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Eve Of Destruction

(The Time Has Come)

12 years ago, or maybe a bit more, a turning point in the history of mankind took place.

The Global Collateral Accounts authenticated the existence of US Treasury Gold Backed Notes held by Neil Keenan. Collectively in terms of gold value and interest due, the Notes and Bonds entrusted to Mr. Keenan are worth over a One Trillion US Dollars.

These Notes were subsequently stolen in an international money laundering operation by notable persons in the FED, UN, World Economic Forum, Italian government, P2 Lodge Freemasons and the Vatican and then into the pockets of Presidents and politicians.

This scam was highlighted in the infamous “Trillion Dollar Lawsuit” that rocked the global financial markets and exposed the dark underbelly of global financing.

This incredible journey of financial theft and intrigue started when Benjamin Fulford introduced Neil to an Italian national named Daniel Dal Bosco who worked for both the Vatican and P2 Lodge.

After meeting and discussing with Dal Bosco the future options and direction including redemption of the notes, the Notes were turned over to Daniel Dal Bosco for safe keeping while Neil travelled around Europe organizing a multi-nation financial deal.

Carrying the Notes was just too risky as one of Neil’s associates had already had similar Notes confiscated by the Italian Financial Police at the Swiss border in Chiasso.

In turn and unbeknownst to Neil, Dal Bosco contacted his own friend at the World Economic Forum (Giancarlo Bruno) in Geneva.

Together with Benjamin Fulford they devised a scheme which they thought would be successful enough to bring the notes legally to their possession.

What they never suspected was that Neil Keenan would not only chase them all over the planet but anyone and everyone who worked with them in their attempts to steal what did not belong to them would end up in his sites.

Dal Bosco, Bruno and Fulford then reached out to Leo Zagami (of Fake P2 Lodge Association) to assist in the theft and laundering operation.

Neil was pressing hard to regain these notes when they offered Neil a bunch of money (>$100 Million USD) to go away and forget the Dragon Family. Neil refused the offer and picked up on the chase in earnest for retrieving his notes.

Interestingly, Benjamin Fulford just a little later went to Italy to meet with Zagami in order to secure his share of the spoils… After spending a little more than one day Benjamin returned to Japan claiming those that he visited had poisoned him.

He didn’t want his paying customers to know that he facilitated and participated in the theft.

Collectively, these four thieves did not assume, to their detriment, that Neil would chase them down all over the world to get these assets back into his possession. And not only these four criminals, but any person that had any dealings with the theft.

As time grew, it became a long list of some well known names. Many of these names have taken direct action attempting to eliminate Neil. In fact, the number of attempts is staggering (including 14 poisonings, multiple car accidents and taking out contracts for his life to be taken) during the past 13 years.

Neil has bounced back stronger than ever. It should never be said that one man or a few good men cannot make enough noise to deal with such groups. Now while on their knees Neil is going to deal with them as only he knows how.

If dealt with properly the planet will survive and the Cabal/Khazars and such simpletons as the Dal Boscos, Fulfords, Zagamis etc., as well as, the World Economic Forums, World Health Organizations, United Nations (all Western created organizations) etc., will suffer greatly and look for escape. They are already actively planning their retreats.

The counter-attack started with the filing of the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit in New York Federal Court of Manhattan. The filing of this lawsuit known as the exposing of Financial Tyranny has lit the fire whereby making a return of the assets and settlement at the time… impossible.

Obama appointed a corrupt and inexperienced judge one directly related to his financial advisor to exclusively handle the case. Neil withdrew with prejudice and will file again in international jurisdictions soon. All the evidence is there.

Neil, of course, saw red and wanted revenge for such thefts, murders that took place by a litany of what the public considers our leaders but really are nothing other than a pile of garbage.

What Neil found during his battles was nothing more than a big pile of crap and he started to clean it up. They still have nowhere to hide any longer and, as stated once the legal action had been filed, everyone could see who and what created not only Neil’s problem but the planetary financial and economic problems that humanity is saddled with today.

