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The Healing Machine
Never Ceases To Amaze Us:
The Proof Is In The Pudding

Here is one of the latest testimonials: The ‘Healing Computer’ is the gift that keeps on giving and it never fails to surprise us.

In this latest video the miraculous healing machine receives testimony that it does what nothing has ever done before; not only does it cure Lupus but it sends it packing – and hopefully leaving this young woman (Natalie) alone once and for all.

Thank god this young lady got a break.  Once you watch  the video you will understand yourselves just how terrifying this disease is.  I sure did!

Congratulations Natalie on beating your worse nightmare and believe me I am pulling for you all the way.  Not only am I rooting for you but I would bet the world is after hearing what you have to say.



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  1. A-MA-ZING !
    Same old, same old, with the wonderful healing computer! Thank you to Walter and his colleagues. 🙂
    I do not post much, but I do not forget about the Keenan team and the healing computer team.
    So much happening right now! I can hardly sleep. Some people are in disarray… Things look pretty good for the good people of planet Earth.
    Love to you all, with a big hug!

    • Svend Skrumsager Hansen

      November 28, 2017 at 9:42 am

      SO lovely Natalie. I am SO happy for you.
      You simply got your life back on track again.
      No thanks to Big Pharma , that is a given

  2. Dear friends,
    I am very interested in a treatment with the healing machine for my partner, but two emails asking where I can address my request have remained unanswered.
    I was only told that it is located in England. I am in Germany but could also come to England for a treatment. Please be so kind and contact me for further information.
    Best regards Hans-André

  3. Hello Group K, where can I find the name and phone number for the woman with the healing computer that Natilie contacted?

  4. Grinling Gibbons

    November 28, 2017 at 9:51 am

    This healing machine sounds like a gift from heaven & I wish I could afford to buy one as my feet are both numb from the removal of two discs back in 2005, plus there is loads of people sick here in Bretagne France that could do with this kind of treatment for many many health problems which this machine could cure and without any operation or surgery needed, this machine is doing what the man says as it works with the body & not against it , and as the man said if the body can make it ,s self-ill or sick it also can make it well again, I imagine this healing machine works with the bodies rythams hence why it is so good. Bretagne France.

  5. Many Thanks/Love Neil & Co. Keep on spreading it for the Greatest Good, Peace

  6. Congratulations Natalie for having the courage to follow your heart/gut and buck the current “system” that just keeps you ill or worse. Enjoy your new lease on life! Thank you Walter &Team K for all your efforts on humanity’s behalf and Thank God for watching over you! My thoughts and Prayers are with you always!

  7. I am a healer here in Penn Valley California , my family are all having issues such as hers 😢 my sister has been on several meds for chrones disease My daughter in law has ,fibromialgia ,mental, issues of depression , my mother suffers from complete hearing loss ,my son has PTSD from being on the front lines of Afghanastan , there are so many people here in Nevada county suffering !My passion is to help everyone in my community as well as anywhere that needs help 💕 Please tell me how to get one of these machines ?

  8. I would like to have my diabetes and heart problems treated by the healing machine. Please let me know where I need to go to be treated. I live in south Texas

  9. The Bio-Resonance Healing Computer is THE “Medicine” for the 21st Century, and it has already profoundly changed the old paradigm of the “traditional” practice of medicine! Not only does it fine-tune the diagnosing of disease, it also embodies advanced healing protocols which will ultimately eliminate the necessity of prescribed drugs, many of which contain serious, harmful side effects, as well as end unnecessary and invasive surgeries.

    As a holistic RN with a lifelong dedication to wellness and the prevention of disease, I wholeheartedly support Neil Keenan and Group K in their many efforts to get this “miracle of science” out to humanity for the healing of so many maladies worldwide and the end to unnecessary and prolonged suffering.

    God Bless and Godspeed…to one and all…

  10. Any updates on a gcr would be highly appreciated but then again…who am i the little guy to be told anything…wells let’s not forget, there are 144,000 that are as little as little gets…even like a clay pot inside a sanctuary…when they arrive after God The Most High takes and puts His Light into them, they will take the kingdoms of the world… but all I want to know is…can I become free from shit faced babylon this year. Pls

    • Hello,

      Okay, let’s set the record straight here once and for all.

      Firstly, many of these Dinar blogs are nothing more than hot air. Some may have a little insight but by and large they are either misinformation or disinformation, run by a range of agendas from inflated self-importance all the way to intentional disinformation.

      Constantly, people who follow these ‘RV blogs’ get their hopes up, only to be let down, over and over and over again. When have ANY of their speculations EVER come to pass?

      Here are the facts:

      1. The Dragon Family are an integral part of the RV. They have confirmed to Neil that it is real and that it will happen.

      2. The Dragon Family are in control of triggering, working with other organisations the RV.

      3. The RV was triggered late last year but was almost immediately shut down. The tier one holders (mostly cabal types) tried to plunder the process and take EVERYTHING for themselves. This would have intentionally left nothing for people like ourselves who hold ZIM, Dinars etc.

      4. Neil does not follow the RV news from his sources. He has enough to do without sitting on the phone all day getting updates on the RV. Neil has far bigger fish to fry, if you know what I mean.

      5. The Family will advise Neil when the RV is about to happen in order that he can make an announcement.

      I personally have made enquiries with banks that we know will be redeeming currencies and if you get to someone high enough up the food chain then they will confirm that revaluations of certain currencies are pending.

      Based upon what I have come to understand, the reason that the RV has not happened yet is because the circumstances have not been correct to allow it to proceed without interference. The cabal still have too much influence at this time.

      As far as I am concerned I have let go of the RV. I have enough to do without having my energy drained by waiting for something that is effectively on the never never, until it is not.

      People banging on about 800 numbers are probably just trying to milk the situation for attention. Sooner or later they are going to run out of shit to bleat on about.

      The RV will happen when it happens, when the time is right.


      Group K, Ltd.

      • Yes, i appreciate your reply and view on the subject and im sorry for checking back so late as you said, frying fish is a must because God commanded us to occupy until That Day comes. The frustration lies with some of the unnamed intel providers that really do have contacts within gov instituations providing people with atleast a little information. This reset is much more important and , to be honest, a game changer when it comes to the fight to reverse the damage of centuries. The so called dragon family, with all due respect, is a carrier of what belongs to God Almighty so i know it will happen in the right time, your right Sir. The only confusion i felt was when Mr. K said feb, march to Asia. I just hope this whole thing goes soon because down here in the cities circumstances are still not changing…its New Year though and optimism is in the air and i wish Group K for all the efforts and projects and one day with the help of our heavenly brethren we will accomplish everything under the sun and beyond the stars. It is the right season now. Excuse me for my previous impatience motivated , rude comment and thanks for clearing up the matter of where Group K stands. And yes , i know the man of the elders who they say holds the release of it all. And im thankful that that king has given the release. Its time i get back to frying, have a blessed year Richard, Neil and Group K, looking forward to so many victories starting now, CONGRATULATIONS.

  11. Good on you Natalie for at least giving this relatively unknown technology a try and how well spoken you are when explaining your previous condition. There’s only one other thing that gives me the warm fuzzies . When I go onto the youtube platform and read how many views Neil and others have received (the medical videos tend to be higher) I note that the figures are very low for how popular and how long Neil and his team have been running. I don’t believe for one second that the viewing totals are correct and have a gut feeling that the counter for every video is being played with. That being the case I always fall back onto that old saying which I’ve used here before, “you cop the most flack when you’re over the target”.

  12. So, any Christmas presents coming our way Neil? Hmm?
    Merry Christmas to Neil and Group K! Peace and happiness to all.

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