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Neil’s Coming – There’s No Time
Left For You!!!

This is an incredible photograph of Neil Keenan looking out the bedroom window of President Soekarno’s family home.

Like many photos that were carefully selected and shown to the public seem to be like water running over the surface of stone.

Wasted efforts to share in his journey. The pictures of Neil’s hand turning gold (not a singular occurrence either), the image of Soekarno looking over the shoulder of Neil during his séance (also not a singular instance of the President presenting himself to Neil) were meant not to impress but to solidify the role Neil plays in what is to come.

The significance of these words and the above photo are congruent – assuming the Office of Amanah and looking out to the rest of the world as the first appointed Amanah (President Soekarno) saw it.

The line of people doubting or criticizing Neil Keenan and his sizable mountain of achievements goes back nearly to the beginning of his adult life.

The sphere does not seem to matter, and neither does the location. Beit financial, international business, international affairs, international banking and identifying the lies therein that have been perpetuated for hundreds of years it seems that the growth of defending the interests of humanity and the protection of assets exploited by the West have been unrecognized.

Beit political, fighting hidden societies that really exist like the cabal and deep state, corrupted leaders from around the world he has stopped, had removed from office, arrested or eliminated from political and public life knows no real bounds.

Then there is the spiritual achievements and accomplishments wherein the Elders of Indonesia put him through the rigors of many tests before electing him as the Amanah to defend, deploy and utilize the assets they have been accumulating for the benefit of humanity for hundreds of years.

To all that have critiqued and those that pretend to have any authority in these spheres – what have you done that is equal? What real evidence of these achievements do you have that shows conquest in finance, politics and spirituality on any level?

If you only knew that a small portion of these things have ever been shared publicly would that help to silence the large swath of pretenders? Doubtlessly there will always be envy, avarice and greed knocking at his door. 

Connecting Dots

Inasmuch that Neil Keenan has many people riding his coattails and profiting from their fake stories, scenarios and their self-aggrandizing list of fake achievements, it is always seemingly up to Neil to prove what has done.

Why should that be? His work is already legendary in pointing out the fallacies of the existing systems. He has real items, experienced real spiritual heights that no other human has ever accomplished. All of them witnessed, all of them recorded. To all the ‘experts and insiders’ what the heck have you got?

Here is a tiny portion of what Neil Keenan did:


Trillion-dollar lawsuit launched by Neil Keenan outlines the theft of the US Federal Reserve Notes. It is public knowledge, and well documented on several sites. Yet there are subtle and very salient points overlooked by both the media and the casual reader alike.

  • The existence of a large nefarious controlling force now referred to as either Cabal or Deep State (they are similar but not at all the same).
  • The presence of what Eisenhower once labelled the Military Industrial Complex is real but as witnessed in the assassination of JFK and RFK is intertwined with the Intelligence Agencies and the Bush family tied to the interests of the Cabal and Deep State.
  • The vacuous gulf of entities and agencies between their stated moral purpose as exigent authorities and protectors of ‘defending humanity’ and the over-reaching greed, avarice and power they sought and seek in destroying humanity.
  • The need for the people and nations that anchor all the wealth of the existing global accounts to have their say in what, where and how the assets are deployed instead of exclusion from any participation other than that of lender.

These are the rallying points behind what immediately followed in Neil Keenan’s endeavors when he brought several sovereign representatives together for what is referred to as the Monaco Accord.

Until that moment, the “rule of law” dictated that the Bretton Woods Agreements and secular US Currency as the only global Reserve Currency drove world economics.

Once removed from the tedious and unsightly gold backing, it was open season to deflate the value of currency and commit grand larceny around the world.

The division of East from West, the creation of the Asian International Investment Bank, the genesis of CIPS and gold backed transactions.

Neil exposed that it was the Asian owned gold that had financed the existing financial systems in the West, yet kept the East out of the discussions on how the resources would be deployed. Repeated forays by the USA, England, and private corporations would simply travel to the East and walk away with suitcases and gold – with no intention of repaying it.

Rockefeller driven United Nations and control of the Japanese Central Bank. Presidents Bush (both) , Clinton, Obama, Biden all thwarted by Neil.

The fracturing away from US dollar hegemony, the decline of the Imperial Empire of the West owes a great deal to Neil Keenan, his foresight and his action. The decisiveness and direction taken proved out historically as entirely accurate.

Neil led the role of International Policeman.

Unelected, Uninvited and Unwelcome

There are countless books talking about secret societies, underground agencies and private corporations that run the world.

Recently, humanity has spent a lot in production value and printed material of clandestine groups from the near past – Illuminati, Rosicrucian, Knight’s Templar. P1 / P2 etcetera. Here are some that you may have heard of that actually exist and interaction evidence is brought to you by none other than Neil Francis Keenan. Turns out they stole or want his money or direct access to the Global Accounts.

