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Internal Secrets: New Financial
System To Save The World
From The Globalist / Obama
Doomsday Plan:
A Real Ball Of Confusion

Another Piece of the Pie

The New Financial System

Depopulation Agenda Continues – EMP Attack Planned for North America

UN Would Decide Who Eats and Who Starves (Obama signed the orders if that means anything)

A Call to Action

For seven long years plus Neil Keenan has chased the Cabal / Globalist thieves around the world in his attempt to bury them. With one swift stroke of a pen Kathy M., who is Ray C. Dam’s right hand, corrected many wrongs.

Neil now has the information he needed to move forward in many respects.

The re-filing of the Financial Tyranny Lawsuit was never so far away, and this action pretty much puts what happened and how in its proper perspective.

The re-filing of this lawsuit is the much needed action that will take down Western Tyranny, and it seems as though it has done exactly what Ben Fulford and David Wilcock stated years ago.

The Exclusive Meeting of Three

As most of us are now aware, Neil recently took a business trip when invited to attend an important meeting. The requirement was so urgent that the initiators of the meeting sent their own private jet. Under heavy security Neil and M2 met with one of the leading figures at the very top of the Globalist / NWO movement.

For those who would like additional detail, Neil thought that this trip was going to take him to Switzerland but it actually took him to a much closer destination. Security was 60+ strong and the meeting took place in a very secure Hotel where no more than four people ever sat together at any one time.

One of the key items on the agenda at this meeting was to discuss the establishment of a New Financial System such as Neil has been moving toward with the assistance of his associates and friends.

The basis for this meeting was the well established understanding that Neil will have access to (not ownership of) between 400,000 and 600,000 metric tons of Gold to create the foundations for a solid world financial system that will keep us all alive and well, and it will replace the former NWO / Globalist / Cabal system. (Meanwhile there are others who wish Neil would use the access he has to prop up the old system. He has far easier options than helping the World which would not cost him a cent).

According to Neil, this would mean no more FIATs and goodbye to the Western Bankers; there will be no World Bank, IMF or BIS.

Also there would be two home bases: One in Asia which will hold the Assets, and the other will be in Europe which will represent the West.

Another matter that emerged during this meeting detailed something far more diabolical, as Neil and M2 were given warning about a plot that involves the UN and the Obama Administration’s plans for the United States.

Neil was advised that the window of opportunity to assist the US is unfortunately closing a little more every day. Apparently, it is Obama’s plan to create another false flag; but this time on a massive, unprecedented scale. Neil and M2 were advised that we are looking at a two month window for this situation, although Neil believes this scenario can be averted.

The plan would see the blame laid upon “foreign terrorists” for an EMP (Electronic Magnetic Pulse) attack on the electricity grid of North America.

The attack would cover a wide berth of land ranging from the East coast to the West coast of the US, and from the North to South coasts, also extending into Canada and even Central America.

Neil and M2 were told that everything is in place in the US to destroy the ‘Grid’ and set off a depopulation program that would eliminate 80% of the American population by way of starvation and civil unrest.

Waiting to deliver emergency foods, the UN will decide who eats and who does not. This executive order has already been signed by the unlawful and utter fraud that is referred to as Obama.

Whereas we might have thought this was going to take a much longer time to implement (Agenda 30), one can see Obama and the UN are rushing things – in a possible attempt for him to implement martial law and serve a perpetual term.

If this happened, it would be the death of the great nation known as the US and by design, Europe and the rest of the Western world would fall like dominoes, to their demise.

The Globalists have their plans, and if they can they would initiate them at any cost. 

On a more positive note, many of us are well aware that technologies exist that should have been implemented for the betterment of humanity a long time ago.

In the following video Neil shows us just one such example; a medical device that utilizes frequencies to cure many of the health problems that we fight on a daily basis. Group K also has access to a range of other advanced technologies, including free energy – which it is clear to see would hurt the fossil fuel industries.

The more pressing matter however, is that with the right assistance Neil will be able to implement the New Financial System and the planet will be able to beat the Globalists back.

No one can do this alone, but it can be done. Where is the crucial interim financial help coming from at this critical juncture?

Surprisingly, few people seem willing to contribute towards these every increasingly urgent efforts – those that are being made by Neil and Group K – to save them and their loved ones.

It seems that so many are waiting for a precious few to deal with matters relating to the life or death of all of us. This is the current situation.

Our choices in the very near future are now up to the people; Neil and Group K will do whatever they can with whatever they have

So many emails that Neil receives tell him to “go and get them!”

Neil is working on this and many other things, but his honest answer is, “With what?”

He has already spent millions of dollars of his own money and has had his remaining accounts stolen and frozen more than once; transfers have been blocked or reversed on many occasions. Obviously, the Cabal has been behind all of this.

