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Trick Or Treat

Pope Francis, also known as the talking Mule.

This Preface is very simple, we have a fake Pope one that is attempting very hard to be sincere and humble, and a President of a Corporation who has destroyed the land many love and consider to be the best nation on the face of the earth.

A ‘leader’ who states the military is the strongest ever when in fact he has destroyed this as well.  The ‘cabal’ plan is to eliminate the world’s population, destroy America and turn it into a slave nation (which most lands are already) and bring to the fore the oligarchs and secret societies that have already been ruling the roost.

Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary General of the UN – the little Moonie who made his way to great heights with the help of those looking to bury us.  You know who they are. There is no reason for me to keep repeating to you that which you already know.

It is time for the people in this world to stand up and fight. To let them know they are few and we are many.  It is time for the military to understand that it is their families in the sights of the cabal as well.  They are not planning to spare them.

It is time for us to take to the streets, taking back what is ours and not allowing them (Congress and Senate) to walk freely amongst us – and as for Francis, it is time to send him back to where he came from once and for all.

It is time to protect our children not give them up to such pedophiles. Do you believe for one second the 6 Billion People he wishes to kill would all die if they got together and stormed the Bastille (so to say)? Representative King says we should surround the White House – but I say surround all their houses.

They would all cower – and if the police and / or military did not come to their aid they would be defenseless and we would all come together as nations once again.  It takes people power and I am sure we will have it someday soon.

As for Asia I suggest they move quickly otherwise the accounts will be worthless seeing the people will become extinct over there.  Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Burma, Brunei, and many others must take note that the time has come today to move for there will be no tomorrow’s.

I wish everyone the best of luck in their quests, hoping that tomorrow brings us all a new beginning.

Do not dare enter the dark; they will lose.  Believe in yourselves and your gods whatever they may be.  Return the holy spirit to your souls and let it be for you will be rewarded.

As you can see we have been tricked often but the treat we will give them will surely set them running.

And as I often say and mean it:  Charge… Let the dogs out…

All the best.

Neil Keenan and The Keenan Team (God Bless everyone).

P.S. No one can make things clearer than the brilliant Judge Anna von Retiz, in relation to Canon and Admiralty law history. Click here to read her summary.

P.P.S. Further links:

World Leader Accuses Obama of TREASON on the Floor of the United Nations
Putin Openly Declares Obama Armed ISIS

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”


Video Update



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  1. Neil you right on to every subject you mentioned blessings. Alphonse

  2. Neil,

    Yes the Catholic Church and the Illuminati are the Great Abominable church that is warned about.
    Neil, they are run by Satan and they want to make a mock of Jesus Christ. It does not take away from Christ if he was married actually it is most likely that he was. Because he is a creator and full of love. Marriage is supposed to be full of love.
    It is not complex. The two great commandments is to love God first and Love thy neighbor as thyself. That is what these Jesuits want to destroy. They work for Satan. Satan wants all to obey him. That is his plan. He does not want love he wants the glory of the world.
    One thing that the Pope said in his trip he said in Philadelphia , “I come in my own name.” Jesus Christ said, “I come in the name of my Father in Heaven and ye reject me. If a man comes in my own name ye will receive that man.”
    Once again Christ did resurrect. I have heard his voice in the peacefulness of my heart and Christ is peace. Bible or no Bible Christ is and he is Love. Jesus Christ Lives.

  3. Thank you Neill and Team K. Really enjoyed listening
    to this post. Having read the pdf from your last post
    it really clarified as to what has been going on since
    forever. I have come across before and
    have read a lot of the stuff posted there. It is a heavy
    site though and should be read slowly.
    What a total disgrace the so called leaders of the
    nazi/fascist west really are. There are no depths to
    which these trash will not stoop in order to promulgate
    their agenda. May they all burn in hell; if, there really is one.

    Hope you are feeling much better now and i sympathise for
    i too have not been very well for a few years myself.
    However, everything does pass eventually and so too
    will the trash. I have one prayer which i say every day
    and that is “Deliver us from evil”. Thanks people for
    everything. All the very best.

