely impressive. You deserve to be the” 1 “and I believe you’ll protect and distribute the funds through your organization the way the elders intended.

    God bless you and protect you and those in your efforts.


  11. A Big Thank You, to Neil and to All your team. What a great time to be here on Earth, End to created poverty and homelessness, a Godsend. I will spread the Good news, Love and Light, God Bless from God’s Country.

  12. Neil congrats it’s wonderful to here this, take care and God bless you and family, all your team and the one who is giving this to you.

  13. The World is about to become a better place thanks to Neil Keenan and his team. I am overjoyed that the Cabal (etc) are on their last breath. I have waited for this day my whole life.

    There will be no Christmas present under my tree this year but Neil Keenan and team just gave me the biggest present of all.

    How does one thank someone for this?

  14. For those who are interested in more background on the Federal Reserve, here is a link to our article (Jan. 2014).

    • My grandfather’s longed to see this day. I do wish that they were here, but perhaps they are in me. Thank you – Neil and all who are supporting this man.

  15. Great news ! Congrats to Neil (N1) and his Team –

    There has been too much suffering for too long !

  16. KUDOS NEIL- There is no better man for the job!! His heart is pure, and his wisdom deep! And more so, KUDOS to HUMANITY!!
    Bring us FREEDOM!

  17. What can I say? For years I’ve been waiting for the cabal and all their lies to be exposed. I am so hopeful that this is truly it.

    I love you and your team for all you’ve done for humanity. You are true heros!!

    Please be safe and thank you, thank you, thank you!!


  18. NEIL,


  19. Awesome news! Thank you Neil and Team K for all you have done and continue to do for the betterment of humanity!
    Very much looking forward to the fall of the FED and the cabal and the black Popes; just want the filth eradicated.
    Neil and Team K are leading the way!

  20. Congratulations Neil Live from Micronesia
    glad to be your 007
    God Bless ”Sir M”

  21. CONGRATS !! Well done…
    Please, advise how we can help !!!

  22. Thank you for the update! Things are moving on all fronts. If there is anything we can do to help, please let me know. We have a large team of like-minded people drawn from all across America.

  23. Neil,
    Congratulation and Thank You!!!
    Once the funds get released and the RV happens (hopefully before Christmas?), I would like to contribute any work that may be needed in South Korea.
    Again my deepest gratitude and appreciation to you Neil and your Team!

    Thank You Sir!

    Dave Park

  24. Been a while and a rough ride as I followed from the start.
    Kudos to you for your conviction and courage.

  25. White light surrounds you, your team, and the Elders, Neil. Let’s envision Jubilee Year 2016. Namaste.

  26. Great Work Forces of Light!!! Soon we will have a Planet at Peace and an end to All tyranny. Thank You and Sending Love and Light, Protection and Peace!!!


  27. Wonderful news. Things should really
    start going much better now. What a
    responsibility which, no doubt, you
    will be able to shoulder. Between
    Team K and Cosmic Voice you both
    have kept my spirits alive and i thank
    you. Stay safe and as they say “Watch
    your back”.

  28. I was six years old when I sat in front of the TV and watched Kennedy’s funeral, trying to understand then why it was so. But it all comes together right here explaining so many of the ups and downs that should not have been. I pray for a peaceful retirement for us baby boomers, Lord knows we now have enough wisdom between us to make things right again. I for one have dreams of Africa helping those who have been hurt the most by this maniacal bunch of animals. But I have to ask; shouldn’t Neil have signed the papers before you posted this latest news? His bounty just may have gone up!

    • you sound like me Rose but do not worry about it the new list of codes for the black book are in the right hands and if anything happens to me they all get released through my associates and friends to the media

      • Thank God you answer Rose, NEIL…! I was kind of thinking same thing as her, except I was in College at at the time, in a place near Mexico City, away from home near the border with Arizona, when I heard about JFK´s murder in Texas. Me and my classmates were in a break between classes hearing music when we heard the Boletin News; we were in shock, couldn´t believe it…! I couldn’t stop crying. In 2009 I first heard about the GCA and started to read all about it. After 2012 , found this Website and I have been following it at least once a week, even if I don’t post often, though. PLEASE TAKE CARE AND SAME TO ALL THE K-TEAM… very grateful for your unselfish work on behalf of Humanity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for accepting the Elder´s decision, Mr. Neil Keenan. As other countries in the world, Mexico is suffering horrible violence, genocide actions, and poverty, and the abuse of our Authorities and Public Officials. We needed this good news, this owesome HOPE GIFT for Christmas. BLESSISNGS TO YOU ALL AND YOUR FAMILIES.