The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit is public knowledge and says it all. You can see the Defendants listed and whom we fight today 13 years later.

The very same group of Westerners, governments, corporations and entities are demanding that we turn the planet over to them with the World Economic Forum leading the parade.

Fortunately for humanity, and considerably less so for these scum, Neil is right in the middle of the road preventing them from getting by. Despite their attempts to kill and or bribe him to stop, he is poised for the final battles and will attempt with his group to keep said Thieves in the West where they belong (in jail!).

This is a battle of epic proportions but one that will be over with rather quickly once Neil takes the helm.

There will be no place to hide. Tis the season and Neil knows who has been naughty, where they live, as well as, where they are planning to hide. Unlike Santa delivering coal to the naughty ones, Neil will lean on his Irish roots, and the Angry Leprechaun will be bringing court cases, arrests and nasty jail sentences.

This truly is it. This will include complicit institutions like the BIS, World Bank, FED, WEF, Vatican, etc. He has the Black Book and list of accounts, he has access to all the financial transactions and the names of all those delving into this corruption.

The same means created by these disgusting people to track you and me, is about to work against them. Everything is being watched.

All transit (public and private flights), land transactions (places like NW United States, New Zealand, Australia, parts of Europe like Ireland, UK etc) There is no escaping the Angry Leprechaun whose pot of gold was stolen – you idiots had to know he was coming to get it.

These were the beginnings of a lengthy list of unsavory stuff that Neil has had to suffer through. Each attempt to cover their tracks made it easier to add more defendants to the lawsuit. Let us examine a few over the last 14 years shall we?

Maybe you will start to understand what one man and a small team are capable of.

There are very public people at the highest offices in the world involved in obfuscating the retrieval of what was stolen from Neil, as well as, preventing the participation of East Asia in participating in the directing of the world’s financial systems.

This involves Presidents, monarchs, leaders of international organizations, Intelligence Agencies and more. They like their positions of grandeur and wealth. They will stop at nothing to defend any and all of their agendas and actions.

This was evidenced when Neil, in search of his funds, emailed then Secretary General of the United Nations, the very dishonorable Ban-Ki Moon.

In the letter, Neil outlined that he had direct knowledge of the assets being in safekeeping with the United Nations. Undeterred by the lack of response, Neil’s very good and longtime associate Joe Bendana became involved.

Joe spoke directly with Moon at the United Nations, and had information vital to the stolen notes and the people who were manipulating their retrieval.

These conversations were overheard by another associate of Neil’s and close family member of Joe. Gentleman named Frankie relayed the conversations to Neil.

With a sequence of events and timelines, it is now obvious to even a child, that the conversations were tapped, recorded and actions taken based upon the violation private conversations – by the same authorities that were using the stolen assets.

This is very disturbing at any level.

Two days later Joe was found dead (murdered) in his apartment. Circumstances indicated he had been suffocated and all fingers point to the UN and the World Economic Forum as operatives used to prevent Joe from divulging the information in person to Neil, whom he was scheduled to meet in four days.

The loss of Joe was a devastating blow to Neil, considering the times they had lived their lives together. It was also a very painful reminder that the war was “On”, and these pathetic people will stop literally at nothing to prevent you from finding out how disgusting they are.

Here is another truth that happened not so long ago and is a very complicated feat of Neil stepping up to help humanity.

It involves Iran (past and present), an overthrown ruler (Shah Pahlavi and his family) and Obama. In exchange for $3 Trillion USD sent on pallets via US Air Force C140 aircraft to Iran, Obama had contrived a story that this was restitution for past money seized during the revolution in Iran. The money was NOT what it appeared to be in the eyes of the media.

The bulk of it was for the purchase of gold directly for Obama from the Shah’s gold deposits held by the Thai government on the Shah’s behalf. This was facilitated by the Shah’s second son of Shah Pahlavi (a fellow by the name of Anwar).

