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One If By Land, Two If By Sea,
We Sound The Alarm
For Attacks By Three (Part 1)

NFKA personal note from Neil Keenan:


Upon wakening early this morning the Keenan Team had to reach into their bags, find their ear plugs, plug them in and get working.  Seems the outside world once again, at a very delicate and dangerous time, decided to toss them a curve ball. But the Keenan Team is at its best when adversity hits home.  So they sat back and looked at what was coming in, found the curve ball rather weak and leaned into it and guess what? Yeah, hit a Home Run.  Yes, this latest by the Keenan Team is another Home Run but this time with the bases loaded.  How can you apparently even think the Keenan Team would be distracted by such simple pitches?  Therefore we now have something not just of quality, but utmost quality, and that which you, the people, deserve.  So let’s not play around any longer and bring to you their exposure.  YES THEY WANT TO KILL US!!!!!!



We are being poisoned, and our human bodies are being genetically altered without our knowledge or consent by land, sea, and air.  A race is on.  Will a critical mass of our human civilization wake up to these weapons of mass extinction and stop them before our masses are culled to levels which cannot effectively resist these misanthropic global programs?

In this two-part series The Keenan Team reports a nightmare:  we are now in the process of being exterminated through our food supply and atmosphere  through genetically-modified foods supplies (GMOs), a vast variety of poisons in our global water supply, through HAARP-engineered catastrophes, and the geo-engineered damage to Earth’s ability to sustain any life, human or otherwise.

In part one, below, we lay bare the genocidal effects of GMOs and the irreversible damage that is being done to global water supplies.

In part two of One If By Land, Two If By Sea, We Sound The Alarm for Attacks By Three, we expose the current and extensive use of HAARP and geo-engineering that work by design and in conjunction with GMO and water poisoning to effectuate the intended culling of the human species to a level deemed sustainable for Earth and controllable by an acting global governance.  This global leviathan is decades-active and is coordinating these global programs, often with public, published United Nations protocols.

But they are ajar, and on their heels.  They a see the light at the end of a tunnel running interference with their dark schemes: a broad awakening of the human masses.  This awakening haunts them and foments their own destruction – the prospect of having to face the consequences of their crimes against humanity.

And the race is on between the critical mass awakening of a our human family, and its extinguishment.  This break-away civilization – a self-appointed human hierarchy – will risk everything to control everything.  Their programs not only risk the continuation of the human species as we know it, but they willingly risk the extinction of ALL life on this planet.  They want it all, or leave nothing at all.


“He who controls the food supply, controls the people.”  Henry Kissinger.

Apple-GMOGMO’s are defined as “organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in such a way that does not occur naturally.” GMOs are also referred to as “genetic engineering,” “biotechnology” or “recombinant DNA technology” whereby genetic DNA string segments of one organism or species are spliced into another to form an organism that is not found in nature.  (WHO.)

GMO animal studies have proven:

  • Significant decreases in fertility from GMO corn. (Velimirov A, Binter C, Zentek J. Biological effects of transgenic maize NK603xMON810 fed in long-term reproduction studies in mice. Report-Federal Ministry of Health, Family and Youth. 2008.)
  • Cellular modifications may lead to accelerated aging and accumulation of ROC (chemically reactive oxygen species that may result in damage to cell structures). (Ibid; Velimirov A, Binter C, Zentek J. Biological effects of transgenic maize NK603xMON810 fed in long- term reproduction studies in mice. Report-Federal Ministry of Health, Family and Youth. 2008; Kilic A, Aday M. A three-generational study with genetically modified Bt corn in rats: biochemical and histopathological investigation. Food Chem. Toxicol. 2008; 46(3):1164-1170.
  • Altered structures and functioning of the liver. (Malatesta M, Boraldi F, Annovi G, et al. A long-term study on female mice fed on a genetically modified soybean: effects on liver ageing. Histochem Cell Biol. 2008; 130:967-977.)
  • Changes in kidney, pancreas and spleen. (Id., supra, Finamore & Britti, Velimirov & Binter, et al., Kilic.)
  • The unexpected and unintended modification of 400 genes controlling protein and cholesterol synthesis, cell signaling, and insulin regulation from GMO corn.  (Finamore A, Roselli M, Britti S, et al. Intestinal and peripheral immune response to MON 810 maize ingestion in weaning and old mice. J Agric. Food Chem. 2008; 56(23):11533-11539.)
  • Intestine damage and disruption to immune system, and proliferated cell growths from GMO corn.  (Ibid.)
  • Significant immune irregularities associated with asthma, allergies and inflammation from GMO corn.  (Finamore A, Roselli M, Britti S, et al. Intestinal and peripheral immune response to MON 810 maize ingestion in weaning and old mice. J Agric. Food Chem. 2008; 56(23):11533-11539; Kroghsbo S, Madsen C, Poulsen M, et al. Immunotoxicological studies of genetically modified rice expression PHA-E lectin or Bt toxin in Wistar rats. Toxicology. 2008; 245:24-34.)

The Scientists reviewing this evidence who are not bought and paid for or leveraged by intimidation from GMO multinational corporations have come to the conclusion that “[t]here is more than a casual association between [GMO] foods and adverse health effects. * * *  The strength of association and consistency between [GMO] foods  and disease is confirmed in several animal studies.”  (Dean & Armstrong, Genetically Modified Foods, American Academy of Environmental Medicine (May 8, 2009).)

The level of funding and influence by GMO multinationals have infiltrated the global research university establishment to such a point that the entire academic research system is dependent upon and beholden to this GMO industry.  The attacks on honest, legitimate GMO-related Ph.D.’s “have all but stopped independent research into the health and environmental side-effects of GMO’s.

According to University of California at Berkeley professor Ignacio Chapela, there is a de facto ban on scientists ‘asking certain questions and finding certain results.’  He states, ‘It’s very hard for us to publish in this field.  People are scared.’”  (GMO Resarchers Attacked, Evidence Denied, and a Population at Risk, (Sept., 19, 2012) Jeffery M. Smith, Global Research.)

Ph.D.’s who do come out honestly and publicly about the deadly dangers of GMOs are attacked mercilessly by the GMO industry and their Government whore-puppets (more about this later):

“Scientists involved in research on the effects of GMO’s are being threatened and fired from their jobs.  Dr. Charles Benbrook, former Executive Director of the Board on Agriculture of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, said he has personally spoken with dozens of scientists who ‘had to contend with this backlash and these counter attacks that the industry unleashes on scientists that they view as a threat. The majority of them get out of the field. The majority of them will not put themselves, or their families, or their career at that kind of risk again.’  he said.”  (Ibid.)

For instance, Dr. Pusztai, a biologist who reported his findings that as a result of ingesting GMOs rats developed smaller brains, livers and testicles, atrophied livers, damaged immune systems and pre-cancerous growths.  His career was immediately ruined.  He was silenced with court gag orders until he was finally able to testify before the UK Parliament and his study was allowed to be published.

