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    • Bobby Gilewicz

      June 2, 2014 at 10:41 pm

      Neil thanks for helping us all remember what being human is all about and what real happiness is all about. You are the peoples own rock star, not some illuminati mk’d imposter. I wish I could help in some way but my only skills are carpentry, plumbing and electrical. I will however post, link, like and refer your website as I do all other Truth tellers. If we can ever bring down this corrupt neocon Zionist City of London sociopathic cabal the world will celebrate in union like never before. We may just end up ironically being “one world” united. God bless you!!!!!

      • We NDNs call it oneness but without the hive mind

      • Your God given skills are much needed Sir! If we ALL came together in skills and helped our brothers, sisters, and neighbors, we would all be fed, clothed, without depending on time clocks, etc.;). Hey we have no other but the Lord and Creator. We cannot help it if people say we practice magic. How can you practice magic when we ARE magic! Bless you brother! Send me your email and I will send you a few things. Amy

    • I love reading your post and there is such a need for healing in this country.
      Bless you

    • QUESTION.. may i ask,what is the GIDIFA and its role with your organization?

    • Robert M Spence

      April 10, 2017 at 12:48 am

      My name is Robert Spence I’m
      very interested in the healing
      machines. I’m not sure how to
      get myself included in the list
      of people who are interested .
      THANKS for What you are doing for us all !

    • David K. Danield

      November 9, 2017 at 1:01 am

      Hi Neil, could you please give me the contact information on the gentleman here in Oregon who is heading up the healing computers.

      Also you have some healing minerals I would like to know more about also.

      Thank you,
      David K. Daniels

    • So happy to hear that you are alive !!! I believed Fulford to be wrong about other reports as well. I would love to have the opportunity to put some of your machines to good use on a permanent basis. Namaste!!
      BTW your website would not let me subscribe?

    • Hi Neil. Have you see divine cosmoses latest YouTube video. Love and Respect Robert.

    • Neil .been following you for years. we been waiting a very long time but trying to wake others is difficult and we’re getting close to that time we all been waiting for. Thanks for all your hard work for humanity. God Bless You Sir…

  2. Hoorah!!! Great to have this Neil Keenan site. I’ve been following Neil for quite some time and support him and his team 100%. Team Keenan is doing a remarkable job in keeping us informed of the advances toward the much anticipated release of the collateral accounts. This teams integrity is as good as it gets.
    Thank you for all that you do and will be looking forward to more info.

    • I would love for the court document to be true and I believe in the great work Neil is doing! Keep up the Good fight!

    • Two or more with the intent original to this creation and our lessons therein, we can increase synchronicity, harmony, and balance, success, and a win win situation. Please give our regards and love to Neil, Jo, Jean, Drake, Thomas, and our guardians in Indonesia. We indigenous still believe we don’t own the planet or her resources!

  3. Oh, the nay sayer goons who know so little about history, don’t realize why they fight for greed, pride and secret agenda’s. We fight for righteous cause and we win and won because we fight for giving, humbleness and open agenda’s.

    Neil for those historians who are familiar with the ‘Hilton Accords’ may the Lord above bless you and our endeavors.

    Mike Young, Fairbanks, Alaska

  4. much love for you and the great work you doing .love your style not kicking around the bushes .

    • I tried to subscribe and there was no way for me to do so….

      Please me on how to subscribe to your news information.

      THANK YOU for all ALL for this INTENSE FIGHT!!!!!!!!!! GO TEAM WIN!!!!!!

      • We know. We’re working on it! Brand new site and we have to work out kinks in a order of priority. Thanks for the note, and your support!

        • Glad to see you now have a website. I also have been following your posts on JHaines. Jean said to day she just found out about your website. Neil and Team I just love you guys! Keep up the fantastic work! Much love

          • We have been working with Jean to consolidate the Neil Keenan material one website for months. Jean, of course, has been given first dibs at posting Neil Keenan material, and that has not changed. We love Jean!

        • I want to support Neil with all he is doing. Most people have no idea what is going on. I would like to get the emails, though. I signed up for them a couple of years ago, but I haven’t received them in a long time. It says it has my email, but it isn’t showing it. I’d appreciate it if you could hook me back up.
          Great going, folks! We need more like you! Bless you!

  5. So glad NKG website up and running!

  6. Jacques Vigneault

    February 23, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    Merci de votre excellent travail et de votre dévouement pour le peuple.

