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This bulletin is breaking news and can be considered an addendum to “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?” (our last post).

Whereas our last post discussed Indonesian President Jokowi, West Papua gold, and the President’s meetings in the Netherlands, this just takes it a little further.

In matter of fact, not anything of this nature would ever have been revealed had Benjamin Fulford not made the accusations such as Jokowi was going to meet with the P2 Lodge and the Vatican while he visited Holland.

Being personally entrenched in Indonesia, I thought it best that I follow this thing through to reveal to us and the Indonesian people what really is happening in West Papua. It did not matter if Ben was right. This is not a pissing contest. This is about bringing things accurately to the people, and, boy oh boy, what did we learn!

On March 10, 2016…12 days before the bombings in Brussels, Belgium, King Willem Alexander and the Queen Maxima of the Netherlands paid an official visit to France to meet with French President Hollande.

Prior to this meeting Indonesian President Jokowi met with the King and Queen where he laid out his demands in his usual humble manner; this time it was regarding the gold and uranium in Indonesia.

Before making any changes, he needed to be assured that the Dutch had everything in place, which means France and its state-owned company AREVA.  Without France a major part of the agreement regarding uranium made by Jokowi would not take place.

Related: AREVA: Forward Looking Energy

The current contract for gold is locked into Freeport McMoRan until 2020, and they have requested another extension of said contract for twenty years. This contract as constructed is great for McMoRan but not for the Indonesian people.

So the good President decided to go shopping, and where would he go first? Right where it all began, Holland. (This is another part of history that you will have to catch up on at another time.)

President Jokowi wanted to be assured that any agreement with the Dutch would also include the uranium in the package deal.  If you can produce, chances are you just might get the contract and, if not, then it most likely would go to the highest bidder.

Jokowi is tired of playing the Western game of fools.  He now realizes that he holds the cards, not some Zionist bums that continue to threaten the world with devastation.

He is standing his ground, and although he is small in stature, he stands like a giant in this matter.  He is taking it directly to them and is not doing what others said when they wrote about other secret societies, meetings etc.

It seems that the French support the Dutch so this might soon be on the table. However, we are not completely sure about this at the present time.

Despite the fact I have put this out to the public, in essence it is still being held in secret, seeing that no one has yet seen any of the final details involving said agreement. If it was orally proposed or not, this deal is a winner for whomever gets it!

Also, understand one thing and this is for sure: Jokowi is holding all the cards. This game is rapidly changing, and it looks bleak for the Western Zionists / Khazarians.

On the other hand, President Jokowi gets two for one – gold and uranium packaged neatly together with professional expertise should he decide to go the European way.

Jokowi clearly needs to be assured before deliberating with the Dutch that the French state-owned company ‘AREVA’ with their state-of-the-art capabilities, new power plants, etc., are on board and raring to go. His demand for such should rightfully be assuaged.

To substantiate the French interest there was allegedly an NDA (Non-Disclosure-Agreement) signed between the Netherlands and France to secure the mines and uranium processing in order to acquire control of mining in West Papua.

Indonesia can only rely on the French operations, as the Americans are no longer reliable in many ways.

The French also no longer have a taste for Americans, since they recently lost 8.97 Billion Euros regarding the BNP case with the US. As a result, they have since decided their best bet is working with Europeans from here on out. This could be a match made in heaven!

Upon further review, AREVA also has been in charge of the MALI operations for the past three years, and, believe it or not, there is an AREVA mine with uranium and gold!  This sounds to me like Freeport McMoRan is on its last legs in West Papua which further means that Rio Tinto is as well.

As the cards unfold, you clearly see President Jokowi holds the entire deck, and he will make wise decisions that benefit the Indonesian people. He is a peoples’ President. You will often find the Globalists attacking him, but he seems to have big shoulders and just shrugs off their comments and goes about his work.

This is excellent work by Mr. President and Indonesia should be proud. So many years have been in waiting, and finally, West Papua will get something tangible in return for their great losses.

PS: Is it true that the Executive arm of Indonesia is planning on stealing the Global assets that belong to others… that they will attempt to raid the bunkers the Elders have taken care of for many years?

Well, it matters not seeing that the IMF, BIS, WORLD BANK and Indonesia itself are now placed on notice that those Assets are owned by the Depositors, not the Elders.