Australian Epidemiologist, Judy Carman, who studied disease outbreaks, points out that the true cancer, reproductive, and child heath effects of GMOs would take decades to be determined.  After criticizing the industry-sponsored pseudoscience of GMO animal testing, which leaves out large swaths of critical health issues, GMO industry scientist-cronies attacked Dr. Carmen and attempted by all means possible to take away her government research grant to analyze these issues.

When that failed, the GMO multinational leviathan took to moving its tentacles through its bought-and-paid-for academia, depriving her of any further support from her research university.  (Ibid.)

Or take prominent Norwegian virologist, Dr. Terje Traavik, who submitted preliminary data at the 2004 UN Biosafety Protocol Conference that provided evidence of the serious health symptoms of Filipinos living near a GMO cornfield:  the genetic material of GMOs was showing up in the DNA of rat organs after just one single meal.

Because he called into question the safety of GMO viruses, Dr. Traavik was ravaged by the misanthropic GMO industry.  (Ibid.)

Then there is Dr. Ignacio Chapela, a microbial ecologist from the University of California at Berkeley who had the courage to report that indigenous corn varieties in Mexico had been contaminated through GMO cross-pollination.  This evidence was met with a demand to revoke his yet-to-be released article in Nature.  “We know where your children go to school” was their argument.  (Ibid.)

Dr. Chapela’s article was published nonetheless but his reputation was savagely attacked.  There was a GMO industry campaign to refuse him tenure at UC Berkeley, and despite the overwhelming support from this college and colleagues, his tenure was denied due to GMO industry pressure.  Fortunately this decision was later reversed through a subsequent lawsuit.

Inevitably these brutal attacks have a major chilling effect on all others.  Despite aggressive reprisals, some scientists from around the world have stepped up to speak the truth about GMOs, while others shrink from their duty in cowardice, or worse, increase their personal wealth by lending their expertise to deceive, manipulate and betray their own human family.

The GMO industry scientists clearly know the deadly risks of GMOs.  Monsanto scientists have been caught red handed finding cancer causing or death side-effects in their studies.  They then pull the studies, not the products, and make sure their own consume an organic-only diet.  (Jeffery M. Smith at Beyond Chemtrails 2012 @ 9:30-10:42.)  And some GMO industry scientists even welcome their diseases as part of a depopulation agenda against humanity they ascribe to:

Monsanto Doesn’t Just Buy Influence, It Controls Government Agencies Tasked With Regulating It.


Monsanto spends vast sums in the hundreds of millions for political contributions at all levels of government, against movements in the states to label and regulate their poisons, abroad in Europe, and around the globe.  This grand-scale criminality has defeated state laws, created federal laws granting them immunity for the injury and damage directly caused by their GMOs, and, worst of all, it protects these crimes against humanity by buying off the very government agencies assigned to regulate it.

The wolf is now in charge of the hen house.  In 2009, President Obama appointed Monsanto Vice President, Michael Taylor, to Senior Adviser for the US Federal Government’s Food and Drug Administration.

And that’s just the start.  Monsanto has a revolving door to the US Federal Government’s key regulatory positions that makes it all too clear that Monsanto regulates the US Government, and not the other way around.  Here is a list of 35 Monsanto cronies infesting these key Federal Government positions:

click to enlarge

Even with this kind of influence, a critical mass of Americans have become aware of this atrocity.  But the tide is turning — Monsanto cannot carry on one shareholder meeting without significant protests.

Monsanto’s effort to renew its Federal immunity law (protecting Monsanto from the human injuries and damages caused by its GMOs) as a rider to an unrelated law was stopped and removed because of the public outcry.  It is doubtful that the Monsanto immunity law could stand on its own merit in today’s anti-Monsanto political climate.

How Do You Know GMO Multinational Corporations Are Lying?  Their Lips Are Moving.

GMO multinationals’ claims that GMOs will save the world with heightened nutritional, drought-resistant crops with higher than natural yields is a farce.  The Union of Concerned Scientists, reviewing twelve of the most significant scientific studies on GMO yields (several thousand field studies over 20 years), concluded that GMOs do not increase crop yield.  (Gurain-Sherman,D. 2009.

Failure to yield: evaluating the performance of genetically engineered crops. Cambridge (MA): Union of Concerned Scientists.)

India’s “suicide economy” is the natural result.  When GMOs are sold or strong armed through legislation and litigation, the yields are a fraction of what is advertised, and the monopoly on seeds skyrockets their costs from 7,000 to 17,000 rupees.  You begin to get another side effect of the Monsanto global economy:  mass farmer suicides, nearly 300,000 since 1995.  (Monsanto, Rural Debt and the Suicide Epidemic in India, (10/10/13) by Belén Fernandez.)

Monsanto has already developed GMO seeds that will grow in soil poisoned by the nano-aluminum, particles dumped on our civilization and Earth’s soils by the billions of tons via chemtrails, making it impossible for organic crops to survive.

The adage of John D. Rockefeller comes to mind:  “competition is a sin.”

No Amount of Money Can Stop The Public’s Global Awakening to the Dangers Of GMO.

In spite of the GMO industry’s best, well-funded effort, global public awareness of GMOs has gained incredible strength.  In May of 2013, 20 million people in 50 different countries took to the streets to protest GMOs.

And, apparently GMO awareness is reaching a critical mass.  The following Sovereigns have passed laws, or have legislation underway, to create GMO-free zones, or ban GMOs outright:

  • Russia (see, here)
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Austria
  • Luxembourg
  • Portugal
  • Greece
  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Egypt
  • Algeria
  • Brazil
  • Paraguay



An asset that many take for granted, water is the most valuable physical resource on our planet.   The human body is made up of approximately 70% water.  Salt water makes up 71% of the earth’s surface with fresh water comprising about 3% of the earth’s surface.  Six countries: Brazil, Russia, Canada, Indonesia, China and Colombia, have 50 percent of the world’s freshwater reserves.

Yet the globalist elites would have us believe that half of humanity will be water scarce by 2030.  Hence, their creation to promote the concept of “Water Wars.”  They would have us believe this official line of fear propaganda by keeping us ignorant of the reality that they are deliberately poisoning our oceans, lakes, and waterways while at the same time suppressing the necessary technology to clean up our water.

For a small portion of what is spent for “War on Terror,” all serious global water problems could be resolved immediately.

Although the UN claims that water is not a human right, common sense tells us that nothing could be further from the truth.  While we do have the technology for the desalination of salt water, the cost of which has dropped to about 56 cents per cubic meter, it has not been made widely available.  There is also technology available to clean water by removing toxins, chemicals and radioactive materials, but it too is being kept at bay.

Water in the U.S. — The Clean Water Act     

More than 40% of our U.S. waters are not safe for swimming or fishing.  Forty-seven states have issued advisories against eating our fish because it contains dangerously high levels of chemicals and toxins.  And these advisories were issued before the ongoing global nuclear disaster caused by radioactive material being released from Japan’s deteriorating Fukushima nuclear facility and the Gulf oil spill (discussed below).

The consistent, extensive dumping of chemicals into our waterways, such as toxic metals (lead and mercury), toxins to the human reproductive system (toluene) and carcinogens (vinyl chloride and benzene) are major violations of our Clean Water Act (CWA).

