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We Can Still Smile – Can They?
+ Nov. ‘Healing Computer’
Treatment Bookings In The U.S.

You have heard of Fuller Brush and the Avon Lady who, in the past, would always come to your door. Well, now Group K is attempting to bring the healing computers to your cities within the U.S.
We are doing our best to make it easier for those who need medical treatments:

I want to thank everyone for their interest and involvement in the ‘healing computer’ technology. Whether you are owners or clients, one way or another you all have brought many smiles to our faces. The incredible testimonies from 3rd party treatment clients are truly hopeful and inspiring.

Although we would much prefer to have already delivered more machines as well as having been able to offer expanded healing services to you, our team is now working tirelessly to create better and more convenient opportunities. By bringing the healing computers directly to you in various regions throughout the world, we hope to lessen travel challenges.

Thanks to Larry and Nancy’s recent research questionnaire to determine  people’s preferences, as well as finding the best places to set up seminars and healing appointments, we will continue to study more efficient methods to better serve you.

We already have sessions available for people to book treatments in Grand Rapid Michigan and Long Beach California this November. If you are interested in booking treatments at these events in the U.S. please contact:

If you are interested in purchasing the ‘Healing Computer’ technology, please contact:

I personally wish everyone the very best and pray that whenever I meet you, no matter what your age, you are still playing sports. Ha ha ha.

Originally, it looked like there were not going to be any new machines available for awhile, but I’ve managed to arrange for two to be available right now, and more will be forthcoming later this month. A word to the wise: Put in your order now before it’s too late.

Questions about the Accounts (GCA) will be answered in a new post. There still remains a lot more work that needs to be done in terms of the Accounts.

Therefore, I will be traveling soon to deal directly with the principals. There are many ways to skin a cat, and we intend to have their full attention when we are there.

Yes, it has been a wild and woolly ride with many a “fleecing” going on behind the scenes at times. Sometimes it’s been surprising to find that we’ve had to fight our own people along with the Cabal.

In the near future I will have a lot to address regarding our own people. I plan to make them accountable – even tearing them up for the nefarious things they’ve recently said. I recommend they’d best find a hole to hide in!

Again, thanks to our great people. I’m glad to hear that so many of you are doing great.

Neil Keenan & Group K


Note: To those of you who have enquired regarding the other advanced technologies we are working to release, (such as free energy and water purification, etc.) please know that your requests for further detail have been noted. We will be in touch with you in due course once we have further information to share.



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  1. Hi Neil, we have a non-profit Heart Works Center (501c3), a 16 year old organization focused on healing processing, technologies and education, here in Santa Barbara, California. We would like to purchase one of the systems, however our donors would like to know more about the technology and to date we do not even have a photograph or information about the training to use it. Can you please provide this along with the cost of the technology and install information. We are currently organizing a forum on creating healthy environments in the home and work space with Antioch University. To partially address the issues of 500 5G cell phone towers being installed here.

  2. Neil your looking a lot better brother since last video post. Last time (to me) you looked a bit worn out. Good to see you after a few months in the trenchers but looking no worse for wear.

  3. This should be an interesting week, with the first indictments from the Mueller probe into collusion. It seems Wikileaks may have info that clearly shows what took place. Things should get dicey in short order. Expose the TRUTH and open our eyes and ears so that we will truly be able to know the truth. Too many lies, false flags, and false stories to create fear. This is easy to accomplish when you control the story line! Luckily, we are beginning to get the actual news through many alternative channels. Glad Trump did the right thing in releasing the JFK files. Now we know why the documents have been held for so long. Let FULL DISCLOSURE begin now. Bring all those guilty to their knees.
    Seems that Drake, Wilcock and many others in the Resistance are all prepping for something BIG. I know you are right in the middle of the action. May God arise and His enemies be scattered. God speed Neil.

  4. Thanks Neil & Co. go get em. May good health bless you All Ways, Peace/Love/Harmony to All.

  5. So good to hear from you. They say timing is everything and I hope I am in time. A dear friend is in Long Beach and has stage 4 cancer. I will send her this info ASAP, just hope she is well enough to make contact. Stay safe .

  6. Thanks and God continue to bless and protect you😇 Linda in Texas

  7. I pray to God for His continued blessings to you, Neil. Godspeed, for we, the people, need your success!


  8. Great Job ! Are Theses Machines Expensive $ Pls Let Me Know I Like Helping People Out In Life, But I Am Not Rich, Maybe I Get Any money If This RV Comes I Like One ! Or Look into It Thk You .

  9. You are wonderful, a great human being. You set a standard. It inspires me personally to be more courageous in my own life.

  10. What about Ireland neil we need healing computers here let me know if you need my assistance …..god bless your work….

  11. The Philippines need those technologies, Neil. I am an expat who retired here in Mindanao and I see the suffering people that need your healing computer, water purification and free energy.
    Your precious info gives me hope for a brighter future for Terra’s children.
    “From darkness to Light, indeed”

    Thanks for all you and your team do for humanity. We are grateful.

  12. Hi Neil, can you please tell me are there healing computers in New Zealand? I would love to be in contact with Richard please if possible. God Bless and stay safe.

  13. Neil, I’m interested in info about the healing technology and the computers – I am in a healing profession and very much would like to know about this. I’ll address to the links above. I also want to take a TINY bit of issue with your Emerald City banner at the bottoms of your page. I see a host of villains lumped within the Emerald City pillars but I see someone in there who is no longer with us on the physical plane and who – in my opinion- was a holy man of God and the much prophesied “last Pope” : Blessed St John Paul II. If you had Pope Francis’ globalist face in the array, that would make sense. He is , I believe, the Anti-Pope. It’s your banner and you’re well-entitled to have your opinion – it just seems to me that JPII has done much good in the world and was not at all well placed with the rest.

    Kindest regards,


  14. When the RV/GCR hits, hopefully sooner than latter, I am sure demand for the BRT
    HC and the Elixir will go through the roof..
    I’ll be in line👍

  15. Yes … Once the GCR/RV hit … I want a compter … Water purification info and free energy info…. Anything for off the grid!!!

    Thanks and perfect health to you😍

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