  7. Keep up the grea t work!

    We all appreciate you

  8. Thank You so much for tirerless Paitriotism! Salute! All of Uall. I for One am anticipating the hiden technoligies to be released. It will be increadable. And think of all the jobs they will create.

  9. Love your new website Neil. You guys are doing a great job. So what happens after the 3 days of the Cease and Desist Order when they dont comply???

  10. This is a fantastic step in the right direction!! I pray it works!

  11. FYI: first go-to site, even before email. Thought you’d like to know. Team Keenan has my full respect and support. Thank you for all you do.

  12. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

  13. Neil….I have a one hour radio interview show in Ithaca, NY, home of Cornell U. It is live-streamed world-wide. Would you like to be a telephone guest? If so, email me at…Thanks (I see no other way to contact you….)

  14. It is about time that these criminals be put on notice. The Law is the Law and constructive notice and Lawful actions are the course of action that needs to be taken. Thank God someone is out here doing this. End the tyranny now!!!

  15. So pleased you have this website now. So thankful for everything you have done and continue to do. Keep fighting ’til you’ve obliterated these sociopaths. Kudos Neil and the entire extended team. Many thanks and best wishes xx

  16. Thank you Neil and all Team. You are true HEROES!!!


  17. my skeptical & critical ‘earthly’ mind somehow still have doubt & uncertainty with all of this, in reality …. but, my heart & soul somehow DO yearns a LOT for all this hopefully to be really real !

    So… we’ll see ..

    – from Indonesia –

    • somebody tell me please, *HOW* can I really know (& prove) the truth/proof by myself ? … I don’t to be heavily disappointed in another false hopes/lies anymore…

      -from Indonesia-

      • Dear Niki,
        It’s by trusting to yourself, to be yourself and to hear clearly to the sound of your heart.
        HOW…there are many ways. I only can give you a suggestion from what is “for me” suitable. You can see/read many awakening articles in internet. Many of them are in English. If you would like to have the Indonesian one, look for there are some translation in Bahasa Indonesia.
        Again, it’s just a suggestion. You are FREE to decide. Just listen clearly to your heart.

        Light and Love, diana

  18. I am standing with every human being on this planet in Peace, Love, Unity and Freedom! I acknowledge everyone here for standing for their life and declaring it publicly. I am standing with everyone in Honor, Integrity and Authenticity as this is the ground state of Being Human…

  19. Great stuff on the website – thanks a million. Keep safe love and Blessings to All @NKT 🙂

  20. Well Done to NEIL, JEAN, and every single light worker who does whatever they can to wake up the sleeping to the dark control we have been under , but is now slowly being removed.

    This site is really welcome and I raise a Glass of the finest Wine to you Neil and your fellow team, for all your are doing.. You will for sure be in the new history books, but you will not be history because you are here in the NOW:) and not going anywhere either…!

  21. Hello! Neil and Team
    Congrats on your new web blog . Sign me up Scotty! (hehe) If you need me I’ll do what ever I can to help. Love the work your doing for humanity I’m just a little disappointed that the whole world hasn’t jumped on board yet, given the amount of people who visit Jean’s blog..
    I don’t have any talents to speak of except I can be a real SOB at times when I want to be. (lol) I seem to have the ability of getting under people’s skin so to speak. If you have any need for someone like that I might be able to help out. 🙂
    Hope Nelu is out and safe now. God bless all of you for all that you do. Stay SAFE.

  22. When will I be able to subscribe?

  23. I heard about the hidden wealth after the war from my grandfather from the rime I was a child. Never thought I would see the day when it will be revealed to the world. Thanks to brave men and women like Neil and others this dream will be materializing in the coming months.

  24. Antonio Carlos M. Goncalves - Brasil

    February 28, 2014 at 9:28 pm

    Thank you Neal and Team for what you are doing to clean the world from all this globalist crap. Enough is enough!!! I’m just wondering what these actions will do for countries like ours. How can we cooperate to give you a helping hand?

    Linda A.

  26. Hi, I am a truthseeker from Indonesia,

    although sadly/unfortunately, I still can’t see nor experience all these “NON-physical” things/experiences/behind-the-scenes, it is my only very utmost/urgent wish/hope that all this things are *real*, and also going to be *real* very soon…

    Honestly, I do urgently feel that something BIG does need to happen in order to ‘wake up’ our current sad state/condition of humanity nowadays…!

