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Healing Computers
Being Released Through Neil
& Neil Reluctantly Opens Up
To Avoid Further Delays

10 Healing Computers will be made available to Neil in the next 2 weeks, with more being released on an ongoing basis.

Neil sees another curve ball coming his way and hopes to defuse it before it creates more delays.

Neil has worked hectically during the past couple of weeks with hopes of getting at least a few of the healing machines sent in our direction. He has 2 machines available now and has been assured of receiving 10 more in 2 weeks.

There are more than 750 requests for the purchase of said machines – please send any further questions and confirmation requests to as soon as possible.

You will need to be able to fly to either Germany or Bulgaria to pick them up and learn how to read your machine; languages will be German and English. Of course, you will have your own personal readings done while here as well as being trained to read your computer.

Unfortunately, Neil has had a rough week, regarding another matter.

During the course of the week he was taken back in time by someone who spotted something that had been revealed online involving Neil and his past. As we all know, we have dealt with this before and have beaten back the trolls that created much of what was published.

Sadly, in this case it was not fictitious, but true, and it involved an ex-girlfriend and her child whom she falsely claimed many years ago to be Neil’s son.

At that time (approximately 20 years ago), Neil was traveling around quite often on business and spent less and less time in the States. While overseas he learned from his ex-girlfriend that she was pregnant.

Neil was overjoyed, not with the woman herself, but the fact that he was going to be a father. He went intentionally out of his way over the next 6 years taking responsibility for the care of this child (and the mother as well).

Gradually over time he found that she was giving him less and less time with his son. Well, Neil being Neil, he ended up in an ongoing argument with her and filed a hearing with the Family Court.

Despite having numerous lawyers in his office, he brought a “gunslinger” in from Florida – much to the amazement of the RI Establishment. Neil also brought in 29 witnesses from all parts of the Globe to deal with this matter, because he wanted it ended once and for all.

The Family Court Judge could not believe what she was seeing. Usually men run and jump through hula hoops to get away from such a bad situation, and here was Neil standing tall for his son.

He was well-respected for his position in this matter by both men and women, but it was a highly emotional situation, one which he did not want to lose.

Upon the court hearing, the Judge who expected a preliminary hearing took a look around, watched a video or two of Neil’s son at a family barbecue and decided, “That’s it, folks! I have seen enough.”

But the Defendant’s lawyer requested more time for other things to come out, and come out they did! While the battle was ongoing, Neil requested the court to make things simple… to get blood tests from the two parties. (He was confident the child was his.)

After the Judge’s decision for the blood tests to establish biological ties, Neil and his son left for the clinic. Some hours later, the results were delivered to the court. The child was not Neil’s… even though by this time they were deeply bonded as father and son.

So after 5 ½ years Neil learned the boy was not his! It was not the money that deeply hurt Neil, but what would happen to “his” boy now. He scurried around the table with his attorneys, and his buddy Jim, a class act attorney himself, said, “You can always file using ‘equitable estoppel’, but you most likely will not win anything”.  Neil’s reply was, “That’s okay; I understand, but I also know what she did, so I am going to teach her a very important lesson. When I am done, she is going to have to crawl back under whatever rock she came from.”

True to his word Neil and his witnesses hammered the Defendant (known as C.) for nearly 6 months in motions, briefs, etc. He was relentless. The innocent child should never have been subjected to such a thing.  What kind of mother could do this!?

Neil had many opportunities, plenty of them, to back away, but this was his boy for 5 ½ years! He was not going to be a schmuck and do further harm to this precious little guy. He changed his diapers on numerous occasions and laughed hard over many sweet, silly things with this beloved child.

No, he was going to give the errant mother a good legal ass-whooping and then walk away with the legacy that no one could do such harm to other fathers and their children in similar cases.

The legal action  that took place was relentless, and the madness in Neil’s eyes was evident. He wanted blood and was getting blood. C., on the other hand, did not know what was coming next.

The courtroom was filled with Neil’s people and many others who were there to witness this circus. The transcripts are buried somewhere in Neil’s lawyer’s office. Should Neil need them, he can most likely have them found and retrieved.

C. was caught again and again in her own lies.  After hearing enough, the Lower Court Judge still ruled against Neil. According to the law at that time, the rule of thumb is “not the preponderance of evidence here; it is in the best interest of the child.”

