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Obama Out / Cabal Surrender /
Currency Revaluation In Progress

Neil told you there was a ‘Revolution’ happening in his last post.

Can’t you smell it? It is moving fast, folks!

Let the history books say that World War III ended at 8:59:59 PM on April 30, 2016!

For 20 years this silent battle has been ongoing and finally came to an end on the above mentioned date. This war may not seem over, seeing there are still many cabal members who do not wish to relinquish their weapons, but in essence, it is over with.

As a result, we should be much safer than before.

The information you’re about to receive is highly relevant and somewhat tested, as a major US player in brokering assets made the call that convinced Neil to put this notice out.

Sure, the information came from the Dragon Family, whom Neil really trusts, but it was his call that assured Neil that he must let you all in on the secret before there isn’t one any longer. In other words, he doesn’t want you to miss the boat on this! Neil has no interest in this, since he holds no notes whatsoever, so his motive is purely humanitarian.

For over 7 years Neil Keenan and the Dragon Family have been inseparable through many challenges. The Family has watched Neil go through “hell and high water” to get where he is today.

Despite the loss of the FRNs and Bonds stolen (which will still be reclaimed one way or another) by Daniel Del Bosco, Neil and the Family are now tighter today more than ever. Neil made his deal and lived with it despite the Family’s never-ending doubts that anyone could get through the tremendous roadblocks set up by the Globalists trying desperately to prevent Neil from doing such a task.

The Family applauds Neil now for this announcement being made while acknowledging his enormous contributions. In fact, they love his “Never Say Die” attitude!

Some might call it “the Luck of the Irish” that Neil is still with us, but many people, who have actually participated in this and who are aware of what really happened throughout, are still speechless as well. Neil made a sincere promise and has kept it despite the many cards stacked against him, and this is what the Family is in awe of.

Neil never sat down behind a desk receiving phone calls from third party informants who ended up singing lullabiy’s while putting us to sleep with insanity, but he and many of his team went throughout the sweaty jungles and the rough Asian terrain to get what they needed.

Next, the focus is on the following, amazing Intel that Neil wants to share with you, as it is something of an “anointment” and gift to him. The Family wanted to show their thanks to Neil and Group K by allowing him access to this “History Breaking News” which you will find incredibly hard to believe.

Actually, Neil has made it clear that he has seen so many twists and turns that even he is not always sure which end is up!

But this is the news of a lifetime!!

Please, if you are over 16, sit down before you fall down, and remember Neil never believed in the RV which is the second part of his announcement. He still holds reservations, but he also understands the quality and integrity of the people who brought this important Intel to him. Therefore, he feels it is only right that he brings it to you.

If anyone dares to question Mr. Keenan’s credibility, all one has to do is look at his timeline of accomplishments and then look at those making such critical comments, and you will know they have no leg to stand on whatsoever.

Not one of them!

Remember Neil does not expect to go unscathed because of this posting, but he does expect you to keep an eye on things. Even though you might not know minute by minute what is going on, you should keep your eye on the ball as this pans out. Neil has posted this for you.

Those screaming that this is not happening have never been part of any loop so just check out their history and ask yourself what gives the right to question anyone let alone Neil who has brought so much to mankind over the years. Consequently, Neil realizes the importance of bringing this information to you.


Message from Neil Keenan to the People:

“Here you go! Just as I stated, the family controlled the entire process and got it to me immediately as it was happening in the back room!

We’ve noticed that others are coming out with their information relating to what happened.

And, guess what? It is on the same page as Neil’s so let’s appreciate what Benjamin Fulford and Zap have done for mankind by putting their necks on the line for you the people. There are also others; all you have to do is look.

For those screaming, “impossible”, just look at their histories and what they have done for this world to date.

You will find they are legends in their own minds criticizing the very people who have kept this thing turning to the point where we get an answer.

Sorry, but the world does not need incessant talkers with lullabies and all. Watch how they act and you will immediately notice who is with us and who is not.”

(By the way, Neil made the earlier video while exhausted just to get it out to you as soon as possible.)


Message to Neil Keenan from the Dragon Family:

“Let the history books say WWW III ended on April 30, 20016.”

On the evening of April 30th in Washington, DC just before President Obama was scheduled to speak at his White House Correspondent’s Dinner (WHCD), there was a secret back room deal that took place. It was a deal which had Obama and the cabal cornered.

They were given an offer they could not refuse, so after much bickering, they realized they had no choice but to surrender and sign the agreements, as overseeing “President” Dunford would push Obama aside and publicly announce the changing of the guard and the New Republic in front of all the world’s press corps. Little choice did they have!

Citibank was therefore forced to default to AIIB / WF / HSBC and become Basel III compliant.

Security Forces which earlier had been pulled from holding back the Citibank redemption locations were returned by midnight as 800#s and sovereign rates authorized for the Sunday, May 1st release.

This sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But this news was given to Neil from reliable sources at the very top who are now making the changes that are taking place in silence.

As for those who don’t like the fact the Asians are saving our asses… tough! And, yes, they like General Dunford! Most of you did nothing at all but talk so someone had to come around to save you… while you are still endlessly talking.

What was even more strange was when Obama spoke at the April 30th White House dinner where it seems like he was stuck with the old script and didn’t have time to change it before his scheduled talk.

Obama starts by saying, “It is my honor to be at my last, and perhaps the last, White House Correspondent’s Dinner… hahaha”, and he next says, “The END of the Republic never looked better!” 

Wow, what he just say? Well, at least he said, “I am just counting the days before my death panel!” Then in the final act, he said the well-fitting, “I have only 2 words to close with… Obama… Out!” ( We sure hope so from the Intel we heard!)

But wait… he continues and quickly raises two fingers to his lips (Masonic secret degree sign-his obligation that enjoins secrecy) and with his other hand picks up the portable mic, raises it over his head, and then intentionally drops the mic out of his hand to the ground.

This was a very significant closing statement or a sign-language message from Obama to his “fellow men’s club”!

It’s certain that “Two fingers Obama” will keep his obligation that enjoins secrecy, but to whom?


Obama’s  Speech


A transcription of the Obama speech can be found here at the Washington Post.

Wow! It’s one thing for Obama to come out and say, “The END of the Republic has never looked better”. But with the new Intel, it actually means it’s the end of Obama and his White House Cabal Corporate members!

It is also important to note that after the WHCD,  Obama did NOT go back to the White House, because the “Obamas” no longer live there! Didn’t you hear him say, “Obama Out” … again meaning he’s no longer living at the White House?