    -from Indonesia

  27. Great work Neil and Jean.
    Times are changing rapidly it seems, We must all keep focused on the truth and stay real.
    Our future is coming!

  28. Neil:
    This is a very nice website, congratulations !
    I do have a question tho… the Count Albert you are standing beside, is he also know as Dr. Zvvonko Berdik-Albert?
    Thanking you in advance for your reply.


  29. You carry the hopes and prayers of countless generations in your efforts to free us from this dark and confused imprisonment of the cabal. I don’t think we have a grasp on how profound the effects of your success will have on our planet as well as the universe around us. Your task is a great one. May the highest beings of heaven continue to protect and assist your mission. This father of a beautiful four year old has a heart filled with hope and excitement about his future because there are compassionate and committed warriors like you who are fighting for our freedom. Humanity’s freedom. A very sincere and heartfelt thank you to the whole team. I am truly grateful that you have answered the call of what is possibly the greatest battle in the history of man. God bless you brother Neil Keenan! We are all Related.

  30. Thank you for all your hard work. We so need people like you and the team, who not only have the guts but the ability to get things done. It breaks my heart to see the suffering of humans and animals alike. Thank you all so much.

  31. With love for Keenan & Team. A verse from Rudyard Kipling’s poem, Naulahka.

    “Now it is not good for the Christian’s health to hustle the Aryan
    For the Christian riles, and the Aryan smiles and he weareth the
    Christian down;
    And the end of the fight is a tombstone white with the name of
    the late deceased,
    And the epitaph drear: “A Fool lies here who tried to hustle the

  32. I hope Neil and Co. read this comment! I received this link about a non-profit, ngo organization in Belgium that has discovered a post-Tesla technology that will provide Free energy, elimination of dis-ease, radiation remediation, etc. They have made all govs aware of this but you can imagine the disinterest they encountered. Here’s the link to their short video:

    Please watch and share! Neil has expressed his desire to clean the air, water, land etc. These guys have the tech to do that and they state that this tech belongs to all of us. Please let’s support this organization before the cabal and friends do their worst!

    Thanks! Jo Ana

  33. Congratulation to Neil Keenan & his team. May u all been protected by the Almighty always for the most dangerous assignment to safe the Global Account for the benefit of the human beings living in this planet. My pray is always with u too.

  34. ~We are all in this together as ONE~It doesn’t matter if you are currently awake or asleep spiritually, the direction and progression of all of these issues will have a profound effect on our lives throughout~Love and Light to all~May the the white Light of the Holy Spirit guide and protect you all, as we will all meet at the finish line together hand in hand~333

  35. Thank you for your work and dedication! As ‘targeted individuals’ living in the USA, m wife & I continue to experience the futuristic secret technology being used by ‘cabalists’ to torture, program, and murder human beings.
    We have been exposed to MORGELONS nano-assembling synthetic biology, ‘the fiber disease’ implants quantum dot nano-crystaline structure that respond to precise radio frequencies. Building a system of bio-senors and transducers, we are now victims of ‘remote neural monitoring’ as well as synthetic telepathy’ a microwave communication system that only the ‘target’ receives and ‘hears’ the modulated voices ‘in ones head’ as it seems to bypass the ears. microwave hearing effect used to torment and ‘mind control’ innocent victims. we we infested with insects living inside of us and coming out of us. insects we could not find in any book. We are under 24/7/354 surveillance and every thought is recorded, analyzed by super computer A.I. The ‘insects’ able to deliver biological weaponized toxins are a fact. remote control of the brain of an insect is collage science project at M.I.T. so there is no science fiction here, only secretly developed technology being deployed and used to further the enslavement and control of the human race. HAARP technology allows for weather control, earthquakes, tidal waves, and worse. we have been lied to by the ultra rich cabalists for too long. there is no reason to use fossil fuels. engines that run on water have been represed for decades. 0 point energy, magnetic driven motors, cold fusion, etc would allow free energy and progress through 100% recycling and resources would never be scarce because combining nanotechnology and free energy transmutation of elements becomes an inexpensive reality. Health care is revolutionized by biophotonic frequency treatments (royal rife) as each ‘disease’ and organism/virus/bacteria has a specific frequency that can destroy it or make it more virulent. A Chinese video of a pancreatic cancer tumor being destroyed in 4 min by a group of 3 ‘energy’ healers who lay hands on the patient and heal with emotional energy. even the nature of our reality itself is more wondrous than we have been allowed to know. Co-creating with our creator, we have been blessed to be able to change reality by the nature of our thoughts and emotions. Our bodies and minds are under assault by evil cabilists who fed us toxins, pollute our water with fluoride and worse, destroy our children with forced vaccinations that make them sick and stupid. we are manipulated from the moment we are conceived until the moment we pass on from this world. al in an evil effort to retain control and enslave humanity forever. our freedom, our survival is at stake here destruction of nature, breaking the food chain to force reliance on GMO synthetic biology. created crisis after crisis. war, hate, discrimination, all resulting from programmed attitudes and behaviors. It is UP TO EACH OF US to AWAKEN to these truths and begin to work together as humanity to create the world we desire. otherwise we risk continuing into an even darker time of total control of mind body and soul by the evil cabalists.
    REALIZATION that WE ARE BEING LIED TO BY GOVERNMENTS CORPORATIONS, MEDIA, EDUCATION, SCIENCE, FINANCE, JUSTICE, INSTITUTIONS. many are led astray and do the work of these evil ones without even realizing that they are.
    secret societies pledged to hide each others crimes must be disbanded.
    the time for humanity to awake and retake its own destiny is now. we must not allow these opportunities to pass unnoticed. we need more brave souls like these to assist humanity in its rebirth. but not as a slave race for the rich, but as the creation of the most high, living in a paradise, loving and helping each other to love.