  4. Thank you all for continuing to fight for us. This was an excellent video.
    Please take care of yourselves. We the American people need you so much.
    Much Love to all the K Team.

  5. Well done again Neil! Appreciate all the work you have done. As a Former Marine, something we never forget (fortunately or unfortunately): Lock and Load!

  6. Thank you Neil and Team K

    Thank you thank you thank you

  7. Thanks Neil and crew for all the great work.
    God Bless and Protect you.

  8. great update! as jay arae essex said (paraphrasing), “real change has to come from the other side” (source), because this is where it originated. and frankly, i believe that this is who the good military, the “friendlies” etc are waiting on before acting further. they know that when jay/arae leaves his body very soon, all hell is going to break loose on the abusers (negative annunaki, sapoeans and their on & off-world puppets), as the veil is lifted from the earth & human consciousness, exposing the full truth – the negative ones for who/what they are as well as their agenda. as was also stated: this is why increased efforts have been made re raping the earth, to control humanity, etc. because these negative ones know that their time is up & there is NO escape for them no matter how hard they try or how much they pay someone to help them. their negative soul energy will be sent back to source (“with a better luck next time” – tanaath) or thrown into bodies (especially animal forms) to be abused themselves in order to learn the lesson.

  9. (As for Asia I suggest they move quickly otherwise the accounts will be worthless seeing the people will become extinct over there. Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Burma, Brunei, and many others must take note that the time has come today to move for there will be no tomorrow’s.)

    What did you mean by the accounts will be worthless?? They remain in the cave system don’t they?

  10. Your video nailed it!!!

  11. Thanks for the update Neil. Stay well

  12. Very hard words, Neil Keenan. It is unbelievable but sadly, so true. My hearth acke for the people in the usa.
    I could not believe it also, as I heard all that talking about Agenda 30. It was odd to me to see him (the one called pope) coming precisely on the same week of the gathering in the UN Assembly, and talking to all countries as well about “what it was good for the world” (?). I was born catholic too, but I am not blind and am not sleeping no more. I know what is going on, and this has nothing to do with Jesus Christ Message and the Father, the Creator. They have been hiding many things from us and I don´t believe anymore in the Church of Rome and that Jesuit Archbishop , HE IS NOT THE POPE… not to me and hopefully not for many people in the world either. HE IS A LIAR… and a jackass, yes indeed, as Neil say. And I don´t say this just because NEIL KEENAN is telling it… I knew this since he was appointed as the next “pope”, because I read how he was hated in his own country Argentina, and why,it was because about his complicity with the government during the Dictatorship, and I understood abut him. I was hoping he could mend his doings, but being a Jesuit was enough proof and now with his speech in the UN Assembly, everything is in the open.

    Thank you Neil, I hope in my hearth that the people in the usa listen to your warnings and do something about this awful situation. In Latin America we have a lot to do also.

    God bless America and the World. Blessings and safe keeping for you Neil and all the Keenan Team and their families.


  13. I’ve been waiting and working invisibly as possible for the last 7 1/2 years and I’m so tired but I’m ready. Thank you Neil and team for all you do to help save the planet, and you know you’re always in my prayers. I never forget. God Bless All of You. Come on all militias and Oathkeepers immediately. I can’t do it by myself and if I could it would have been taken care of a long time ago. I’m so fed up waiting for the pentagon to wake the hell up and get to work. Here is something to give everyone a lift…I hope. Wait til you see the democrats. I can’t stand Tom Jones, but it’s all good. Janet Reno’s picture is my favorite…and Rosie O’Donnell too. Enjoy!

    live oak xxx

    • I’m so sorry Neil that I didn’t include this; I am so relieved that you are better and full of p&v. We have a lot in common in that respect. I’ve been called a “fire ball.” Please take good care of yourself. Sleep is very healing. Allow time for a rest. I’ve got your back as do many others. You are a hero!
      We need you and love you so much. I do. You are my brother in arms…and in peace, lol. I desperately want this to be over with, and I know we all feel that way. It takes a tremendous toll on our well being and good nature. God Bless Neil and Team K!
      live oak xo

      • Thank you again, Neil and team!
        For Neil’s shoulder problem, I’d suggest we use the Healing Code (Alex Loyd with comments by Ben Johnson). All together we can fix him, but we need the script.
        If you are interested I can post a global script and we can taylor it to Neil particular case.
        I do not think that Alex would mind because it is for a good cause, and also you get the script free on the net via videos and other resources.
        And I just came to know about this in the last few weeks, I have no proof it works, personnally, but no risk involved, no cost. blablahhhh.
        GOd bless the K Team!