Hedging his bets on the collapse of fiat currencies, Obama wanted to make sure he had a healthy nest egg with vast stores of bullion. 10,000 Metric Tons of Gold was the deal, and the site of delivery to Obama’s team was the Bay of Bangkok and the Thai government would handle the delivery.

This was all exposed and halted by Neil with the use of surveillance and images provided by the Dragon Family satellites.

What has never been revealed is that Iran and Obama were also using the USD $ 3.0 trillion to finance the Cabal. A perfect fit for Obama and the boys since they are no less than terrorists themselves.

Other portions of the $3 Trillion was hush money to the government of Iran, to keep quiet about the Obama “Other Storyline” for the assassination of Osama bin Laden. He is alive and well. His double was killed.

Additional money was used to subsidize the Iran nuclear program and arming ME rebel groups.

But this is not the end of the weirdness of truth. The Shah that was overthrown, Pahlavi (in 1979) lived, breathed and resided in Brussels Belgium. Neil had coffee with him. The second son (Anwar) was to accompany the gold from Iran to Obama’s care in the Bay of Bangkok.

The Shah’s first son, is a nice young man raised by family members in Florida after the reported (the fake) death of his father and personal attacks by his younger brother. Neil says he looks good, but has aged considerably and wants his position returned to him. Things in fiction make more sense than the reality of all this.

Here is another gem of shining truth. Do you remember when Neil saved 23 Million people and the Tsunamis from hitting New York City? Obama and Biden had conspired to destroy the entire Eastern Sea Coast of the United States.

The banking industry knew and had already moved their records and secure operations to Stanford, Connecticut. Yes, they were involved and had advanced notice yet Neil through his sources received this info even before the Cabal and therefore was able to prevent this from happening.

As a matter of fact, the bunker that Obama had recently made within the White House which was their getaway for Obama and his family as well as VP Biden and family came up empty. T

he plan? When they opened the bunker doors after three days and came out to face their new world amidst all the destruction that they hoped they created they were at a complete loss for words. Their destructive dreams broken and the world moving on as it always had.

Remember what happened to those two generals who were supposed to have the nuclear missiles dropped in the midst of Charleston, South Carolina. Why was Charleston targeted for the second time in History and why did Fort Hood open their doors with missiles attached to drop into the midst of Charleston?

Why was there no investigation yet only blame placed on supposedly a couple of generals who were only following President Obama’s orders? Why did no one sign for the release of the bombs from Fort Hood?

The use of nuclear missiles is an executive order and requires the signature of the President. No such signature exists yet the missiles were loaded. Why is Obama and his team still walking around today?

Does anyone care 23 Million people were supposed to die and why didn’t Neil Keenan receive nary a thank you from those on the East Coast that would potentially might have died from such hatred by politicians, co-conspirators, and treasonous non-Americans including its past Presidents and much more.

Well I might be the belated first and want to be so THANK YOU NEIL KEENAN AND ALL. MY FAMILY IS ALIVE AND WELL.

And once they were tossed out of office and not required to return, the new private citizen Biden and his family and team went to work overseas with what Obama and team had actually set up. Enter China and Ukraine.

In order to know what Neil and Group K have done one must look at the archives (everything is right there on his website). It will blow your mind. He has literally taken charge of what our authorities, who in most cases have united with the Cabal, were commissioned to do. It is Neil that stood tall and gone after them. Things need to be cleaned up….

If you think this is all fabricated – take a look at the outcome of the audit of the Vatican Slush fund released in June of this year. What you will find is that the notes stolen from Neil are included within the fund itself, the Vatican Slush Fund. All roads lead to Rome apparently.

What is the genesis of these people and the activities? The most recent junction is the Bretton Woods Agreement signed by the Allies of World War 2, in New Hampshire. It was an arrangement for an international standard outside the then accepted gold standard.

In the agreement, the Allies agreed to support a fixed exchange rate and each other’s currency. Signed in 1944, it was a deliberately constructed arrangement that kept the global strength and control of the financial markets in their hands. The West excluded the East. Deliberately.