  36. I am at your service in the name of humanity to eliminate the scourges on this planet with hommies, Viva El Frente

    • Bless You Neil & Your Entire Team …
      For ALL your efforts, sacrifices & much, much more that the People have
      no idea what you’ve been through & are truly up against … All These Years …
      My Love & Gratitude are so large, that can only be expressed from &
      through MY LOVE … I love all of You & Appreciate all & beyond for everything
      you have done in the name of FREEDOM FOR HUMANITY.
      Yes, Neil …
      }You are almost there & the fruits that almost ready for harvest,
      you shall reap & deservingly so, As well as YOUR GIFT to Humanity =
      FREEDOM … You Shall be rewarded in many ways … YOU NEVER GAVE UP
      and truly are an Earthy Angel … Thank You Neil, Your Team … and all those
      who’ve supported these selfless acts of caring throughout this test of time.
      Blessings & Abundance in Love … elinor …

      Also, Thank you as well ” Senor Pescadore Johnson”
      for doing your part … as we all are doing our best to do 😉

  37. Hi,

    Just read the hole story about Dr. Zvonko and Mr. Lennon arrested in the Vatican. I have some additional questions that maybe someone can answer: Its quite clear that its a big scam, though is there more than one Dr. Zvonko? (A real and a double). What is the Bedford company???? A real company, a fake? Are the two criminals using other peoples names and company name or are those really also scams? Is Bedford and Dr. Zvonko in anyway related to this claim made by you, Mr. Keenan????? Its very confusing to try to figure the hole thing out! Thanks in advance!

  38. Hello!
    Hope I am not repeating this post. If so, just delete one of them. Thank you, very much for the P.T.S.D article written by Drake. I saw it on face book and am so excited about how many veterans this may help and others who suffer from traumatic experiences. I will share often. Haven’t examine you entire site, but what I have saw, I can tell that you, sir, are a fellow friend of America citizens and to what values we hold. Thank you, may you and yours be richly blessed.

  39. hi Neil, I’m a truthseeker from Indonesia. I will be very honest here: since I’m a new follower of your valuable blog/news, with so many unfortunate made-up lies, tricks, deceptions, scams, hoaxes, and/or also just mere human’s made-up fantasy/imagination/wishful-thinking, to be honest, often these days my heart & mind goes weary, because I can’t differentiate anymore between which one is “real/truth” and which one is fake/lies … how would you suggest such struggling person like me (who are unfortunately/sadly surrounded every single day by 99% people who don’t believe in all these things, which makes me very alone!) to really KNOW the real truth?

    and also, what can I really DO to take part in “taking down the Cabal”, or at the very least, helping humanity in a very *real* way?…

    thank you~

    -a truthseeker from Indonesia-

  40. Neil,

    You are such an Irish! Your work, sincerity and djing[!!!] are so encouraging and refreshing.

    Thank you so much for being.