    • I know that you have busted your chops as well …..It is time we face the music one way or the other. The more time we give them the more time they have to prepare for us. Best we get it done and over with and the sooner the better/ We know what they are now.

  14. it,s been a long time coming, enjoy kicking ass, ireland sends its love

  15. chris schneider

    October 2, 2015 at 10:45 pm

    Thank You Neil, We need a guy like Putin. These leaches must be stopped,
    God Bless

  16. Hi Group K. It appears that Neil’s video is down. Is there another link to view the video?
    God speed

  17. Neil, Thanks for all you’ve done. You mentioned congressman King suggesting a march on Washington to the White House and the Congress. But why petition the corrupt traitors? I’d much rather see a march on the Pentagon with demands for them to do their job and arrest the traitors.

    • Me too Rhett. Where are you Carter Ham? Paul Vallely? and all the rest of you? Do your job and prevent another civil war. I’m afraid that that is what it’s going to take to get out of this hell….another civil war, much worse than the first one. I’m sick of calling the pentagon.

      Please God may I be wrong about every bit of this.

    • If the Pentagon doesn’t do their job after the rush is on them then you wasted your time and might not be able to get another large group to make things work. The way I mention is for everyone in their very own states to go after those they voted in never having to leave home. We voted them in and we can kick them out. This has to be done

  18. This post was wonderful. Glad to hear your on the mend. Now go get that back rub! You deserve it.

  19. hi neil thanks for the up date, i,m to pissed to give out about any one today,
    please watch these two videos and see for your self what the chemtrails are putting in to your body, it,s unbelievable
    this german man has found out whats in the chem trails and you can see the black goo, it,s not from earth, every single man woman and child is infected with this stuff so please watch these videos and spread it every were. we are dealing with the most sickest beings you could every imagine, and now is a good time to kick there ass. neil you have lots of followers who spread your information every were. and you have friends in high places, please watch these videos and send them to all your friends who are in the right position. to do some thing about it. but be warned the first video will frighten you. because of how sick this is.

    this video will show you how to make your self a device to remove to nano particles. all you need is copper wire and a bucket and a plug. get on this every one. and please share every were. god speed to ye all.. ireland sends its love

