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Groundhog Day

There is a dystopian world right now. Neil is one world, focused upon the truth and clarity that his sources and experience have guided him to develop insight and wisdom.

The other world, is the one that most of humanity occupies. Truth, it turns out is often illusive and at times obfuscated by biases in politics, greed and self service.

To understand this article, one must ask one simple question: Why would someone want to be Neil Keenan. Amanah? There are a multitude of people that allege they have power and influence that meets or exceed his.

There are many others that claim they have legal authority greater than his. Many seem to cling to their belief that all of what Neil represents is the land of fiction since their belief structure excludes the realities of what he has already seen, experienced and witnessed.

Which one is reality is easier to identify when you examine the growing list of people that either want to be Neil, or dismiss him as a fantasy piece. The growing list of people already provided over the last fourteen years grows in fits and starts.

The latest expose ties together several recent pretenders to the throne of Amanah. It started innocently enough, but time tends to expose the games these people play. Intel and perspective also allow for these things to be linked and a greater conspiracy is identified.

People that have self identified as a part of Neil’s team, by their descriptions, have been busy making designs to either relegate Neil to the sidelines or to obtain access to the vast sums of wealth that he is responsible to oversee.

Chronologically, it started with Jeanne O’Dean introducing James Dugan. The great pretender in Florida that had all the real power of Indonesia, all the wealth in the world and need to acquire more. After several back-and-forth sessions including financing Neil’s impending trip to Indonesia, it all unravelled.

After the formal severing of ties between Neil and Jeanne, Neil uncovered another fake offering of these two via a scheme in Zimbabwe gold mining and Dubai refining.

All it did was strengthen the mounting evidence that there was a lot rotten. Enough that they had to start looking over their shoulders, and still do.

As that saga was ending, a new story was unfolding with another unknown billionaire with all the wealth, power and influence in the world out of Florida. Enter John Boyko via Brendan O’Neil, someone purported to be even wealthier and more powerful than James Dugan.

Also from Florida, USA. The odds of that incidentally is zero that the two men fighting it out for the most wealth, power and influence in the world are from Florida.

That aside, when taking their information, and running through his exhaustive network of intelligence groups Neil was impressed that there were two men that he never heard of that indicated they had more power and influence in Indonesia and Asia where he is the only elected Amanah in human history.

That is sarcasm incidentally.

Anxious to see where this latest introduction and probable scam would lead, Neil played the patience game. Waiting to see if it was a singular unrelated incident or if it was tied to other known attempts at luring Neil into a position that would put the assets under his control at risk.

Turns out, that this latest was a longer play than James and Jeanne and had two phases. The first attempt at connection was rebuffed leaving things relatively unengaged, but clearly frustrating the referring party Brendan.

After a period of seven or eight months there was a new ploy with Brendan as the saviour in offering a financial hand in financing the trip to Indonesia. This was kept quiet until there was a sudden last-minute problem 18 hours after the offer was made with tentative working plans for financing.

One of the parties to the deal that was anchoring this global multi-hundreds of billion-dollar deal was John Boyko. The other was an influential Middle Eastern gentleman with extensive ties to both Saudi Arabia and the UAE named Tarek.

Suddenly, because Neil was not conducting business with John Boyko, it was arbitrarily deemed by Brendan to be a career ending conflict of interest to finance Neil’s trip to Indonesia.

Setting the table of accuracy matters here. Party A found out to be fake. Party B with no substantiation is more powerful and wealthy than the Amanah within the country of Indonesia is preventing a financing deal because Neil is not doing business with him.

Makes one imagine the efficacy of all the parties of all the deals as well as those that work for them.

Neil probably has a lot to say about all of this as yet another evasive step from ensnarement of great pretenders and their interlocutors. Undoubtedly, they are somehow all connected. Only Neil would know, and only he would divulge that information when he deems it appropriate to do so.

Answering the opening question, one must understand the truth of what it means to be the Amanah. It is not only about finance and wealth management.

It is also highly Spiritual. The process that no other human being has passed other than Neil Keenan involved a series of intense spiritual tests. These exposed the truth of his soul to himself and the 29 Elders that elected him as Amanah.

In addition to this, understanding the breadth of the responsibilities of the office of the Amanah would also require a fantastic ability to conduct high level meetings across many spheres as well as outline the development of humanitarian packages that will benefit the people of Indonesia and then South East Asia.

Given the lack of progress from these shysters pretending to have both the authority and power over the wealth of Indonesia and the world were found wanting in all categories.

What remains to be discussed, examined and disclosed by Neil to everyone is the toll that dealing with these people has taken in terms of time, money and focus on his already being in Indonesia.

The Amanah Mr. Keenan has funding awaiting him in Indonesia, but he needs this financing in order to get to Indonesia.

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  1. Question: why doesn’t he just buy a plane ticket to Indonesia if there is all this gold just waiting for him there?

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