When Clinton renewed the Agreement in 1995, he stated to Asian markets that he would represent their interests and inclusions in the world of finance. When the parties renewed the Agreement, the Americans and the British stonewalled the Dragon Families from retrieving their assets (gold) on a monthly basis.

They were continuously playing with other people’s money and were not about letting their scamming end.

With Neil as the Amanah representing the assets of Dragon Family and Elders of Java – this is not an acceptable scenario. Imagine having your assets being leveraged by someone else, being sometimes paid for the privilege, sometimes not, and not just having no say in the conditions of the market but having to live with the consequences of decisions you did not make.

This is a strident point in what makes Neil determined to right a historical wrong. Retrieval of Dragon Family Assets from the Global Collateral Accounts and the abusive Banksters is his objective. And this financial abuse continues to be taken on his watch. Not for much longer!

The terms under which he became first notary, then signatory power of attorney and then Amanah – was that he had to finance this hunt for the stolen goods on his own.

So in 2011, Neil created a meeting in Monaco attended by 57 invitees from nations from the East.

There was an agreement among those important dignitaries present to create a mechanism to legally retrieve assets held in the West, then destroy the Cabal owned private Central Banks that controlled the flow and terms of all money worldwide. From this agreement, all assets would be hard asset backed.

So he went face to face with the future and past in the present. How many people could have thrown a Rockefeller into the Mediterranean from a private yacht? Neil can and almost did – actually he bumped that sack of garbage and he almost fell in the water.

The real theater began immediately after that when the yacht was targeted by US Blackhawk helicopters aiming an EMP weapon that would disable all the electronics on the yacht, and also the nervous systems of all its occupants.

In the meanwhile the French Mirage fighter jets were right up on the Blackhawks and tipping their wings making note to them that they needed to leave the French Airspace and not later, now.

The outcome of the Monaco Accord itself went off on a tangent with the eventual inclusion of the West with the BRICS involvements, and later the CIPS banking financial transfer mechanism created specifically to obliterate the hegemony of the US Federal Reserve (and bureaucracy), and the SWIFT system(again a Neil doing).

This was the outcome of a man on a mission. The creation of the AIIB (Asian International Investment Bank) provided the core backbone for turning the vast sum of assets in Asia into humanitarian funds directed at first Asian betterment then all humanity around the globe.

“ 1”gutsy guy and a small team. That’s right it was Neil’s thought and his idea and it has come to be and exists to this very day.


How many of you are saying you have heard this song over and over again but never knew that between hits much happened that related directly to everyone’s life on this planet and that Neil Keenan and his team (even though Neil was half dead at times) were behind this.

Probably not any of you. You are too busy reading in on others who have never left their house and are talking about their sauces (sources). They are not out fighting anything. Ironically those sauces are more valuable in salads than their own lives. How can you believe them?

Well, Neil is off again and all signs are positive. If so, then you will not have many more fake posts to read seeing that the Cabal will most likely be at your door. There will be no one to help you and then you become a statistic for being one of the 90% on this planet who will no longer be considered counted as one of the living.

They warned you many times but you never paid heed. Now it comes down to this. They plan on eliminating 2-3 Billion of us good folks within the next few months.

Ireland for example has been heavily targeted and just might end up with just over 1 Million in population. New Zealand just might end up with less than the above one million seeing the Cabal already own the political establishment. They have already succeeded in this and again we do nothing about it.

Only Neil will step up and fight for his home country (Ireland) yet there are precautions here as well. Also in his other residences (places he has loved) such as the Dominican Republic, Peru, the Republic of Rhode Island (Governor Michael Levesque), Bulgaria which has been under attack alongside New Zealand for many, many months.

And INDONESIA, NEIL’S SECOND HOME and sometimes considered his first home seeing this is where his heart truly is.

The “Forces that Were” have been stumped at every turn to date by Neil who can actually foresee what is happening next and take preventative measures to stop it.

It has been one trip after another to do so but amazingly what he finds is that many of what we considered to be good people gradually increase their migration to the Cabal.