Occam’s Razor is a timely application here. The list is seemingly endless that want to steal or gain access to that which is not theirs.

There are only two categories. Fakirs and Charlatans. The Fakirs are the construct of any number of mutual agencies of no standing. The OPTT, Spiritual White Boy, P2 and P3 Lodges, White Hats, Red and White Dragons, Karen Hudes. Benjamin Fulford, and Peter Wagoner.

All of them as real as Jack Frost and Peter Pan. Every one. Some had ties to CIA, some had ties to Vatican, some had ties to no one other than greed and avarice. Yet it fell to Neil to suss out the details of the lies and elaborate schemes to gain access to what they absolutely have no right witnessing or influencing.

These pretenders have done and continue to do a great deal of damage to the efficacy of what Neil is attempting to do. Each group and their acolytes should be removed from society. Permanently. Each scam or delay is killing people every day around the globe. Tens of thousands.

Then there are the Charlatans. This group is ingrained and real. They are the controllers that kill, usurp and enslave. They include ‘royal’ bloodlines, ‘unholy’ bloodlines, and generational bondage bloodlines.

They actually do control the world you know. All of it. Neil has exposed them, and his ability to draw breath pisses all of them off to no end.

Think about it this way for a moment. Evelyn de Rothschild gets a physical check up, clears it at the age of 91 with a very clean bill from the physician.

Dead only days later. In between is a conversation with Neil about the state of affairs in their respective worlds. Then a courier was kidnapped, confined and had 350,000 Euros stolen that was meant to be directly given to Neil. Must be a coincidence.

Same coincidence that wiped out the existence of Neil’s bank accounts. How much power does it take to commit Regicide and wipe out 15 years of digital financial information? How much hubris does it take for the family to admit that they control the 13 families of the City of London and they no longer call the shots?

Then there is the real power of the World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, United Nations etc. Neil was brought up to speed by a supporter of his about a personal conversation with a person named Lord Malloch Browne.

He is the man behind the scenes that controls these and other things yet owns nothing. He sleeps on George Soros’s sofa in New York overlooking the Rockefeller private corporation you call the United Nations. Turns out ‘Lord’ Browne had nothing to say about Neil when his name was brought up by Lord Browne in asking if the call had anything to do with Neil Keenan.

He did the same thing that many of these people do. He Hung Up.

Similarly, these fine examples of humanity all shrivel up and are silent when Neil Keenan shifts his gaze. Be it the criminal activities of the head of banks (Ackerman), central banks (Lagarde), private central banks (Blankfein, Greenspan and Yellen) and sovereign funds (Netherlands, England, Vatican).

They all play their little games with each other, and when things start to implode as Neil exposes them, they shift the blame to governments and agencies in order to survive with their lives. Neil has stated several times that it is all connected, and he makes notes.

IT will indeed be a great thing when Neil formally starts clearing out the problem people.


If there was only one front in his war, the modern-day Don Quixote would have a better chance of success. The deliberate enslavement of humanity by the leaders of different countries poses a deeper engagement for Neil.

These same people either quasi-democratically elected or titles assumed by birthright obfuscate the situation with their actions. They are openly killing their own people and allow it to occur using the faces of existing corporations they control as well as military forces that they deploy. 

Neil exposed a current web of lies with the actual long deliberated plans that brought covid to the world. Designed viruses that were owned patents by private laboratories owned by the British Royal family. 

Seems they have their hands in many filthy inhumane cookie jars that started a long time ago with colonial activities in North America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Neil, as a student of history has repeatedly shown to the wider audience how the connections work and the longer-term planning that went into it.

World War One never ended, and led directly to World War Two. All the players in that environment were divided by the governments into two groups – Allies and Axis.

Though not commonly discussed was that the “end” of the war, itself never ended and became yet another series of regional struggles still carried on by the same parties. It was in fact a Run to Berlin to get what they could get. Hitler fled to South America.

His Paraguay estate is now owned by the Bush family.  Some of these parties ascended to the highest political offices their country could offer and they enforced the activities to build a legacy within their families.

All the while, the activities of the governments and militaries were focused upon using fear and system driven intimidation and propaganda. Reparation stories were faked and reversed. Things that you thought were straight forward, are upside down. 

Starting from the beginning of this journey Neil Keenan and a small dedicated team of people have been fighting very hard to undo the damage that has been wrought upon humanity and the planet by all of these people.

He has done it mainly on his own money. Attempts to continue financing his activities are constantly thwarted by the enemy regardless of whether the sourcing of funds is internal or external to Neil and the efforts of his dedicated supporters. The interference permeates every conceivable aspect of life.