Consequently, sufficient interim funding is desperately needed to take immediate action and cross the bridge to the finish line.

Despite waiting a considerable period of time for financial assistance, Neil has not left the people stranded. He has come to love many who are waiting for release from debt slavery and better lives.

However, now is the time for those who have the means to contribute to this most important cause for We The People.

The waiting game most urgently must be over!

Group K





Update: Regarding the Frequency Healing ‘Box’

Neil has been in contact with the developer of this technology again and is awaiting additional information before he can make any further statement.

The device was shown as an example of the thousands of technological advancements that have been suppressed – despite the patents for many being publicly viewable.

It must be made clear that these types of technologies are currently outlawed and mass distribution at this time would likely be disastrous if not impossible.


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  1. marianne chrysanthou

    August 1, 2016 at 4:16 pm

    hi Neil,
    first of all thank you very much for your up-date and all your tremendous effort
    to save the world.!!
    However..i do have a question..if you are working so closely together with the
    “dragon” organisation..who have those enormous funds available, why don’t they assist you financially to make all those wonderful plans you..and they as well..have for the betterment of this world. We would really and truly like to help as well, but unfortunately all of us here in cyprus have already been robbed right left and centre..and with the meagre pension we are left with after a further “troika” is just an impossible situation..
    I do think that it would be wise for people to take a lesson of what happened here..because it is something that would befall all of them..sooner rather than later..if the vultures have their way..
    wishing you well..look after yourself..and be vigilant ..
    regards from cyprus

    • Keenan Team | Two

      August 1, 2016 at 4:52 pm

      Please refer to the interview located in this post (or the transcript of the interview) where this is explained in detail.

      • Hi Team Two:

        Would you be able to post a link? I don’t see any interview referenced on this post, or in the vid. I’m wondering the same thing, simply b/c so many of us are very poor and as much as we want to send something, some of us have been living without an income of any kind even for years (as you may have heard, some have to live entirely on credit now) and simply do not have the ability. The Khazzes have been using every possible way to hoover up any wealth or assets from their slave populations, for decades and never more so than now when they themselves are going broke. They also monitor everything they can to cut off people’s discretionary or hidden income, to steal it (confiscation), to lock it up so people can’t get to it (capital controls), and sometimes to lock people up for using it (structuring, bogus audits & investigations). Not to mention that those who do have savings, have sometimes spent those to try to ‘prep’ for whatever unknown disasters that their masters are plotting — and if you’ve saved a year of preps, enough for you & your family & a few neighbours, you have to try to secure those and probably don’t have much left over. And you can’t send a year’s worth of noodles! I know Neil is very aware of this, which is why he is not happy to have to ask. His heart for the poor is obvious.

        That said, I hope those reading here who do have some money, will respond to this call and I am glad that Neil / K Group are being honest about all their needs. Honesty is everything! I hope those who are reading here will use whatever they can spare for this, rather than speculating in such things as dinar or whatever. Not saying they won’t work (I don’t know) but this is a real need and so much worthier of a place for discretionary money, than speculation is. I know this call is for any of us in that position, where we have even a little to give.

        But it would be good to know why those in the world who are not subject to Khaz masters, those extremely wealthy people and those who have access to tech that the rest of us pay massive bills for, would request those who are oppressed & impoverished, as slave populations, to send wealth. I hope this doesn’t sound critical in any way — I am extremely grateful for Group K! Your team is wonderful and good. But it is mysterious, this question.

  2. Padraigh Kelly

    August 1, 2016 at 4:40 pm

    More intel on Neil’s facebook site…

  3. Absolutely wonderful to see you are doing well Neil once again was a joy to watch you hold on to you Irish temper lol!

    Like you I’m lost for words on how people won’t wake up to reality. Obama, Justin Trudeau are loads their moms should have swallowed!!! You far warned the people in arms way and I do believe it as come to the ones that live in reality that will over come this corruption!

    Neil and Group K you stay well!

    Best regards Charles

  4. Where do we send the donations?

  5. no more FIATs and goodbye to the Western Bankers; there will be no World Bank, IMF or BIS. This is what I wanted to hear for a very long time. At this stage the IMF has morphed into a mercenary army of thugs attempting to take (steal) resources from North America by force. The other two are just arms of that octopus that was birthed in 1913 and grew into a global ponzi scheme of epic proportions. Good luck Neil Keenan!

