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Latest ‘Healing Computer’
& Elixir Testimonials

We wanted to share with you a new group of testimonials from people who have had treatments with the ‘Healing Computer’ and Elixir. It is an honor to be able to see that so many people are experiencing such improvement in their health by way of these incredible modalities.

Neil Keenan & Group K.


“We just got back from Ann Arbor after visiting Angela for 2 days. My husband and I both had 2 treatments. Angela is such a beautiful soul!

We will be going back for more treatments as we can. Gary’s elderly mother has required a lot of his time in Ohio, so we can’t be gone for more than a couple of days.

I have been experiencing results from the elixir and we used it in conjunction with the healing computer while we were there. That was the first time Angela was able to do that.

It is amazing how much detail the reports give. My sensitivity to chemicals, skincare products, metal, etc. showed up – along with other things that I knew.

I do believe a little of my missing sight has returned. I will have a routine visit with my eye specialist in a couple of weeks and it will be interesting to see what shows up.

They have complete records, along with photos of the inside of my eye and test results of my peripheral vision. I would love for them to come into the room with a shocked look on their face and say “I don’t understand how this could happen that your eyes have improved.””

Name Withheld


“Hi Larry,

Well the experience was everything I had hoped it would be and more. She is doing physically better than I have seen in years and best mental state ever.
She also considers you and Nancy as her closest friends – 10 days!

From what she has communicated to me, caring is just who you are. I need to get out there to visit.

I have to plan around a work re-organize which occurred yesterday, prior commitments for family trips, limited time off but will get it done .

Thanks for sending those reports we will review this weekend.

And thank you so much for taking care of her!



“Hi Larry and Nancy,

I’m sitting on the beach in Grand Cayman and thought of you both. Things are going well for me and I wanted to give you an update.

Since I left Long Beach, I”ve been scurrying around with an enormous amount of energy. I can”t remember feeling this good! I used to have to rest my weary bones each afternoon, but that hasn”t happened…  still feeling good after all these weeks.

I have delayed my return to California until early august. I have too many things going on in July, but I look forward to seeing you both then. Hoping you are both well and happy.




“Hello Neil – I don’t usually shout on e-mails but I am about ready to do the happy dance for a number of my getting-much-better clients.

Three testimonials about clients that are half-way through their healing process:


Client #1 – Diagnosed with MS and sick for ten years. Before she came to me for help she had severe pain all over her body, right arm and leg completely numb and unmovable, vertigo, both feet completely numb, inability to sleep for more than one hour at a time, pain along her right side, drop foot syndrome on both feet, severe colitis (severe stomach pain and diarrhea after eating anything), left shoulder and thigh pain, feet turning purple-blue when bathrooming.

Client severely depressed and contemplating suicide.

Client #1 after 14 sessions –  80% improvement in overall pain level, vertigo gone, having completely normal bowel movements (after just 4 sessions), depression and suicidal thoughts gone (after 3 sessions), feet no longer turning purple-blue, ability to walk getting easier each day, yesterday after her 13th session when her scan began she started to sob with joy – she could feel her entire arm/hand return to normal feeling suddenly, she now walks around her home, has resumed some household chores and is sleeping at least 5 hours each nightbefore waking.

She is happy, excited and knows she will completely resolve her health concerns. On her scan/healing results she is almost at normal function on all organs/systems.


Client #2 – Diagnosed with cancerous tumor in her appendix. Had it removed and underwent chemo/radiation.  Cancer spread to liver, small intestine and stomach.

Doctor said nothing more could be done. During the appendix surgery, the doctor ‘scrubbed’ her ascending colon to remove cancerous cells. This resulted in a terrible pain on the right side of her body that the doctor said she would have for the rest of her life.

Client has been sick for two years and was feeling much pain over her liver due to the tumors there.  Also feeling pain in the stomach/small intestine.

Client #2 after 10 sessions – after session 5 she woke one morning no longer in pain from the colon scrubbing and she felt ‘good’ for the first time in two years.

After another 2 sessions she no longer felt the pain over her liver and continues to feel more energy.  Client is getting a CAT scan tomorrow which will give us more information. She intends to continue with our sessions until normal function returns on all systems/organs.


Client #3 – Diagnosed with spinal stenosis and emphysema. Sick for many years with intense pain all over her body and constant fatigue, depression, lymphatic damage in her lungs, nerve damage in her left arm, neck pain, gasping for breath with the slightest movement, daily headaches,  Her doctor told her she was going to die.

Client #3 – Began taking healing elixir 21 days ago and had first scan/healing. Because of a disabled car, she was unable to do more scans/healings until this past Monday but continued daily with healing elixir.

After only 5 sessions with the healing computer (4 of them this week) her depression and fatigue is completely gone, pain level decreased by at least 50%, can now take much deeper breaths without lung constriction, headaches gone, neck pain gone and now has side-to-side range of motion, nerve damage improved by 35% and client feels happy and joyful.

Client has been walking in the park with her dog–something she has been unable to do for many years.  Her dog is very happy now, too.


Additional observations I have seen in all three clients is a shining energy in their eyes, radiant expression on their faces and beautiful smiles of wellness.

They feel a wonderful healing energy flowing in their bodies now and have a ‘knowing’ and certainty they will become completely well.

They are excited but collectively feel a calm and balanced way of being. Another added bonus:  two of the three clients are smokers and have cut their smoking by 50% and have less desire each day for this habit.

