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Are you sitting? Are you ready to rumble?

If not get ready because the curtains are opening and we better be at the front of the show. Not just Jesuits and Illuminati.

Hell, they have controlled humanity almost from the beginning of the civilized world – why wouldn’t we want control now?

Wouldn’t we do a better job? Well guess what?


1. The Jesuits are making an attempt to steal back the financial system. 

They have already taken the Vatican back from the Illuminati (who work for the Jesuits – or did). Now they attempt to implement their New World Order. We are the ones that they plan to slaughter!!

Watch out for Agenda 30 not Agenda 21…

2. We, most countries do not have any debt.  Most countries are incorporated not sovereign. 

Most are called a government but are in fact not so. If we do not have a proper Government then we have every right to file Civil Litigation against those who defraud us by claiming to be a Government – no matter who or what they think they are.

This not only reaches the top towers of the Capital Buildings but also the Supreme Courts. For example the Federal Reserve Bank in America, not the United States – has been printing money at a 17% interest rate clip for “We the People” to pay.

This is the Federal Reserve System doing this – not the Government, seeing as we do not have one. We have been paying this because we have been deluded by the Jesuit / Illuminati factions.

If we in fact – do not have a true Government then this printing machine called the FRB which is printing ‘money’ for the Government (We the People) without our knowledge – they are defrauding everyone living within the US (and in almost all other countries as nearly all countries have a Rothschild Reserve Bank). Now you know why the Elite does not pay taxes; only the middle class ever really has.

This is another reason why ‘they’ are cleaning house with the middle class. The middle class has to go if the US are to collapse. Yes I said US – but no one said America has to collapse.  We still stand and stand tall.

The very same goes for Europe  / Asia / Africa / Oceania / the Middle East and everywhere else. We have all been had, but now are in position to bounce back – and bounce back strong.

3. Group K is in the Banks now. 

Yes the notes have been authenticated and Group K is holding the power over the notes.  Not much more will be mentioned here but the initial number we are talking about is $1.7 Trillion…

We are not talking about the West doing anything at all, but will be moving through the West shortly. If any banks begin to play with us we have the documentation to take them all down.

We have a full record of accounts, names and numbers and the details of what the Banks have done with the assets to this very day.

Irishman Chris Brosnahan has done a magnificent job in assisting me and we are ready to break down the doors.  Without  Chris advising me to stay cool I would be identified by the banks as the Barbarian at the Gate. Many thanks to Chris.

Most recently, I have been told that a huge explosion is going to take place and it is something that is imminent. I cannot wait, seeing as I have held back for such a long period of time to let it all out – and the time seems to be now.

Below you will find the video. It does not necessarily correlate with what is being said here, in that it was filmed approximately 3 days before this article (attached) was published.

Nevertheless, you now have this information and how you deal with it is up to you. I wish you the best and want you to know once this is over with I am going to be moving away to relax for a while.

It has been a long ordeal, and again – once completed the hard part is done. Thanks to all and pray we get it done sooner rather than later.


Video Update: September 3 2015



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  1. Thanks a lot for your work Keenan team, I know the most reliable info related to financial situation came from your team..
    Love and Peace

    • Pull the curtain open,pull it down.

    • Thank you Neil i am sorry to hear your shoulder is a mess, i hope you can get to a Doctor soon. I appreciate all that you have done and i cant wait for all this to be over also. Im getting older and am tired. Along with America being a corporation i understand that our Charter expired too. Thats why Prince William and Kate were here and in DC William and Obama signed Documents freeing us from England so we really are free now and we the people can take charge, only thing is we have to deal with the millions of mind controlled people in law enforcement and agencies. Pete Santilli went to Arizona to arrest Mc Cain Fox news showed up and cops, but he hasnt been able to yet. I hope he gets to as this will prove they are not above the law. The Jew bastards think we the gentiles are stupid and wont know what to do since they are Lawyers and Judges, Media etc. They bribe people also. I hope to God all these scum bags get arrested and disappear i really do that will be a day to celebrate. I wish i could help please let me know if there is anything i can do. And from the bottom of my heart thank you !!!!!! You will go down in History a man who helped save humanity!!!!
      Take Care love Tina xxxoooo

  2. Sorry 2 hear about Ur injury. Please take care, all of U there. And, May The Great Spirit continue 2 bless U & Ur loved ones & this planet & beyond.