  6. Hi Neil ,whatever happens, you’re a hero. I’ve no idea what scale of funding is
    involved in getting you over the ‘bridge’. Nevertheless , I’ve sent you (via l of light)
    half my pension this week, it might get you as far as the airport lol.
    My late father, a Cork man, taught me a bit about getting by on very little, so it’s spuds and
    cabbage this week mmmm. Love and best wishes from uk john

  7. Please everyone help Neil and Team K. No matter how small the donation, every little bit helps and it all adds up. Don’t let bath house barry win this war. It’s your FREEDOM at stake here. Please help him. We are so close.
    live oak x

    • If everyone chips in a bit, Neil Team can gather a good amount of money. It does not have to be a once only donation, can be a bit every week, every one can do that (except those in extreme circumstances).
      Come on everybody! Move it !
      Glad for the latest news. Yes the situation is urgent !
      This unit… I have a similar unit (I bought it from a NZ researcher, he said it works with a torsion filed or quantum field, from memory) with no need to connect to the machine, it is super efficient. I also have being using a Dr Clark’s zapper, and colloidal silver generator for a long time (by the way, they are easy to build, with a few parts and a breadboard. Of course they did all they could to suppress it, since disease is a good industry. One day people will realise that the greatest holocaust ever is that caused by the disease/pseudomedical/pharma industry, and who cares if kids die of a cancer in some hospital. So I am glad that Neil can use that technology !
      Nice message for Obama in the video! When I read that some people are prepared to forgive those mass murderers, my blood boils.

  8. Hi Neil, I am glad your’re doing well. Those who could help you and us financially though belong to the “other” side. I would like to know what “health device” you have shown us in your video. Stay safe, stay strong.

  9. Hi Neil, how do we send funds to you even small ones. Yes I agree with what you have warned about. I think Americans are trying not to cause marshall law. Everyone tells us to do something. I agree but what and how. We Love you. We know if EMP happens OB will blame some one else. We are sick of what is going on here. Thank you for showing new tech. I have seen many and more. Take Care. Maybe some day I’ll get to shake your hand and say thank you in person.

  10. Dear Neil, you sound happier and more vibrant on this vid than ever. I am GLAD your health is doing so well! You sound full of joy and optimism – it all shines thru on this vid. Thank you for the update! So much info, and so much to feel good about here!

    Re: the EMP situation. The article says a 2-month window, so if we make it to October without this happening, can we think of it as a ‘gone’ possibility? How likely is it really, that this is not/going to happen? I am asking not for the purpose of being more or less afraid, since a bunch of wild emotions will NOT help. But for the purpose of planning – is this something we should pray about only, or should we also plan for it? (I mean, is it likely enough that we should lay some active plans and even discuss it more among our family?) I do not want to worry people I know over something that is not that likely, but if it is, then those of us who can handle the information should get busy on some specific plans & dates. If I had some idea of the chances (remote, or 50/50, or probable or likely, or nearly definite unless some kind of event happens to avert it), then it would be useful for planning. I would tell some people if it’s likely, but if it’s 50/50 then keep quiet for now and just keep eyes open. (This is assuming most of us already have general ‘preps’ in place for disaster anyway.)

    It is pretty obvious to me that the Khazzes here are not expecting elections to happen. It is also obvious that their power of actually making their plans take place is getting smaller and smaller all the time, and there are those over them who can limit their power altogether. I think what you have outlined sounds JUST LIKE THEM. But they are no longer in charge, in many areas, so I’m wondering just how much they really are in charge in this one. Their power is greatest on this continent (North America), and they are obviously feeling some heat, so they are trying to act quickly before they really lose it all. How successful are they likely to be, in devastating this last great stronghold of theirs?

    Dear Neil, you inspire so many of us and we work in our own small ways to help, although this may become more obvious after the change than now. When this is all over, I hope that some of us will be in a position to return to you some token of our gratitude for the huge, huge work you have done on behalf of us all. I hope you will be aware of how many friends out here you have, who you never even met. You continue in the prayers of many out here, who you don’t know but who love you because of your obvious heart. I’m glad you speak out without sweating any foot-in-mouth stuff! 🙂 Please keep looking after your health.

    • Well done Neil,we Irish are so proud of you,It takes Irishman to take care the good bad ugly. Let me know if I can be any assistance,We keep you in our prayers ,keep safe,,,

  11. I’m ready but not quite THAT ready. Time to go get some more food. Bless us all that we make it through.

    Thank you for keeping us updated. This is very important.

    Much love always to you.

  12. Neil and TeamK I am very grateful for all you do for humanity and our planet. I pray for your safety and the a team K . May you be successful in everything you do victory for the good and light. May your journey’s end soon in complete victory. I would hope someday to meet you and buy you a Irish drink. Love & light Laurie K

  13. It seems many do not fully comprehend just what an EMP
    power grid outage would be. It would totally destroy the
    entire electrical grid, and that means banking would not work
    computers will not work, there would be no tv media working,
    and all things that are computer generated such as planes et al
    …….well I don’t want to even imagine.
    Fact is, the power grid would take years and years to ever repair.
    It will be a total disaster that I don’t think there is any preparation
    for, nor to survive.
    Best and only remedy is to prevent it beforehand, no matter what
    that takes.
    Trump said just yesterday that he is sure the election is going to
    be rigged. How sad it is for a man to spend his own money just to
    try to turn this country around, and the majority who are brainless
    stick with an obvious liar. Her goal is nothing more than Power for
    herself. Anyone who thinks she actually cares about anyone of the
    masses, is totally blind and gullible.
    We are IN perilous times, and without immediate real preventative
    action, it will be all over with with no 2nd chances.