  41. Patricia Altair

    July 20, 2014 at 7:28 pm

    Thanks for all these great posts.
    For some reason I have lost my subscription to you and whenever I try to subscribe, it says there is no such email as mine registered…sabotage?

  42. It’s looking like the Federal Reserve is going to be hidden in the US Treasury Department. The debt system will still exist and all debt payments will be credited to the Treasure Note dollars. Phony paperwork is going to link the Federal Reserve to the bankrupt Central Banks so the evil Federal Reserve can avoid its debt to humanity. This scheme will prop up the dollar for some period of time while fooling the public that the Cabal is dead and the Rule of Law prevails as touted by Karen Hudes. Theses are my own inklings from studying the Nesara history and WorkBank/IMF tidbits. This means there will be little difference between the treasury note and the federal reserve note except the treasury note won’t have past obligations tied to it. The Federal Reserve owes over 210 trillion in interest due that it will try to avoid paying thru the phony bankruptcy.

  43. No such email address is registered.

    Im all for doing anything I could do to help this great cause…but it seems I have been blocked from my subscription and the message above comes up now whenever I try to subscribe.
    How can I be a part of this?
    I love what you are doing, Neil Keenan. If I have been put on a blacklist by the good guys, its a mistake.
    Keep up the good work!
    I will be following you anyway because of this deep love for Freedom.
    sincerely, Patricia

  44. With gratitude, thank you for all that you do.
    Love the site.

    Brightest Blessings,

  45. Neil your a great man and patriot, please keep up the great work you are doing , your friend , I found out what crap denise and jean are , though it be the hard way, but I realize what crap they are , thank you for what you are doing, , the best , Bob

  46. Bijaya K D Brian D Grover

    November 5, 2014 at 7:21 am

    This pure theft of real value must be stopped at all cost.

    USN treasury dollars must be implemented with constitutional rule as Kennedy was trying to establish in 1964 after the Fed Reserve removed all real coinage from the American public and Nixon 1973? removed Gold deposits from backing of the the dollar

    It is okay to have a floating currency as long as the only amount of printed currency (added to the basis) is less than the actual the actual produced profit from an exchange (production cost – sales price = profit) as explained by Peter Schiff description of America up to 1913.

    your servant,

  47. i’m from labah maimbong sulu,,,,thanks you very2 much niel,you make happy the people of sulu,,{god bless you}

  48. What happened to the updates, nothing has been announced, for a longtime?

  49. Well, well. I’ve been tracking all of this quietly for quite some time now. I am a former, and now reformed, Wall ST. guy who is now fascinated with bamboo as highly renewable resource.
    Nevertheless, I’ve spent a lot of time considering what system, exactly, would work in the future should us humans somehow be given another chance without Cabal/antihuman domination and influence. I have a few opinions but none more glaringly obvious than that the concept of an interest rate on debt truly being at the structural foundation of economic and financial dysfunction allowing consolidation at the elite hierarchy.
    Congrats on your intrepidness.

  50. We, The People of Planet Earth. Respect for Self, each other, & Unite in our intrinsic magnificence, as One. Empower & Thrive, together. Awesome…Thank you!

  51. Just want to say THANKS for all you have done for everyone in the world!! I can only try to imagine what you and your family has been through !! I want to say THANKS to your family as well!! They have done more than most through this time. God will bless you all !!
    Thanks again God Bless

  52. Greetings struggle, Neil and TIM.

    Year after year I am watching your trip.

    Perhaps the time has indeed arrived, marked with a small box you open the containing gold bullion production of Switzerland, which is taken from the basement.

    If the time has indeed come, go see myself as final fittings for the realization of the mission and vision in my hands, still complete, intact, genuine, real and still survived. This is for the “perfection” of your mission towards the realization of assets.
    Know for approximately 30 years old, educated myself on the mountain by parents, solely for the rescue mission.

    Given the sensitivity of this issue, I just want to be found by your competent with the requirements should not be published.
    I guarantee your safety and TIM 99% safe and controlled.

    Final word apologize if in the delivery of advice and opinion, there are words that are less pleasing in your hearts and TIM. Considering myself very minimal in knowledge and English-language.