The EPA has consistently failed to stop violators.  The courts have deterred citizens from the ability to file lawsuits to enforce the CWA, and regulators have steadfastly failed to lower permitted amounts of pollution.

In effect, the federal government and the EPA have sanctioned pollution rather than compliance with CWA’s goal of pollution elimination (zero discharge).   Fatal threats to human health, the environment, and our entire ecosystem are disregarded in favor of perpetuating big corporate polluters’ profit.

Polluters are allowed to evade and violate our laws.  The federal government’s inaction in enforcing the law continues to enable the pollution of our communities’ water on a massive scale.

What has tragically become the norm in America is that the federal government, our courts, and the EPA have fully stacked the odds against citizens who are the only ones actually fightiing for CWA laws to be enforced.

Unlike the EPA or the states, citizens are required to provide polluters with a 60-day notice of their intent to sue.  In response, violators simply turn off discharge pipes or install temporary fixes, so that once a suit is filed, the facility is no longer in violation.

Another impediment to citizen lawsuits going forward is the polluters’ “sweetheart deals” with state agencies, where the government claims that they are “diligently” enforcing the law against a polluter and the courts perversely recognize this as effective action being taken.

One more disturbing trend in the courts is the erosion of citizens’ standing to sue.  The U.S. Supreme Court has defined three requirements for these lawsuits:  1) the plaintiff must show “injury in fact,” 2) “causation” showing injury that is traced to the challenged action, and 3) show that the injury would be remedied by a favorable court decision.

In other words, for example, conclusive medical evidence that toxic water is responsible for damage to a human reproductive system would be extremely complex and difficult for any one citizen alone to prove.

Furthermore, citizen enforcers are prohibited from bringing penalty actions against the federal government for past violations.  In 1992 the Supreme Court created a double standard:  private water polluters and local governments are subject to penalties while federal facilities that violate the CWA pay nothing.

In a session of Congress, the attack on our environment became even more appalling with the signing into law of a rider that exempts defense agencies from paying fines or penalties for any environmental violation by a military installation unless the payment was specifically authorized by Congress.

Rather than exempting its own facilities from compliance with environmental laws, by example the federal government should be the prime director in providing for clean and safe water.

The Clean Water Act must be enforced now with the following actions:

  • Set mandatory minimum penalties for violators and prohibit profits from polluting our waters.
  • Remove obstacles and barriers to citizen lawsuits, protect whistleblowers and expand the public’s right-to-know by increasing access to compliance and discharging data.
  • Lower reporting thresholds for all toxic substances which are persistent in the environment or accumulate up the food chain or in human tissues.  In 1999, the Clinton Administration issued regulations lowering the reporting thresholds but the regulations cover only toxic chemicals that persist in the environment and also bioaccumulate as they move up the food chain.  Perversely, these regulations exclude dangerous substances like cadmium, lead and lead compounds

The recent incidents of contaminated water in West Virginia from 4-methylcyclohexane methanol perfectly illustrates what is being allowed to happen.  The president of the company responsible for this chemical spill, Freedom Industries (a misnomer if ever there was one), even had the effrontery not to show up for a Congressional hearing on the spill.

Until we can hold the federal government, the EPA and their partners-in-crime – the polluters, accountable for allowing our waters to become toxic, poisoning our bodies and the food we eat, those who live on American soil are leading a life of slow death by water poisoning.  Those who cannot see beyond their own greed are blind to what they are doing to their very own families for the sake of digits in a bank account.

Rather than expect the support and humanitarian allegiance of those elected to run this country and oversee our courts and supply our food products, the burden has come to be one that must be borne by We the People, to call them out on their crimes and insure that we have a normal, healthy ecosystem in which we can all thrive.


Water fluoridation has increasingly become an issue which many people around the globe are now aware.  Implemented in the 1940s, the chemical fluoride is a controlled addition to public water supplies for the primary reported purpose of reducing tooth decay.

Approximately 70% of the U.S. population has fluoridated public water.  Most European countries such as Japan and western Europe no longer fluoridate their water, but Ireland (73%), Poland (1%), Serbia (3%), Spain (11%), and the U.K. (11%) continue this practice.  In countries where the water has a naturally high level of fluoride, such as India, China and parts of Africa, efforts are being made to remove this chemical due to the recognized adverse health effects.

No disease, including tooth decay, is caused by fluoride deficiency.  To the contrary, fluoride has been found to interfere with enzymes, signals from growth factors, hormones, bones, neurotransmitters and many other vital functions of organs in the human body.

The level of fluoride found in mother’s milk is very low.  A bottle-fed baby can receive up to 300 times more fluoride at a stage of human development when toxins can have particularly detrimental effects.  Four studies have found an association between prenatal fluoride exposure and fetal brain damage (Han 1989; Du 1992; Dong 1993; Yu 1996).

Infants and children excrete less fluoride and therefore retain about 80% of fluoride in their bones.  In healthy adults, the kidneys excrete 50-60% of the fluoride ingested each day.  The remainder of the fluoride accumulates in the body and calcifies bone tissue as well as the pineal gland.  Over a lifetime, fluoride concentration steadily increases in bone.

Fluoride damages the brain. The National Research Council (2006) reports:  “it is apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain” and that “the consistency of the results [in fluoride/IQ studies] appears significant enough to warrant additional research on the effects of fluoride on intelligence.”  In at least three studies, fluoride has also been linked to impaired visual-spatial organization.

Fluoride affects the pineal gland by calcifying it.  Studies by Jennifer Luke (2001) show that fluoride accumulates at very high levels in the human pineal gland which is located in the middle of the brain.  The pineal gland is especially vital to a properly functioning endocrine system including melatonin production which is needed to regulate sleep/wake cycles.

In addition to its physical properties provided by the pineal gland in directing bodily functions, it cannot go without noting the spiritual aspects attributed to this vital gland.  A professor of medicine, Dr. Rick Strassman, has discovered that the pineal gland produces a substance, DMT, which is present at birth, death and near-death experiences and is reported to be an aid in psychological healing.

There are also a wide variety of religious traditions that claim that the pineal gland is essential in supporting human intuition and other interactions on dimensions above the physical.

Considering all of the functions connected to the pineal gland, it can be easily seen why the Powers That Be choose to fluoridate our water — to keep the population dumbed-down in all aspects: physically, mentally and spiritually.

Fluoride affects thyroid function.   Considering the high incidence of hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) in the U.S., it needs to be pointed out that that the second most prescribed drug in 2010 was Synthroid, a hormone replacement drug used to treat an underactive thyroid.

The additional list of health problems attributed fluoride ingestion and accumulation in the body  includes:  arthritic symptoms, bone damage and bone cancer, increase in hip fractures in the elderly, impaired kidney function, reproductive problems, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, fatigue, headaches, rashes, and gastro intestinal tract problems.

Since it has also been proven that fluoride leaches lead from pipes, brass fittings and soldered joints, fluoride also contributes to lead being added to our water from our plumbing systems.  Studies show that lead lowers IQ in children. 

How could even the slightest threat to the brain, intelligence and body functions be considered an acceptable risk against the false claim of tooth decay prevention?