The Obama family has now occupied an apartment for several weeks inside the beltway in order to “keep up appearances” both during his remaining months as “President” and to act as though the Obama family is staying in DC so their 2 girls can finish their education.

Neil again thanks to Ben for his recent news post being “right on the money!”

Ben: “US Armed Forces and agencies will continue to be financed, as they are being asked to clean out the filth infesting Washington DC, New York, and also, Chicago.”

In fact, Pentagon sources tell us that the White House was under lock-down April 26 and 27th “as Special Forces led by (General Joseph) Dunford entered via tunnel to demand resignations.” We can confirm there was a lock-down on those days; “officially because of a fence-jumper”.

However, President Obama has been seen in public since then so we are not quite sure what resignations were demanded.


Update from the Dragon Family:

“The historical RV is now happening, because the AFIIB / WF / HSBC put a 10:00PM deadline on Citibank to get Basel III compliant or default.

The RV is scheduled to start worldwide in harmony with the Chinese market opening on Monday at 6:00AM CST (or 6:00 PM EST on Sunday in the US). International rates are scheduled to change on Forex without fanfare as well with sovereign rates showing concurrently on the off-sight redemption centers. Private transactions will take place first so do not be concerned with the date that applies to them.

The plan is to keep everything appearing “status quo” without bringing attention to the change-over in government, currency, banking, and, ultimately, control of the Republic. Let the history books say that WWIII ended on April 30, 2016. Though this was an invisible war to the world’s public, couldn’t you smell it coming!

US 800# bank notifications are now expected sometime May 1, 2016 Sunday after darkness falls on the East Coast. Internet private group redemptions are considered T4 and are to begin after midnight on Monday morning with liquidity beginning after 8:45AM EST.

It must be remembered that this is a one-time historical event that has no precedence in protocols and procedures, even though many procedures have been prematurely presented

The final official procedures are being put into place now that all of the international matters and accounting between nations are coming to resolution. I anticipate that I will be informed of how things will proceed by Monday, May 2, 2016.

“Aspiring flippers, brokers, government and private alike, are desperately trying to lure any bringer of Historical Bonds into a submission commitment, and are offering money that the Seller/Holder cannot spend or withdraw from his bank account, not one cent!

The reason is that these parties cannot be sauces that the bonds they accumulate will be accepted by redemption, and, therefore, most of these offers will include a disclaimer and the right to return the bonds to the current holder.”

China has now officially announced that the historical bonds will be redeemed. This has already been released to the Chinese media. These announcements made in the Chinese open media today and late yesterday confirm publicly that this operation is moving forward!

There are also other sources who are optimistically informing us that international agreements are nearly completed and official ceremonies are expected to take place over the next several days.

The fact is the funds are free now! About 25,000 transactions are approved and registered also with the other end buyer of the US Treasury. If an applicant doesn’t have patience in this business field, then he is lost.

Every applicant should be grateful if his boxes or bonds for these repatriations were registered.

The lines are not opened completely yet, as the private exchanges are going through first and then, the public ones.

Fr the RV the Dinar went gold-backed last night. Madame Wu just exchanged signatures with representatives of the Fed in Atlanta and has kicked off Tier 5. Also, the Zim has gone gold-backed with a value of 1 Zim @ .118 to the dollar, announced in Europe.

For those interested there were 4 fake Madame Wu’s a few years ago, as there were 5 Spiritual White Boys (all appointed by the CIA)… One of the fake Madame Wu’s almost met her demise by playing the imposter at the hands of the Chinese government. The Chinese and Asians will call their own shots and are not concerned about any of the “peanut gallery” making public comments. They can all sit in a corner and sulk if they wish… As if saving such people is not enough in itself!

To the “Johnny-Come Latelys” – for your knowledge – Neil gets his information from military sources, various agencies, from people on the street, from heads of families, and from the families themselves, meaning Italian families and so on; they’re all good people. Ask Michael Dunn, as he heard many a conversation between Neil and heads of state that most only read about.

So next time that you may doubt Neil, first of all, understand he says he knows very little about Dinars and Zimbabwe notes.

Your questioning of the remarks made by those who entered into an agreement with Obama, Citigroup, and others shows your ignorance! While they are out there completing what needs to be done in order to protect our safety, you on the other hand, do not have given facts or credible people to come forward.

You must have enough on your own that still needs to be finished which relates to many of your own people. Get to work on your own business and don’t worry about what Neil and Group K are doing. God bless the many good people with their patience and support; they are everywhere!

Again, the historical RV is happening, because the AIB / WF / HSBC put a 10:00PM deadline on Citibank to get Basil III compliant or default. This was signed in that backroom deal at 8:59:59 PM on May 1, 2016, which brought it all back into compliance.”


Neil Keenan’s Message to The Dragon Family:

The last time I thanked you really well I believe it was with the 250,000 tons of Gold in South Korea. Am I right?

Well, there’s a lot more of that right now in South Korea that President Park is putting on the table. I believe you’d better check on that gold, because they’re talking about completing this deal any day now. The original contract of this of the gold’s origin is Chinese and it belongs to the Family.

What they’re recently trying to do is reset the gold that was stolen from China by smelting the gold and changing its appearance as well as fraudulently changing all of the security papers (changing SKR’s from old ones to new ones while not mentioning the original owners). What they didn’t count on is DNA which is how they will be caught!

We’re talking many, many tons! Everyone thinks they know about how much gold there is in the world, but they have no clue! They don’t know! I’ve seen 2 football fields of gold, more than they could ever dream of! But you hear the naysayers mumbling to themselves, “This does not exist!”

Many of these commenters have most likely never left their home state to know anything at all, but they spread malicious lies and rumors throughout the Internet as though they are experts in these matters.

South Korea is the melting pot for holding WWII gold. We are talking more than 3,000,000 mt of gold! There is more than this, but this is what is being planned via transaction between President Park and numerous International Organizations from throughout the world.

Her plans are to buttress said Global Organizations in order to save whatever can be saved of the remains of the Globalist Movement. Remember South Korea is a Global Nation.

It’s in the interest of China and also the Dragon Family to deal with this immediately and straighten this out with President Park who last time was caught red-handed and is once again repeating the same serious situation. It’s very wise to pick up the telephone and promptly call her, give her fair warning, put your satellites in place, put your boats in the water, and don’t allow either the UN, the World Bank, the IMF, or any of the others, including the Federal Reserve, from coming in and taking what belongs to you.

If you need assistance, why don’t you call M2 and, for sure, it will be taken care of! At this moment M2 is recovering from the recent accident and actually wants to go scuba diving for some pirate treasure. You just can’t keep M2 down!