They turn themselves over so their families are safe yet they too will be sacrificed on the Cabal alters. Again, Neil is in this fight not for himself but for all of humanity and doing so without a lot of help… and with a lot of his own money.

The Cabal’s old money and bribery practice has been in existence for hundreds of years. We call these Satanists cowards, traitors, murderers, and worse. If we were to adjudicate against them, file charges, publicize their motives etc., things would change, but the legal system and Courts with the media work for the Cabal.

Everything seems to be theirs, built and working, utilizing from the very beginning the money they stole from us. It is time to move or the Khazars will take over our planet and you will be their slaves. It does not matter our color, faith or class. They want us.

A most recent development has taken place. One that could be our answer once and for all and make this planet safe after a battle to save it. It is going to be hard to swallow but you must remember who has gone to bat for this planet and who has put his life on the line time and time again? You figure it out…

All nasty stuff right? Well how about UN Agenda 2030? This is a Khazarian and Cabal driven demonic plan to eliminate over 90% of the humans on this planet. You can find this out for yourself by using your computer search engine and asking to find Agenda 21 or Agenda 30. You will in fact see that this has been planned for a very long time.

But who actually traced all of this before it happened to where we are today? Neil and his investigative genius Jeanne went to work and exposed the fact that Queen Elizabeth owned 51 percent of the patent for COVID and its poisonous vaccine. Guess it is unrelated to the reason she has walked away from her duties at Buckingham.

Jeanne was very thorough in making a straight line that connected dots preceding the development of what we call a ‘pandemic’ connecting to SARs in 2001 with gain of function research undertaken.

Or Neil’s August 2018 expose on vaccines (it is in the archives). The lists go on and on. Small team. Big results. Protecting all humanity…again… and again.

Neil is the elected Amanah (principal Trustee) for Indonesia. Now he’s coming and he is going to leave his mark. Who knows what this means!! I cannot even imagine the havoc of an Angry Leprechaun. In this case, you will not have to endure many more ridiculous posts on other platforms from pretenders and thieves that “know shit from Shinola” (a Neil saying).

Thank you Neil. God Bless you and thank you for caring enough to do the stunning things you have undertaken, mostly alone with very little help. The people of Java and Indonesia are better for having chosen a fighter that is going to get down and dirty for all humanity. I hope others with means get up and help too. It would be truly amazing to see an effort from more than a handful of people.

Enough said for now as “This might be the last time” as the battle for humanity is climaxing. I have got my own legal stones to throw. I hope you all have some of your own. If not just help Neil as he is tossing boulders.

Take a good look around you. Who do you see beside you, how can we win this? There has only been one person who has refused to back down, and be the effective weapon to initiate the Fall of the Cabal.

If you do not realize Neil Keenan is this person it is undeniable what the future will hold and it will be the same thing that we see now over and over again until 90% of the population is extinguished.

God Bless You Neil Keenan and Group K May You Forever Be Protected.



  1. Hey Irish!

    No, they cannot keep us down. Have been working this since 2009 while keeping track of your amazing accomplishments.

    Back from Puntadeleste in U-county now. We will have your back when….

    You are one amazing guy Neil and you have a rabid fan club here in Florida. God bless you honorable Amanah, and keep you safe as well.

    We are ready for your orchestration! Go Neil!

  2. Gracias Neil. Dios te bendiga!

  3. “Paying” My Respect and expressing my sincere Gratitude !

    The Key of and to The Legend of Mankind: Neil Keenan ! A MAN like no other – Let Us listen to his words …

  4. I have followed you for several years now. Hope you regain what has been stolen from you.

  5. Creators Blessings and Divine protection and safety for ALL those on the front lines,..fighting the good fight, by guidence ,wherever thay may be .Cheers Merry Xmas/Yule and Stay Well.

  6. Neil, I just want to say a simple……. Thank You, God Bless you Abundantly and Protect you from all Evil. Most Grateful Wendy


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