  29. ready whenever you are!

  30. Norie E. Sabayan

    December 3, 2015 at 10:09 pm

    Congratulations sir Neil in advance for your new role on humanity.

    May the poorest of the poor finally see light in their liberation from enslavement!

  31. Yes indeed, the Universe is waking people up. Congrats to Neil & others for
    going down the path to freedom. We will win. I feel we already have!

  32. Neil,
    Your team has been sending me updates which I have followed intently.
    I have lived in Asia for the past 30yrs and have been involved in the hidden wealth story for almost as long.

    I admire your courage in taking on the Old World Order and smartly attacking their Achilles heal which will wither the vine and it will ultimately die allowing the sovereign beings to return to their natural state.


  33. Not ready to believe just yet. . . I’ve learned seeing is believing but inexplicably my heart feels lifted and for that thank you very much.

  34. Great article. Thank you Asian Insider.

  35. Words cannot describe the excitement and the relief I feel for you Neil and all the hard work of Team K. I love the line: “Without a doubt, Keenan stands as a one-man wrecking crew.” It REALLY makes me laugh. Wish I could help you out Neil;I have good credentials. Maybe some grenade launchers would work. We need to stop the chemtrails….we need to stop lots of stuff going on.
    I am so grateful and so happy right now and God bless every one of you. I pray day and night for your safety, that the work will be completed soon and here we are! It’s been a long road and I’m with you (have been with you) every step of the way. My love and big hugs to all of you. Thank you Asian Insider with all my heart for this unbelievable news. Please stay safe everybody. Where’s that champagne I’ve been hiding?
    Love and even more love and hugs and tears of laughter,
    live oak xxx

    • Just stay close. Remember I have not signed the papers yet but once I do I will find a place for you. This was always planned.

      • I’m always right here Neil. When I said I have “good credentials” I meant honor. I was a brownie and a girl scout for 2 years and attended a high school from 10th to 12th grade at the Convent of the Sacred Heart…best not to say where. I have an art degree and a nursing degree. I’ve been an RN for 28 years. I keep my license active but I’m not practicing in a hospital or with any doctor’s group. I can also bake a mean Cointreau and saffron brioche and beautiful Scottish shortbread. They are my specialties…brioche for Easter, shortbread for Christmas. I do not like desserts in general but I like to bake. Enough of that.
        I’ve been active in the freedom movement even before it came to be and I’m unafraid. I will always stay close and I’ll do anything I can to help you and the team.
        When I wrote that comment above, I knew you weren’t quite finished, but it’s coming and it makes me so happy. You are so loved by so many. Please be extra careful; Rose has a good point. I know I’d be broken if anything happened to any of you.
        live oak xxx

  36. My prayer has been answered! “Neil Keenan for M1”. Even better yet… “N1” “Numero Uno!” A step up. Since it was a real prayer, hopefully the answer is real too. I can think of no better person, Neil, always retain your connection with people and justice. Absolute power corrupts absolutely but maybe not if it’s gold… peace and prosperity to all.

  37. May God continue to protect Neil Keenan and empower him.
    His will be done.

    • Yes! The Light of God is Victorious and Peace, Abundance of all blessings, Truth, Wellness and Joy are soon to become the normal condition of life on Earth! So be it. Humbled, grateful and always ready for increasing service.

  38. This is absolutely fantastic news. May God bless Neil and his team and the Elders. If Neil decides to accept this new position of N1 he will have to be even more cautious regarding his safety. Please! all of you stay extra vigilant watch out for each other every minute. Take no chances take extra care and stay safe. From what you have described; the Cabal are nasty vicious killers and like you say will do anything to stop you.
    Regards and best wishes

    • Thanks “Asian Insider” I love the photo of Neil.

      Neil, I am glad to know you are still feisty, alive and kicking! Sending deep gratitude, many blessings and protection for you. Congratulations for creating this opportunity to shift the paradigm for the better!

