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CJ’s Testimonial –
Believe It or Not

“Hi Neil, Group K,

Here is the testimonial that I said I would send as promised.

Can I just call myself CJ here in order not to have many people who actually know me look at me strangely?

I also would like to keep things short because rehashing things only reminds me of the pain I had been in for so many years. So please excuse me for being selfish but I hope to cover what is needed for the multitudes to understand that this machine works wonders… and I am one of them.

OK, my problems began in my youth. I had problems with my joints. Especially my leg joints to the point that I had to use a cane throughout my high school years.

Whereas I should have been the lead cheerleader, I became a wheel chair fan watching the games from the sidelines. The pain here got to the point that the doctors wanted to check my bones for some serious problems that evolved throughout my body.

At this same time my liver would not leave me alone and this had to be watched as well. This continued on with me throughout my life.

Inflammation was nothing to laugh about seeing I really needed my hands to open and close when I needed them but that brought more pain just holding on.

Blood Clots appeared and I was continually run down but I tried not to give up.

I was told I was a high risk for a heart attack. I thought to myself what a nice way out of this thing called life.

My blood thickened and became a threat to the point where I had blood donors lined up for transfusions.

My eyes began to fade and I could barely see. Nothing was working here and I would sit in front of a TV screen and no matter what size it was I could not see.

My respiratory system was collapsing on me too. My doctor told me that I had a roomful of problems and which ones should he tackle first. My answer was all of them. He would not do this.

I heard about the Healing Computer in November 2018 and decided what the hell why not. So I bought one in Germany. Neil was there to assist me and taught me as much as he knew about the mechanics of it. Then Mr. Walter came in and gave me a 3-day study on the computer, all the while treating me.

During my first session I did feel tingles and rushes throughout my body and they felt comfortable. I nearly fell to sleep while having the computer work me over for the 20 minutes.

Yup, I had the full 20 minutes seeing my body was all screwed up. I remember the computer starting up and heading towards diagnostics. I was told what they said and I had tears quietly flowing down my cheeks.

In essence it said I would die if not taken care of immediately. Neil whispered from across the table “take it easy you are going to be like new”. I smiled and wiped the tears looking at him smiling and said “Yeah, I am going to be that cheerleader again”. He smiled at me and said “Count on it”.

From that first 20 minutes I could feel things happening throughout my body from head to toe. I asked why so many feelings and Walter told me to relax and let the frequencies do their job. So I laid back and closed my eyes hoping for better days ahead.

I went through the above for two weeks and not for one minute did Walter or Neil allow me to be by myself. We often held double sessions with the computer seeing the diagnostics showed some things getting worse with others getting better.

There is no question I was feeling much better and even able to sleep at night. My legs could swing to the floor and I could even stand on them. I could walk to the kitchen and even make a cup of coffee.

It felt like something grand was going on within me and I asked Walter what was happening and he said his English was shits and to ask Neil.

He told me the frequencies are working and will continue to do so for 72 hours and believe it or not I felt that they worked the entire time I was there (then again I had many more sessions than just 3.

By the time I went home I felt like a new person but not completely well. It was going to take more time but I had a healing computer in my laptop bag and knew it would become my dear friend.

For months I went at the problems twice a day 6 days a week and I watched as sometimes the diagnostics would show me a slight improvement, while at other times would speed up the curing process.

There were times I was ready to throw in the towel. It was taking too long but what was the alternative. Crying a lot seemed to help.

One morning while throwing my legs out of bed I felt my knee joints as they were a long while before this happened to me. I stretched out and felt no pain whatsoever.

My legs moved wherever I wanted them to. I could not believe it. I walked to the bathroom and then slowly downstairs. All was well!

Of course, I cried again but this time with happy tears.

I called my doctor! He told me to calm down (I was so excited) and he said come in immediately. “I want to see what is going on with you”. 10 minutes later I was at his door minus the crutches, canes or wheel chair.

He looked at me and asked me how I got up the stairs and I laughed and said “the elevator.”

He asked me if I could now walk and I said yes. He asked me if I was having problems with my breathing and I said no. He asked me if I was having problems with anything else and I said everything is just fine.

He then looked at the computers print out diagnostics and said Wow this is mighty impressive and asked if he could have it. I gave it to him.