Also, they are registered within the BIS as well as prominent banks so their every move will be monitored. The Dragon Family doubts that President Jokowi knows of such plans and they will visit Jakarta in the very near future.

And as advised, Neil Keenan, who is getting stronger by the day, will soon be returning to watch over his dominion and take care of his people (Indonesians). He will also get set for the opening of the Accounts, a strategic move which the West is attempting to prevent.

So which is it the RV’s or the Accounts?  I believe they both will be opened very soon!

Neil is the key to this entire matter, and he promises he will be there just in time to keep things honest.

This song is dedicated to President Jokowi, Neil Keenan and Group K – take care of business boys (and girls)…


“Takin’ Care Of Business” – Bachman-Turner Overdrive (BTO)


Neil Keenan and Group K


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  1. Hi Neil
    I am always proud that I am a friend of you. I really hope to see you soon and work for humanbeings.
    Thank you for your hard efforts.

  2. HOORAY!!!!!!

    That song always makes me giggle.

  3. Aloha NK Group! Good news that Neil is getting stronger and that things are moving in a positive direction! Mahalo!

  4. Seems like great movements forward….hopefully this people’s president is very generous to the West Papuans. Their losses at the hand of the Indonesians have been massive!!
    How does one account for murder, rape and total pillage over gold???
    Nothing replaces nor affords anyone’s sanctity in life.

  5. Hi Neil

    Let it rip or make it rip good on you neil

  6. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for the update & your diligent hard work. I wanted to tell you I bought a Chi machine like you showed on one of your videos & it is as awesome as you said! Here’s something I’d like to recommend for your continued health & vigor: Resveratrol Synergy by Jarrow, available on Amazon. It is the best supplement I’ve found for an improvement in how you feel with no jitters or ‘bad’ ingredients. I still have energy & good attitude even after especially long days! I know it would give you a needed boost coming out of the slump of illness because it has worked for me many times.
    Good luck & continue to keep us posted.
    Lisa Harding (Cosmic Voice member)

  7. Niel,
    Thank You Again and Again and Again

  8. Wonderful news! Thank you, Neil and Team K. God bless you all.

  9. Here’s what wer’e talking about-see themarshallreport/Wordpress Diane Marshall -Rollin thunder!!

  10. We The People have far more power than the cabal would have us believe. It’s up to each one of us to use it & now is the time! Above all, let’s end our squabbling over petty differences or anything that keeps the mind-control programs of separation going.

    Most of us understand the Golden Rule & share similar humanitarian values as well as love for the natural world. When we join forces despite many opposition-controlled efforts to block us, we free ourselves from millenniums of slavery systems.

    The cabal is weakening daily. Many are running scared. Remember they are failing energetically & rapidly losing their hold over people worldwide. Yes, they are going all-out to stop us, but after an accelerated effort, they are all going to jail or other forms of justice we may never hear about, but will equally suffice.

    In the meantime, continue to send our best to Neil & Group K, as they, too, blaze forth through obstacle after obstacle. Continue to hold out for the highest & best victory for all of humanity.

    God bless…

    • hear hear! let’s hope the people open up their ears. if we could get millions of people to boycott places like McDonalds, & Walmart for a few days or forever, and not support other business that the cabal profit from, we could possibly expedite their demise by cutting off the $$$$. suck off their oxygen and blood source and poison them off like they’ve done to us. if peeps are scared to gather in the streets to protest, then hit ’em where it hurts. in the pocket. choke the bastards off of their lifeline and make them beg for what they’ve done to mankind. Please Lord. do it quickly!

  11. the secret weapon sounds fun, it’s almost as if neil described it as a sleeping dragon, but then it must be a small dragon since he said he could have it in his hands.
    since it’s probably related to the dragon family, you never know, this world has a lot of secrets and magic to it 😀

    so let loose the fiery breath of the east would you? and wreck the kingdom of paper.

    • Timing is everything! I’m sure Mr. Keenan & Group K would love to end this yesterday if they could. they must be exhausted, mentally , physically, emotionally & spiritually. I hope it’s not magic, because that’s what sorcerer’s use and it takes a higher power, one that died for all of mankind and shed his blood for our filthy sins , to defeat this kind of trickery and evil. John 3:16

      Mr. Keenan knows what he’s doing, he’s got God on his side.