      Simple Minds – Alive And Kicking

      You turn me on, you lift me up
      And like the sweetest cup I’d share with you
      You lift me up, don’t you ever stop, I’m here with you
      Now it’s all or nothing
      ‘Cause you say you’ll follow through
      You follow me, and I, I, I follow you

      What you gonna do when things go wrong?
      What you gonna do when it all cracks up?
      What you gonna do when the Love burns down?
      What you gonna do when the flames go up?
      Who is gonna come and turn the tide?
      What’s it gonna take to make a dream survive?
      Who’s got the touch to calm the storm inside?
      Who’s gonna save you?
      Alive and Kicking
      Stay until your love is, Alive and Kicking
      Stay until your love is, until your love is, Alive

      Oh you lift me up to the crucial top, so I can see
      Oh you lead me on, till the feelings come
      And the lights that shine on
      But if that don’t mean nothing
      Like if someday it should fall through
      You’ll take me home where the magic’s from
      And I’ll be with you

      What you gonna do when things go wrong?
      What you gonna do when it all cracks up?
      What you gonna do when the Love burns down?
      What you gonna do when the flames go up?
      Who is gonna come and turn the tide?
      What’s it gonna take to make a dream survive?
      Who’s got the touch to calm the storm inside?
      Don’t say goodbye
      Don’t say goodbye
      In the final seconds who’s gonna save you?

      Oh, Alive and Kicking
      Stay until your love is, love is, Alive and Kicking
      Oh, Alive and Kicking
      Stay until your love is, love is, Alive and Kicking

  39. Thank you all and Congratulations!

    As I am sure that Team K will be flooded with requests for funds to be used for humanitarian purposes, I would love the opportunity to serve the Foundation in any way that I can to make sure the right people that will have the most positive impact receive these funds.

    If there is anything that I can do to help with this due diligence process please let me know as I am looking for employment opportunities that best serve mankind, my passport is up to date and I’m ready to go wherever I need.

    Best Regards,

    David C. Reynolds

    Charlotte, NC, USA


    December 4, 2015 at 7:10 am


  41. when the Cabals illusion of democracy and security along with the illusion of trust is broken , they will have only deceit and tyranny left to control us ,
    we the people have had enough ,
    be well and be strong ,people .

  42. Jeanne Scoville

    December 4, 2015 at 6:17 pm

    What a profound Messenger the “Asian Insider” is to sound the Clarion Call for those of us who are here on Earth committed to co-create along with Neil & Team K “meaningful, fulfilling jobs to do for the betterment of mankind & the planet”. Indeed, THIS IS OUR TIME!!!

    Right now, we can be of tremendous assistance using the power of our collective IMAGINATIONS to visualize each day the outcome we’ve been praying for as well as cheering Neil & Team K onward throughout this tremendous, & oftentimes, miraculous mission. When we no longer allow ourselves to be distracted by the many dramas & false-flag events, which are sure signs the cabal is losing, & strongly focus on what our beloved ”
    Asian Insider” says,…” to have as many imagining & embracing the concept that we WILL be given the means to rebuild our world. We ALL need to be thinking about this & envisioning WHAT we want, because it is the ONLY
    way to make it happen”!!!

    So here is the miracle power of us tapping into our God-given ability to truly determine the outcome of a mighty victory of We The People! WE CAN DO IT!!! Neil & Team K have & still are courageously doing their part..TOGETHER we will go beyond our hopes & dreams into a future that defies all of the fear-mongering & victim consciousness overlay of TPTW…

    HERE WE GO…TOGETHER! Like Neil & Team K, we’ll never give up!!!

    Love to all…

    • Jeanne it is a positive sign to see you post here! You are positively marvelous ya know!

      • Jeanne Scoville

        December 5, 2015 at 2:54 pm

        Thank you, PJ, for your kind comments. My focus throughout my life has been in service to others to the best of my ability, like so many who support Neil’s mission. I also strongly advocate working for positive solutions rather than getting stuck in the “divide & conquer” strategy of the cabal which promotes hatred & divisiveness amongst We The People. (Notice the extremes of hatemongering in politics & religion that are the current social “cancers” of our time.)