Halting the use of fluoride in our water may be the most immediate and easiest health threat to eliminate.  Unlike many atrocities being committed, there is much available information about fluoride in our water.  The good news is that there now are numerous, effective movements in U.S. states and counties that are now bringing a permanent end to water fluoridation.


Fracking is short for hydraulic fracturing,” a water-intensive process where a high-pressure mixture of millions of gallons of water, sand, and cancer-causing chemicals are injected underground to fracture the rock surrounding an oil or gas well.

While there are many detrimental and harmful effects of fracking to land and air, one of the most damaging consequences is the contamination of ground water.  Fracking releases additional oil and gas from the rock and also arsenic, heavy metals and radioactive radium-226, which then flow into the surrounding water supply and wells.

Over 250 communities in the US have passed resolutions to stop fracking and France and Bulgaria have also stopped it.

Approximately 50% of the fracking fluid used is left in the ground, some in open pits where it evaporates into the air.  The inevitably consequence of this is acid rain and ground level ozone.  Compounding all of the life-threatening effects of fracking is that large amounts of water are required and this is creating water depletion in many already drought-ridden areas.

Financial commentator, Max Keiser, most aptly calls fracking “suicide economics.”   Here is how the grand scam works:  fracking companies lease farmers’ land and make huge profits during the life of a well.  When the well is exhausted, the companies walk away by declaring bankruptcy, paying no clean-up costs whatsoever.  This leaves the taxpayers responsible to pay out millions to have their communities’ contaminated water restored to a clean condition.

Because of aggressive lobbying and cozy relationships with our federal decision-makers, the fracking industry enjoys many exemptions from protecting our air and water.  Once again, our laws are evaded by an industry that clamps down on local and state efforts to regulate fracking through buying influence, thwarting lawsuits, and putting out as much disinformation in the process as possible.

Gulf Oil Spill

Polluting our waters was taken to the next level with the 2010 Gulf Oil spill created by the BP Oil Corporation.  To this day, oil and chemicals are still washing up onshore.  With over 16,000 miles of coastline affected, over 8,000 animals dead in just the first six months, and the death of much deep-sea coral, the ongoing devastation to our southern coastlands and the threat to human life remains without estimate.

The deadly oil dispersant, Corexit, was used to clean up the spill and over time it has proven to have more devastating health effects than the oil spill itself.  Corexit has been banned in 19 countries, making it very obvious that our own EPA is  ignoring the lethal dangers of this chemical.

True to criminal corporate mode-of-operation, during and after the spill cleanup, more than a few whistle-blowers and those who were aware of the truth behind this oil spill were silenced either by their deaths, or by less lethal means of intimidation.  But there is an even more deadly agenda behind this campaign to suppress the truth and create a “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico.

A recent article by David Hodges clearly illustrates the facts as to why the Gulf oil spill was not any kind of accident:  “the Obama administration, BP, Exxon, Nalco, GM, GE, Goldman Sachs, University of Chicago, and many others including the Department of Defense are all deeply invested in bio-fuels.

These billionaire psychopaths will willingly sacrifice the Gulf and all of its residents for this multi-trillion dollar industry representing a new era of energy applications.  Algae Will Replace Oil As the Nation’s Energy Source.”

Algae – The Globalist Plan for the Next New Energy Source 

Prior to the Gulf oil spill, Goldman Sachs, Transocean, and Halliburton dumped their BP stock and thus perfectly positioned themselves to make millions from the destruction of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig.  Even BP positioned itself to minimize losses before the spill, along with George Soros and the top five financial institutions dumping their BP stock beforehand.

The writing is on the wall – in addition to the above-mentioned heavy investors in algae bio-fuels, the list includes George Soros, Warren Buffet, Al Gore and also the U.S. Military who has invested $32 million in algae jet-fuels.

From all indications what appears to be happening is that the oil companies and their partners are working to take down their own industry to make way for algae bio-fuels, the next new global energy source.  They are achieving this by destroying large bodies of water, creating “dead zones” that will then produce massive amounts of algae to be used for energy known as bio-fuels.

There is good algae and there is bad algae.  Essentially, bad algae is caused by the entry into our water of excess of fertilizer run-off from farms, household cleaners, carbon, nitrogen, and most recently, Corexit.  This results in algae being produced which starts to decay and then dissolves oxygen in the water.  Reduced oxygen kills fish, animals and plants.  Dead zones in our water means nothing survives except algae.

While one of the benefits of algae is that it consumes carbon dioxide emissions, there can be no question that destroying the most precious natural resource on our planet to create bio-fuels from algae is clearly and undeniably insane.  With so much suppressed energy technology available, it is crystal clear that this is just one more plan by certifiable psychopaths to maintain their power and control of the planet’s water.

The bodies of water that are now experiencing the advanced stages of becoming dead zones are the Chesapeake Bay, the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River and, of course, the Gulf of Mexico.

Possibly the present unsolved problem of algae being a low-yield bio-fuel provides some hope for the globalists’ proposed deadly fate for humanity’s water.  The problem lies in the difficulty of being able to extract only small amounts of algae biomass from very large quantities of water at a reasonable cost and without expending more energy than the energy that is created.

There is much ongoing research into this problem, however, if it cannot be solved, Origin Oil is proposing an alternative that will turn algae into a source of renewable oil:


If the problem of low-yield, high-cost algae bio-fuel is solved, these depraved plans will proceed to replace oil with algae as the world’s ruling energy commodity.   But it is most important to see that quickly changing events now seem to indicate that time is on our side with the release of suppressed free energy technology which will bury this algae bio-fuel insanity forever and allow humanity to live and thrive the way that nature intended for us.


The “granddaddy” event now causing our entire planet’s water to be contaminated with radioactive material has now reached the extinction-level stage.  Radioactive water expelled by Japan’s nuclear facility Fukushima as a result of an earthquake in 2011 has now become an ongoing  threat impacting all aspects of life on this planet.  Be assured that this is no conspiracy theory – the imminent dangers are real and they are happening now.

According to some scientific studies, the Japan Trench is the result of the Pacific Ocean plate pressing down under the continental plate carrying the islands of Japan. The downward movement, called subduction, suddenly released the 9.0 magnitude earthquake.

Along the fault, the two plates of Earth’s crust slid past each other up to 260 feet (80 meters) and lifted the seafloor by 30 feet (10 meters).  The resulting tsunami was caused by the vertical displacement of seawater, bringing about the deaths of 20,000 people.

The earthquake caused the Fukushima nuclear facility’s core to meltdown, resulting in the release of radioactive isotopes of iodine, cesium, xenon, krypton and tellurium into the ocean.  The release of radioactive material is contaminating water, soil, and food supplies, thereby creating a deadly threat to human existence.

Three-hundred tons of radioactive water from Fukushima is being released into the Pacific Ocean every day.  To keep costs low, TEPCO, the incompetent Japanese power company “managing” the containment, has resorted to foolhardy and reckless methods employing fix-it materials such as nets made of duct-tape and wire to seal containers containing radioactive water.

These methods ensure that radioactive material continues to be released into the environment unabated, causing a steady, life-threatening build-up in our food chain.