Soon after the hearing, C. was shaken from the ordeal she went through. On the other hand, Neil wanted more justice done to her, because she did not show any compassion whatsoever for the child. So why should Neil show any mercy towards her; he did not.

Of course, there was an appeal, but once again Neil could not get over the “best interest of the child doctrine” where you lose no matter what. Neil then laid out his new plan which was to do justice to this woman who did harm to her son. She eventually paid again and again for what she had done, and for many years she struggled with no one giving her a hand. Today I’m told she now has cancer.

The other night this case was brought up to Neil, and he was taken back 20 years to the case he had no chance to win. It still hurts him like hell, but it dawned on him this might be how the Cabal and their henchmen will now attempt to delay him once again. So Neil felt it is best to get it out there and let everyone know about it before it costs more valuable time, and he loses the Accounts.

This is why you now know about this, as Neil is nipping everything in the bud while at the same time he is fighting just as hard for you as he did for the little boy he knew as his son who has since grown up to be a remarkable young man. The only difference this time is he is not going to lose the Accounts!

Neil is not happy about pouring his heart out like this, but like he says, he did not intentionally do anything wrong, but instead, he did his best to protect the little guy and keep his own integrity in this tragic matter.

It occurs to Neil that the Cabal would not think twice about distorting this event from the past – to try and interrupt his mission to access the Global Collateral Accounts.

There have been other sordid attempts to discredit Neil with things brought up from the past, such as drugs supposedly found in Neil’s room in Santo Domingo, a false claim made by phony Bill Asia Taylor where he also stated Neil was arraigned in Florida. Little does Bill know that if drugs were found in the Dominican Republic, the jurisdiction is in the Dominican Republic, not in Florida. Neil does have a nice lawsuit ready to be slapped on his ass in the very near future!

There are others that were dealt with, and some that could not be dealt with. Neil took on all comers back then and is still doing so, as his ongoing fight with the Bushes goes back to 1981; they won a few back then, but Neil has been wining most of his battles since the 90’s.  Now these crooks are hanging on by their thumbs, and Neil is ready to hang ‘em high…

Go get ‘em Neil!!!





Mr Bojangles – Sammy Davis Jr


Al Green-How Can You Mend A Broken Heart



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  1. stefan aka tasurinchi

    August 31, 2016 at 9:09 am

    ….although i’m blessed with a wonderful father myself, let me say this :

    ” I would be more than proud to call you father,step-father,uncle,friend,Elder brother,buddy.etc. ….and I think it’s a pretty good guess, that i am NOT the only one to say so !
    We all might still carry (deep) wounds with us,which need some healing – that’s OK – that’s life as well !
    But we ‘sure as hell’ don’t accept any filthy ridiciolous crooks to interfere with that healing – not our own,not our FRIENDS’ and not our FAMILIES’ !”

    One for All and All for One…..

  2. Neil,

    whatever happened is relative – everything has several viewing angles
    you did and you are doing the right – no question

  3. A Word to the Wise

    August 31, 2016 at 9:54 am

    What good news that the healing computers are becoming available! It is the beginning of a medical healing movement welcomed most enthusiastically by the people who need it most. Eventually, over time many necessary changes will be forthcoming about the cause of disease in itself as well as much safer ways to heal and prevent further disease.

    Neil, your willingness to share your pain & suffering in the past shows us your very real human side which we’ve come to love and care about. A true hero is not above his or her human journey, but, rather, faces life head on…personal sadness, setbacks & all. Your heartfelt concern for that precious child is what is the real measure of your character. The fact that he had over 5 years of your love & TLC speaks to our compassion for both of you. The best part is hearing that he turned out to be an outstanding young man!

    Many of us are so much more aware of the not so hidden agendas of the Cabal & their evil tactics. Their time is coming to an end so they are trying desperate measures. Any further attacks on your character or otherwise will be met by even stronger resistance by We The People! We know who our true heroes are. You remain in our hearts & prayers, as we are on this journey with you in our very souls.