  3. There are those of us who have known this for some time.
    Remember that religion is the opiate of the people, and you know what opium and heroin does.
    The best of ALL this is the separation of USA Inc. from America.
    The legal fact of this offers hope to all those who believe in Freedom.
    Just like a Phoenix, We The People can rise from the ashes of an empire and be Free as was intended.
    This (new) freedom started when man was first created, and has been being rediscovered in recent times.
    I offer several texts to help anyone who wants to restore themselves to The Holy Men of old, casting signs, miracles, and wonders through out their lives.
    We have Common Law and The Golden Rule to help guide us in all these efforts.
    Be the best you can be, and Join us in our stand on the last battlefield of man, known as Armageddon, The battle between good and evil.
    Thank you,

    • when are we going to see some action from your end drake ,or is it still coming soon

      • How about your end ausaroo ? Are you ready for action ?

      • We were told to sit back and watch the 4th of July “fireworks” and arrests take place in 2012! Nothing happened… Sources or situation changed since then or is this another dud, Drake?

        • Who Knows (?)!!!

          • HG you are right who the hell knows. Things change daily and no one knows what is going to happen from day to day. We hear or know one thing but then it changes and we wait for another date. I do not like waiting and am on the ground so I have a better idea what is going to happen with what I do seeing I am the one moving it. On the other hand those who receive information often find that things change and it is a hard pill to swallow. Do not hop on Drake he is your best bet on getting things right and he is on top of everything at no expense to anyone. He spends his own time and money while everyone else sits and waits for things to happen. He does his best which is very good while others just sit and wait and when nothing happens because the cabal changes their dates they get angry with Drake. This must stop or they should start investigating themselves. He is far and beyond what others have put out there to date.

    • Amen, Drake. You are so right. We built it once-We can do it again.The “Golden Rule” is precious and to live by. There is no other like you. A man’s man you are. “Thankyou” if the world were full of men like you and Neil,what a wonderful place it would be. The qualities you have-“trust,respect,honor” are something no amount of money can buy. Tina

    • To Drake, Thank you for all you have done and are still doing. I would love the chance to one day to thank you in person. I have recently listen to your interviews on You Tube and I am amazed at your knowledge and stamina to prevail. I Stand eagerly ready to serve and to protect my country and my brothers ! God be with you Drake! And to Neil God be with you! hope to buy you guys a coffee some time! Wow! Peace out

    • Thank you to all of the patriots with loads of tireless work. As stated before, we are all masters of our own destiny and create our reality as we go. Go out with love and it will return in abundance. Help those that are less fortunate and don’t yet have an understanding of what is and has happened.
      This is a new beginning…

  4. More than ready Neil! Lets do this thing! “Get-R-Done! RocknRoll!!!

  5. Thank God for you Neil. If I ever get to see you in person – I am going to give you the biggest hug ever.
    I will shortly be doing my happy dance – alot of it is because of you.
    Thank you for all you do. (((hugs)))

  6. “open the window and jump you #@&*%rs!!!!!

  7. Dear Neil Keenan,
    This has been your best video in that you are one of the main teachers that have been so enlightening as to this” what’s going on?”
    …the battle is the same.
    Every evening since July, backing off a pack of coy wolf coyotes that have targeted this property.
    So far they have made off with 4 of my little pets, aka family. The question is not will i get a weapon but which kind?
    So far my voice has worked but the silence on their part only means they are thinking of how to plan their next move…and so am i.
    But after many sleepless nights we can feel fatigued.
    Somehow new energy comes in.
    Its a never give up thing now…
    Many people i know are going thru similar situations.
    Thank You for your strength to carry on for this is very inspiring.

    • Cricket, I have coyotes who
      come on my land at night too. I bring my pets in just before dark. Their not going to be anybodies snack if I have anything to do about it. Good luck. ^..^

  8. Good luck and godspeed, Neil and Team K

  9. How do I go about finding the legal corporation information for the US Department of Education? I want to fight them hard.

