Above is Neil Keenan holding the signed Amanah Agreement.

The elected Amanah, Neil Francis Keenan has made the following gold bullion available for sale effective immediately (January 16, 2024):

250 (Two-Hundred-Fifty) Kilograms of 99.99% pure gold aurum in 1.0-kilogram bars. The gold is not hallmarked and is domiciled in Indonesia.

This gold, is legally the property and domain of the Amanah. It is solely at the discretion of the Amanah that this gold is offered to the public for legal sale.

This document establishes the process of legally acquiring Gold Aurum in allotments and increments of 1 kilogram (1,000 grams). Pricing is in United States Dollars.

Interested parties are required to express their interest in writing to the following email address:


The price will be negotiated based upon the spot price for one (1) kilogram of Gold at 99.99% (ninety-nine-point-ninety-nine percent purity) on the date of inquiry.

The exact price agreed upon will look similar to the following example:

LBME / SBMA blended average spot price as at January 1, 2024: $65,919.40 USD

Negotiated discount with Amanah’s Office: ($6,591.94 USD) (10.0%)

Net Price: $59,327.46

Deposit required to secure purchase at this price: $5,932.75

Balance Due at Time of Handover: $53,394.71 USD

Delivery Options: Personal Pickup (Free), Bonded Delivery (i.e. Brinks) at Cost to Buyer

This is an example for discussion purposes only.

As the Amanah, this offer is well within the parameters of his role and is legally offered to private and commercial buyers.

The Amanah will provide all the necessary documentation for the end buyer to export the gold bars in accordance with the laws of Indonesia.

It is the understanding of the Amanah that the buyer is legally allowed to purchase and transport the gold bars to the destination or domicile of their choice. 

The end buyer assumes all responsibilities for adherence to the laws for their domicile of choice and thereby releases the Amanah, and Indonesia from any legal action when the transaction is completed.

All taxes and fees for transportation and entry taxes are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

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