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Once Upon A Time

I see that Neil has a lot of followers who demand knowing how this all evolved, but Neil always says it is very difficult to look back already knowing what is right behind you and where you are heading is right ahead of you. 

The chase is not just theirs it belongs to Neil. For 14 more or less years he has burned up the lines telling whoever will listen what happened to him and with whom.

This is a giant story with little known history of who or what does exist. All you know is if you lose focus you can disappear at any given time.

Neil has never had a training manual per se, but a lifetime of experiences, friends and contacts that have allowed him to learn a great deal ‘on the fly’. 

Early on it is apparent that Neil Keenan could see through almost all the subterfuge and smoke and mirrors which enabled him to aggressively attack the Cabal in his $USD134.5 Billion Dollar Lawsuit. 

Despite a professional hit looming to kill Neil he still managed to catch the bastard before a shot was fired. 

Turns out this character’s name, Michael Cunningham, Coach House group, Cumbria, England and MI6 was to finish Neil off but rather than this he found himself all over the net. 

The irony behind all this is that no one could get Cunningham served, yet Neil on Snowy wet roads jumped off a very cold motor bike, knocked on their door, and requested that he come to the door. 

After a few minutes he arrived and despite being one of the deadliest men alive still could not physically identify Neil. Might have been the hoodie, then again the coat, the weather or a combination of all of it.

While at the door Neil stated ‘Mr. Cunningham you are served!’, and walked back to the motor bike before he had a chance to read it. 

When he read through it he realized he had just been served by Neil Keenan in person. No one else could get through to him but Neil did, and Cunningham was not happy. 

He put out the alerts at all airports to prevent Neil from leaving and Neil thinking things through decided that he would not return to Boston, since it would be expected and he would be chopped liver.

So Neil moved towards Eastern Europe, Bulgaria. After spending a few weeks in Sofia he packed things up and returned to Boston observing many new faces in the Providence night life. 

Wow what a trip that was but it nary began nor would it end anytime soon. 

After this it would be on to the Dominican Republic where Neil found Cunningham’s, Shaw’s and Johannsson’s teams (these too are tales of groups that will come later).

It was here at the Jaragua Hotel Casino that Neil in the Merengue room found a dear friend talking up a storm and laughing when he spotted him. 

You see, they thought they had Neil boxed in for life. yet Neil’s lawyers changed the venue to Miami.

While there Neil’s close friend Michael, gave the full rundown over what Cunningham and Shaw attempted to do (which is steal everything Neil had planned on finishing up as well). The following day was a hoot which will be described at another time. That is a reading for another time. This is the beginning to Pandora’s box. 

The War was in the air. Neil proved early on that he is a step ahead.

The theme is easy to identify – everybody is trying to steal that which is not theirs.

Neil learned to shut that game down, and continued to exercise it for the next 14 years.

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  1. Keep low my friend and get a bit of rest. You been going hard. God bless you for what your doing. At least you have the powers above watching over you. Love you Neil.

  2. It is amazing that YouTube can shut us down like this. So sorry to all. We are doing our best…

  3. Mary-Jane Schneeberger

    November 29, 2023 at 10:23 am

    Dear Neil
    I feel as well, there is looming a very real event that will be unpleasant. Our earth and all sentient life is experiencing ‘re-birth’ pains. God bless your heart and soul. Please tread carefully on this very very slippery slope. It is the way it has to be to cleanse and destroy evil which has inhabited this planet for millions upon millions of years. Yes I do feel your pain. Please don’t go!

  4. Can we send you just 100$ or less?? And why you don’t have some rich friends..for real? I just have 1500$ in my account right now and i dont’t work!!! If i could win at the lottery for sure …i will send you maybe 50 000$ directly in person!!!!

    Can we share the video on facebook, VK , X , Rumble or Odysee??

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