Neil is waiting for his amazing donation. This money is already earmarked for getting things going in Indonesia.

While he waits, he is raising additional funds in order to assist activities all around the world.

Follow the yellow brick road…

Keeping the plates in the air is a tricky business, doubly so when reserves have been depleted and cash flow is irregular.
Proceeding in an unknown environment is a challenge. Add to this, health and security concerns and you only scratch the surface of what he deals with 20+ hours a day.

The truth is that this only going to work if Neil gets the real help that is needed. He has an amazing support network waiting for him in Indonesia.

He has phenomenal people that are ready to start the active work when he is there from many places. Neil also knows that his desire to help can at times create a problem with cash flows.

So being blessed with the grant is one thing, but waiting is a problem when it comes to the simplicity of making sure that relatively mundane everyday things fail.

There is a considerable opportunity for Neil to pay visits on the way to Indonesia with promises of face-to-face meetings with large donors in Ireland, Italy, Middle East and other countries of Southeast Asia.

Well that requires its own cash engines too. It requires that the people who follow get the word out and help to raise the funds necessary to assist in putting Neil in the best position possible to accelerate his success outside Indonesia. These may very well be in your own back yards.

It is the Davos crowd time of year, and it appears that the fabric of their world is more than frayed. The stories they have used to make the world in their image is torn.

Neil has made sure that he has unveiled the truth all along the way, and now years later it is time to clean it up. Their intention is to walk away and leave you and us in the shit.

Do not think that they will be able to pay for the damages; inasmuch that their fiat currencies, fake assets, IOU’s and debt can miraculously keep the illusion going.

Neil has told all of you from the beginning that it is illusionary and he also told all of you how it is going to end. Their strategy at this point is simple.

Kill you all and they do not ever have to face the truth. Extreme? Better to control the new world where they are unopposed than to face what is coming should they lose.

Lastly, it is interesting to note that the younger very successful businessmen around the world are positioning themselves to attack the status quo.

Neil finds it a case of self-preservation and differentiation by the young billionaires to make sure that no matter which way goes the future – their stack is untouched. Incredible insight.

The Amanah Mr. Keenan has funding awaiting him in Indonesia, but he needs this financing in order to get to Indonesia.

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