The following day he called and asked me to bring the computer along with me. When I showed up at his office I had on a skirt and nice top and he looked at me and went WOW. He was surprised I looked so good as before he only saw me falling apart.

He told me the blood tests he had taken of me all came back showing the computer diagnostics as being spot on.

I felt my heart skip a beat and then he said “let’s get some lunch and celebrate”. I could not believe what I was hearing and said sure why not.

Over Lunch we saw 5 or 6 of his doctor friends and they all asked me many questions. They saw the diagnostic charts and understood I started out as a mess and would smile as they saw the improvements.

One told me that the head of the Hippocratic Institution in Florida had recovered from paralysis from the waist down using this machine and was like a new man. Here I was feeling like a new woman.

Once the others left the table my doctor told me he was going to publish what had transpired here to me, but I asked him not to.  I even asked Neil and Group K not to post anything and they honored my request.

For a long while I thought I was being selfish not allowing you all to see what went on within me and the results.

I can tell you hear and now everything about me is now running at 100%. Those frequencies worked hard and often I still get on the machine to get them flowing through me again.

I could not have done this without owning the computer.

Before I had to stay near the doctor’s office for 3 or 4 months at a time and nowhere on this planet would I have been healed.

I felt great as a result of my healing session and decided to now let you all know I am feeling great, pregnant and my husband is more understanding than anyone I ever met.

He still tells me to get on the machine and says WOW.

As for him, he is using the computer as well and has gotten rid of parasites and funguses quickly and fixed up his respiratory problem. We are both well and I will tell you a secret one that you already figured out (I am sure). He was my doctor!

He now uses the healing computer a lot in his office, especially with the diagnostics and has assisted many patients in getting better.

Thanks Neil and Group K (Walter you too.)

Remember me as CJ and I will call if I ever need a hand. By the way I still cry knowing I have a baby coming, so Neil you can still call me a cry-baby. I am so so happy.

I’d love to fly to Dusseldorf on Monday and get my own Generation 3 BRT system!

Thank you. Thank you.


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  1. Wow!! Beautiful story!! We should work for produce this machine for all mankind. Neil I’m electronic engineer and could help in this effort

  2. As a holistic RN for many years, this sincere & deeply heartfelt testimonial brought me to tears of joy!!! I am so happy for “CJ” & her Family…

    Many years ago a world-renown neurologist, who was a founding member of the American Holistic Medical Association, told me that the “medicine of the future will be Energy Medicine”; hence, this “miraculous” Bio-Resonance Healing Computer Generation III Version is here now at the forefront of a New Medical Era with so much promise for humanity.

    As always, thanks to Neil & Walter for their compassionate service in making available these instruments of deep healing along with hours of instruction for the user/s. I look forward to the time when they are available in clinics worldwide through the charitable contributions of Foundations & other sources…

  3. that is fantastic CJ. Stop any treatment while you are pregnant. The stories keep coming – this is the real thing!


  4. Pauline Olson

    March 1, 2020 at 5:15 pm

    I’ve been dealing with Chronic pain
    my whole life and 52. Grew up on a farm and suffered from auto immune lyme, reflex Sympathetic dystrophy and probably 50 other diagnosis codes been disabled last 12 years to be brief. Are their any machines in MN? Or, is it possible to purchase? I would love to get better and feel great again! And, help others suffering. God bless you all for bringing the best gift to light!

  5. How does main stream public get access to purchase one?

  6. Dear CJ
    So wonderful to hear about your healing AND growing forward in life! I totally understand your tears while on the machine & healing. I won’t go into my whole story or current place/health situation, I just wanted to say you are not weird or crazy. After years of trying to find relief for AT LEAST ONE of the things going on with my body I received a treatment that finally let me breath (a diaphragm or muscles needed for breathing issue not lungs) and the tears just started flowing with that first real breath in over 5 yrs. I bawled like a baby with each “easy” natural breath I was able to take in that appt. I think I even told the Doctor I loved him lol! I am still trying to do this on my own. My focus is remembering to celebrate the small victories until I can one day afford treatment on a HC or better yet own one and help so many others I see suffering needlessly!
    So very happy for you💞

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