It’s very likely that M2 would gladly give you a hand and is expected to return any day now. What an amazing person to stand beside and assist Neil at this crucial time!

The information just keeps on coming in, and my Group K loves it! It keeps us going having such Intel from someone so close to the top seat. As stated before, “M2 is a powerhouse!”

I might stay over in China next to your buildings or in Jakarta seeing they are right in this as well along with Singapore, Borneo, Malaysia, and South Korea. I will decide shortly where I stay over there with my team, but it will be where the action is… Count on it!

Thank You and Take Care Everyone…

Neil Keenan and The Keenan Team.


As he says himself, he is out – and not a happy camper.

Also See: Executive Order – Facilitation of a Presidential Transition



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  1. where are the 800 numbers? we need to know where to go–Please any info on that?? time frame? we been waiting so long,

  2. Let their be some rest and peace come as time goes on with the release of these funds. We all know it’s well needed around the world. Will be hard to comprehend for people whom have only known war most of their lives, but I keep in my heart that the ones with any morals will come to reality and also keep in mind that some are just up to no good and live in hate. Great news will be hard to swallow for most be time is on our side.

    Great new Great JOB Neil and Team you’ll all have your chairs set up in the sun somewheres soon and enjoy your few or should I say many drinks.

    Best regards Charles

  3. Thank You Neil and Group K, God Bless

    • This will allow me to start a remodel of the little league feilds my dad built in the 40’s. There will not ever be a reason for hungry or homeless again, not if I hear of it, You were sent by God, and I thank Him, God Bless

  4. Neil …..why wouldn’t dunford announce it? I am getting suspicious that the cabal has another hand to play…how in DC can a secret like this be kept? Do you have anything else for us as proof? How did they pin Obama/cabal into a corner? Your post said they gave him an offer they couldn’t refuse?

    Thanks Neil…by the way if you ever need a physical therapist I am your guy! No charge, of course…my way of thanking you!.

  5. Maureen Callahan

    May 8, 2016 at 2:11 pm

    Dear Neil, K Group, and Dragon Family.

    Although I don’t understand all the specifics of the plans or the folks involved, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping humanity and the enormous sacrifices you have made for all of us on planet Earth. God bless and keep safe.


    Maureen Callahan

  6. brooks o'bryant

    May 8, 2016 at 2:24 pm

    Hi Neil and many thanks to you and your team for taking care of us…the people…we salute you and your team! What a grand mother’s day this is with this news!! I am so happy and my family doesn’t even get it! Hope you stay safe and continue the great work now that the cabal has surrendered! There are no words for your perseverance and timely efforts! God bless you and all you stand for!!!

  7. It’s fantastic the RV is occurring right before our eyes. Although I believe the RV is real, I think it will not happen the way people think it will.

    The Dinar has been revalued but I think there is a fraud being perpetrated with the Dinar and many (who only care about becoming millionaires) who bought Dinar notes, will not become the millionaires they believe.

    You have worked so hard and your health has suffered, illness has been your reward, your personal wealth, your life… You have sacrificed so much for what you believe in I am sure you will be rewarded for the amazing work you have done for the Dragon family and for humanity.

    I’m certain a way will be found to aid you in your time of need as you have given in times of need to others. It must be frustrating to be so close and be in great financial need without any help given whatsoever.

    There is nothing like having a clear conscience and a good reputation. No–one can accuse you of mean spiritedness and you can walk with your head held proud, like a true Irishman.

    • I for one would love to see Neil mean-spirited and knock out a few people… oops did I say that out loud? thanks and God Bless.

      • Been there and done that JB and both hands are a mess…This is why I have M2 with me…Not only super intelligent but fists of steel…

        • Neil, you have been so focused on your job that you may not realize the domino affect this is going to have. The Event will kick off disclosure and all the new technologies such as the sonic healing machine I have heard of and many other amazing technologies kept from us. I vote for you to be first in line for the sonic healing machine or any other new healing mode. Thank you for your gift to humanity.

  8. Will there be any public disclosure with this so the world knows what has happened and will the globalists be identified for who they are and what their crimes are. People with heads in the sand need to be aware of all of this, don’t you think? Will their owned media be taken over and will the lies of mainstream now stop? Will the chem trails stop? They continue to poison us daily here in western Canada. When this assault stops I then will be convinced that these monsters have been stopped. When and are they going to jail for their crimes againist humanity? God I hope this will happen. Will the central banking cartel be unchartered and these banks become a public utility for the people and not these criminal bankers? Please explain this part of it if possible so us people that have been following this can understand that something good will come of this entire excercise when the central banking cabal is finished.. Thank you for clearing up these issues, and thank you for all you have done for humanity.

    • Please talk to Thomas about this he thinks he knows everything…Send all questons to him..

      • Love it Neil. You have had and will continue to have my belief in you and your team.

      • I would ask Thomas if I knew how to reach him? Aren’t my questions relevant? I have been following you for at least 5 years, so please don’t take these questions that I have as an insult to your mission. I have copious respect for what has been done and hope with all my heart that it is not in vain and these people are brought to justice. The entire planet is being destroyed by these elites and I have been watching this destruction for 2 decades and I pray every night for someone to bring our earth back to paradise sans these monsters. The rockefellar medica system has killed many of my family and continues to kill off innocent people trusting in the medical system, is just one organization to be downed and rebuilt with the truth and all of the lying scientists have to be accountable, the vaccine industry? the geo-engineering is killing humanity with the epidemic diseases? I really would like to ask Thomas, if he has any of these answers it will be reassuring to know them. Thank you.

        • THANK YOU NEIL AND K TEAM… FOR YOUR SERVICE TO HUMANITY. / I understand how desperate you feel Denise. I think everybody wants to hear (or read) the answer of all those questions. Neil Keenan needs his time to work, as he says in his video… up to 2 or 3 in the morning. His health has suffer and he sure is exhausted. I have been following information about this WAR, for 6 or 7 years now, since I first read about Nesara. My wanting to know more about what what´s going on in the world, let mi to this site, which I started visiting at least 2 or 3 times a week, as well as other sites who share same kind of info concerning The Cabal. I have even started to make some translations to Spanish to post in Blogs and forums. I feel blessed just to be here to watch this developments, as this means FREEDOM, not only for the American Citizens but for the WHOLE WORLD, for all the humans in planet Earth. I rejoice for those less fortunate who does not know anything about all of this, but their torment, hunger, living in war zones on a daily basis are maybe weeks or a few months away for all of it to STOP. / I am not a holder and I do have a good life as a retired Senior Mexican Citizen, and I do have my pension as a former Social Worker in the Health System, I´m almost 74 years old, and I will have PATIENCE and consideration with NEIL KEENAN, as I wait for more information. BLESS YOU NEIL AND TEAM… THANK YOU AGAIN, FOR YOUR SERVICE TO HUMANITY.