        I also appreciate your wise contributions, PJ, to Neil’s blog & I look forward to meeting you “in person” one day along with others in Neil’s “extended family” whenever & wherever we gather to celebrate this forthcoming Victory on behalf of We The People…

        In the meantime, as Neil says, “There is much to do” so we persist in supporting his every effort. May we all be blessed with lasting courage, deep respect for one another, & the true spiritual freedom that comes from within our very souls…

  43. Fantastic news! Congrats to the whole of humanity!

  44. My biggest regret in life is that I wasn’t fighting next to Neil in the jungles this whole time. I just hope nobody screws with the documents before the team gets a hold of them.

  45. Neil &Team.
    God speed. Do right by us all.
    I pray for a hedge of protection around you and your Team.
    Found this post interesting
    Would be some fantastic and world changing news.
    Love and Light to you all.

  46. I too, want to say thank you for all you’ve been doing, Neil and K-team, on our behalf. I’ve been following you for over three years and so look forward every time you post. You’ve made so much sense over the years during the “wait” in dinarland. Today’s post made my heart leap with joy, so thank you, insider Asian, for sharing. My prayers are with you all, for wisdom each day and may those big angels fiercely guard you and God above …who knows your name and every thought/step, may He hover over you with His Protection and love. Many, many blessings on you!!! Thank you again from the PacificNW.

  47. And when initiated it will be the greatest act of selflessness mankind has ever experienced in its history. The greatest of gifts of freedom that all of us have ever truly wanted in our hearts will come to pass. This was a fantastic post thank you Insider and everyone putting this all together. As for Neil being N1 look at the mans track reckord, it is flawless. I know it is not my choice but you can count me in for it.

  48. Great effort you have. See those organizations who are doing real work and not only tall talks to whom you distribute the funds, and those should have some spiritual, and not religious orientation. Keshe is the first one that comes to my mind. Here one article;

  49. Grazie di cuore Signor Keenan ,Dio la benedica per tutto ciò che ha fatto all’umanita edall’intero Cosmo.Tutti gli spititi Sovrani dell’Universo si inchinano alla sua tenacia e determazione.R.P

    • Here is the translation.

      Thank you Mr Keenan, God bless you for everything he has done to mankind and the whole cosmos. All spititi rulers of the Universe they bow to his tenacity and determazione. (determination)


    • The Bush surname was originally Scherff. You can read about their history here:

      The History And Mission Of The Nazi-Illuminati Bush (Scher(f)f) Crime Family

      • THANK YOU for this link Team K! I have it bookmarked. Joseph Mengele???? Dear God come quickly!
        live oak x

        • liveoak-there are no words to describe these beings-pure evil. The scope of what they have done to America and the world is huge. I have been so excited since Drake and Thomas’s last two shows-“I can’t stand it!!” been with him for quite awhile, and have yet to hear him get mad. He is there now. It’s no barrs hold from here on out. The big bad fish have to go. They know what they have done, and they know what they have coming-and should expect it.

          • Thanks tina. I don’t want ANY guilty parties to get away with what they’ve done. It deeply troubles my mind to see what has been done to humanity…pure evil and hatred acted out every minute of every day everywhere. I have a very hard time with that. ALL life is sacred.
            love you tina!
            live oak xxx

  51. The Elders made a wise choice in Neil. He’s proven he can shoulder the weighty burden.

    The good people will prevail again over the sub-human roach class!

    Death to the New World Order

  52. Hi Neil
    This would be great news for you to become the new “M1”
    However you would have to seriously consider the fact that absolute power corrupts absolutely. How to handle all that power would be a tough one. You may have to take after Putin, on his recent trip to England, he took all his own food and water for the trip as he was afraid of being poisoned. You will need a better dedicated team of security people than what currently Obama has. All I can say is Great job for being as brave as you have for getting this far and best wishes for the future to get the funds in the Global Collateral accounts available for the people of the world!!!

    • You really do not know me to make such a statement. I have handled 16 corporations at one time with 11 secretaries in my building. This was quite simple and it dealt with as many as 5 countries. As for greed, money has never been my god and I have had enough money to last 50 life times so forget talking this language. I have leased my own jet plane, had yachts and cars (limos). I have had homes in 5 different countries and so on. It just keeps going on. So I would guess to say next question….