      • well, as I see magic it’s just reality we have yet to understand and use fully.

        it will be interesting to see what happens on the 11 of april with democracy spring, both sides of the alternative media will be there it seems and a sit in with civil disobedience might do something.
        I hope Dahboo77 and tyt interviews each other, now that would be one magical discussion I believe 😀

  12. I thought this was very good and I have to share it with all of you. it’s Greg Hunter from USA Watchdog, and it’s MUCH more than the Clinton email scandals. Put on your seat belts!

    live oak

    • And, to top it off, there is one specific firm which is spearheading the conversion of the U.S. into Panama: Rothschild.

      Rothschild, the centuries-old European financial institution, has opened a trust company in Reno, Nev., a few blocks from the Harrah’s and Eldorado casinos. It is now moving the fortunes of wealthy foreign clients out of offshore havens such as Bermuda, subject to the new international disclosure requirements, and into Rothschild-run trusts in Nevada, which are exempt.

      * * *

      For financial advisers, the current state of play is simply a good business opportunity. In a draft of his San Francisco presentation, Rothschild’s Penney wrote that the U.S. “is effectively the biggest tax haven in the world.” The U.S., he added in language later excised from his prepared remarks, lacks “the resources to enforce foreign tax laws and has little appetite to do so.”

      Yes, Mossack Fonseca may now be history, and its countless uberwealthy clients exposed, but none other than Rothschild is now delighted to be able to fill its rather large shoes. In fact, someone with a conspiratorial bent may decide that today’s dramatic takedown of the Panama “offshoring” industry was nothing more than a hit designed to crush the competition of domestic “tax haven” providers… suxh as Rothschild.

      • David Wilcock: “The problem is that the world of finance & politics is so dirty that no one gets out clean. Everyone is compromised, no matter how heroic they may be.

        Corruption is so deeply woven into the system that you are simply never going to find anyone, Alliance or otherwise, who doesn’t have problems.”

        In other words, the entire system is corrupt worldwide. We The People must no longer be fooled by “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. Why the American people keep electing the same old wolves/politicians (or maintain a voting system that can be fraudulently manipulated) is beyond insane. Perhaps “self-interests” have corrupted the citizens as well. If the people are looking for a hand-out rather than a hand-up, they are sadly disillusioned & part of the problem overall.

        I spoke with a beloved friend today about freedom. We wondered about who is actually free today. My response is that freedom must start from within one’s heart & soul so there is an awareness of what it means to each individual. Then it requires responsibility…As our soldiers say so well, “Freedom isn’t free”. Freedom requires a willingness to open one’s eyes to the world around & beyond them. Then it requires the intelligence to hold our representatives from the local & county, state, & national governments to be highly accountable to their people. If not, a grass roots movement or rebellion is required to make it so.

        Here’s what we are facing right now.: How free do you believe you are today? The answer is multi-layered so it may take some sou-searching. It is said that the leaders of any nation reflect the consciousness of its people. Had enough? If so, your time is now to speak up, take intelligent action, & set yourself & others free!

        • …make that soul-searching…turn the lights on inside oneself & reflect on where you can make a difference…

  13. Thank you Neil. We are pulling for you in Texas! On the TRUMP TRAIN!

  14. What do we make of this Neil?

    Federal Reserve to New US Republic via a Global Currency Reset
    “The Global Currency Reset is a complicated process about a global reset of currencies, removal of the Khazarian mafia and restoration of the US Republic and the original US Constitution. At present the process is playing out with no holds and is expected to be completed within days.

    Below is a history of that process, including forming of the US New Republic, integration of the Federal Reserve into the new US Treasury in Reno, expected changes in the US tax system, expected release of the 800 numbers and relationship of Humanitarian Projects to $800 trillion in US taxpayer monies gained from a 1992 audit of the Federal Reserve.”

  15. Oh my God! if this is true…. it seems too surreal… but our dreams will come true and all those that worked so hard may finally rest for a little while anyway. this blew me away! it talks about the ‘new republic’ already in place w/ Paul Ryan as interim president? and Dunford (who I thought was not a nice man) as VP? huh? and talks about the global reset and the Dragon family & NESARA so much more. I’m shocked. IDK maybe I’m dreaming

  16. hi all, it seems there has been voter fraud for the second time in the us republican primaries, reports of voter machines not allowing the vote for trump in wisconsien and a man from the idaho / ohio election who didnt see anyone checking who was going in to vote and not keeping track on how many voter ballots people were taking with them.

