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Barbarians At The Gates

We will soon be coming down to the final moments in this battle. 

Yes, the worst outcome can be prevented but the Cabal as we know them seem to have placed a maximum on what it will be using against us shortly. 

Remember they have been preparing in what seems forever for this moment when they will recover their desires for the planet.

It is not good enough that they already control it but they make claims that there are too many people on the earth. As such they plan to eradicate 90 percent of the population. We must fight on behalf of the people and not acknowledge the Cabal as serious opposition. 

The numbers are with us but they do have control of the chemtrails, 5G, and much more. This might even it up but we still have the odds in our favor. 

How and Why? Think about it clearly. The numbers are in our favor and we know where they live as they know where we live. We do have some nasty weapons that can end their lives as they can end ours. 

Do we think like this? No!!! But we must be prepared to save our children and loved ones and friends. We cannot expose so many good people to such a danger.

What happened to our governments? They work with the Cabal and have for a long time.

They are ‘one of them’. They have much anger toward us as displayed when they attempted to detonate nuclear bombs on Charleston, South Carolina. We exposed them and Obama and Biden sat in the new nuclear bunker understanding they would wait three Days before coming out. 

They planned on seeing a new world. How did they get away with this? The bombs were detonated in the Atlantic Ocean by two Generals who had been ordered to destroy Charleston and the entire East Coast of the United States. 

While preparing for this to happen the NY Banks and many others were moving their assets to Connecticut to establish a new banking base of operations. 

Funny though, when they came out three days later, they the world the same as when they left it. The disaster was prevented and the Generals had plenty to say before Obama started to blame them for everything.

How did we help then? Oh yeah, we sent details of the plan to South Carolina newspapers before any of this happened advising them that Obama and Biden were attempting to destroy the East Coast but nothing ever came back. 

Only a couple of ladies in Charleston thanked me. Not one member of the government at any level. Saving 23 million people does not get you much these days in terms of gratitude. Well how about saving 90 percent of the world’s population?

This is what we will be looking at once again. This time it will be more like Wuhan which as you know took place in China. The 5G cellular weapons system is horrible and will burn us up if we let them do so. 

Chemtrails hurt you as well jamming up your breathing system. They were not cremating Coronavirus fish market bodies. They were cremating people that were killed in a gruesome microwave-like experiment.

Now with everyone’s bodies filled with all sorts of chemicals from Chemtrails, flipping the 5G services up will have a similar effect. Wherever and whenever ‘they’ want. 

Are they ways to stop this? The answer is yes but we cannot sit down and do nothing. We have been exposing them for more than 16 years and they are not anything special. We are special not them. They do control pretty much everything though. So, we must pay attention. 

For 14 years we have fought them, we have outed them, we have kicked their backsides throughout and never did we request a cent of help. 

Not until recently. It is necessary that we establish a financial center to continue fighting them so we can save 90 percent of humanity. 

Even to fight back and do to them what they plan on doing to us. This is where we excelled and wish to continue to stop this from happening to our families and loved ones throughout the world. We need to protect our own. 

I have spent Millions of dollars fighting this cause and not just one or two. I see what they are looking to do and if we allow them to do so then I will see you on the other side. 

Neil Keenan confronting his own energy

You see, I need to get to Indonesia and those who are waiting for me. I will acquire assets while there and those assets will protect our planet. It is what happens before then that matters. 

My funds have been stolen on a couple of occasions but now whatever comes in is protected. Yes, we can run again and take control over our own destinies. I know there are so many of us who need this so we all can work together as one group. 

If there is to be a fight let’s be the winners and save everything that has made us great.  Let’s do it right and let the bad guys know we can be bad as well if backed into a corner.

Most recently I have spoken to a few people from Surinam, Texas and Asia. What I realized is that we are not alone. We have many friends ready to go out and kick some ass. 

It is not a one-way street. I leave at this time with you knowing we can beat them. Let’s take it from them and should they move we can make this our own. No cowards here.

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Wishing you well and hope to see you all soon.


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  1. I don’t understand how to send you money. Is this a wire transfer account.

  2. I am with you all the way, I wish I could send you money but hope that my good thoughts and love will help you to keep fighting for us humanity
    I know all you have done for us and I also know that we will win

  3. God Bless you Neal and team.

    May you be given strength and support from our off world families to prepare a world full of abundance and Joy for all of Humanity and Creation.

  4. Contributed some BTC. Wish I could do more. Godspeed my friend.

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