  9. Great update. Thank you for sharing.

    I would like to know if exchange centers exist in other countries. There are many currency holders all over the world, all hoping to participate. #800 numbers obviously only working in the US.

    • Have heard UK holders will not exchange until publicly international,maybe someone can let UK holders know where to exchange as banks here are not acknowledging any of this.

    • If I remember right there will be exchange centers in Europe but will start in States..I will check in a day or two and see what they say…Still the Private transactions are taking place but some bumps between the larger countries and smaller one. As usual the big guy wants everything and leave peanuts to the small guy.

      • Thanks neil,being an ex vet in UK ,i want to try and get best rate to set up centres to help ex vets in need,i would rather get a private rate where hopfully this will enable me to set this up.Thanks for all you bring my friend,hopefully hear from you soon if hear anything.

      • Hi Neil was wondering if you heard anything with regards UK holders getting exchanged and these mysterious 800 numbers that are meant to be coming out.Thanks my friend for you and your teams contribution in shedding light and helping the small guy.

    • you may find some answers about the dinar here:
      they have conf. calls every week. good luck.

  10. This should unfold pretty quickly.

  11. Looks like no change as not 1 bank in UK knows anything of these so called changes,either that the dinar and other currency holders are being left in the dark.Does not look like any transparecy and fairness has been achieved yet.

    • Robert is they knew they would not tell you…They are not allowed to until that given time..Then you call the 800 number and make an appointment and that’s it.. I know little about Dinars and Zimbabwe notes but do understand you have to get a number..

      • Yeah my friend in States says they will have 800 numbers but not heard anything from UK side,i was under the impression with new banking laws and regulations everyone was to be transparent,i cant see how it can be if one country is favoued over the rest jmo,if you hear anything about UK exchanges Neil any intel would be much appreciated.Cheers for what you guys do for us.

        • No one knows anything here in Australia.. but Im sure it will be at a bank or private exchange location gotta get through 25000 people then to the meek bring on the 0800 numbers Neil lol Victory to the Light 🙂

  12. Take care of yourself Sherlock.

    You’ve come a long way, baby.

    The best of luck to you and freedom for humanity.

    You are a hero to all of us.

    Prayers for you, my friend.

  13. Hey Neil thanks again for the updates, please mate anything that can convince us of a better world we need to know asap. Your credibility is not in question, the cabal is like a Russian chess player, seemingly 10 moves ahead.

    I agree with some others here, US ‘intel’ at least need to hint to us that the cabals head has been cut off. We need more pleeeaasee! Where can we strike cabal sayanim at a lower level? I wana see some bleeding bankers today.

    2 hours till 6am in China…in Australia right now its 5:52am.

    Best wishes to all Humanity and we need to help the needy and homeless first. Not with cash but simply roofs and food.

    IF this is True…WE are the teachers and guides for our damaged young. We must start the repair asap.

  14. GREAT NEWS NEIL and TEAM K and M2!!!! I’m ecstatic and hope all of this becomes public knowledge very very soon. Don’t let bath house barry go free or Janet Yellen, who recently tried to put us all in the fema camps. I long to see arrests left and right, the chem trails stopped and all the cabal rounded up and never be let go EVER EVER again!.
    I an so grateful and incredulous that this has happened. I thank you with all my heart and wish all of you the very best in this life. You are all so brave and I love you very much. I keep you close in prayer.
    live oak xxx

  15. Angel Fambro

    May 8, 2016 at 8:24 pm

    Thanks so much for the wonderful news as well as your efforts and involvement in this historical moment for all of humanity Neil & Dragon Family xoxoxo

  16. Madam Wu Xiaoling, Independent Director of Central Huijin. She is concurrently a member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and Vice Chairman of the Financial and Economic Committee of NPC.

    Central Huijin, makes equity investments in key state-owned financial institutions in China. Without interfering with the day-to-day operations of its investee institutions

    Central Huijin Investment Ltd. (Central Huijin) is one of three subsidiaries of CIC International Co., Ltd. (CIC International), headquartered in Beijing, founded 29 September 2007 as a wholly state-owned company incorporated in accord with China’s Company Law, with registered capital of $200 billion. The company was established as a vehicle to diversify China’s foreign exchange holdings and seek maximum returns for its shareholder within acceptable risk tolerance.

    • I guess she is real don’t you think? Not Thomas’ version of the real actually being a fake…Even back then I was telling people Madame Wu in the states was a fake…By the way the fake ended up marrying Ray Dam of OITC…This is who you know who believed in.

  17. Why does General Dunford want to go on with the hegemonial policy of the last years and wants to send more material and troops to the eastern borders of Europe? Does he want to go on spending tax payers money for war? As long as there is no turn in these military operations it is not easy to believe in a change for better.

  18. A Word to the Wise

    May 8, 2016 at 10:19 pm

    I’ve been aware of Neil & Group K’s courageous “mission” since 2010. In all this time throughout a “kaleidoscope” of events, both positive & negative, I’ve never doubted the integrity nor the purpose of Neil & his magnanimous odessy on behalf of humanity. Despite the long, most difficult & often disappointing measures taken, along with the sheer magnitude of obstacles thrown in his way time &Gagarin, Neil continues the Hero’s Journey for We The People.

    Naysayers & mean-spirited critics are “a dime a dozen”, many of whom are disinformation trolls parading as virtuous philanthropists. Some are dark ops government spooks trolling the Net with heavy-duty character assassination (as well as real bullets for the other kind) of anyone who dares to rally the people to never give up this battle for true freedom from Cabal slavery.

    Then there is divisiveness in the camps of We The People. Here is becomes painful to witness when we turn against one another over petty differences that the Cabal loves to see, especially when their own “divide & conquer” programs work so effortlessly.

    Neil Keenan will always remain a true hero to me as well as to those who have the “eyes to see” & the “ears” to hear the genuine character inside the brave spirit of this man. He is who he is…without artifice or guile, but always with that Irish spirit of never giving up the battle that matters most!

    It is my prayer that just one person blessed with sufficient wealth will come forward now (in secrecy if he or she wishes) to give Neil the necessary funds to break through the current impasse caused by the recent theft of his funds from his band account. This person will be rewarded spiritually as well as in other areas of his/her life. What could be more rewarding to see our fellow men/women freed from debt slavery as well as the shackles of the cabal?