      • GO NEIL!!! You are 1 in a gazillion quadrillion trillion….as I think about it you’re even more than that, but you understand what I mean. I really hope I get to meet you someday.
        live oak x

        • …one more thing;it’s unusual for me to find a person that can’t be bought and you are one of those very few people imho. I learned a long long time ago that money doesn’t make you happy. It frees a person from want, from worry, like so many living from paycheck to paycheck. I was there once. I pray for those who are suffering trying to keep a roof over their heads and trying to feed their families, for those unemployed, for innocent refugees trying to find a safe haven. I’ll leave it there. I think I’ve said quite enough.

      • Down boy….ha ha ha just playing Neil, that little “rant” just helped me realize why I feel & do as I do….it’s the Irish in me (75% or therabout) ….. all this time I attributed it to the influences of my Maternal G-ma & Paternal G-pa Mac not their 100% Irish blood LOL!
        I LOVE YOU Neil (and Team!) and THANK YOU for all you do!!! I’m here and stand ready when needed, I believe you know me even though we’ve never met because the same fire runs through our veins!

  53. yes and GOD SPEED!! Anyone delaying this should go spend some time in a refugee camp or eat dirt like so many CHILDREN do!! Every day delayed is a heartbreak.

  54. great job. what a future for humanity. there is soo much to clean up./ coul ppl listen and pass this along. thank u all. dane wingington

  55. Hi There
    Just want to mention something regarding one psychic women maybe worthy to use before getting decisions. I conclude after just short listening of two interviews that she is credible in a major reliable sense. She predicted some time ago next attacks in London and it happened in subway she said about south England flooding in 2016 and flooding is already now on the run etc etc
    She has long history and looks genuine I would advise some of you to check it out before maybe use her skills for some serious steps connecting with exciting future times a head …
    Thnx for good work

  56. HOORAY NEIL AND TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUTSTANDING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!
    Everyone who has followed Neil and his team for this long time KNOWS,
    without doubt Neil is the ONE!!!
    Congratulations Neil, keep stead fast and extra careful, YOU are at the Finish Line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The efforts of yourself and your team are not matchable!!!

    Ready to hear all is DONE— and WE ALL HEAR THAT CLEAR BELL OF FREEDOM RINGING!!!!!!!!

    Many Blessings, Linda

  57. Oh NO! According to ZAP – NFK is not the N1/M1. Would love some insight – Team.

    • No insight needed. It would be a waste of time. Just read some interesting info on the Zapper. Seems he’s part of a group called Lands Global / Humanus. Wild claims. Geez. Can’t wait for the day Neil & Team can shut these hucksters up. Go Team Go!
      All Love & Light.

    • The proof is in the pudding and Zap / Jerzy Babkowski is not holding any. Neil has taken it easy on his being a con artist but he will close Zap’s ass down as soon as he sign the papers. Neil does not take prisoners.

  58. Ann :-) love Joy

    December 7, 2015 at 3:35 am

    LOVE IS ALL THERE IS! Thank you Neil K &Team

    • Jeanne Scoville

      December 7, 2015 at 4:33 pm

      Ann, You are right on!!! There is no greater power than LOVE…It is the Miracle Power behind ALL of Creation…

      Love to ALL…

    • AMEN,AMEN,AMEN! THANK YOU for saying this Ann!

    • oops, I put my reply to Ann under Jeanne so I guess I’ll finish my mistake by replying to Jeanne here lol….THANK YOU TOO JEANNE for those hard learned words of Wisdom!

  59. Words cannot express what we all feel . Overwhelming gratitude and greatfulness. You did it! We did it! Wonderful New World here we come. Soon comes the more rewarding part of seeing humanity change for the better.

  60. Congratulations Keenan, I have been reading your posts for years. Wonderful positive news! I’m looking forward to give a helping hand on the Humanitarian Project side.

  61. Hello all 🙂 I like how Neil mission is progressing and M1 is surely deserved!

    I just saw some rather grim news on the warfront though, it seems that NATO has begun their bombing of the brave syrian troops fighting IS western zionist mercs on the ground.

    anything we can do to stop the madness before NATO finally gets their ww3 wet dream?
    I hope Iraq stops being a western slave and starts teaming up with syria for real against any outside enemy forces of the region.

    Love all we will win in the end, not even death can stop us.

  62. Hello Neil and Team,

    Thank you for having the guts and fortitude to see this thing through to the end.

    Many of us wish we could help your team in some capacity right now, but since we are remote from you all we can do is pray. I sent you my resume 1-2 years ago, so please let me know if I can help in any way.