The food chain begins with marine phytoplankton, microscopic plants that produce as much photosynthesis as plants do on land.  These plants ingest radioactive contaminants from the seawater which is then eaten by small fish, and in turn is eaten by larger fish, and then by animals up the food chain.

Some of the contaminants end up in fecal pellets or other particles that settle onto the seafloor. These particles accumulate in sediments, and the radioisotopes in them are then released back into the overlying waters.

The amount of radioactivity in marine life depends on a number of factors some of which include the length of exposure, and the size of the species and the temperature, salinity and oxygen content of the water.

An oceanographer at the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Jota Kanda, has studied coastal waters off Fukushima and calculated the amount of cesium that still remains is  considerably higher in that area than before the Fukushima disaster, and that levels in coastal sediments and in fish species are higher than in other surrounding waters, with the rest being flushed out to open ocean.

What has yet to be determined is how long cesium stays put and the pathways for its uptake into the food chain.  Considering the 30-year half-life of cesium-137, at present levels the sediments could be a source of contamination in the food chain for decades to come.

Since Fukushima’s meltdown began, Japan, nor the world at large, has comprehensively addressed the health threat to water, agriculture and the food chain as well as the implications of radioactivity contamination of Japanese products such as electronic components, machinery and cars.

The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) website reports that Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority receives updates from TEPCO on sampled seawater in the area and the monitoring of environmental effects.

Exactly what the data reveals remains unknown to the public and will most likely remain unknown because, in light of recent revelations, a secrecy agreement between IAEA and Fukushima exists and contains a confidentiality clause to classify information that would “contribute to the worsening of the residents’ anxiety.”  Tragically for the human population, it cannot be expected that any vital, useful information about radiation data or thyroid cancer will be made available from these sources.

Dr. Group’s Recent Report

A recent report by esteemed Dr. Edward F. Group III has provided some valuable information, both positive and negative.  He reports that radiation is spreading across the globe in the form of a radioactive plume and is expected to reach the Pacific Coast of the U.S. this year.

To give an idea of the spin being put on our dire situation, the World Health Organization claims that “the radioactive material is too diluted to be dangerous despite the fact that radioactive material will flow for years to come, peaking in 2016.”

Furthermore, Dr. Group states that “during the meltdown, radiation was launched into the atmosphere and settled as far away as Slovenia, France, the Canary Islands, and even in the Arctic.  Air, water and milk samples collected across the United States after the Fukushima disaster all showed high levels of radioactive iodine, cesium, and tellurium.”

Apparently, boiling water does not reduce radiation levels because radioactivity only becomes concentrated when the water boils off.  Soil contamination in Japan due to radioactive fallout continues to be a threat with produce because the radioactive material tends to stick easily to the exterior leaves of vegetables.  Boiling the inner leaves for 20 minutes has proved to reduce 70% of the contamination.

But the good news is that Dr. Group points to a viable solution to help decontamination  – algae.  Parachlorella binos (also known as “Binos”), a newly-discovered strain of algae (good algae) has demonstrated the potential to neutralize radioactive nucleotides and provides a natural alternative to chemicals.

Since one of the worst risks to humans is posed by exposure to radioactive iodine-131 (skin and thyroid damage, cancer and death), Dr. Group makes the recommendation to take supplemental iodine and eat foods containing iodine.  Iodine is an essential trace mineral ensuring that the thyroid is able to manage metabolism and detoxification.


As of January 2014, authorities have warned that fish within 100 miles of Japan’s coast are likely to have high levels of radioactive material.  A recent test shows that 15 out of 15 bluefin tuna are contaminated with radiation, with 90-100% radiation levels found in Japanese halibut, sardines, eel, cod, carp and anchovies.

Suffice it to say that fish and marine mammals have been discovered suffering from gory, horrific deformities and abnormalities.  An environmental activist, Joe Martino, issued the following warning:  “Your days of eating Pacific Ocean fish are over.”

Radioactive debris from Fukushima has now crossed the Pacific Ocean and has breached the coastal waters and beaches on the U.S. west coast.   Local reports claim that the California coastline is becoming a dead zone — the beaches have rocks that are unnaturally clean, and gone are the normal signs of sea life —  kelp, barnacles, sea urchins, crabs, snails.  Even the number of seagulls are seen as drastically reduced.

Theories About the Cause of the Earthquake

Conspiracy theories abound that the Japanese earthquake was caused by HAARP, high-tech military-grade weaponry, and even by nuclear devices exploded undersea.  By one report, Japan’s HAARP technologies, which had previously been quiet, was active two days before the earthquake.  Another assertion is that small yield explosions could have been set off along already pressurized fault lines, creating an earthquake that appeared to be natural.  These theories, while plausible, are not supported by credible evidence and are speculative at this time.

Wanted:  Solutions

There is no sane reason for the globalist elites’ depopulation agenda and their intent to control every planetary resource including human thought and behavior.  Solutions and actions need to be at the forefront of our minds if we are to prevent the extinction of our species.

Dr. Group’s recommendation for the use of good algae to remove radioactive material is an excellent, realistic solution and one that we need to begin employing immediately.  Not only can good algae be used for Fukushima clean-up, it can also be used on a large-scale basis to replace the self-destructive chemicals widely used to clean our water at wastewater treatment plants.

We Must Take Back Control of Our Water

The task has fallen to us.  The powers-that-be would have us become enveloped by the horror, fear, and helplessness of what they are creating to pollute and control all of our water.  But we are intelligent enough to realize the importance of focusing on the solutions rather than the horror.  We can no longer feign ignorance.  We can no longer remain silent.

Information combined with our innate creativity are the most powerful weapons we have against the psychotic tyranny consuming all aspects of our world.

Consciousness of these crimes against humanity is growing every day.  The self-appointed powers-that-be have set our planet, our way of life, and our very existence on a course of reckless destruction.   A critical mass is a force in size, while a fraction of unconscious masses far outnumber the very few enemies of humanity who abuse the levers of power that they have taken without our knowledge or consent.

A tipping point is upon us.  A shift is neigh.  And this “rising tide lifts all ships.”  – John F. Kennedy.


In part two of One If By Land, Two If By Sea, We Sound The Alarm for Attacks By Three, we expose the current and extensive  use of HAARP and geo-engineering that work by design and in conjunction with GMO and water poisoning to effectuate the intended culling of the human species to a level deemed sustainable for Earth and controllable by by an acting global government –  coming soon.

Copyright © 2014, GROUP K, Ltd.


  1. What does Sarin nerve gas, Prozac, your drinking water and your favorite toothpaste have in common?

    Please, read:

  2. Very thorough article. An important goal of the Reset would be to free science of the corruption and suppression of research by the Cabal. The university system is riddled with this corruption.

    • The university system as well as the scientific community is a religion. They have their “wise men” and priests who dispense propaganda, their secret holy books, script and secret language. Like other religions they refuse to engage in legitimate debate or conversation with the lower classes of heretics who question their Deity, wisdom and position.

  3. Henry Danforth

    March 6, 2014 at 1:28 am

    If we have to wait for the majority of the public to become aware of what is being done to them before action can be taken, it appears to me that they still have the advantage. Without a combined assault on our part, their campaign will continue unabated.