  10. Neil,
    I am a historian and a genealogist. What people are saying about Paul is bogus. How does that explain about the Christians in India that saw the Resurrected Christ. There are many people who wrote the New Testament. A linguist can tell you that because the writing styles are very different. There is no way Luke is even close to the same writing style as Corinthians’. Believe what you may about the corruption of organized religion. But, you need the power of the Almighty to win this fight. Do not confuse the two. There is truth and truth sets us free. Even Christ was an enemy to the organized Jews because he was not about the power of this world. It is very simple anything that builds and creates is from God. Any thing that destroys is from Lucifer. And there is so much deception in between. But, you need the power of the creator Jesus Christ with you on this battle. Many are praying for you. Please do not be mislead. Christ is real. His religion is not the Catholics or any other religion that steals from the poor to gain more power unto itself. To be a Christian it is pure and simple we need a savior. And you need his power upon your right now on this assignment you are on or you will fail. Too many are in need of your success. May the power of the Almighty be upon you.

    • The Walrus was Paul…

    • Hi Petra,
      The “truth sets us free?” Jesus revealed to us in John 8:31-59 who the true Jews are in this world. Jesus pointed for us to see one last time in Revelation 2:9 and again in Revelation 3:9, there are those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. Jesus identified them again in Matthew Chapter 23.
      For 2500 years, since the Babylonian captivity, the world has suffer from the biggest identity theft of all known history, followed by the plunder and pillage of the worlds wealth. The kenites, Ben Cain, or sons of Cain have hacked the identity of the tribe of Judah and Benjamin (who dwelt in the land of Judea, also known as Jewery) by means of temple service with the priesthood of Levi. Reference in Nehemiah 13:19-29 and Ezra 9:1-15.
      How did the sons of Cain, the kenites, get embedded into the inner church sanctuaries of the Leviticus priesthood? Read Jeremiah 35:1-19, then 1 Chronicles 2:55, then Joshua 9 1:27, and finally Genesis 4:9-15.

      There is much more that can be pieced together and understood when you take time for deeper study, tracing the connection to the fanatical, murderous spirit of the “fake” Jews who give the tribe of Judah, Benjamin, and their appointed Levi priests a bad name. The false Jews worship and prepare for their father Satan to rule instead (anti) of our Christ, our Lord and Savior Jesus. The powers (horns) they have gained control and dominated were prophesied in Zechariah 1:18-21. The horns, or powers that dominate can easily be seen as 1)politics, 2)economy, 3)education or media, and last but not least 4)religion.

      So how did their big daddy Satan operate (MO) from the beginning. Read all of Ezekiel chapter 28. “Tyre” means rock. But Satan is not our rock. Christ Jesus is our Rock. Read of this prophecy in Deuteronomy 32:1-47, the song of Moses.

      Since I have come to know of Neil Keenan, and Drake, I have been able to edify the truth that sets us free. God Bless and thank you Neil. I pray in agreement with so many for your comfort, safety, and recovery. I would love to meet you one day, God willing.

  11. good to see you are getting somewhere at last neil.u haven’t mentionedthe Clinton arrival what happened to them .I don’t trust a pope to do anything good for the people just a mob of heartless scum .are they still into child trafficking and drug dealing ,so called Christians;;;;; what sick joke .hang in there neil and whatch your back

  12. Neil & Team, Thank you for your enduring courage & your “never give up attitude”! You have taught us a great deal by your shining examples along a very difficult &, sometimes life-threatening, journey. Truth IS often stranger than fiction, & the more that is revealed that was previously hidden, the more We The People must take responsibility in making the difference in creating an outcome that is just. Thanks also to each of your families who sacrificed precious time with you. We are forever grateful…

    • Hi Jeanne Scoville I have missed your positive outlook and comments! I have always knew that a paradigm shift would climax before I left this great creation called earth. Dogma has always ruffled my feathers with the vatican being at the top of that list. I have been busy advocating the states returning to state schools. Schools that compete state by state for the best education was a good thing but the feds destroyed that just like everything they touch. The planned parenthood exposures did not wake the people in the US enough to stop it and proves the indoctrination schemes work as designed.