Another client has completely stopped biting her fingernails and this has been a life-long habit. Many more clients being helped that are in various stages of healing:

Leukemia, diabetes and neuropathy, Lyme disease, benign tremor (now 95% gone), constipation (gone), pain in large intestine from colonoscopy (gone) and these success stories will be forthcoming, as will the ‘rest of the story’ from clients #1, 2 and 3.

As a practitioner that is now using this amazing healing machine, the work I do is overwhelmingly satisfying.

I’ve been a holistic healer for seven years but now I can truly, in every way, serve my clients in the ultimate way – saving lives and restoring a beautiful quality of life for all.

Stay Tuned!



“I finished Stage 1 (45 days) and will start Stage 2 (30 days) on Tuesday. The initial information indicated that “most diseases / afflictions should be treated within the 30-45 day period.”

My sinuses are greatly improved, where I seldom need sinus medication and my sleep has greatly improved. I’ve noticed some slight improvement with my eyesight.”

Name Withheld


  1. That is truly amazing!
    I pray for the opportunity to purchase these healing modalities for myself and to assist others, soon.
    Thank you, Neil, Richard and all who have shared the many testimonies.
    And, to the inventor who has brought this technology to light. . . Namaste’

  2. Hats off to all those people who have taken the plunge to entrust their health with Neil and his team’s advice. Oh by the way maybe we should insist that spiritual white boy should have a treatment. He may acquire some humanity.

  3. Hi Neil,

    these sound great! is there a practitioner in Australia we can visit?


  4. Is one of these practitioners in Southern California that I understand? So, how does one get in touch with them and approximately how much did the sessions cost? Are there other states in the US where there are practitioners who are using the healing computer? If so, what states would they be?
    Thanks in advance!

  5. would like to purchase healing computer and elixir

  6. I appreciate the info regarding the Healing Computer…but you are way off topic regarding the mission statement of your website.

    Neil – you have gone for months on end without a single post or status update regarding the multi-trillion dollar lawsuit etc… So much is happening in the global financial arena. You have not weighed in on the most pressing issues regarding the Treasury trust accounts tied to our social security number. The internet is on fire! regarding the hidden Social Security Trust Funds! I am beginning to loose faith in your direction. I miss your video taped updates, they were so reassuring. Bring back Neil Keenan of old!

    Love & Light

    • You are incorrect. Neil has been referring to matters regarding the Collateral Accounts in the posts of late. It seems you are following red herrings with what you read on the internet.

      The fact of the matter is that Neil has not lost focus on his core mission – you will hear more when is is safe and sensible to issue updates on sensitive matters.

    • Come on OVA it’s a small group of committed people taking on the vipers that have been in control for at least two hundred years. Things don’t happen overnight. If it takes other year, so be it. If there is no update for awhile , this can only mean that they (at present) have their hands full. Chill.

  7. Matthew Mitchell

    July 25, 2017 at 1:46 am

    Where is the currency revaluation?

    • Okay, let’s set the record straight here once and for all.

      Firstly, many of these Dinar blogs are nothing more than hot air. Some may have a little insight but by and large they are either misinformation or disinformation, run by a range of agendas from inflated self-importance all the way to intentional disinformation.

      Constantly, people who follow these blogs get their hopes up, only to be let down, over and over and over again. When have ANY of their speculations EVER come to pass?

      Here are the facts:

      1. The Dragon Family are an integral part of the RV. They have confirmed to Neil that it is real and that it will happen.

      2. The Dragon Family are in control of triggering, working with other organizations the RV.

      3. The RV was triggered late last year but was almost immediately shut down. The tier one holders (mostly cabal types) tried to plunder the process and take EVERYTHING for themselves. This would have intentionally left nothing for people like ourselves who hold ZIM, Dinars etc.

      4. Neil does not follow the RV news from his sources. He has enough to do without sitting on the phone all day getting updates on the RV. Neil has far bigger fish to fry, if you know what I mean.

      5. The Family will advise Neil when the RV is about to happen in order that he can make an announcement.

      I personally have made enquiries with banks that we know will be redeeming currencies and if you get to someone high enough up the food chain then they will confirm that revaluations of certain currencies are pending.

      Based upon what I have come to understand, the reason that the RV has not happened yet is because the circumstances have not been correct to allow it to proceed without interference. The cabal still have too much influence at this time.

      As far as I am concerned I have let go of the RV. I have enough to do without having my energy drained by waiting for something that is effectively on the never never, until it is not.

      People banging on about 800 numbers are probably just trying to milk the situation for attention. Sooner or later they are going to run out of shit to bleat on about.

      The RV will happen when it happens, when the time is right.


      • Thank you Richard for the update!

        I understand peoples frustration in not hearing from Neil regarding all that is going on right now. I also completely understand the consequences of releasing sensitive information, loose lips sinks ships guys and gals.

        I lean on the old saying “no news is good news” and continue to pray for Neil and his teams protection, resources & God speed in all of your efforts.

        Send those bastards & bitches back to the pit of hell they slithered out of!

  8. Great Gramy J

    July 25, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    Blessings 2 all who have done & or are doing anything 2 help make things better 4 humanity in anyway. Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J & Mr. T.

  9. does one has to belong to the group to participate in the healing activities?

  10. Have a similar machine but does homeopathics. Cannot find a price or way to compare am a practitioner for 13 years of this technology as well as others. Will someone get back to me please?

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