    • …agree with you Henry D.
      We can only hope people will wake up NOW, today, not later or else the entire human race will be decimated and then whoever is left will be slaves to the evil self-centered arrogant psycho-sicko egotistical lower life forms who think they are superior but are so obviously just insidious entities who themselves need to be eradicated from the entire galaxie and never allowed to return, ever.

      • The challenge we face as a human collective is denial that we are under attack. As we know, denial is not just ignorance: it is a psychological self-preservation mechanism. The scale of attack we are under is, as Team Keenan outlines, overwhelming. Not everyone will be able to wake up to that. The psychological pressure is too great. Getting out of bed in the morning is hard enough. You know what I mean.

        Those who can wake up will. Those who can act will. Those with will and eyes to see help make this turnaround possible. But it is not enough. We require assistance from a greater source: E.T., divine, and whatever else is out there. I trust that help is here and at work. I also trust that we are at the breaking point where in a matter of days (or weeks or months), the tide of history will turn in our favor.

        At that moment, those acting on behalf of humanity’s future will be augmented exponentially, and their place in history secured.

        Go Team Keenan. Go Humanity. Go Earth.

  4. Antonio Carlos M. Goncalves - Brasil

    March 6, 2014 at 2:28 am

    Thank you very, very much for your important information. This should be translated into all languages and spread out to the entire world.

  5. I will spread the word as much as I can with whomever I encounter and if necessary fight to the death against them in any way possible. I, for one, believe in justice if you get my drift. Swift and painful. I don’t forgive, I don’t forget. (Anonymous)…We don’t forgive. We don’t forget.
    V For Vendetta the movie…watch it again if you can. If you haven’t seen it, get it and watch it. The message is loud and clear. Everyone needs a re-fresher.

  6. Keith Haesemeyer

    March 6, 2014 at 4:46 am

    Well written and very informational, but what does this have to do with the collateral accounts?

    • How do think these programs have been historically funded? The appropriate use of collateral accounts will include fund resistance and reversing the effects of these programs.

  7. Nice report, however please stay on mission.

  8. Oh, I am trying my best here in upper northern Alaska, but there sure are some stubborn leaders, I’m not trying to bash anyone, but, gee, what the hell is it gonna take to wake these guys up?

  9. Great article and information here but I believe this is mostly old news. Most of this information has been known to the truth movement for some time. It’s always great to re-broadcast it as newcomers may be unaware but how are we doing on getting control of the media and the world police force you spoke of to get the show on the road? Strongly behind you Neil….

    • Thank you, Frank. We have all levels of awareness in our following here. We needed to post in our site exactly what we are fighting against. The breadth and scope of cabal attacks against humanity in all its evil glory was some news for some, a little more news for a some others, and a lot of news for quite a few who are not quite as well informed as yourself.

  10. Hello Team K

    Have you read the very convincing series of essays by JC Collins.
    He holds the view that the change to SDRs from the US Dollar as international reserve currency was (is)inevitable and that the IMF and BIS will continue to operate, albeit with the participation of the BRICS nations which congress will now have to permit and have put on the table . (The 2010 reforms) Looks like the fox is simply moving to another henhouse! Have you guys got this covered……..?? Never heard Drake even cover this one!!

  11. Hi Keenan Team………….

    I just read one of your older posts entitled “States Are Getting Tough”. While reading it you stated that the G20 that was in Australia in February was going after the U.S. Possessions. The reason I find that hard to believe is I AM AN AUSTRALIAN AND THE G20 IS NOT UNTIL NOVEMBER ! So why are you saying this? WHAT YOU SAID WAS ABSOLUTELY FALSE……….!! If I do not get a satisfactory answer to this in my email I will assume you are cabal and controlled opposition. This is heartbreaking to so many of us in Australia if this is true. If we good people find out that you have deceived us……well you figure it out. Please respond. A lack of response will prompt us to start telling the truth about the real Keenan Team.

    • Frank R: G20 sub-meetings go on all year at different locations. The end of the year meeting in Australia is their finale. Here is the 2014 G20 meetings schedule which shows 4 Sydney, Australian meetings: including Finance and Central Bank Deputies meeting #2 (2/20-2/22/14), Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting (2/22-2/24/14), and Anti-corruption Working Group meeting #1 (2/23-2/24/14). You should probably do a lot more research and a lot less attacks and threats. You wouldn’t look like an ass.

      • Keenan Team….

        First let me publicly apologize for an error on my part reference the G20 meetings (plural) in Australia. That is something that is not generally known or advertised ref meetings of finance ministers. I am man enough to apologize when I have been wrong. However most people do not know that there are pre-meetings all year long before the main event. I have said this to Jean and Neil before. We are not researchers but supporters who have jobs, families and lives that are demanding enough. Many sites covering the G20 do not speak of a schedule. I know because I looked before I sent you my response. They simply talk about the November event.

        We depend on YOU to provide us with the proper ACCURATE information to make our decisions on. How many supporters in Australia or around the world did you just potentially lose because of incomplete reporting? How many just “wrote you off” because they knew the G20 was in November and simply assumed you were all full of hooey”? Because they never knew that meetings like the G20 are ongoing all year. Can you afford to lose these people or simply write them off? I am an older male and consider myself well aware and educated and I did not know. You cannot just shoot from the hip. As supposedly responsible individuals you have a responsibility to be complete and concise.

        A simple sentence can make all the difference in the world I.E. “The G20 which will be in Australia in November has pre-meetings all year. At a FINANCE meeting in Australia in February, these corporate criminals masquerading as heads of state…etc..etc…etc.’ See the difference? Additionally I never lower myself to using common swearing especially in public view. It denigrates ones personal character. So calling me an ass after your failing to be completely explicit makes us both look like an……? Well you know.

        So I am man enough to apologize publicly for my error. Are you man enough to do the same? I have said this before and I will say it again. We Internet supporters that are trying hard to support you have not had one shred of proof or fact that you guys are real. Yes we see your documents and yes we see your videos and yes we see your news stories and hear you make your claims. But to this date we have not seen any real changes happening anywhere. The fact that David Wilcock who I have met and greatly admire has been silent on you and Drake for almost two years now is becoming a major subject of concern for many of us.

        If you are the real deal it might be in your interest to “hand hold” us Internet supporters more carefully least you lose what little support you have. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you unless of course you do not care which of course would speak volumes. I am at this moment still in full support of Neil and his team. I am concerned that like Drake, all the allegations with the good military, Rick Light and all the past support we have been told about maybe totally contrived.

        I know many people here and have pushed Neils efforts to many, many, many people. They listen to what I say. Finally, please do not ask people in every country to join your worldwide defence force through your web site. With all the capabilities of the NSA etc, I am sure that the NSA is compiling quite a list of targets to go after due to hacking of your site to see who is in support. How about setting up an encrypted service so that volunteers who sign up may contact you privately?