      P.S. Congrats Team K for your success and since you are in the banks where the banksters work maybe a mobile woodshed would be appropriate! America needs jobs jobs jobs and small business which has always been our backbone requires a reboot. Bless you all

      • Hi PJ, I remain positive for the most part, but am concerned about the Freedom of Religion we Americans supposedly espouse. It is one thing to criticize religious leaders, but an entirely different issue in creating more divisiveness & hatred regarding religious differences. Read THE BATTLE FOR GOD by Karen Armstrong. It reveals a tragic history which continues to this day due to ignorance & intolerance as well as the current hatemongering we’re all witnesses to, especially here on the Internet. I respect everyone’s right to choose their own religious or spiritual beliefs or lack thereof. Eventually, perhaps the paradigm shift you mention will be when we awaken to the realization that we come from the same Creator, &, as the Dalai Lama says, “We are ALL FAMILY.”

        Religions, too, are going through their own transformations or they will die off, as we’re aware of many changes needed because of people/mass consciousness’ awakening to higher, more evolved states of knowing & ways of being. Dogma is also not my choice in knowing truth from within, but I do respect others’ right to choose whatever resonates with their own souls.

        As to trusting any states or governments to solve our pressing educational issues, I trust We The People far more if given the opportunity to freely choose. Education begins at home, & I am deeply grateful to my parents who wisely taught me & my 5 siblings to read at an early age as well as to question most everything…ie…to think critically rather than follow blindly. They also stressed religious tolerance & to appreciate differences in beliefs…Blessings to ALL…

        • PS…I might add that from my life experience (as a “senior”) I see hatred & fear in any form as “opiates” of harsh, negative programming by TPTW. My life has been one of service to others, & as I’ve traveled around the world, I’ve been blessed to meet & know people from many different religions, beliefs, cultures, etc. We have so much more in common as a human Family than our outer world differences. I’ve sat with many indigenous elders who express great wisdom & dignity as well as attended mosques, cathedrals, synagogues, & temples of worship. What unites us is mutual respect, lovingkindness, compassion & the end of ignorance about “other”…

          I know Neil & Team K are doing their part, & it’s up to the rest of us to do ours. I’ve enjoyed sharing on this website along the way & wish everyone the very best. It’s time for me to move on to serve in new creative projects as well as to continue to spread goodwill among our worldwide Family…I wish everyone the “peace that passes all understanding” & true enlightenment…

          • I hope you do not go to far seeing I lean on your advice. Until then take care and stay safe, stay close.


            • Thanks for your gracious & kind comments, Neil. Always feel free to contact me at any time. You have my email address, & I will send Lorraine my Skype code.
              I am honored to help in any way now & in the future. Much love & appreciation to you & your precious family & to Team K & theirs…

  13. Neil Keenan and Team

    Only a few are chosen to see the truth … so the few carried it close to their hearts … I feel the heaviness of the burden you carry … and so we wait…

  14. In the Portal of Harmony, in the umbilical of the Temple Mount, seeds of change are coming. These are codes that allow for Spiritual rebirth on a Global Scale. It is an Energy that is synergistic in redesign and symbiotic in redefining “fearless” relationships on an individual and Mass scope. This period (2015-2038) will offer in the near term a catalytic opportunity for World Peace to be seeded in areas of conflict, especially in the Middle East. This is the Portal of Harmony and the triggers will occur on the Eclipses, Equinoxes and Solstices over the next years.
    The time is coming and it beckons. Now is the entry of the Portal of Harmony and it calls to each of you to anchor the Return of Light! Do you hear the call?

    Ref: 2 0 3 8 …..The Next Quantum Leap by
    Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

    • There’s another James (Twyman) who is called “The Peace Troubador”. On his website it states that “In 1994 he put the peace prayers from 12 major religions into music & began traveling the world…often being invited by world leaders & peace organizations to perform the concert in countries at war. He has performed in Bosnia, Iraq, Serbia, South Africa, Israel, Northern Ireland & many other places.” He has formed a “Beloved Community” & works worldwide in networking with many who choose peace as a solution rather than war…

  15. We should have three choices: Iluminati, Pope, and common Law under a republic of America.
    I’ll take the third option any day!

  16. Amazing article. We have a ton of history to re-learn, and some awesome current history to create right now.

    Can’t wait for the humanitarian packages, and millions of good deeds daily.

  17. Thanks Neil,

    Congratulations on making such progress!