    Beggars Halmahera Aru South Pacific.
    Son of Mrs. ………. (Lady of the Roses)

  53. Love grows in the hearts of those who are loved.

  54. Oops, I just realized I left it attached to a Jan 2014 email.

    I want to support Neil with all he is doing! Most people have no idea what is going on, but thanks to you all, I’m learning loads. I would like to get the emails, though. I signed up for them a couple of years ago, but I haven’t received them in a long time. It says it has my email, but it isn’t showing it by sending any
    . I’d appreciate it if you could hook me back up.
    Great going, folks! We need more like you! Bless you!

  55. The war in Afghanistan is simply a war for the control of opium. This resource has been helping the banksters fund for most of their operations around the world. I would like the opportunity to talk as to how to solve this problem, as I come from the family that created the borders of the country and ruled it for 165 years peacefully albeit a few invasions by the ruling elites and followers of chaos. We propose a peaceful solution to our problems as we aware of most players except the ones that have brought their armies on a false pretext. Clean up the country and eliminate the curse of opium.Thank you.

  56. Susan Elizabeth

    February 9, 2016 at 8:10 pm

    Leave it to an Irishman… I love you Neil… Many blessings to you and your Team!!!

  57. Thank you to all the team for everything that use are doing. You have brought a new ray of hope to me and reminded me of the true nature of humanity

    We share a common goal, to rid the world of the parasites who for far too long, have inflicted pain and misery on our brothers and sisters

    Power to the people!!!

  58. Dear Neil Keenan:
    I first ran into this info regarding your very hard work and all you had to go through about 1 1/2 years ago and the History behind the Global Collateral Accounts it’s all so amazing to learn I want to Thank you so much for all you’ve done so dedicated and Loyal to this important World cause you truly are a God Send to all Humanity I’m just sorry you had to run into life threatening situations and illness through this too and I keep you in my Prayers for your Protection and Healing from any and all illnesses you have faced with your Hard work through it all I Know God will Bless you immensely on behalf of Humanity it’s the Greatest work anybody can do for God I truly believe God Bless You

  59. Greetings Mr. Keenan! I would like you to keep me on your list to contact for the new healing tech machines. I have several illnesses but I am even more concerned with my sister that is 10 times worse off than I. I may have to take her directly to switzerland for healing help or get a machine to gift her. Not sure how much longer she has to live. Please keep me posted to where I can get one and when they come out for the public to purchase and use. Sending love and light your way. So glad your health is improving. Happy to hear that. Thank You so much Neil!!!!

  60. Hi Mr Keenen , thank u soo much for your great work you do too free humanity!! Could you keep me in mind for one of your healing computers I could travel for treatment or buy one!! Would be great if you could send me any info.. Thank you Sir!! Hurting in Canada

  61. God bless all your efforts Neil and K!

  62. I was starting to loose faith in mankind, until I discovered these writing tonight. Praying simply for more love and less suffering for all, ivery soon!!! God bless you all

  63. Michelle Emerson

    March 22, 2017 at 6:08 am

    Neil and Richard~
    I am very interested in the healing machine and liquid. Please send information on the purchase of both. Also you mentioned in a recent video that some people were bringing one of the machines back to Arizona. Might I know who this is so I can contact them ? Thank you for all you do.
    Love and Blessings

  64. Mr Keenan I’m not sure how this will sound but I AM HE. My name is Brandon Thomas Reis and local law enforcement tazzed me into a coma , flatlined and came back. This was about 8 almost 9 years ago when these accounts were first disclosed its all quite exciting. Just don’t know how to go about approaching 300 Bank cartel , talk soon.

  65. McLaughlin Richard

    December 22, 2017 at 8:51 am

    This is AWESOME!
    Waiting for more updates.
    May Heavenly Father protect and bless you all with success, happiness, and peace.

  66. Juan F Gonzalez

    December 6, 2018 at 3:52 pm

    I have a group of Christian Elders Praying for you Neil,and Our Beloved PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP we have prayers sessions and pray and ask GOD and JESSUS CHRIST TO TAKE CARE OF YOU AND DONNY,ONE OF THE ELDERS TOLD ME 1 OF THE HIGHEST ANGELS ON “GOD” REALM IS ASSIGNED TO YOU AND DONNY. YOUR IN GODS HANDS.

  67. Great job Neil.. I say again do it what is the best.. God bless you always.

  68. Thanks Niel, been reading about you for a long time. This article I read today was the most informative. I am now subscribed. I want to thank you for all those people who don’t even know what you have done. You have done WELL!

  69. Please include me on your email list to receive article updates!

    Thank you,

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