  14. Woooooooow.

    Kathy, Niel, Ray Dam, and the rest of you are representation of godly firmness, courage, in light and love for ALL.


    I have all of you in my thoughts of support, prayer, well-being and strength.

    At some point in the future I would love to see you all with a hug the size of a star-gate.


  15. Niel, when it comes to EMF

    Please, please please, seek the


    Their technology is thousands of years ahead of ours. They will stop it.

    Ask Gen. JOSEPH DUNDORD or Pres. PUTIN.
    Ask Gen. JOSEPH DUNDORD or Pres. PUTIN. They know.

    • There are no ‘upstairs visitors” to come and help.
      I wish you people would get over that crazy idea.
      Dunford is not the ”president’ either, that is
      obvious. Putin, now that would be the only logical
      thing you’ve said.

    • Michael Beilman

      August 3, 2016 at 2:46 am

      It’s so simple. If the ascended masters and divine immortals assisted us throughout history, in this time of perhaps greatest need, they will again. According to Jim Willie and others, nuclear war and nuclear bombs are blocked by ET. Many lives have been saved by angels etc. This builds upon the achievements of all human ancestors.

  16. If we are aware of the EMP “grid” that the usurper is going to
    spring on the united States, why then isn’t the usurper arrested
    beforehand for all the other crimes he has committed and get
    him out of the way before the “grid”?. No matter that he’s
    been thrown out of the White House, he is still destroying
    our country everyday. Once the EMP “grid” is done, IT’S
    DOOMSDAY for America.

  17. Update: Regarding the Frequency Healing ‘Box’

    Neil has been in contact with the developer of this technology again and is awaiting additional information before he can make any further statement.

    The device was shown as an example of the thousands of technological advancements that have been suppressed – despite the patents for many being publicly viewable.

    It must be made clear that these types of technologies are currently outlawed and mass distribution at this time would likely be disastrous if not impossible.

  18. Neil and Group,

    I am so confused as to this article and the mention of EMP on the USA population being used by the current President. How would this be allowed if that person was described as being “out” and that behind the scenes a General Dunford was now in control of the USA for the betterment of the population there? Regarding your article located here:

    Please explain your most recent post as it seems very difficult for this to happen if in fact it was truth that General Dunford is now steering the USA in a sane and functional manner.

    I have to believe that those which would prevail are those who are sane, peaceful and helpful to all. An EMP attack in the USA would cause a massive crippling effect around the world and the deaths of millions. A peaceful transition to to new power dynamics in the world is the only option to save all of humanity. There are millions of people of the USA that are not in agreement with the government and are in need of level headed people to help free not only the USA population but the world from very evil people that rule behind the scenes. Thank you for all that you do.

    • Please see the posts following the one you refer to above that lead up to the latest post – the details are all explained therein.

      There are some who say that there are forces at work who will not allow such an EMP to take place and that other similar wide scale events have been prevented in the recent past. This article was not intended to spread fear, rather awareness.

      Exposure of the plot may also help to assist aversion from within ‘on the ground’ as it were.

  19. Keenan Team | Two

    August 3, 2016 at 3:52 pm

    Update: Regarding the Frequency Healing ‘Box’

    Neil has been in contact with the developer of this technology again and is awaiting additional information before he can make any further statement.

    The device was shown as an example of the thousands of technological advancements that have been suppressed – despite the patents for many being publicly viewable.

    It must be made clear that these types of technologies are currently outlawed and mass distribution at this time would likely be disastrous if not impossible.

    • Yes, there are many such machines. Some work well, some not so good.

      Since I can’t afford buying them on trial and error basis, please just share the name or model of it and I will try to find the seller myself.


      Thank you.
      PS. I am not asking for professional advise and I do not take sharing the name and model as a health advise. To me, it is only a personal sharing of information. Please help.

      • Keenan Team | Two

        August 4, 2016 at 1:00 pm

        As stated before, this statement is from Neil and he cannot release any further information at this time.

  20. Re suppressed technologies, you can find this book online: Suppressed inventions and other discoveries” by Jonathan Eisen. And you will understand the scope of what they took away from us.! Here is a link

  21. Bring it on. Here in small town usa we have been getting ready since 9/11.

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