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One Of A Kind

There have been many books written about glamorizing war.

There are many different inspiring tales over recorded history of the victorious and the vanquished alike.

Seldom are the tales accurate, often because they are less heroic and inspiring. Looking at all the planned wars right now around the world. Add to that the bigger picture war that Neil has spent the last 14 years telling you about. Add to that the genocide that is taking place right in front of you with your permission.

Society is giving itself up.

So the newest Davos meetings are completed and they have formally tabled a plan for wiping out everything, taking away everything, starving everyone and defiling all the young people – in plain sight.

Neil was right about the chemtrails, the vaccines, the CBDCs cashless society and so very much more. Neil is right about this too, a means or tool for you to take charge of looking after your financial freedom.

I often wonder why Neil is so hell bent on saving a world that wants neither to be saved nor save itself. He has offered his followers a number of opportunities to obtain hard gold and gold backed assets at huge discounts.

Neil has put this out there for you, his followers and readers alike. It is going to be taken off the table very shortly, and there will be nothing further when he feels comfortable with the number of people that have taken advantage of the offer.

He simply cannot afford the time to find ways for you to survive the coming turmoil. He has things he has to turn all of his attention to – like saving the world.

Neil has a strong affinity and loyalty to those that have exhibited the same to him as he has travelled the road less chosen over the last 14 years. So much so that he corresponds personally with a great many of them daily.

Know that you will be getting details of the war that is coming and the developments as Neil carries forward to fight the necessary battles in this war.

Neil, per his video comments, wants you to contact Kevin for details on the gold. Here is how that can be done on encrypted email:

Given the intense and focused efforts of the deep state, cabal and governments around the world to prevent Neil and his team from sending and receiving messages, it is time to ramp up to fully encrypted email wherever possible.

A reminder that the Djinn are indeed very real

Especially for the purposes of keeping gold and gold acquisition private. Take advantage of what Neil is offering you in order to have a measure of control over your lives and have the freedom to stand aside from the dystopia that has been created around you.

Stay tuned, and keep following along with Neil’s ongoing adventures.

The Amanah Mr. Keenan has funding awaiting him in Indonesia, but he needs this financing in order to get to Indonesia.

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  1. No Chem trails visible in Idaho First time , Thank you Neil and Group K, I wish I could help with Gold purchase, on minimal income SS, thanks for all you do, David

    • You are right, we exposed them everywhere. Bravo Idaho. Come on Idaho throw them out. Do not allow a bunch of bums to come in and destroy your families. If they can shoot at us we can shoot at them..

      • Seems to me they all have too much power.
        “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.”
        Let’s see what is up next. (not what the Control Freaks wish for)

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