        And, is this new worldwide defence force to be made up of untrained, common, unarmed citizens who are parents, teachers, clerks etc? What about the countries of your Monaco Accord? How many? 160 or more? I am quite sure that the combined military strength of those countries could make a big impact on this world police force. It’s in their interest as well. Last point…..I have said this before…GET CONTROL OF THE MEDIA FOR EVEN 24 HOURS AND BROADCAST THE TRUTH AND THIS WILL END VERY QUICKLY. To date, not the military, not the militia not anyone has seen this clear cut, cabal ending logic.

        I am, at this point, still in support but guardedly……….

        Kind Regards

        Frank R

        • Apology accepted. RE: how many people assumed there was only one G20 meeting for 2014 and used that to blow us off? Probably just one. David Wilcock is a friend that is in contact with Neil on a monthly, and sometimes weekly basis. You lurch to too many conclusions. Inferring that we have lost Mr. Wilcok’s support because he has not reiterated it enough for you is foolish. Why don’t you ask him, or get evidence before smearing us with baseless allegations? We do take precautions in communicating with volunteers. Another assumption. And your hand is not feeding us, we are feeding you, and you are biting that hand. We have no apologies to make to you, Frank.

        • Lorraine Ferris

          March 7, 2014 at 8:06 pm

          Frank, if you can provide a specific, realistic plan on how to get control of the media, the world would love to hear it. Also, it seems illogical to suggest that a defense force could consist of untrained, inexperienced individuals. We welcome all support if, in fact, this is your true intent. We look forward to any supportive comments that you may have.

        • A Profound Genius

          March 19, 2014 at 2:17 am

          David Wilcock is not the final word on anything, obviously. He is another human being following his own biases, convictions (questionable spiritual guidance; “I am RA” ) etc. If you sit around waiting for his approval or confirmation on anything and everything then your approach is wrong.
          Wilcock is silent on ‘geo-engineering’/’chemtrails’, ‘zionist’ terrorism etc., but that doesn’t mean that these things aren’t very real and pressing issues.
          Follow your guru if you want but don’t expect the rest of us to be kneeling beside you.


      Maybe this is where they got the date February? You should do some research before throwing stones.

      • Go Grandma!

      • Hi Grandma,

        Please see my most recent reply when approved. I did research it and from where I am located if you just type in G20 only, just information on the Nov 2014 event comes up. You have to know that there is a G20 schedule and then Google that to learn of a schedule of events. So we are doing research but need accurate information in order to do that. Your point is well taken by all of us. Yes we need to do homework. Lets keep working together……….

        Frank R

    • I too live in Australia and distinctly remember an ABC Radio National breakfast programme discussing the G20 meeting and comments made by Joe Hockey (the Treasurer) in February this year.

  12. You very conspicuously omitted the elephant in the room – chemtrails.

  13. solutions please. Waking the sheeple up is slow we need faster working strategies to end the evil action of the cabal. Military were are you?

    • Agreed. This piece was about just the highlights of what we are facing with the cabal. Freezing the cabal out of the global accounts; military; militia; common law courts; state nullification of unconstitutional laws, including drying up NSA facilities; the use of nascent iodine and other prophylactics protections offered by Dr. Group and others on the people’s side; demanding the removal of fluoride and metals and contaminates out of the food and water supplies; stop feeding the beast and supporting each other by buying local. There are a lot of solutions we need to move on.

      • Another very important expose of the genocidal behavior being implemented by the sub species known as the Cabal. Repairing their destruction of our eco-system in concert with taking back our financial system is a monumental task and boggles the mind. Neil, Drake, and every warrior of good, God Bless you all! My Irish brothers and I are getting the word out! We also are involved with Earth friendly technology, as repairing Mother Earth is key to our survival!
        I would like to know that the sub species Cabal are identified and on a list to be rounded up and tried for ‘global genocide’ of all species, be it plant, animals, mammals, and humans . Reading the Monsatan, USG crossover chart, I see some very familiar names: HILLARY CLINTON, DONALD RUMSFELD, SAM SKINNER, ROBERT SHAPIRO. Karma is a Bitch Cabal, see you at the ROPE CONVENTION!

        May the almighty protect you and guide us to VICTORY!

  14. Ok, so most of us are awake, now what. We can’t depend on Congress to do anything and local Gov.’s don’t do anything. So it is up to the military who know what is actually going on, but what in the HELL are they waiting for? Aren’t they suppose to protect us (from enemies both foreign and domestic) from these evil people? Everyone keeps telling us to wake up and take action but what action? Sorry, but the average Joe can’t do anything, we’re waiting on the military, as we should.
    Oh, and how about rejecting all sin and turning to God, He will help us when we stop murdering unborn babies and committing other sins we’re guilty of.

  15. I see you collecting data that not only will wake people up and help them see coordinated and multiple threats to life but what you are doing offers the bases for filing lawsuits. Great work!

    You need sites carrying this information. Perhaps volunteers and readers could help with getting your material posted. And the comment that the material needs to be worldwide is spot on. Hope there are volunteers ready to translate each article.

  16. Trihalomethanes is another toxic substance in the water…….look at Camp Lejeune and the 50 year contamination that happened there.

  17. I am a long time follower and I so appreciate all you have done. Our family prayed for the healing machine for my younger sister. She tried to hold on but couldn’t. We lost her in September. We have a friend who is trying to save his only brother from cancer. Is there anyway we could bring him to your area to take advantage of this new technology?

  18. I’ve been waking people up about GMO’s since 2004 since I was poisoned by pesticides and EXPERIMENTAL GMO’s in a small northern CA town on Sept 25, 1996 and then not realizing I was poisoned or I would have moved, was poisoned again on Sept 25, 1997. Hmmm. Harvest time, wouldn’t you say? But I studied that it was pesticides/herbicides at the time. Yes, the ‘system’ realized what I was doing (farmers, agric department, etc) and did what they could to shut me up. But it wasn’t until 2004, that I read Jeffrey Smith’s book ‘Seeds of Deception’ and realized not only was I poisoned by pesticides/herbicides, but also Experimental GMO’s used on cotton and their were cotton fields all over where I lived (yet had an organic garden with 14 veggies growing, where I suspect the GMO ‘dust/pollen’ attached to my food, as well as pesticides/herbices in the air.. Got labeled
    that I had MS, because they didn’t get that disease names are just labels for a toxed body (that I believed was only pesticides at the time) so they can sell their drugs. Boy, they did not like that when I told them that back in 1996!
    Then a year later, got diagnosed with Chemical Pnemonia which told me it WAS really pesticides that I was being talked out of. So now I had the proof. I went after these clowns, but between the doctors, the attorneys and the agricultural dept. it was medical mumbo, legal jumbo and and my body gumbo or maybe ‘gumby’! 🙂 So I stared to share with others and maybe 1 out of 50 ‘got it’. What a lonely job. It wasn’t until CA had put PROP 37 on the ballot that I was involved in that people listened. But then the Secty of State never counted all the GRASS ROOTS votes and called the propostition a loss, when we were only a few thousand away from winning, but the PTB put a stop to it so they could have their way. What’s new?
    Anyway, that’s the gist of it to this very long saga to wake people up to the fact that thier ‘disease’ does not come from genetic lie, but from being toxed by food, air, water …

  19. this is a good thorough report on old news. most of us who keep up with these things already are aware of all of this and more. also what is /was the “curve ball”
    and what is the “home run”? if there was a home run with bases loaded, what is the score and how long do we have to play this cabal game?