Real assets used by the closed society for their own purposes of perpetuating the lies of the existing financial system are called fake or unredeemable (like Federal Reserve Notes).

Outside business deals are interfered with to the point of year long delays, and outright attempts to steal assets of value for their own use is the latest one. On an international scale involving USA, Russia, Turkey, Netherlands, Belgium and Cyprus – the point was to delay Neil getting to Indonesia.

The hammer is coming down for these people and it will not go well for them and their plans.

Here is the problem. The small team that Neil Keenan has that are dedicated to seeing him take his place in Indonesia is stronger, more resilient and driven than the enemy.

So that team, largely unsupported by the very people it is trying to save from extinction on this planet could really, truly use your help.

IT is this simple – if Neil gets to Indonesia, it is all over. The matrices of lies, deceit and evil are torn asunder. If he does not get to Indonesia then the last chance for freedom, like all of your lives – is over.

Hall of Fame

After you have read these words, contact Neil. Get off your asses and actually do something to fight. Do something for yourself, your family, your children and grandchildren.

Prove to them and yourself that you took a stand in defeating the forces of evil. After that, go research and start to question that which you have around you on this planet. Question the narrative and see where THE truth lay.

It will most assuredly be on a much different path than it currently displays itself.

Start with the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit and read the names of all the defendants. Then scroll through the archives of Neil’s website.

Do not just read the narratives and listen to the videos; inasmuch, take note and make notes of the litany of world figures he and his modest team have exposed and taken out of commission. He did it without your help. He did it for you.

You should be disgusted with your silence and inability to support what is going to be a hall of fame career in saving humanity.

Neil has facts, evidence and the truth about the world we live in behind his lengthy career of saving humanity. He has Spiritual weapons including the ethereal divine realm of Archangels, the very real Druids, Vikings, Djinn and he has Christ.

All of them earned by the purity of his soul in fighting this battle and returning freedom ending enslavement of any kind. These are achievements of a sort he acquired without your participation, assistance or knowledge.

What have you got? What are you prepared to do? Live or Die?

To every beginning is an ending so we must finish as such.  For years we have told you about this happening and we are at the doorsteps right now. 

They are showing their strength right now and without such people as ourselves involved they just might end it quickly.  There have been many years in which we have taken the lead in this matter only to find ourselves ready to be stomped on. 

It is insane that anyone of us allows them to tear us apart or drop chemtrails from above and we accept it.  We hold electronic weapons as well and can blow them out of the sky as easily as they stop our hearts from beating in our homes. 

There are different variations of the EMP guns and we can stop their hearts from beating behind closed doors.  We have weapons as well although we do not ever wish to act this way.  If we have to we will to keep our planet alive. 

Much thought has gone into the man-made tornadoes, the hurricanes, earthquakes etc…This can all be countered but we need to be able to move around. 

We need to be able to contact different points giving them what they are giving us.  If this planet is not safe it is not safe for anyone not just the Cabal…

It is horrible that such language has to be used but what good are we if not able to protect our loved ones? 

Yes it is coming.

Amanah Neil F. Keenan

+359 89 788 0264

Copyright © 2023, GROUP K, Ltd.


  1. Mary-Jane Schneeberger

    November 7, 2023 at 9:54 pm

    Hello Neil Keenan and Team,
    I follow every one of your posts and articles. I tried to connect with you and the team about a year and a half ago, thinking you might need some help. However, there was no reply. No worries, I am writing to you now. I would very much like to help you. I hope and pray for you and your team that you make it to Indonesia, and hopefully in turn, I will be able to help you as well because I also pray that I will be more mobile (financially and physically) to travel. Warm Regards, MJ Schneeberger

  2. Neil, I have been reading your posts for years. I don’t understand what you are doing but believe God has entrusted your purpose, as he has mine, for good reason. Each of our journeys is to persevere in faith and to make choices based on that faith. Striving for the revealing of truth and the judgement of those who choose evil in their journey, having no faith beyond themselves and their greed. All things come about in their time. This constant war with evil, that has already lost but continues to distinguish the faithful from the selfish, is not given to us to bare our failings but to expose us as those that our amazing creator has a plan for us to be the victors with him if we persevere. I watch for your determined victory. I have little but I have all I need. If there is some way I can be of service to your endeavor I would gladly assist. Blessings to you and your team. You are not alone. There are many. Dont be weary, be ready. He is preparing you.

  3. I am onboard with the reality as Neil has discribed it. The powers that be are attacking on so many fronts, it is hard to keep abreast of even the most obvious. That said, I do a bit part by sharing all I discover to anyone who will listen. Danger lurks within, and I am never sure of who is actually listening. More power to you Neil. If there is a specific way in which I can help. Feel free to call on me. We all deserve a chance at a life without all the hidden agenda’s, theft, killings and harm to society.

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