  20. Nancy Whitehead

    October 4, 2015 at 11:20 pm

    Happy you have your sugar under control now Neil. I am not in America now have been to ill to return yet. I began to get many strange symptoms after my Candian husband died in February 2014. I went to our doctor here in Montreal complaining of all my odd symptoms and he refused blood tests that I had requested . Finally after just a year and a month after my husband died i finally got him to order the blood tests because he announced his early retirement and had a resident with him. When I returned to see him after the blood tests had been done I had high blood pressure, extremely low Thyroid and high normal blood sugar things I have never had before. He would only give me a prescription for Synthroid. When I went into the pharmacy to fill the prescription the young pharmacist took one look at the prescription and ran to the head pharmacist. He came over to me and said that the prescription was not right they would have to call this doctor tomorrow. So next day i called the pharmacy back he told me Yes he had spoken with him and I can now pickup the prescription.. I went over to get it and asked him what the problem had been with the prescription. First thing he asked me is “When are you returning home to the States? I found that odd because I have been living here taking care of my husband full time for over four years now and they knew me. I again asked him what was the problem with the prescription? He told me the two doses of it were very high you start with a slow dose then after two weeks start a higher dose. I came home and did some research on Synthroid had I taken the doses he gave me had they actually not questioned it at the pharmacy I would have been dead. The side effects of Synthroid is high blood pressure and sugar diabetes along with the elevation of other hormones, Now I have known and loved this doctor for over 35 years along with my husband. Basically he tried to kill me had it not been for the honest pharmacist I would now be dead. The new replacement doctor is also not treating my BP or Sugar problems. I am going for new blood tests before i see him again end of the month and I am now going to find a Naturopath here because you ca no longer trust the doctors Neil so I relate this story here because you may need to find a MD who is also trained in Nathuropathy just to play it safe.. I went to Judge Anna’s site today because of the post signed by Earnest Routhchild taking us back to our original Constitution of the 1700’s I wanted to see what she had to say. Well she does not seem to understand that we and our Pentagon belong to the UN she makes it very clear that we do nothing that would make them fight us or else how would we get all our monies due us back? That is exactly what they want she says because they have insurance policies on all of us. She did not even make mention of our new UN name The Islamic States. I am somewhat in shock expecting our military to make arrests and meanwhile no one says hardly anything about this hideous new insult they have now done naming us The Islamic States. This explains why John Behoner resigned immediately after the Popes speech. He may be bought off but he did not have a clue as to who Francis really is and what the new UN agenda was. I also think Obama had no clue as to what was coming. Both of them broke up after speeches given by Francis and Behoner who is a deeply religious Roman Catholic had to be hard hit once he found out what was coming from someone he held in awe of as his RC leader of his church. Obama looked like he had a breakdown after his UN speech and after his two hour private talk with Putin he could not even come out for the TV Press Interview with him…I think we need to contact Mr Putin because he can and will take on the Vatican if he has to. I suspect when he hears about what has been done to America he will be thinking ahead of what needs to be done if our military does not respond to this open attack on us Americans…My beautiful daughter in law is Russian if nothing happens with our Military I am thinking of sending him a personal letter asking for help for us Americans who are not a part of this corrupt government. I also do not understand why our militias are not getting together and forming a plan which they may need to now do…Please take it as easy as you can while finishing these Collateral Accounts off but I have to agree with you now that they have done this to America they will come after the rest of us ASAP..I forgot to mention all my health problems I just found out from a post I recieved yesterday is that they are spraying us with Lithium in the Chemtrails and it seriously effects our Endocrine systems and our BP among other serious health problems now..that is what has made me to weak and ill and unable to make the trip home…

  21. Revelations was based on a much much older prophecy authored by Henoch the original prophet, AKA Enoch, who lived from 9308BC – 8942BC. Henoch was the first, of seven total and final incarnations of prophets, Jmmanuel was the fifth, Mohammed was the sixth, Eduard Albert Meier is the seventh and final prophet of our time, or the “second coming” of the fictional character “jesus”, who was fictionalized by Saul/Paul, a Jewish Kabbalah agent. All seven prophets are supposedly a single spirit, who has supposedly already “graduated” but came back through numerous incarnations to nudge us to our higher potential and ultimate graduation. According to Jmmanuel, we all live numerous lives/incarnations.

    The Henoch Prophecies;

    The Eduard Albert Meier Prophecies;

    The Seven Prophets;

  22. His-story is written by the victors so is the choice of their (NWO) language

    It’s not the Writer but the instruction what is written within the Word, within all of us what is of crucial essence

    The Rule of Law as the Principle of All Principles Reglement of All Reglementen also known as Golden Rule
    (reglement translated into nwo lanquage is regulations / RegleMent is rule of mind all minds, your and my mind, local, global, international, interdimentional

    Every One is equal before the law as principle is not without reason

    The Rule of Law is the intrinsic value (our internal instead external authority) where every soul as life itself is born with, without this principle there no live, no knowledge, no balance, no abundance, no freedom, no existence at all

    Even when it brings you not in a good mood listen every second of it, only acting UpOn will bring good mood. Be aware of the principle all the time we are hypnotized to move the mind (movement) without moving the body