    God bless one & all…especially Neil & Group K & the Dragon Family!!! Peace, too…

    • A Word to the Wise

      May 8, 2016 at 10:30 pm

      Please excuse my typos…make that “obstacles thrown in his way time & again” and ” the recent theft of his funds from his bank account”…These funds were what would have already moved Neil to take charge in Indonesia with opening the many gold deposits stored there.

      Surely someone of great means has felt guided to come forth to assist Neil at this crucial time! Please do not hesitate or hold back. You will be thanked many times over by people the world over…

      • There are people like you describe; lots of them. For example the ones Neil risked everything for including his very own life.

        They have plenty of funds although astrologically is might not be the best time.

        So lets hope Neil survives and or doesn’t finally run out of money before these ones decide to repay him for all he has done in the past 7 years.

  19. Can someone explain why there is reference to the Iraqi Dinar and what is happening to it and why?

    Can someone explain why there is reference to the Zimbabwean dollar and what is happening to it and why?

    Can someone explain why there is reference to HSBC and what is happening to it and why?

    Simple questions but maybe a very complex reply!!

    Peter Eyre – 9/5/2016

    Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – International Broadcast

  20. Dear Neil…to be sure!!

    Sending You, the Dragon Family and everyone involved
    in the upliftment…so deeply needed…of All Humanity,
    Infinite Love, Deepest Appreciation and Greatest
    Neil…for miraculous removal of aches & pains…go here:
    order bottle of liquid amazing all natural … Magnesium … $29.99 8fl.oz.
    My aches -pains of years left in 2 days –never to return!

  21. Most amazing news! But I am not surprised, since I sensed something big was going to happen, and fast!
    I want to say that I am absolutely, deeply grateful to Neil and all those involved in that breakthrough!
    I send my thanks and my love to you all! I am elated!

  22. Neil, Thanks for this GREAT update…. I’m excited!

  23. Jason Nichols

    May 9, 2016 at 2:45 am

    So, is this it? Is this finally it? Hard time for me to digest this. Feels like acing a final exam in college when you swore you flunked it. Same kind of weird, air-lifting, feeling.

  24. Hi Neil and everyone. Will this mean the start of NESARA/GESARA? Will everyones debt be wiped out? if so, what do the RV’s matter… As we will all have everything we need. My cousin keeps talking about the effect on the common man. Then again if this is more than just a financial change, in the long run it wont matter, while the whole of humanity is having their minds blown wide open with all the disclosures and truth that will come with it… 9/11 as a start…

    • This represents a fundamental change. We will all of us, be better off as a result. All of humanity. With no favour toward any “elite” – that is the old paradigm which is being wiped out.

      • I disagree slightly with that as i have heard that the elite are still exchanging dinars,zim when currency speculators are still waiting there turn to exchange,i know soverigns have exchanged and Iraq is on a parity just now with the USD and asset backed but it has not been released international for speculators to exchange outwith Iraq.Go look at Autotrader and see what the price is for vehichles,to me transparency and fairness is still not been dealt with.Also i have heard UK holders will not be able to exchange same as USA citizens ,USA citizens will have 800 numbers to exchange there currency whereas UK holders will be left to get the crumbs on a lower international rate,does not seem fair to me when UK was one of the main allies.Sorry i still smell corruption going on with various governments and the people at the bottom trying to climb upwards to help humanity with exchanging there currencies are being fed disinfo

        • Roger I think you have missed that the answer to your queries has already been addressed in the most recent post…

          • Time will tell not being argumentive,buti know personally that people have exchanged and been favoured,so in my eyes elite are still feeding at the trough and the normal man in the street cannot acess any exchanges as banks still denying us.JMO thanks for what you guys bring you are much appreciated.

        • Yes and the larger private transactors are fighting over how much the little guy is getting at the time….You are right Roger…..It has caused a fuss at the top of the everything and the Chinese are thinking on recalling them to China to get this thing straight once and for all….It was set up nicely for the little guy of course the greedy bastards wanted lots more.

          • Spot on Neil my gaelic brother,god bless you guys for being there for us little guys.Praying we little guys get a fair deal as have family sick and would use it to better others.Already got plans to help sick children and exvets,time these bastards were exposed for the greed and selfishness to humanity.God Bless Neil.

  25. Neil and Team, Thank you. Words cannot express. Diane

  26. Funny, because I never trusted Zap, but Neil says he is OK.
    I must admit that the capital letters always put me off. HOw did the other people around here, feel about zap?

    • Zap (AKA Jerzy Babkowski) has made some contentious claims / statements in the past. He and Neil / Group K have indeed had their differences. However the information he came up with on this occasion correlated. This is the reason for the remark made by Neil. We hope this clarifies what you refer to.

      • Thank you, dear team!
        If the freaks are out of power for good, we’ll soon have all the suppressed technologies that have been stolen from us, healing, free energy, clean water, efficient transportation et tutti quanti! Plus no more secrecy! I can’t wait.
        I hope that the many poor people around the world will soon have a shelter, and at least for a start, a minimum of abundance. That will be a welcome change for them!

  27. Dear Mr.Keenan,
    Would you agree with a point of view by which what you describe are preparation for a coming sudden event as claimed by Cobra: “When the Event / Reset / RV begins, it will be very evident to everyone and it will be reported in the mass media.”
    To what extent may you consider that “Those rumors are NOT based on reality and the situation is still business as usual” is what it seems to be until that announcement in the mass-media will be made?
    With kindest regards

    • In this “new time” it’s such an important think, to listen carefully to our heart (spirit). Is It one news fit to our heart or it is not? wether anyone trust one news or not? it depends to each individual heart.

      Since about 1960’s or even before, the world had already prepared for the RV (just one of the example: Soekarno and JFK signed the Hilton Memorial Agreement in 1963! Soekarno and JFK were real) But as you know, the time for reaching their goals still keep waiting until this days (during those years the life in this world were running as usual = “business as usual”). And most of the holders of the Global Accounts were and are patiently waiting until the right time, but never give up with their hopes and efforts. So i hope, we can learn from them for keeping patience and TRUST!

      Light & Love
      PS: (I was born in Indonesia and living in West).

  28. Amazing news. Still having trouble believing
    it all. Time will tell. All the factions have surrendered?
    Certainly very interesting times about to unfold.
    Great work lads. Ever thankful. Bless you all.

  29. Maybe someone could please explain my questions as highlighted above…….I was working in Iraq some years ago and even then the Iraqi Dinar was being promoted/pushed as a sort of get rich quick scheme for those on the elite side of the fence but unfortunately it turned out i to be a scam.