    God bless. May the Angels continue to guide you & watch over you…Blessings to all…

  4. Neil , you are a man of integrity , humility
    and love.Some ,to their detriment see this
    as a weakness. They have force , you have
    power. Force is a flash in the pan , true
    power is collective and by consent.
    Regarding the Elders , to a point I think I
    understand their stance but hope they
    are not too rigid , considering circumstances
    have changed a little since your agreement
    with them.
    I hope more people of means and integrity
    become aware of G4s mission .
    With love and gratitude john

  5. Clifford Goodman

    August 31, 2016 at 10:28 am

    Hi Neil, After today’s update you went sky high in my estimation, even though you were plenty high enough before.
    Neil could you please let me know the price of the healing machines? I am not a wealthy man and I would like to know if I can afford one.
    All the very best, Clifford Goodman.

  6. So people’s children. in light of all this that young man had you for a father someone that loves and cares about him. Stand tall neil we stand with you. One live brother thank you for all that you do.

  7. Neil,
    Go get ‘em; don’t let them Bush’s make you take your eyes off of the target!
    I am surprised that it took this long for them to throw at you, some mud from your past. Perhaps, they considered the proverb from my old neighborhood – “don’t start throwing mud, unless you have your raincoat on” – so this is definitely a sign of desperation on their part!
    Go get ‘em Neil!

  8. Do what is right in His sight as we all have a higher One to account to for Justice and “every knee shall bow” – thank you Neil for “nipping this in the bud” which seems to be your policy and I think a very good one
    I am thankful you are releasing the healing computers now and others can have that as well

  9. These comic book criminals invented the drug trade and used it to tear families apart all over the country. Then they have f-ing audacity to throw it all in your face to discredit you. The depravity never ceases to amaze me. My mother, God rest her soul, could never reconcile the brutality of this world. One has to back away somewhat emotionally to handle it all.

    It shows remarkable foresight on your part to come forward before these attacks truly begin and I commend you for that. I pray day to day that I can do more to help you, but times are very tight. If nothing else you have my ear and my sincerest prayers for this new world we’ve been going on about.

    If the RV ever does happen, I will be the first in line to help you all I can.

    Be well Neil.
    I bless you and thank you
    As we will, so shall it be.

  10. Neal good morning thank you for responding so quickly , I can go to were ever the machin is. But until we RV . on the other hand thank you for loving the child father is the one who care for him not the one who makes him…have a wonderful week hope RV comes soooooon I really need it… Thank you and the groupK

  11. Neil,
    There is nothing worse than a mother holding back children from a loving father. No one understands the suffering.
    Let these terrible people go fly a kite.


  12. I am so glad you shared this part of your life and I am sure you helped that boy in the beginning of his life and did what you could for that little boy, he was lucky to have you in his life. You fought for him and the responsibility of being
    his dad. I am so happy for the release of the healing computers would love to have one but live below middle class here in the States. Hopefully a clinic wil open up here. You are a man of honor Neil I am very happy to call you a friend. I would love to run a healing clinic here in the states possibly in Sedona, Arizona after the Global accounts open. You are a true hero in all parts of the word. May the light and angels always watch over you and Team K. I pray for the cabal to be gone and you and the light forces to win and free humanity. Bless you and Team K love and light laurie k

  13. We all know what kind of person you are Neil and this story just cemented that fact. It seems the cabal is out of time, excuses and tactics so they bring up a situation which shouldn’t have been brought up and you handled it the way you handled all other situations with honesty and integrity. GOD bless you Neil and in your heart you know all you did was for the best whether it was for a single person or the planet. I knew there were some low lives in this world but this takes the cake. AGAIN..thank you for all you are doing and continue to take care of business.

  14. I see so may comments here from good people who very much need the healing machines, but they do not have sufficient finances for purchasing them. Just a suggestion, but if they pooled their money with others in their state or in local healing centers, perhaps it may then become a possibility to share the machines & bring people together for mutual support & friendship. People have become isolated far too long, especially those suffering from illnesses of any kind. It’s time to create new, more compassionate models of community in this chaotic, fast-changing, & often uncaring modern society. There’s nothing like real, person to person contact (rather than the abstract Internet which has its pros & cons as well as a very dark side) that in itself is healing. Sharing the healing computer adds exponentially to all involved in using one…

    Until the Accounts are secured & foundations are established world-wide, this may be a much needed interim solution…that brings people together to share, heal, & support one another…

    Thanks for the update, Neil, & for opening your heart & sharing your past sorrow. Standing tall for the child is what mattered most.