    Sorry about your shoulder! Normally, we say “RICE”

    “-but how does one elevate a shoulder?”, she shrugged. 😉

    Well at least your sense of humor is intact. Glad to see you in a stronger place, metaphorically speaking, and still feisty.

    Blessings and Protection to You and Your Team! Victory is near.

    I’m having my own humanitarian crisis, since my new (potentially lucrative, if I worked hard) job fell through (the middle man of the 3 entities got greedy and decided to perpetuate contract negotiations…when 5 mo. went into 7, my would-be boss went back to NYC in frustration) …and I am left with the dangling carrot, no job after a 2-month wait, no assets, and I have to move in a few weeks. Arrrgh! They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! I should be Superwoman by now, but of course whatever my fate, I know I will rise from the ashes yet again!

    So shall we all. SO BE IT!

  18. Hello Neil and Team
    What an outstanding article you enclosed as an attachment.I am amazed how much of it I had read along my journey of research,never in that magnitude and never with so many details,talk about TRUTH.I was careful to take my time as,does 2 days sound like a very long time lol ?? I just didn’t want to miss one damn thing. I am so happy to be set free,once you’re led out of the chains of Religious enslavement,it begins the healing process and the true meaning of being free begins a great journey.Thank You for that article and the world of new found knowledge.Question? how could so many have missed that? The meaning of the whole world being deceived ,has just hit the all time high.I am so relieved to have been given the opportunity to be part of the awakened. Good Luck with your RR journey it is well deserved.

  19. Clear your thoughts, float into the Void and listen…Soon I will be calling on you and others to stand up within a new innovation that will rewrite humanities core systems. A round table will appear, many will come from all sides, together we will unite, disperse through the patterns and do what has never been done before: stop the insanity and evolve completely as a whole to a new level of understanding.

    With ever increasing energy, I am fueling a start-up, a world changing innovation that will challenge your focus and alter our current reality. Sourced from all known knowledge of man, Spirit, Truth and ultimately powered by Love, life will change for all, not just the few; humanity will become united. With all due warning, continuing to follow what I am going to create will lead to decreased ignorance and heightened sensations of awe and wonder.

    • Hi Ken,

      Understand you are going to do so many great things for us all but first why don’t you tell us who you are?


  20. Thank you Niel and many Blessings to you and yours, I Speak for many when we all say …” Thank you and your Team for All you do ” It is truly a Blessing to have you on the Truth Side of Humanity , We all enjoy your attitude of servitude , We all HOPE For a quick Healing in You physical body and for growth in mind body and spirit….Kindest Regards ….. Denny

  21. Things are really moving forward.
    Great to see. Look after your shoulder.
    Sending you and your team all the
    best energy i can muster. Grand update
    and looking forward to reading the attachment.
    Thank You.

  22. Here are some really great links to some story’s that should bring the brain cells into a state of shock.I did check out Martha Trowbridges site and found her findings most intriguing if not the closets to anything that has ever made sense concerning The Usurper and his very secretive life.Martha’s site is full of information,as you find your way to her,please know that there will be a small fee,but is was well worth every penny of 1.99 and 3 days of disclosure.Deep inside as you follow the colored links,it brings you to even more info and details.My recommendations are to take your time . Enjoy!!

  23. Neil,

    You make a strong point about the practical possibility of legal remedies.

    The idea that the constitutionally-illegal US Federal Reserve banking syndicate is potentially vulnerable to civil actions at law is an important new development.

    Despite DC establishment views to the contrary, it is becoming clear that the individuals, agents, agencies, constituent corporations, primary dealers and private owners of the US Federal Reserve nexus actually have no lawful or legitimate claim to legal immunity.

    The US Fed (the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve) hides a trillion dollars a year using its exclusive handling of records and disbursement of the US Treasury security auction accounts.

    The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve operates as a US government contractor as defined by the US Supreme Court, and not as an agency of the US government .

    The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve’s violation of the law that all profit of the Federal Reserve belongs to the US government, negates any claim to US government immunity.

    Indeed, by its routine working actions, the Fed repeatedly violates the (civil) False Claims Act (the “Lincoln Law”).

    The violations arise because the Fed knowingly and intentionally conceals from the US government approximately six hundred times a year, a total amount of money equal to the value of the total deficit spending of the US government.