    The sane applied to the Zimbabwean Dollar which was a spin off from when that country was raped, pillaged and inflation became the highest in the world.

    Eventually their dollar totally collapsed and became redundant. Soon after its failure it became a free for all with US Dollars being one of two or three other currencies that could only be used in that country.

    It never became a get rich quick currency and followed the Iraq Dinar.

    Then we come to the HSBC Bank (one of the leading Cabal banks in the world) with its centre of operations being in the City of London with an umbrella empire controlling it (also in the City of London) any many other very large cooperate entities in Hong Kong and mainland China… again my question would be which side of the fence does HSBC fit into… it a case that the leopard has changed its spots?

    I guess there is also the issue that the mastermind behind the private entities the Reserve Bank and Central Banks of the world (Rothschild’s) have also jumped ship and moved to China… is it a case of business as usual?

    One would again have to be extremely careful to ensure that the Old World Order/Illuminati does not become yet another New World Order like Jacob with his coat of many colours!! ……….what mechanism is in place to ensure this does not happen again?

    Peter Eyre – 9/5/2016

    Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – International Broadcast

    • For Peter Eyre


      May 9, 2016 at 11:58 am

      Time will tell not being argumentive,buti know personally that people have exchanged and been favoured,so in my eyes elite are still feeding at the trough and the normal man in the street cannot acess any exchanges as banks still denying us.JMO thanks for what you guys bring you are much appreciated.

  30. This sounds like excellent news for the USA.
    I wonder how it will affect the beleaguered population of the UK.
    Will the Pentagon come & clear out our shysters in the City of London?

  31. In 2008 it was the big BANKS BAIL OUT not the hard working man or woman bail out. It as carried out to this day and today it’s once again the BIG BANK BAIL OUT!
    This is not directed towards Neil and Team cause we all know they do this for the greater peace of human kind but with all respect we must really come to the basic facts that when this cabal still have the opertunity to even take a breath of our fresh air, corruption will live on as it is at this minute. Freedom will come when they are all abolished from the face of this Earth and not one moment earlier. Until an uprise from the whole wide world hunt them down and lynch them all. Good luck trying to make this right when war criminals still get the chance to even make a deal with you. Shaking the hands of the DEVIL. As a few have stated on here already basicly enjoy eating crumbs come time to left overs after they devoure the great meal called Money!

    Best regards Charles

    • I wish we could be first for once, and the elites should be in prison, not exchanging.

      • We are FIRST!! We are here and commenting on what’s going on. Meaning we are true human being who care, no matter what. You,me and many others have our dignity which in the eyes of the world that is called #1 be greatful. I kept telling or as we say today mesaging Trump on twitter ( KEEP TELLING EVERYONE YOU LOVE THEM OVER AND OVER) Love is what’s required in this world. By the way JB I have never met or seen you before but here is one for your day Love you and a big Hug lol!

        Best regards Charles

        • thanks Charles! right back at ya ! it’s just very frustrating to see people struggle (more than I do), there’s homeless to shelter and hungry to feed. but yes we are blessed, that’s for sure . my heart goes out to the Canadians displaced by the fire. being so close to NYC, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it’s all in God’s hands.

      • Exactly my sentiments….these elites MUST be removed from the planet, every last one of them or they will keep doing the same thing. They need to be exterminated as the vermin they are. They need to be charged with crimes against humanity, genocide, theft, running pedophile rings, harvesting baby parts, and the list of heinous crimes goes on….Their assests should be seized as they have stollen everything they have ie: the Rothchilds have inexcess of 500 Trillion, This would help out humanity by seizing their assets and the Rockefellers assets of trillions and the royal familys namely the Queen whom owns London….lets take back what she stole ….anyway….Is this really going to happen where the cabal is really finished. They won’t be if they are allowed to walk away and still retain their wealth. Lets take back the gold ingots they have stored all over the planet they stole out of our land and resources. God I hope this can happen or it is all for nothing and it will be business as usual and the people continue in their treadmill of misery.

  32. I am looking forward to see how this unfolds, before we see someone in public office stand with neil in the news presenting this information no regular joes will be acknowledge this info.

    I hope china sorts out the problems with greedy private people wanting the best rates for themselves, there really shouldn’t be someone who gains personally before others imo.

    I also want the people mentioned having taken charge of the US to publicly not only announce changes, but remove and arrest the criminal puppets and their bankster overlords.

    Peter Eyre raised good questions about HSBC, I have had many conflicting news on that bank but my general impression was that it was a western controlled institution.
    has HSBC been taken over and is it now used for good?

    will there be any visible changes to the valuta this week?

    and the last question, will we see foundations for humanitarian work after the cue of transactions has finished or will we see it before then?

  33. BAIL OUTS come not only in the US. Money mongerers have it this way. Canada- Fort Mc Murray 2014 Sunco Oil unemployment rising people jobless, Province of Alberta starts saying they are losing money, 2015 defecit rising out of control, cuts in all sectors. Elected NDP Party Febuary 2016 annouces they need over 1 Billion dollars in aid to survive and oooopppsss 2 to 3 weeks later Fort Mc Murray is all ablaze and all civilians evacuated. Donations to Red Cross over 40 million Government of Canada to match dollar to dollar donated. Like refugees they are all relocated or sent back to where they came from, welfare and unemployment not required anymore for the jobless they will be someone elses problem and to make the end news even sound greater SUNCO OIL with its pipe lines all installed and working properly doesn’t need 80,000 people, comes out of this massive out of control fire unscaved the Oil field will not be effected . What a beautiful way to get out of 1 billion dollars aid, just 40 million to get rid of the population and laugh at Canadians as they pour in donations that will end up in the Cabals hands. Just an enlightment to share on this beautiful day. As I tell people this they look at me confused and speechless and after a few moments of the gold fish effect their brain kicks in and they say OHHH my GOD would they really do this. Never ceases to amaze me on how stupid people have become thinking the Government is their for them.

    Best regards Charles

  34. David Slater

    May 9, 2016 at 7:21 pm

    Thank You Neil!
    I Pray it is Over and this goes as smoothy as possible with out a Counter Attack Rising Up with the bad guys.
    I must say this sounds too good to be true . GOD Bless us All

  35. David Slater

    May 9, 2016 at 8:02 pm

    Boy I am Confused :
    Andy Hoffman: listen To Trump Quote

  36. Daniel

    Re HSBC…….It still remains a major Cabal Bank which as we all know was raised out of opium trade and continues to do so along with its other associated mafia activities!!

    In actual fact the HSBC is a subsidiary of a much larger umbrella group and both the HSBC and its parent company (and many other major subsidiaries) give the impression that it is a Chinese company which it clearly is not.

