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Kevin’s Last

Goodbye to a very close friend. Kevin MacKinnon.

“It is seemingly like it was just yesterday morning that I was joking with Kevin at his bedside. I took my leave to go to the store to get some groceries, and Kevin laid back taking another nap.“ Neil sadly lamented.

Upon his return home, Neil’s wife told him that Kevin had called and left a cryptic message “AFRT ADRT” which made no sense at all to Neil. Sonya interpreted this message that Kevin may be having a “HEART ATTACK”. This startled Neil who immediately rushed over to see his friend.

Neil went to Kevin’s house calling out his name but that did not illicit any response. This had always worked before but this time the silence was deafening.

Neil stuck his head into Kevin’s room only to find him with his head at the side of the bed. Neil went to look at him and he did not move. Neil spoke to him hoping he would get things straightened out, but this was not another of Kev’s jokes.   

Neil then called Sonia to come over. She immediately understood that Kevin had stopped breathing. Their friend was no longer. So much had been done and so little to go and he passes on. Nobody was normal at that time. Death has a sombre and mind turning numbness in moments like this.

Calls were made and then the silent wait for the Ambulance to arrive. The Paramedics checked things out, confirming Kevin had passed on and proceeded to carefully remove his body and send it to the morgue.

In all the confusion Neil had to fight with the woman who was Kevin’s landlord and her little aid who showed up, eyeing what of Kevin’s could be valuable. Vultures circling.  

You see, she wanted to not only to clean the house but to take anything she wanted as well. Neil did not take a liking to anyone going into anyone’s house either dead or alive. Neil told them to get out.

Her arrogant reply was that she owns the building and this apartment is hers. Yet according to Kevin, he had paid the rent up to the end of the month. This was still Kevin’s home.

The landlord left after she and her little munchkin literally were planning on taking things that not only belonged to Kevin but to Neil as well. This included personal documentation, computers, phones and phone book and much more which related to foreign nations. 

Earlier that morning Neil saw them also cleaning Kevin’s apartment, kicking dust and mold around. Neil told them to stop and that it was not good for Kevin, and to do what they had to do later. Some people just don’t know how to care.

They left when Neil called the Canadian hot line, Interpol and the Canadian Embassy.

Lots had been done earlier that day. Neil had picked up many of the items he had let Kevin borrow and put them in a box by the front door. Those important items Neil was not allowed to take out until everything was settled by the Court. They had to make sure that it was a natural death. And as stated above it was cancer according to all medical reports. 

Three operations in a qualified hospital kept Kevin alive longer than thought. His close friends Michael in Washington DC and Paul in California had supported him and had been his financial sponsors and advisors throughout. 

They could not be reached given that Kevin’s information also was being held illegally. 

When the real investigative police showed up the landlord’s people stepped down. The very same person who had been yelling at Neil and did not like being watched. 

They also went through Neil’s items, a matter which most likely will end up in International court.  

So what should have been a Cancer may end up in a settlement for Kevin’s heirs and Neil.

More wasted time and greed induced aggravated headaches not needed.

In Kevin’s last moments he spent time speaking to his loved ones and confessing to Neil that he was sorry he had so little time to finish what was needed to be done. 

Perhaps that is what friends are for and Neil has no regrets sharing his daily bread with Kevin and rejoicing in 2 ½ years of memories of good times.

Thanks Kevin. May you now rest in peace and send down a magic broom to help clean up the mess they left behind… God Bless Your Soul.

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This most recent update from Neil and Team should speak volumes to everyone now.

The Amanah Mr. Keenan has funding awaiting him in Indonesia, but he needs this financing in order to get to Indonesia.

What is intended for you, me, and all of our family and friends has just recently been foisted upon Neil and Kevin once more.

After all of the attacks Neils body rejected the poison but on the other hand Kevin has narrowly survived, his body now developing cancer at a pace that would never had been expected nor explained.

This is for us all to see that they are capable of turning our world upside-down.

This is what is coming home, now. If we do not come together as one and acknowledge the real Heroes who have stood in the face of the cabal, this harsh reality just around the corner.

A great question, what have you done, what will you do now. If we do not answer these questions correctly now they will cost us all our lives. Help us.

Help us help you.

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Copyright © 2024, GROUP K, Ltd.

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