    The Fed knowingly engages in a contorted accounting scam. It uses hidden, unpublished and unaudited records to conceal its perfidy.

    The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has exclusive control of the redemption records. This authority is used to control the receipts and disbursements of all US Treasury security auctions. These records have never been independently audited.

    The profit is hidden from the United States in violation of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which specifies that all net profit of the Federal Reserve system is the property of the United States (the American people; not the DC private corporation).

    It has often been argued that a few old families own the Fed. Actually, twenty-one very visible Primary Dealers own the private corporation which is called the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. The old families own, control, or are major shareholders (through opaque layered trusts) of these visible Primary Dealers.

    The Primary Dealers include Barclays Capital, Citigroup Global Markets, Credit Suisse Securities (USA), Deutsche Bank Securities, Goldman Sachs, HSBC Securities (USA), J.P.Morgan Securities, Morgan Stanley, RBS Securities, and UBS Securities. The full list is here:

    Each Primary Dealer has violated the False Claims Act by receiving and hiding profit from the Federal Reserve’s operations. Any unlawful practice by any US government employee, agent or entity negates any claim of sovereign immunity.

    The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve itself is subject to court process as respondent superior, and as an indispensable party for any systemic unlawful operation of any Federal Reserve bank.

    A US government agency which is established for the benefit of a corporate enterprise in violation of its charter of creation is a legal nullity. It is void from its inception and negates any claim to sovereign immunity.

    Federal Rule of Procedure 19 authorises joinder of the owners of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve as indispensible parties and recipients of purloined funds.

    Since the trail of embezzled money leads to the Primary Dealers, each member of that group is an owner of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.

    The ancestors of the 21 Primary Dealers who own the private corporation called the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, contrived and established a scam to acquire vast profit (to receive funds from deficit spending securities) with the full knowledge that this money was and is the fruit of a scam. The scam consists in covertly embezzling the profit from all US Treasury security auctions.

    The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve is a full and willing accomplice in the scam and deliberately provides concealment of its action from public awareness.

    This summary is only that: a summary. It deals in generalities of civil law which, as they become transparent, will gain traction on US Federal courtroom floors in specific cases.

    Any US Federal court has legitimate jurisdiction over any properly-settled Complaint which addresses the hidden embezzlement and accounting scams which, since 1913, have come to shelter under the cover of the private corporations called the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.

    More detail here: and and

    • Good Job Alcuin but civil FRB but also to any and all organziations that fall under the roof of our fraudulent government/corporation. Imagine going after the IRS, FDA, and any and all others. Think how fast they will fall and how far they will have to run from We the people. They are not ready for us but we are getting ready for them.

  24. Quit awaiting for Neil/ drake to save ur sorry asses in the USA – the time to stand-up has arrived ! Sept 20th , Kingston NY,

    – if 1 million of us show – up , it’s all over for the cabal .

    Enough is enough ! – be there.

    • Yeah, Good luck with that strategy.

    • Americans are not sorry asses they are hard working people that are now victims of the same elite bastards that indoctrinated the German people with propaganda and Hegelian dialect false flags that work extremely well. Condescending remarks are negative and result in helping those elite bastards. Post author comment to you was not necessary either. This used to be a good blog but lately I am deterred by these comments. Peace people will come soon enough chill out K!

  25. Everyone! Please see Drake’s first three posts at about-hitting the fan. Spread far and wide-buckle up-

  26. It is great to here things are going well for you Neil and Team. With everything going on in the world, one fact remains.
    The people of this world did not elect any,person,secret society,group,nation,council, religious group or leader etmc. to run or control our planet. The UN was elected by governments and we all know that governments are corrupt and therefore the UN is corrupt. If a council is to exist in such a way, it has to be representatives elected by the people of the nations. Limitations on how long Rep’s will their seat will be determined by the people and with limitations on any one member can elected to the seat. Along with any other limitations that will dissolve any deception of the human race. Justice must also be served on those that have knowingly and purposely committed high crimes against humanity. That does include any religious leaders. We are all free sovereign spiritual beings equal to all. We all are ONE!

  27. UN MESS AGE ‘We The People’ for The Global Goals

    After 2000 year successful marketing of precious words, your actions shows clear it’s emptiness


    Bakermat One Day

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