    The way to find out who is cabal and who is not is to ask yourself one simple question…..which banks did not require bail out after the 2008 collapse…..those surviving banks were all cabal!!

    It must be clearly understand that the “True Axis of Evil” is the City of London (where the umbrella company and HSBC are based ) is the NWO administrative, financial and world judicial centre with Washington being the military centre via its army NATO and Rome being the hub for them all in both the religious sense and in the legal sense.

    The King of England carried out an act of treason when he signed the country over to Rome and consequently all countries settled, occupied or invaded by England since that signing are now under the same control i.e. the USA, all Commonwealth Countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc and all colonies……this means all these countries are all owned by the Crown which is owned by Rome,

    Whatever happens to the New World Order will not change the above unless all our respective Constitutions and Bill of Rights are legally scrapped and re written…….at the time they were written and signed by the cabal for the cabal and truly have the same value as a sheet of toilet paper!!!!

    We have a long way to go and one must be cautious as to what true effect the changing of the guard will have on the world…..we hope for the better but there is an awful lot of legal stuff to deal with before we even get to opening up the vaults as they say!!

    Everyone has been waiting a long long time and we are told the time is near.

    It therefore remains that if the ground work has been done ie signed sealed and delivered and if the cabal have indeed surrendered then the opening of those vaults and the distribution of its unknown wealth should only be a matter of time with M1 at the helm!!!

    Peter Eyre – 10 May 2016

    Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – International Broadcaster

  37. the US is exposed by more and more by each day to be the funders of terrorism

    “EXPOSED: The White Helmets – AlQaeda with US funding”

  38. Team. Any chance the changes Ben speaks of in his latest post may be the bad changes Judge Anna speaks of? (le republique / un control)
    If NO- please give us fans some clarity. Go Team!!
    L & L

  39. Cobra in his last update he say that the rumors about revaluation is not real…
    what you tell about this update? thanks neil and group K

  40. For those who must have this info NOW vs. waiting the usual three days for all of it …

    Ben Fulford’s latest report, in full:

    • May I add my comment to the lasted Fulford report …

      There Fulford goes again, wherein the “Khazarians” are the end all and be all controllers of all financials and governments evil. This is nothing but a code word for Jews and/or Zionists, the convenient scapegoats for all of the World’s ills.

  41. Re the “Panama Papers,” appears to be a link here re the infamous Ray C. Dam, ITC of the OITC

    Also, for review, see this, though relatively old, full of some purposeful psyop misinformation wherein, here, anyone can post most anything.

  42. Thank you Neil and Team! Thank you for all of your hard …. hard work.
    God Bless You All!

  43. Donald Trump tells the story of “The Vicious Snake”. It’s gone viral in Europe. I hope all of you will watch it. It’s only 3 minutes or so and not what you’d expect.

  44. Dear Mr. Keenan,
    I’d like to thank you for your incredible efforts working for the humanitarian effort in the world. From the bottom of my heart for all you do for everyone. We are so happy and thankful for the advice you gave us relating to the RV’s.
    I was told that there was a lot of in fighting which almost caused us to abandon the project but we stayed the course and it was worth it. Thank you so much again and You sir are the best.

  45. “Let the weak say I am strong, and let the poor say I am rich”. It’s our time now to make a difference! Amen!

  46. Rv started in Indonesia. submit the inventory list to your local access point. Redemption is in cash

    • Dion do you live there? do you know for sure? thanks

    • ? what do you mean by that. what local access point? my alert says the rupiah is down slightly.

      • Your access point depends on what you prefer to redeem. Bank notes, local & international currencies or bonds. What would you like to submit?

        • have you heard if foreign nationals can exchange as well?
          and will the new indonesian currency whatever it will be called be gold backed.

        • I’m referring to the currency…I don’t want anything to do w/ bonds. once it becomes International shouldn’t we be able to exchange it like every other currency? that’s if they don’t pull another 9/11 to stop . I believe Lee Wanta was mentioning something great being released on ‘Independence’ day, July 4th. of course he was, some sort of film he’s releasing, but that day is suppose to have great significance this year… always distractions. it seems like everything is one big mind game w/ the cruel elites. it’s in God’s hands. I will trust in Him!

  47. Hi Neil! Hey – thank you for letting us in on what goes on below the tip of the iceberg. Anna von Reitz published a reaction – I believe to this post of yours, singling out Obama’s video / banquet comments among other things.

    After reading it, I believe I understand now why you stated, “This interim measure is not in any way ideal – but these developments are too important and must be publicized ASAP.”

    I would really appreciate your comments on this key statement from Anna’s report:

    “”So what does the “Presidential Transition” mean? The “governmental services corporation” providing “federal services” will now be called the “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” instead of the “UNITED STATES”. CEO Obama is being sidelined to oversee the liquidation of the “UNITED STATES” and CEO Dunford is coming on board to make sure that “federal services” continue to be provided.”

    “”Those labeled “citizens of the United States” will be enslaved and their property will be seized upon and everything they own will be liquidated to pay the debts of the insolvent “UNITED STATES”. And “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” — the so-called “New Republic” under General Dunford will be responsible and acting under “UN Law” to do this evil in the sight of God.””

    I feel like her hair is still on fire, and she does not see the reason for the bridge that has been created, as you say, in the “interim.” She of course ties this all to the French United Nations corporation in a direct chain from Jacob Rothschild, and the Agenda 21 / murder of billions plan.

    Can you fill us in? Her post is on the “” website if you have not already read it.

    Thank you again!!!

    • I’ve read her blog and though I do believe some of what she says (i.e. the org 13th – which I’ve seen in old school books, pre-civil war, it wasn’t actually taught to students) I think she likes to hear herself talk.

      As for the EO, I believe it’s just a formality. You can google both Clinton and W did it. (both 2 term pres.) The only other 2 term we had in recent history was Reagan, he may have done it also.

      • oops .. was actually taught : P

      • Yeah – it just seems that she is a bit unglued. There used to be more of a patient rationale in her posts.

        But I don’t think that she is deliberate disinfo like some have claimed.

  48. more detailed intel that mentions Mr. Keenan, WDS, a holy war? and all kinds of craziness. God bless you Neil,,, how have you lasted this long w/ out going nuts? this stuff is making me dizzy!

  49. OK? I am open minded about the validity of your report Neil, but help me out..
    I watched the markets with great anticipation on Monday and now Tuesday… no sign of anything? Why not? the value of the dinar, the U.S. dollar, of gold, of the stock market, of Citi Bank stock? Not one item shows anything out of the ordinary. If what you say is true- then why has nothing changed?

