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To We The People

I am happy to see that you are reading this post because it is showing that you are one of the people who wish to change our world, one who wants to create a better world for all.

I know there are quite some people out there working and trying hard and tirelessly on this achievement to create a better world for you, for your loved ones, for me, for all of us. These people follow their heart and fighting hard, risking everything they have including their lives.

One of these people is very special. I am following him for over 10 years now and I had the honour to meet him personally this year. I never thought that this is possible, but it happened. The person I am talking about is Neil Francis Keenan. If you read his posts, you should know what he has gone through.

You should know that not only has he lost a large amount of money, but he has also escaped death several times.

He was repeatedly attacked by the dark side and attempts were made to poison him several times but so far without success. Every time after he knocked on heaven’s door he came back, fought on and rose like the phoenix from the ashes.

Despite all odds, he never gave up. All I can do is look up at him and bow to him. He is a very special person, a hero in my eyes.

Neil has only one goal in mind: To win the fight against the cabal and to free our great planet and all its inhabitants from the clutches of these dark rulers.

To this end, he has overcome all adversities and challenges so far, including the difficult and life-threatening tests for the appointment as Amanah. Anyone who follows Neil’s website knows what it means to become and be Amanah.

Many tried to take this position away from him out of pure greed and desire for power, but they didn’t succeed. These people don’t have an ounce of Neil’s greatness and should go back where they belong.

Now I’m calling you because it’s time for us to do our part too. It’s time for us to wake up and become aware of why we are here on earth now. It is time to recognize that we must act now and that there are many of us. But above all, we are strong, each and everyone of us, but if we stand together, we are unbeatable.

Get up from your comfortable couches, turn off the brainwashing machines and start thinking for yourself again. Right now, at this moment, we are at a historic turning point in human history.

So, stop closing your eyes, listen to your heart and reflect on why you are here on this planet.


We are not here to live in a cloud of entertainment and lies. We are here to create a better world, a world of peace and abundance for every person. I call on everyone to feel into their hearts and remember our common plan. I urge you to support Neil, be it mentally or physically.

What does that mean? It means Neil needs our support. He has used up all his wealth and has been robbed again and again, the cabal is trying EVERYTHING to prevent him from fulfilling his task.

He is currently being massively attacked and prevented from doing any business.

I ask you, what kind of support can you give Neil? He can use any kind of support. I challenge you. Think about what you can give. Go into your heart and feel what you can do now. Any support is welcome, be it good thoughts, good motivating words, prayers or donations.

You can send your motivating words in the Post Comment below.

Your prayers and good energies to Neil and his team.

Your donations in BTC or USDT to the following addresses:

BTC      bc1qe8w82vrr2u5fk4gwrddax477xh8may5e05xd6d

USDT   TRWDXRtesHxjKz7gJp8TL6ZNc8fFH9y6vN

Thank you very much and I wish EVERYONE health and a peaceful time.

Let’s make 2024 a year of change

In Love and Light


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  1. Is there an easier way to send him money. I love Neil for he has the heart of a Lion.

  2. Mary-Jane Schneeberger

    December 7, 2023 at 10:52 am

    Dear Neil and Team,
    Please know in my heart and soul that I am present with you guys! Each time I open the notices from your site I pray that Neil is at his designation. So close…..I wish I had money to give to Neil however I don’t at this time. Terrible to say …. so I pray for his health, I pray for his strength and pray that he remain safe. God Bless, Mary-Jane

  3. My heart goes out to Neil. I have been following him for years. He has done great things and been through so much. I am sending lots of love and energy to him and his team. We don’t have money to send…..I wish we did! Its hard that he is suffering the same financial downturn that we are. I hope there are those with the wherewithal to help him. Much love!


  4. Kirsten Brabrand

    December 8, 2023 at 9:16 am

    Neil is God’s warrior. I can’t send money, but I can send Light and Love. I pray for you and your team. I am with you in spirit. Much love from Denmark.
    God bless you, Kirsten

  5. I’m praying for Neil, that he receives the necessary funds for traveling to the destination where he will provide the plan for the final release of funds to the people. I am elderly, very little income, would like to give what I can, but I do not have a digital wallet, and have no friends who do… What a bummer🥲 This requires a true miracle from God…. May this miracle manefest NOW in Jesus name.

  6. I pray that Neil is safe, still determined and able to fulfill his mission. “Only what we do for God and in Neil’s case — humanity will last.”
    As a truth seeker and truth teller, I appreciate his 14 years of hard work, and have to believe that his job as well as Trump’s is not finished.
    Keep the faith, Neil.
    If I were in financial position to help, I would, however, I like many seniors on a fixed income find it difficult to even meet our daily obligations.
    I truly believe however, that WE WILL WIN! Just — Keep hope ALIVE!!

  7. Neil, I am a 75-year-old disabled Vietnam veteran and I have been following you for a long time, I would send you money if I had extra but at the end of the month I barely have enough for groceries, believe me, I pray that you will accomplish your goals.
    May God Almighty Keep His hand of protection upon you.

  8. USDT Sent. – help is coming, Wait patiently.
    Yep. It is fascinating that you say the giant Crystals, six, I believe, were placed within the Earth eons ago … lying dormant until such time when they shall be activated. (14’000 BC)

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