    I think we have it pretty much confirmed that there really is no election, there is only selection and foul play and deception, sometimes people are allowed to win for various reasons as well. the way the mandates are allocated is not proportional to the published popular vote either.

    so I really think again that you can not put any faith in elections in nato countries, it’s not secure and not counted properly. So my point is, there has to be a plan A that does not rely on an enemy controlled selection process!


    Debunking We Go — An Endless Game of Whump the Weasels, by Anna von Reitz
    Posted on April 7, 2016 by David Robinson
    Now that the information is finally getting out and being understood, that is to say, “critical mass” has been reached demanding reform and redress, the big danger is that we will be “fooled again”.

    The crooks responsible for this are parasites and like any parasites, they know when to leave a dying host like the UNITED STATES, INC. They packed up in 2009, folks, and by 2012 had found business partners in China willing to help them get a new start in exchange for not only return of Chinese gold that was legitimately owed to the Chinese, but the use (loan) of vast amounts of gold that is in fact owed to us instead.

    Recently a lot of well-intentioned people have been passing around notices and “news announcements” about the “New Republic” and about the “Global Reset” and how we have $800 trillion in European banks and how NESARA was supposedly passed at the point of a gun back in the 1990’s and “somehow” just never got here, either. Oh, and let’s not forget the “Chinese Elders” who came out of nowhere and kindly offered us the loan of billions of dollars of gold so that we could play in their new casino.

    Grow up and wise up, people.

    It’s true that practically everyone else on the planet owes us a lot of money instead of us owing them. That much is absolutely true.

    It’s also true that the gold the “Chinese Elders” are “loaning” to us is gold that belongs to us, so that nothing has changed in this latest “offer” from the pigs—albeit, using Chinese Elders to do it. If we go back to sleep we will still be paying THEM for the use of our own assets. See? They “loan” our gold to the Chinese, the Chinese then loan our gold to us, we pay the Chinese interest on our own gold and both the Chinese and the rats benefit.

    It’s just another “Federal Reserve Note” scam where they loaned us our own credit at interest.

    And so is the “United States Note” another scam and variation on the theme. There’s no reason for us to “promise” to pay anyone in the future and that is what a “Note” is— an I.O.U. A Federal Reserve Note or a United States Note or a George F. Schniedelmeyer Note — it is ALL the same. Why use credit, when by all rights under Heaven, you can afford to pay right now?

    The authors of this “NESARA” Pre-Announcement say that these new “United States Notes” are different in that we won’t be paying “interest” on the value of these “Notes”. All that means is that we will be using our own credit and racking up bills against ourselves according to the whims of these blackguards who still propose to be the governing body of the federation of states and still propose to operate in international jurisdiction under rules they make up for themselves.

    Color all of us —and not just the Americans— everyone, worldwide—VERY STUPID if we allow this System to continue in any way, shape, manner or form. New names and new faces papering over old fraud mechanisms won’t change a thing and that’s not what we came here for. Even the “announcement” that Washington, DC has been “dis-incorporated” is not exactly honest.

    Washington, DC, doing business as The District of Columbia Municipal Corporation is being liquidated, not “dis-incorporated”. And you might all be interested to know that your ESTATES are supposedly up for grabs as part of this liquidation, because the people responsible for this circumstance kinda “forgot” to tell you that you are the Priority Creditors of these ratfink slimeballs and that your property and good name have been put at violent risk by these con artists.

    This is what is going on in the western states. This is why Ammon and Clive Bundy are in jail. Secondary creditors of the UNITED STATES, INC. have come to the table and banged their dishes on the floor, so Mikey and Johnny and Hillary and Billie and Paul and the whole gang on Capitol Hill have said, oh, yes, that land is chattel owned by the UNITED STATES, INC. and those people are chattel, too—- not the actual Priority Creditors, not the beneficiaries of the United States Trust…, we never saw them before in our lives, even though we taxed them and they voted us into office (obviously by some error or mental incompetence on their part). You guys can take their land and throw them in jail for our debts, sure, and charge their ESTATES extra for the “service”.

