Neil and team have fielded a number of inquiries about the gold for sale.

There have been a wide variety of questions. Many are the same, so Neil decided that a new post with further clarity and showing video of the gold would help assuage the efficacy of his authority over it.

There is an element about this that needs to be crystal clear. Neil alone is in control of all aspects of this gold. It is not part of the bunkers he oversees as the Amanah, but rather it was brought to him because he is the Amanah.

There are a number of other things that need to be stated so that there is no further confusion.

  1. Gold is 999.9 purity
  2. Gold is in 1-kilogram (1,000 gram) bars
  3. Gold is not hallmarked
  4. Gold available is 100,000 kilograms
  5. You can buy 1 kilogram or you can contract to buy 20,000 kilograms. A larger amount would drastically reduce the global price of physical gold. Contracts can be signed with Neil for the larger amounts, but they would have to be time staged in order to keep market stability.

On to the issue of standardized procedures. The gold is Neil’s, so the procedures are simple, designed by Neil. You express interest through contacting Neil, or Kevin. From that point on a simple email exchange will determine the nature of the scope of your needs in volume to acquire.

A formal document is issued electronically outlining the exact terms.

There is no SBMA / LBMA 17 hundred steps and information exchanges. This is a private sale, and it should be kept private. You exercise your right to purchase and place in the queue with a deposit and then arrangements regarding time, settlement and physical delivery are finalized. Done. No brokers.

In addition to the gold, Neil is cleaning house. Many people that have had unrealistic expectations about profiting from his work without contributing are about to experience the Icarus effect. Crash and burn on melted wings of wax.

He is only looking to add a couple serious people that bring a lot to the future, and you have to be financially vested in this battle that is to come.

14 years of fighting takes its toll, and he has either paid for it mostly himself or had all of his wealth stolen from him.

Those that stood by when they could have already done everything needed (which was not a lot) to end this and get started on cleaning up and making things right can read about the progress like everyone else. When Neil feels like telling you.

The list of those that have helped is small, and it is a heart felt thanks that Neil expresses in his post to you as well. His agenda of meeting with large international groups and people is near full, and this now occupies his final moments before kicking off his World Tour.

Finally, a sincere Happy New Year to the Asian parties and audiences that follow Neil. It will be fitting that in this Year of the Dragon that much will come to pass.

The Amanah Mr. Keenan has funding awaiting him in Indonesia, but he needs this financing in order to get to Indonesia.

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