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The Time Has Come…
We’re On Our Way

Hi Everyone, wishing you all well… In just a short while we will be moving on to what could be titled as an ending or a beginning, or how about just a new beginning. 

We have given it our all for years and now we are standing here, reaching out to shake your hands (my team and I.)

You have been so kind over the years, even when I had my bumps but we also fought through those and came out on top. We never wavered and our feet were solidly rooted. We took them all on.

Now I have a video to do and I don’t know what to say. Don’t say you cannot believe that Neil Keenan is tongue tied but I am.

We are now looking at that road we have talked about many times, and we are definitely moving on it now. There will be a giant step to take shortly and that will be a New Beginning.

We have one hell of a task to complete but then again who ever thought we would get this far?

NO ONE! Now let’s stay together and take on what I consider to be a huge task and some term as monumental. We are going to do it people. We are going to wind it up and let it go and once we do – I just might be able to take a break.

You may have thought that I might not ‘be’ any longer – and I must say I had little to say at the time, and was not going to give anyone any platform nor listen to nonsense; so here I am now at the crossroads from end to beginning and I am well.

Enough said, I am alive and well. The video is me but a me that literally has little to say until we get moving towards the crossroads.

I am about to light up, with my energy boosted and my team crashing through unbelievable objects in getting to what will be known forever and ever.

Count on us we will do it and do it well. The planet will be safe. 

Count on it.

Now for the video… and some music…


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  1. Don,t be Angry with Ben and David, they also do good work….


    It’s Now the Time for Amanah Neil Keenan To Ultimately Usher in the Golden Age for Mankind…
    May the Jinn Be With You in Opening the Indonesian GCA Bunkers.
    Bless You for all you’ve done for humanity and God Speed
    Jeanne O’

  3. Cowboy Down Under

    September 18, 2020 at 9:36 am

    No one deserves this day more then you Neil. Good work and now the Great Work Begins.

  4. I read the parts where the Sultan of Sulu tried to sell the gold, and also the attempt theft of the gold by Korean the then President Kim.

    As far as I can understand these gold are the ones stashed away by the Japanese and later recovered by the Sultan of Sulu and some people on S Korea.

    Questions are: in what ways can [the so called elders or dragon family supposedly original owners of these gold], after 50+ years still legally/rightfully exert controls of these recovered gold and then via Neil Keenan prevented sale and thievery of the same.

    How about the various recoveries made by some individuals or group of individuals especially the ex imperial Japanese army personnel that went back to the Philippines after the war – they managed to sell the gold and became rich, and got away with it – far from being blocked or prevented by the elders, dragon family and Neil Keenan?

    Please explain in details.


  5. Good work Neil, you and your team are the greatest, Thank You very much for all you have done to save humanity and this plant from the jaws of destruction and evil. Your are a Hero!!

  6. Neil you and your team are national heroes for humanity in my book. I will add Pres. Trump to that book also. Very few in this day are willing to pay the price that you have. God bless you and your team.

  7. Great stuff, and wonderful to see you again, Neil. And besides all the great info and news, thanks a ton for the great music selection, too (-: In particular, ZZTop is one of my all-time favorites (if you’ll excuse the expression, truly ballsy music). And to top it off, Billy Gibbons is a cousin to my husband.

    Keep on rockin’!

  8. Islam and catholics share the same symbols, ,….the Cresent star.

    so next question is why are these mono religions using ancient pagans symbols.

    its because they both have a hand in each other

  9. Hi Neil &Group K !

    What a inspiring vid ! I’m glad that Deans true colors have been exposed. He called me about a year year ago hustling me or blowing smoke for whatever he thought he could get me to inhale. Frankly it kinda gave me a bad taste about the organization as he was only live person I ever had contact between me and you.

    Your too funny Neil and would be an honor to meet you one day in person. I’m here to serve and hope I have that opportunity to do same with Group K.

    I just want to help people anyway i can and see many opportunities to do with and through GroupK.

    I love to deep sea fish too….would be a great experience in my life time to spend 1 day doing same with you…..had to throw that in there.

    However I’m here and ready to serve humanity anyway I can and I know Group K is like minded.

    I been following Group K before lawsuit……can’t believe the years have past by that fast already.

    May God richly bless you Neil & Group K !

    Sincerely , Christopher

  10. God bless you Neil. This is the best “Who-Done-It” ever!!! Never a dull moment and the best happy ending one could ever hope for. Thank you. With lots of love,

  11. What happened to the King of Hawaii?

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