    So say, “Thank you, but no thank you, General Dunsford, the Queen and the Federal Reserve and the IMF all stole our identities and our credit on your predecessors’ watch and not only are we not paying the odious debt, we aren’t going back for any seconds. Instead, we ARE suing for our names, our money, our land and everything else that is ours including our credit, to be back in our control—-and that’s pronto, General. It’s your job to make sure that our National Trust is safe and secure and if it’s not after spending trillions of dollars on “National Defense” you know very well whose cajones are in the winepress of God.”

    It’s not “just” the Federal Reserve that is so rotten corrupt and criminal that it smells like rotten dog dung and deserves to be torn down brick by brick, it’s the IMF, too. It’s the World Bank. It’s the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development. It’s the whole filthy, rotten “banking infrastructure”. Outside of a handful of old “state” banks there isn’t an honest bank left on this planet, and let me tell you, that if the Chinese bought Wells Fargo— just recently owned by the United States Attorney General’s Office— they are in for claims that even they won’t believe.

    Please understand that I don’t want bloodshed over fraud, but I do want the fraud to be admitted, recognized, punished, and cleaned up. I want a fresh start on a firm foundation, not more shimmy-shuffle dances and omissions and half-truths and fake “debts”. I also insist that my property— all of it—be returned to me. That includes my given name, my trade name, my pen names, my copyrights, my titles and deeds and assets of all kinds. Now. Not next July. Not “maybe” or “someday” or when Bill Clinton feels like it.

    We are coming forward by the millions and we are filing our paperwork. If you guys shut down the Land Recorder’s Offices, we will simply open our own and continue the process and steamroll right over any objections in international venues.

    It’s time for an end of the lies and the fairytales. I really don’t know why these rodents always think that we need “stories” and are too stupid to figure out who the bad guys are, but in any case— they are wrong. Nobody who is awake, is past the age of ten, and really thinking about any of this is buying the Chinese Elders Story or the “We Are FINALLY Giving You NESARA!” Story, either.

    With all due respect to Neil Keenan who has fought hard to pay back the Chinese people a righteous debt, it’s past time for the American people to be paid back the land, credit, and other assets that are owed and for the corporations responsible for these travesties to be liquidated and replaced with a lawfully elected and accountable and Republican style of government— as promised and guaranteed.

    As soon as we have made it crystal clear to everyone on this planet who and what we are and what we are owed, and placed it all on the Public Records, we are going to follow through with the next steps required under the United States Statutes at Large. If General Dunsford doesn’t do his job, we are going to act as the Beneficiaries of the United States Trust and issue our directives for all the world to see. We are going to hold our elections for our land-based counties and we are going to elect our Sheriffs on the Land and we are going to start deputizing as many men as we need to clear out this nest of vipers. We are going to open up the Bounty Hunter provisions of the 14th Amendment and we are going to have a Field Day on any corporation, politician, organization or public official who thinks they are getting away with any more of this crappola. We are going to do it lawfully and peacefully and with the full support of the entire planet, because everyone else is as sick of these vermin as we are.

    • Til all governments are torn down and alllll politicians,judges,lawyers and all bankers are all arrested don’t fool yourselves. You’ll never be free,they all live for money and how many new laws they can apply to make themselves feel important. These college certificates would be better used as toilet paper. Only reason we have come to this point in life is all because people walk around with papers and suits thinking their shit don’t stink,what a joke.. Most of them can’t even grow a flower yet alone be given the right to even represent the shit bucket they represent. So for as long as anyone as the power to rule, we will still be ruled. Freedom is Freedom less we forget. You all still have in your minds on what new car or truck you will buy if you get your loans zeroed… Bunch of fools. People waking up as not even begun yet and everyone thinks its going to be OK. Sad just sad. The US as and a few more allies have gloried themselves at killing millions and millions of innocent people and still I watch everyone blame does war torn countries invaders to your land…. How long did you really think this would go on before they came to invade you. Reality is a hard pill to swallow but guess what the jar of pills have been tossed in your court and they are not excepting refunds.

    • OMG! I love you, man! Spoken from the heart; I couldn’t agree more.

      live oak x

  18. Is Purdy Jones,April 7/16 justified in (to me) , sounding a bit
    skeptical in ref to link ,
    and the startling info contained .
    Can group4 comment as to the accuracy of all this info.
    thanks jay

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