    • The curve ball was some personality politics that we’re not going to get into on this site. The “home run” was Neil’s way of giving kudos to The Keenan Team for a job well done. Not sure what the score is or how long the game lasts, but I know we have heavy hitters, a long bench, and plenty of our own weapons, the strongest one being the mass awakening the peoples of this world and the prospect of funding of anti-cabal measures with the opening of the Global Accounts.

  20. Thanks Keenan team

    Chem trails over Wellington this morning and quickly taken out
    by some angelic looking cloud formations. Are these the magical
    Sylph’s at work ? Amazing change’s to the sky..

    • Phil Downunder

      March 6, 2014 at 11:38 pm

      Tracy, we’re noticing that the chemtrails over Sydney have largely disappeared since just before Christmas. (at least we haven’t seen anything obvious for a while)
      And we’re watching closely. Are you seeing the actual spraying or are you noticing the white haze as a result of spraying.

    • sleepwalker101

      March 10, 2014 at 8:12 am

      We have had feathery chem trails over us at Foxton NZ too. But not on weekends. I think they have weekends off! But it depends where the wind is coming from I think? Thanks for the great information Neil. I will pass it on.

  21. Phil Downunder

    March 6, 2014 at 11:35 pm

    For some of us just recently woken up and popped the red pill, this info is very unsettling. Initially, I thought that the Cabal just wanted to take our money and have us live in servitude to them. Now I’m realising that they actually want to kill us off to a “manageable level”.

    GMO’s, chemtrails, fluoride, Gun control (Port Arthur Downunder) HAARP and weather modification, false flags, wars, Carbon Taxes, debt run up over the last 6 years, – it’s a comprehensive, full on attack on everything we need to live. Kennedy WAS right!!
    “We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy, it is a system, which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations…”

    I see what you guys are doing and fully support you (and thank you) for your efforts. Just wish I could do more to help. All our arses are on the line, whether we know it or not. Chop of the head of this hydra (go after the money control) and this creature should wither and die…

  22. Thank you for a very good report on things we wouldn’t realize are being done to us unless pointed out. Thank you also for your international work and courage to free us of crazy people in all the highest places.

  23. Augie i n Sweden

    March 7, 2014 at 10:13 am

    Just a comment off topic. I urge american authors of articticles to clarify all abreviations and acronyms in their texts as it is a great barrier for us non anglo lingo readers to grasp what you are writing. This is very important as your universal public grows rapidly.

  24. Thank you very much for this article. I see Clarence Thomas in the listing; no surprise there. I hope the entire Supreme Court will be apprehended and held in the fema camps they built for us as well as everyone else who is responsible for what is being done to us and to the planet.
    This is off topic, but important imho. Barry and Moochelle are angry at Putin for delaying their 140th vacation. They weren’t going to go, but now they are. They’re taking a long weekend to Key Largo in the Florida Keys, renting 5 houses, shutting down the airport and the golf course and will stay for about 5 days or so, maybe longer. It’s a GREAT opportunity for the “good” military to move in…maybe in the middle of the night. Just a thought…

    Thank you Neil and Team for everything you’re doing. We love and support you in all your endeavors.

  25. I have studied many of the sciences, and have been looking at these problems for about 20 years. We must not only take away their money, expose their true reputations, but eliminate their genetic lineage. One must not countenance pure evil to any degree.

    Any judge or elected or appointed official who takes a bribe ears a mandatory execution to be televised. Any politician who makes a campaign promise and does not keep it is to be beheaded. Anyone who attempts to influence any official for private gain financially or for power is to be executed. Caveat: anyone who would enrich himself of his client at the expense of others is to be executed.

    I do not see the lineages of Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg, Schiff, Morgan, Tudor, Steward, Habsburg, etc continuing beyond the current generation. Their conspiracies and efforts to exterminate life and steal the planet make them not ever welcome here again. The world does not have to operate upon lies, cruelty, fear, and violence. The giant awakes; we will no longer support it!

  26. I’ve been following your work through RumourMillNews, and I’m really impressed with the thoroughness of this article.

    I’m hoping that you might be planning to cover the toner exhaust issue in part 2 or 3, because I’ve been convinced for years that it’s a major problem.
    “The following substances have been detected in toners and emissions of laser printers and copying machines to a considerable amount:

    metals: antimony, aluminum, ferrum, lead, gold, cobalt, cadmium, chromium, copper, manganese, nickel, palladium, mercury, silver, silicium, strontium, titanium, tin, zin

    I believe that this is a largely still unknown part of the puzzle … they’re beginning to admit the issue, and even if they’re not naming the source, it’s easy to put 2 and 2 together if you have the pieces.

    It’s a down in the article, but this is the first time I’ve read an article like this mentioning lead inhaled by women in small quantities in relation to a chemical exposure “silent pandemic.” I have other research documents that aren’t available online that were sent to me.

    “Lead poisoning is especially hazardous for pregnant women, as her unborn child is also at risk. When a mother inhales small quantities of lead, the chemical gathers in the bloodstream and eventually makes its way to the placenta, where it accumulates in the growing fetus’ bones and brain. Grandjean and Landrigan believe this is just one chemical of many, many more that exist in the world and are carelessly exposed to consumers on a regular basis. Together, the chemicals contribute to what the team calls, “a silent pandemic.”

    “The problem is international in scope, and the solution must therefore also be international,” said Grandjean in a news release. “We have the methods in place to test industrial chemicals for harmful effects on children’s brain development — now is the time to make that testing mandatory.”

    Source: Grandjean P, Landrigan P. Neurobehavioural effects of developmental toxicity. The Lancet. 2014.

    I am currently diagnosed with ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), and the only known cause is heavy metal poisoning, and I’ve tested extremely high for lead.

    I hope that corporations will no longer be able to hide illegal ingredients in consumer products by playing their “trade secret” card.


  27. Is it possible to have a link to send this article via Twitter? Thank you

  28. Wonderfսl artiϲle! That is the kind of infогmatіon that are
    meant to be shared around the net. Shame on Ԍoogle for ոot positioning thiѕ post higher!

    Come on over anɗ consult with mу web site .
    Thank you =)

  29. I’ll right away gгab your rss fеed as I can not in finding your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service.
    Do уou have any? Please permit me know so that I
    may subscгibе. Thanks.

  30. Precious Hero’s to humanity “the Keenan Team”, Thank you for all you do.

    I have run across this article and want to run it by you to see if this is some of the actions being done on our behalf by your team but someone let the cat out of the bag? Or could this be another Cabal hoax using old photos and generating a story? I plan to read it again but trying to read internet on my cell phone is difficult to say the least.

    Love to you all. Be blessed.

  31. Hi there!This post cοuldn’t be wrіtten much better!
    Lօoking at this post reminds mе of my prеνious roommate!
    He constantly kept talking about this. I am going to seոd tɦis information to him.
    Fairly certain he’ll have a very gօod read. Thank you for

  32. I could not refrain from commeոting. Well written!

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