  63. Nancy Whitehead

    December 7, 2015 at 9:00 pm

    Dear Neil,

    It is said that we who are on Earth now chose to be here. Many have no idea of why they chose this particular time in Earth’s long history to incarnate now but many feel they are here for a “divine or Spiritual Purpose” and when the timing is right they will understand why they came and for what purpose..

    It would appear your soul has come for a very old and honored purpose to be in charge of the GCA and to see the end of all the long darkness on Earth and to clean up our beloved, beautiful Star so once again she shines among the heavens,,

    I have been following Montague Keene and he has told of the importance Ireland has to play in all of this. Who, but yourself, could represent the best of the Irish people with their generous and fiesty hearts and souls? You bring great honor to Ireland with this prestigious but humble assignment.

    From the heart I congratulate you Neil for all your sacrifices for humanity that you incurred along this long path.. We all know your love for Indonesia and you will make it a paradise once again…along with the rest of our Star…

    Rest well now Neil to prepare for what is to come and God Speed you on the rest of your journey for humanity……

    The best is yet to come under your leadership……and your outstanding team. Hopefully you will include Judge Anna Von Reitz….I know you admire her work also…You would make a great team….

    Gods Blessings upon all of you; but to say thanks hardly covers what you have endured….We are all here on a Spiritual Mission.. You are the right man at the right time in history for this job and only Source knows you certainly earned it.
    The Elders in their wisdom have chosen well….God Speed you on your journey…

  64. Susanne Stebbing

    December 7, 2015 at 10:15 pm

    This is great news. I live in the UK in Kent and would like to help with any projects to involving the environment, renewable energies, helping people and animal charities and to promote health and longevity. Any funds and advice to help would be welcome.

  65. Thank you for this new development. And congratulations Neil. With this new updates , I pray the Philippines will be one of the beneficiaries of GCA. Am a retired Agriculturist and was once involved in reforestation projects of the Mosser Environment Corporation in Negros Island and Mindanao. Due to the untimely death Charles W. Mosser the project was also stopped. There is still a need to pursue renewable source of energy in the Philippines especially Mindanao. With this new set up of leadership and authority of your team, I hope for the best sustainable development of humanity and its resources of financial monetary support from GCA. More power Neil and Team. Again congratulations of the trust given by the Elders.

  66. ::::::raises my glass to the Irishman:::: and to the Elders!::::::::

  67. I was at a French school in Harass, Switzerland when JFK got shot. I had told my dad who was a Stanford University pediatrician to send me to this international school to get me out of California. I got him to get a seat belt law. Then the baby car seat then the smoke alarm. When JFK got shot I was 16 but knew our country was corrupt. It took 5 years just to get the seat belt law! Thank you so much. My mom is 100% Irish. I was anti war at Stanford university during the 1967 Summer of Love with a folk singer Debbie who later was pushed off a cliff while attending UC Santa Cruz. I heard her on the radio saying she dove off a cliff and was now a quadrapalegic and she wanted rights for the handicapped. I got followed and accosted by a fake Marco agent at University of Santa Clara. He even showed up at my home the weekend I went there. I told him he was a pervert since he found me in a bikini doing a self portrait for my art class in the back if our Japanese garden. He just walked past the waterfall and wanted me to know he was watching me. I told him again to get lost or I would call the real cops. A few years later I heard Debbie and she would not give her last name so then I figured the F B I Iwho pushed her since we had also wanted to change the name of Hoover Tower which was the big landmark on campus. Hooray for you so NOW let’s get rid of the F B I and C I A and Obama!

      • Also there is most of the world gold reserve locked up in the Philippines that needs to be released to replace the dollar and other currencies to prevent currency collapse and ensuing chaos. Marcos was holding this. Now the OMG and Federal reserve can be shut down once we get rid of these Satanic entities running the world. Put Hillary and Bushes in prison and Obama and the rest of the cartel.In fact throw in the Pope and the Jesuits who want to rule with Lucifer!!!

  68. Again –

    The proof is in the pudding and Zap / Jerzy Babkowski is not holding any. Neil has taken it easy on his being a con artist but he will close Zap’s ass down as soon as he sign the papers. Neil does not take prisoners.

  69. Let’s not forget that we also want Keith Scott’s nuts in a sling.

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