  23. Hi Neil & Team K. Was hoping you all could comment/ shed light/vet/ verify (

  24. From Drake: >>>>FYI<<<>I am hearing rumors of all kinds, about the eminent destruction of America. Some are saying ‘run for the hills’, others are saying ‘leave the US now’… As most know, I try to give the latest and best intel I can get from various sources. There has been a long standing ‘Project’ few are aware of. In the last few days, I was informed that this old project had been ‘reactivated’. >It is known as ‘The Phoenix Project’. It is designed to re-initiate and preserve our ‘Republic’ in the event that our present government fails, which it has. A complexity of resets and overhauls of how the US conducts business, officially acts, and those who are responsible to carry out their duties as representatives is underway. In the coming days, there will be several major actions taken on the behalf of, and to the benefit of, We The People. I suggest that everyone get the ideas through their heads, that all the basic problems people encounter in their lives in general, are very close to being addressed. There are many who will resist the coming changes, But, be assured that the basis of this is to see to the needs of everyone during this process. No apocalypse of no water, food, and roving armed people after everyone… ain’t ever even seen a zombie…guess they are out too. Main thing is, someone will get to you, either individually or in a group to let everyone know where to pick up food an water, etc. There ‘may’ be interruptions in utilities, be assured that these will be very short, like maybe a day. People who can run everything are ready to help as needed. >In terms of security, yes be ready, NO do not go shooting at anyone, and mostly, lock the door and wait. Those who are to announce things will do so very publicly, and those who might check on you, will simply ask if you are OK…no need to come in. >ALL of this info comes from an individual who identifies themselves as ‘The Phoenix’. This is a sort of like that deep throat that is so famous. I don’t even know who this person is… However, I do like what I’m hearing, and was asked to share it with you. Relax, be calm, and enjoy this show, it should be a Great One!!!

  25. Excellent article by Preston James on veterans today- “Department of Homeland Security Must End” God Speed-Intel Cowboys!!!!!!!

  26. Noticed U.S. Federal Reserve website has change from .org To .gov
    What does it all mean?


    October 15, 2015 at 2:28 pm

    Before the Law we are all equal, The Rule of Law as Principle

    All those within who act under or above the Principle of Law: It shows, you act outside the principle and by doing so, shows your actions are “based upon wrong”

    In the second hourThomas and Drake ad(dresses) mutch but also the fear porn part of Keshe 82 knowledge seekers workshop. After the little but very dePressing part fear porn Mehran projected, he closed his state ment with: but maybe I’m wrong (maybe you did not hear this or are forgotten) . Show him, that at this point he meets his own blind spot in most of his teaching he is right but this time he was wrong, the part of him he was forgotten. By this state ment Only, he contradicts all his teachings and we will not make that com true. But what he really tells us, that if we not change our organised state of mind into the Right Lawful Order we are doomed and at this point he is right. But lucky we “the good luck” live is all ways more powerful than what ever death cult , orders us to believe, to act upon so lets clean the house, for “Once and For Ever”
    Wednesday October 14th show with Drake and your host Thomas Williams

    82 knowledge seekers workshop Mehran Keshe

  28. Hallo… I’m Mr. F
    someone you have been looking for. Indirectly, I have communicated with dragon family, and I hope success friendly with us.

  29. Christine Mckinnon

    October 17, 2015 at 3:09 am

    Today the Scientist Keshe presented his new energy to the worlds ambassadors.
    When he showed this in the U.S. they tried to give him a prison sentence. When he
    showed it a couple of years ago in Belgium they poisoned him.


  30. Canada just ditched their bibi/bush minion, get on board.

    The first, initial reports from Wednesday’s Day of Action into Washington, DC, show that constituents and activists from up and down the East Coast, are joining into LaRouchePAC delegations to Congress in greater numbers, and that constituents who stay at home, are putting greater-than-ever pressure by telephone to demand Obama’s removal from office, and to demand that the US Government shut down Wall Street.


    October 25, 2015 at 9:09 am

    84th Knowledge Seekers Worskhop Keshe Foundation

    Drake enthusiastic about Keshe Magrav-Power Units presented, it would be great when people with the right connections can bring the two together.

    Disclosure is happening right under our eyes, soon with the speed of Light

  32. joanne joplin

    July 24, 2016 at 1:02 am

    Hey ! I am thankful for the specifics , Does anyone know where my business might be able to locate a template CA BOF 4546 copy to edit ?

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