  15. Neil, it was a very hard thing, to bring to the front, to share such a personal heart felt episode of your life. Remember this my friend any man can be a biological father but it takes a real man to father a child. It seems you were ready for the job. The boy was, and I think still is, loved by you. What a wonderful 5 years of love and joy you had with him. Thank you for sharing your personal and business information with us. I will wait until the clinics are set up. Hopefully you will be bringing them to the U.S. Watch your back my friend. God Bless.

  16. God bless you Neil. You are the best. That fine young man is very lucky to have you in his life. No worries Neil. Thank you Team K. I love you all so much.
    live oak xxx

  17. Many men would have quietly left the scene without creating any fuss at all, but Neil didn’t because the kid is his son, biological or not, because he took care of him. Dot.
    So cabal, too bad, you wanted to discredit him, but you reached exactly the opposite result of what you intended to do.
    As for Neil being on drugs ? Stupid enough to feed the mafia that you are ? That was a funny one also! Nice try! You made my day! And how do you treat children, by the way ? Oh yes, you adopt them at Bohemian Grove, don’t you ?

  18. Ms Shabnam Frei

    August 31, 2016 at 9:54 pm

    Dear Neil,
    I would love to have one of these fantastic healing computers.
    I can go to Germany for it. Please let me know if I can buy one.
    Thank you.

    We all make mistakes & we all have some regrets in life.
    Please don’t worry about it because your good heart is there
    in your work, for anyone to see…

  19. Neil, there is no doubt in my mind you helped make a little boy a very good man. The love, joy, compassion and empathy along with the strong example will be forever in his heart. I hope you continue to stay in his life as much as possible. As for all the rest-“Give’em Hell!!

  20. I love that you ARE so human.

  21. The cabal is sure desperate if they are the ones who tried to bring up this as a smear tactic to try to discredit you. I fail to see your story as doing any harm at all. You did your part, and did it well and honorably. I hope your son gets in touch with you…..I think it would serve well as a healing for both of you.
    NEIL, did you get a chance to get some of our questions answered? I
    still need to know if one with a pace maker can use the healing computer. Thanks.

  22. Some women are incredibly evil, yet the courts are biased against those poor little creatures. I’ve seen some TV broadcast where the father is ruined, powerless, and forced to live on the street.
    The family court and the court system are corrupt, this is not news.
    In Sweden I read that many father’s lives are ruined.
    I suppose it has to do with positive discrimination. As if discrimination in the frame of the law could ever be positive.
    It is a way to divide people and pit them against each other. Some fools will fall into that coarse trap with both feet and happily so, fools!

  23. You’re my kinda guy!!!! Not only do you have integrity, you have a wonderful passion for humans all over the world. I have read all the above posts, these people reflect my thoughts. You are one-of-a kind, Mr. Neil. Luv ya, Teepee (Oh, if I sound too mushy, don’t worry, I’m a gal not a guy…lol)

  24. Neil thanks for sharing your experiences. good or bad are part of life. Experience feeds daily frustrations. If it does not kill …! on the other hand, I hope that healing smachines are distributed geographically, so that most people can have the service.Greetings from Mexico.

  25. And so it goes… Again…. Only wealthy can afford the healing. Smh. Migraine day 2 here.

  26. I swear I’m not being a troll, but what kind of security would have to be in place to safeguard the healing computers? They would have to be run from behind a bullet proof glass enclosure, with the probes going through a hole. And kept in bank vaults at night. And would those who get the computers start charging $10,000 a session? And what crook would not try to steal one using a gun, or other means? I realize your readers are mostly kind and good people, but there is a lot of bad here in the US. And would the AMA, FDA, etc. hire some thugs to block their use? I’m not trying to be too negative, but things like that would have to be addressed. That being said, your Sammy Davis Jr. video made me cry. It just brought up too many memories. Take care, Neil and group.

  27. JB Brown/Great Gramy J

    September 1, 2016 at 11:29 pm

    Great BIG hugs 2 ya Daddy Neil………….

  28. Will these machines be effective for SMA? I work for a woman who has a 9 month old great granddaughter who has SMA. Thanks for all you work, Neil!

  29. I think you would bennefit by being the active party and contact your son, because he still is you son, right.
    And he will gain to. You both need to talk about is, and he for sure would remember both you and that situation you were in.
    Just a surgestion.

    • Neil,

      With the machines starting to come into the country, how can we get communication as to where they are and how much sessions will cost? The “group” idea makes sense but I’m sure not everyone will need to “own” a machine. Change has begun!!

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