  50. Enjoy reading this one

    and after reading this you still don’t understand what Neil and Team have been doing!! You need help

  51. Neil,
    Does this still mean the economy is going to collapse?


  52. Hi Neil, when I saw your videos the last days was the first time having heard of you but I immediately recognised that you are good, brave soul. I wish we would have more of you on our planet. I too want to thank you for all your efforts and risks and I know how it feel having been betrayed and lost money. It ruined to some extent my life. I have a dumb question, what is a 800 number? Could you or somebody else here explain this for me? The information about the dinar has given me so much hope, I forgot all about the dinar the last years. THANKS

    • well I read the article you posted and thank you for offering it. However there is no substantiation or evidence that this is anything more than wishful thinking or creative writing and positive hopes. where is some evidence that there is any truth to this? I am sincere with this question. I am not bashing anyone just wanting the truth.

  53. Charles, I read this stuff about Nesara and the Maitreya, Benjamin Creme, Luci’s Trut. Ughhhh,
    this is a big trap. All belongs to the king of kings, acknowledged by pope Benedict before the election of Rancis in his Apostolic letter “In Christum credunt”.

  54. Off to the Cabot Trail for a few days at Mom no internet YES imagine no INTERNET to keep up to these exciting times lol. Fresh LOBSTERS and SNOW CRAB on the beach. You all behave!
    Best regards Charles

  55. Faithful Servant

    May 13, 2016 at 12:41 am

    Mr. Keenan,

    Will anything be done about the geo-engineering of our weather across the earth. Even the UN is addressing this issue. Please tell me you know people who will protect us from this terrible terrible wickedness. Here is the UN video and another video of the recent Oklahoma tornadoes .
    These 2 videos are a must watch for the continuance of our future for food, water and health: and God have mercy on all of us and give us the means to stop the bad stewards of your land and seas. Amen.

  56. lots of backstabbing going on, this makes me angry that they resort to this when Neil has worked so hard:

    So the situation comes to a head and now they’re turning on you Mr. Keenan. what is their problem?

  57. Jameel Galpao

    May 19, 2016 at 9:42 am

    Dear Mr. Neil,

    I salute you and your team for making these efforts. I am living in the Philippines and Involved in Treasure hunting activities and these bonds for years until such time I needed to go in the middle east to work. However, I kept myself reading a lot regarding the mysteries behind our Former President FM. he got a lot of gold and it is sure and also a lot of these bonds. like TOV, FRN, FRB, American dream, etc etc… I have also seen personally some of this. You know, many filipinos con artist living in the philippine capital manila are just around the corner talking bullshits and some you can find talking real. I don’t know but I am really confused. there was one time 2 years back, there was a person claiming himself to be the elder, he even said he is sta romana and the signatory of the mother account. I don’t believe it myself of course. but there was 1 company funded our group to go to hongkong and claim what this guy wanted to claim years back. HSBC never arrested our group. where this guy and our group requested to claim his account and it worth trillions of USD. first the bank in front managers and some staff. instructed him to put his hand on the table in which we never thought a scanner. and then it was okay. still managers that time were not convinced. so what the guy did was he put his forehead on that table and the table scanner and the people around us, (staff and managers) just clapped their hands. like expressing wow this is really your account.

    up to this date we are kept waiting by the bank to liquidize his fund and it is like forever. Recently, One of the retired officer from police entrusted us to transact TOV box it means 1 mother box, 12 sealed baby boxes, 1 sealed redemption box and 1 scroll and padlock with key engraved serial number. this TOV worth is 3T USD. I am only like a member of umbrella but they disclosed to me that they have 15 TOV boxes complete, WF, IQD, some chinese bonds, american dreams and etc etc. . all bonds and bills. I have seen some. but i am not interested really. because in reality for me it is really hard to transact. and it is like you should be a retired person with lots of money to waste for this transaction to be perhaps successful.

    For me, I don’t want it here. let those people in the black market or in secrecy do their work. See, it is funny that some broker or trustee of the buyer to be telling me. yes we can transact that the price of it is 4B USD 50/50 and will be paid in 3 working days. and i am like what the hell are you thinking. I heard the news that the EU nations borrowed 400M USD from the philippines to pump their economy up. and here i am will gona have 2B USD alone. A lot of money. but all in my dreams.

    I am not fond of having billions of USD and dressed a million dollar suit with a million dollar car and worth of jewelries while when I look around me, poor fellow filipinos trying to make a living less than a hundred dollar a month, living in a most rubbish unclean environment and all you’ve gotta do is to cry in the corner whilst seeing this mess.

    We have a lot of resources and Gold you may say in the Philippines. but it is yet to retrieve. and you must dig deep and must real knowledge and experience in hunting this WW2 Treasure buried.

    Sometimes, I wonder, How can Qudrillion or more (in Pres. FM last will) worth of money be sleeping in the bank of Swiss or may be in the philippines underneath while people are starving, living in most desecrated ways. Well, this is destined by the almighty. and maybe we cant do anything about. then we are worthless.

    One thing more, there is one man I recently met. He has some for me fraudulent documents signed and stamp and for some people look authentic. He claimed also to be the Signatory of Mother account(white spiritual boy LVM 666 as i read it when he shown me) and he has some items(TOV G7 in platinum box as he claimed) also and has some thick documents related to FMs last will and his assets and his must be new form of government. I saw also philipine new money drawing and worth like 1 peso equals to 5 USD. A letter under this guy’s name from IMF, EU. blah blah blah. his name is Mr. Bausus (flipino) and under his banner is ASBLP.

    Maybe you can tell to the dragon family if he is a fraud or maybe you can take a step or fry this guy out for him to know what he is talking.

    Many Thanks and more power!


  58. How koool is this?!?!
    I was making arrangements to get South of the border until I found this site.
    Well done babyzzzz!!
    One thing that troubles me regarding the Facilitation of a Presidential Transition 5/6/2016.
    The document reads “The United States of America.”
    Which is not the correct legal spelling of this country since the bankers coup of 1871 when the organic Constitution was replaced and this country became THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.
    The use of all caps has legal significance.
    So my concern is that the lack of all caps on the Transition document may render it invalid..?
    I’m not an attorney, but I suggest you have one of yours double check that particular issue…just in case.
    stay safe!!

  59. Hi Keenan, I thank you for what you’ve done to hunanity & to the world. If you somehow come to Indonesia, it would be a great honor for me to actually meet you and your team. I’m wishing that you recover very soon.

    Greetings & salute from Indonesia.

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